CBN has announced international money transfer operators are allowed to pay remittance inflows in foreign currency on December, 2020. Therefore, the rates displayed here refer to past data and are not applicable today.

Moneygram Exchange Rates

USD₦ 378.52 0.00%03/12/20
EUR₦ 467.71 0.56%03/12/20
GBP₦ 512.66 0.51%03/12/20
CAD₦ 299.06 0.05%03/12/20
ZAR₦ 0 0.00%14/10/19
INR₦ 0 0.00%14/10/19
JPY₦ 3.58 -0.13%03/12/20
AUD₦ 269.72 0.31%03/12/20
XOF₦ 0 -99.74%03/12/20
XAF₦ 0 -99.75%03/12/20
SAR₦ 100.19 0.00%02/12/20
QAR₦ 104.48 0.00%02/12/20
TRY₦ 48.6 0.43%02/12/20
KWD₦ 1,259.58 0.15%02/12/20
AED₦ 103.41 0.00%02/12/20
MYR₦ 0.24 -99.74%03/12/20
SGD₦ 279.69 0.16%02/12/20
KES₦ 3.38 -0.41%03/12/20
MAD₦ 42.7 0.44%03/12/20
DZD₦ 2.94 0.14%03/12/20
TND₦ 138.86 0.24%03/12/20
CHF₦ 424.55 0.71%02/12/20
DKK₦ 62.52 0.57%03/12/20
AOA₦ 0.56 0.00%03/12/20
THB₦ 12.08 0.20%03/12/20
HKD₦ 49.55 0.00%02/12/20
IDR₦ 0.03 0.00%03/12/20
OMR₦ 1,007.71 0.50%02/12/20
YER₦ 1.53 0.00%02/12/20
JOD₦ 542.16 0.00%02/12/20
UGX₦ 0 -99.71%03/12/20
ZMW₦ 0.05 -99.75%03/12/20
TZS₦ 0.17 -0.06%03/12/20
GMD₦ 0.02 -99.74%03/12/20
BWP₦ 0.09 -99.75%03/12/20
MUR₦ 9.65 0.70%03/12/20
SLL₦ 0.04 0.00%03/12/20
MWK₦ 0 -99.74%03/12/20
RWF₦ 0 -99.75%03/12/20
CVE₦ 4.13 0.57%03/12/20
SCR₦ 0.04 -99.75%03/12/20
MZN₦ 0.01 -99.75%03/12/20
GNF₦ 0 -99.74%03/12/20

Comments on Naira Rates

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WINNER 20:26 19/09/2022

How can I send money to Togo or benin from Nigeria

Attah john 11:24 28/07/2022

Dollars and pounds Available for sell. Location :Portharcort. Whatsapp number 09016800318.

Martin 18:07 01/06/2022

Do tou still Sell USd... I need reliable inflow Source

A.A YUSUF08146878561 11:07 14/06/2022

Contact me 08146878561

BDC Trader 03:50 01/06/2022

Contact me for legit deals. We're trading basic Foreign Currencies at best rate: £Pounds at 730, $USD at 590, €Euro at 630.. We also do Skrill to Skrill.. Payoneer, E,t,c.. We also buy and sell other any CURRENCY or CRYPTO of your choice with good rate for cash or bank… We can pay you with CBN E naira, cash or transfer.. Call or WhatsApp: 08106787244..

COOLCENTS 10:08 09/05/2022

I want a someone who can fund Euro or USD to my Advcash account or Skrill Account and I will pay in cash or bank transfer ASAP this transaction is meant for face to face dealer only. so do not call me if you are not ready for face to face transaction whereby you can transfer to the said account and I pay you too. My number is 08088807823

Michael 10:30 22/04/2022

We are buying and selling btc,dollar,pounds and euro at affordable rate with fast payment immediately after confirming...08022233593

A.A Yusuf234 17:04 19/04/2022

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Idris 20:58 18/04/2022

Make exchange of all kind of currency at good rate...DM 09013143059

Olivia 19:20 06/11/2021

Please I need sponsorship agent to travel to Europe paying with interest

Jay4killi ki 15:35 11/04/2022

Awfr DM me

savecrypto 10:51 18/03/2022

Good morning I want to buy 2000 USDT and also if you have any card or green dot you want to sell or PayPal funding at your rate I can buy contacts me now 07035453958 thank you

Latest aboki 21:02 11/03/2022


Alh AHMED 21:46 06/03/2022

Good day all U are here with Alhaji AHMED B D C I'm change all kind of currency's with Avery good rate I'm accept transfer and also Cash I'm buy PTA card and cryptor currency's via whatsApp we are available to serve you all the time my office at Abuja wuse zone 4 contact me on 07017321844 or 08039464332

Prosper 00:25 03/03/2022

200 dollar

DONKING 14:52 18/02/2022

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Edward 06:26 17/12/2021

I'm a Merchant. We Exchange Buy & Sell any amount of USD & EURO. We provide the best affordable rate especially for those who want to Buy and Resell to make a profit and to minimize our clients' risk on their business dealings. We also provide a Constant Inflow supply of Dollars directly from the USA. Constant Inflow supply of EURO directly from France. Send DOLLARS to your relative in the USA, EURO to your relative in EUROPE. Send Money Gram/Western Union to Europe, US, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Ghana, Qatar, Saudi Riyal... Contact me WHATSAPP OR CALL: +1 334 600 4247.

Kayla 11:45 18/02/2022

How much is 50naira in guyana dollars

Kayla 11:45 18/02/2022

How much is 50naira in guyana dollars

Bro Ben 02:06 20/01/2022

I have Dollars for sell @540/$ if interested WhatsApp me +234 903 935 9158

Paul 02:04 18/01/2022

Learn how to trade the forex market with me dm me on WhatsApp on 08035122238

Agent Srj 19:40 04/01/2022

I need someone in Osun State, Osogbo. I buy any crypto and also payeer and Advcash. Dm on what'sapp for daily deal of $1000 to $5000. +2349017959591

Sir money 22:19 24/03/2021

Please how can i send money from 🇦🇪 UAE to Nigeria

Dare 13:43 04/01/2022

Send it to me

Akinz 10:46 13/11/2021

How sure of you on it Because I need it pls let do business

Jihimbru@gmail. Com 12:12 06/10/2021


Aliyu 11:16 22/04/2021

Uba bank

Prexi 21:05 05/10/2021

How much is 100k dollar to naira now?

Global 06:20 27/12/2021


God almighty 06:13 03/12/2021

I have BTC for sale for 560/$ I have USDT for sale for 500/$ I have PayPal for sale for 490/$ I have trons for sale for 50 naira I have other coins also I do exchange any crypto if you are ready to exchange 💱 and I sell dollar as well as for 560/$. You can contact me for gift card buying ad well I buy other steam card for good rate. Contact me on Whatsapp or call me now for urgent transaction +2348137949324.

Kilo boy 08:32 15/09/2021

How to make payment from Nigeria to turkey

kelly 23:55 28/11/2021

+2347084176620 whatsapp me

abdulazizgidanhaki 19:17 24/09/2021

I want to buy

kelly 23:54 28/11/2021

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jerrybliss 11:42 04/10/2021

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Basirat 17:55 25/11/2021

I want to buy bitcoin with naira and sell it

Ang 21:55 24/11/2021

How much is 80.63 dollar

Olamilekan 19:15 19/11/2021

I am happy to be the member of naria and dollar

Ede 02:09 19/11/2021

How can we convert the money to Nigeria MONEY

Jennifer 18:22 11/10/2021

Please where can I get an exchange naira to CFA

AsapMoni 12:04 11/11/2021


Abdulsami 11:37 08/11/2021

keystone bank 6030856497 abdulsamiu adamu

Yunusa 08:56 28/10/2021


John 16:53 13/10/2021

50 rate

jerrybliss 16:24 06/10/2021

who needs a website should whatsapp me 09046878224

Albert 21:31 11/09/2021

Where can I get changed naira to fcfa

DJ money 06:26 19/10/2020

Can I send money from my naira local account to My USD domiciliary account using moneyGram thanks

Ajigbawire 15:08 03/09/2021

Yes you can

Aliyu 11:17 22/04/2021

Zenit bank

J boy 22:48 31/08/2021

Please where can I change 2100 yuan to Naira in Bauchi,

hakanny701 09:06 14/08/2021

pls send me money bt can i get dollar from usa country

Surz 11:44 29/07/2021

Bring your money gram transaction to me

Kingfisher 22:58 02/08/2021


Jackdonatus 16:59 02/08/2021

Please Can i send Money Gram from Nigeria to Turkey Now? If So, Which of the Bank please ?

Timmy 06:50 25/07/2021

Please how do I go into this trade

Abubakar 11:52 23/07/2021

That's good may Allah help us

Adam's Mokwa 23:21 01/07/2021

Okay lese put best in Nigeria I believe you guys am here now believe what you see I have comptroller derriere add me on chat point I will give you way to make

66677 13:29 03/06/2021

I have niara and I want Ghana cedis

Senator 22:29 24/05/2021

Please how can I pay my tuition fee on moneygram

Dugo77 18:33 17/04/2021

Where can i send money to someone in TURKEY? Second question what’s the rate of moneygram for $3000

dalogn 08:38 05/04/2021

Where can I transfer money at black market prices

Kc bobo 19:46 27/11/2018

How can I send money through parallel market from UAE to Nigeria (urgent response required)☯

Kc bobo 19:43 27/11/2018

How can I send money from UAE to Nigerian bank account at the Google exchange rate

Yemight 07:09 12/11/2018

Please I want to send 2300 Saudi riyals to Nigeria how much is the rate and bank charge

love 07:30 22/10/2018

what to confirm if your western union and money gram rate is the same with bank rate when sending money from swiss or france,please advise thanks.

dan toti 11:36 18/10/2018

Write your comment on Naira rates.Nigeria economy is very poor

NgnRates 20:16 28/07/2018

@Gentle, thank you for your feedback, we have updated frequency of our data update. It should be more accurate now. Plus, there is around %1-5 transfer fee added according to the amount of transferred money in Moneygram. This may also cause small differences. Our data shows transfer exchange rates only.

Gentle 14:48 27/07/2018

Your rating those not always range with Italy

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