Eco-6 Lumi Currency&Convert Rate

Martins - 13:19 02/10/2021

How much is 124ec in naira


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GUTO 12:48 06/12/2021

This thing no be scam 1!!!!

Idris 10:54 05/12/2021

Morning,pls how can I change Akl into Naira. Or how can we benefit from it.

Mz 10:09 04/12/2021

U guys are all fools, just calm and wait for it to be certified after that u can all exchange and have your money

Ehrisg 18:29 03/12/2021

I want to sell my Akl to naria in Delta State

ACTION 10:56 03/12/2021

What is the latest about eco 6 lumi

Subete 06:19 03/12/2021

How can I access and remove my money from all account?

Dj emmy 20:50 02/12/2021

Eco6lumi is this trul

Abdul07 18:26 02/12/2021

I want to change akl money to nagerian money

yaGi 00:20 05/12/2021

How do we do about it? M also having akl huge amount in my acct now,.. DM me, 08141242264

Terna03 13:11 03/12/2021


Man of God 13:45 02/12/2021

How much is 6.26 all is for nig

Babaagba1 09:26 02/12/2021

How much Naira equivalent is 25 Luminos

Dj Ray 06:02 02/12/2021

How can I invest?

Msk 00:34 02/12/2021

How can I withdraw my eco 12.5 to my Nigeria account

Abdul 23:27 01/12/2021

How can I change my AKL

Kaisi61 20:41 01/12/2021

How much is 6.28

Matovoh 10:37 01/12/2021

How much is 6.26 akl in naira

Nakal 11:57 05/12/2021

1akl is equivalent to to $100

Zakari 11:35 30/11/2021

How much akl 6.26 ngn

Joseph 11:09 29/11/2021

How can i withdraw my AKL in naira?

Lukman a musa 15:12 28/11/2021


Adamu khairat Amshaga 21:07 27/11/2021


Adeku 17:18 27/11/2021

I want to convert my lumi

Gad 14:22 27/11/2021

Why no replies?

Shaku festus 08:14 27/11/2021

When are will starting the withdrawal of eco 6 limit in Nigeria

Thank God 13:14 26/11/2021

How can I be pati of it

Gbaden 05:55 26/11/2021

Please how can I withdraw for AKL to naira

Hims 21:19 25/11/2021

Can I make online shopping with AKL Lumi

Akau 17:21 25/11/2021

I never no when whether it was converted

goddon's 20:27 24/11/2021

which time we are recvied eco6 lumi in ng money

Joe 08:11 25/11/2021

How to akl currency to naira

Yaweh 08:31 24/11/2021

How can I convert my all to naira

MTIR VO 08:23 24/11/2021

how can i convert eco6 lumi to naira

Sarki 16:15 02/12/2021


C LIFE 14:30 23/11/2021


smaxi 13:56 23/11/2021

when are we going to start withdraw

Waziri 00:55 23/11/2021

How can I transfer ALK TO NGN

Keat 21:30 23/11/2021


Beat 17:14 21/11/2021

How can I transfer AKL to naira

Moses 12:50 20/11/2021

How much all in naira

Timothy 10:56 20/11/2021


Moses 18:44 18/11/2021

6.26 AKL in to Nigeria

Ngufan 01:11 17/11/2021

How much is 12.876540 in Nigeria currency?

Gemu 23:52 19/11/2021

How much is 650.1235500

Jafar 16:57 16/11/2021

Which time start to withdraw

Musty 13:55 16/11/2021

How can I write

Smart 16:52 15/11/2021

How much is 37.56000000

Shamsudeen 21:01 14/11/2021

How much Akl 6.26 to NGn

Choppy 03:01 29/11/2021

It's equivalent to $100

moses7161 21:23 12/11/2021

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Mohammed Dalil Usman 22:15 10/11/2021

Please how can I withdraw the eco6 lumi currency exchange it in naira, please help me

Ngutycis 16:46 08/11/2021

How much is 1AKL to naira

Alubi Micheal 20:50 14/11/2021

How much is 1AkL to naira

Desxis 08:33 08/11/2021

Please how can I withdraw the eco6 limit currency exchange it in naira, please help me

AKL-LUMI-IS-A-SCAM 12:18 05/11/2021

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THAT DURING A PANDEMIC THE POOREST ARE BEING EXPLOITED BY MEN IN JAMAICA SEEKING TO CON AFRICA USING THE LUMI CURRENCY. A FAKE CURRENCY WARNED AS UNREGULATED AND FAKE BY JAMAICAS OWN BANK AND GOVERNMENT PLEASE GET THE TRUTH SEEN On 22nd Feb 2021 GhanaWeb wrote about ‘The Birth of the Lumi’ by Afrikatu Kofi Nkrumah. The parting comments stated ‘stay tuned for more information on the Lumi and on the 6 Trillion Dollar Stimulus package for the African Diaspora’. The article, an advert for the Lumi followed mass advertising in relation to the crypto/non-crypto currency promising so mucH ON THE BACK OF LIES. I am writing to provide the very information the public should know and GhanaWeb should have investigated prior to producing commentary which has led to Ghanaians filling the pockets of men proven in deception and incapable of looking after other people’s money. First we need to go back to 17th June 2016 when Linus Etube born 16th June 1970 established Swifin Global Ltd in the United Kingdom (company number 10238445) alongside German, Jocelyn Braun and others (including his wife). Swifin Global Ltd would have at its height £163.44 in shares divided into a monstrous number of shares with nominal values of £0.00001 EACH (remember this number for later). After publishing losses of -£130’935 in Apr 2017 Swifin Global Ltd would rename (3 months later) as Ainfin Ltd. A further year and Ainfin Ltd would declare insolvency leaving pensions, creditors, HMRC Tax with a £377’227.46 blackhole. On 10th September 2019 AINFIN (Swifin) was liquidated. A failed business venture. Sedel Capital LLP based 98.8% of its income on a Technology Platform ‘used by its Partners outside the UK’ but based this income on unrealised earnings from financial technology platform other peculiar events included Sedel Capital LLP increasing its intangible assets by £1.5m from £0 and accruing £730’436 in outstanding loans. The change of Swifin Global Ltd to Ainfin Ltd already insolvent and liquidated meant Sedel wasn’t tied to Ainfin publicly as such the public would have faith in Swifin and all the associated persons. I put Etube and Swifin aside for now and in comes Timothy McPherson (same surname as Swifin liquidator). Timothy McPherson is referred to as Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Chief, His Excellency and Crown Vizier of the Territory of the Maroons in Jamaica, started to appear in 2016 and again 2019 indicating his creation of the Lumi, a currency and physical note backed by solar energy and valued at 4 grains of gold ($15) when the Jamaican Dollar internationally recognised is worth $0.0067. Non-regulated. Non-crypto. No value. As Ghana Web highlights this is not a crypto currency as such like all bank notes must be backed by a countries bank. Luckily McPherson is also the self-titled Founder and Governor of Accompong Central Bank (ACB). Further luck would help McPherson when the Lumi was designated by himself the official currency of the Economic Community of African Diaspora Sixth Region (ECO-6). McPherson had created a bubble economy in his own backyard, but the question was when it would burst. A self made persona in every sense (in an area which has 700-900 inhabitants). The information has changed over time as McPherson initially tried the feat in 2016 (the same year Swifin Global incorporated) but instead used The Central Solar Reserve Bank of Accompong as his vehicle to back the Lumi. McPherson amended his website (registered 25th Sep 2020) to feature persons such as President Nana Akufo-Addo and President Macky Sall (Senegal) in attempts to legitimise contacts whilst pushing for investment in the Lumi and produced by Accompong Central Bank. Mcpherson would also start using his contact Louis-Georges Tin and former Colonel Ferron Williams to gain contacts and advertise the Lumi. In March 2021 McPherson lost to Richard Currie who publically cited McPherson, Lumi and associated persons as a framework operating without official recognition. The Bank of Jamaica would itself send out an advisory stating Lumi is not licensed. Nothing supports the currency and official banks and persons warn against falling for a scam. In the UK Etube was busy establishing and purchased,, and which are tied to the purchase of the ECO-6 ID Card, yours for £105.00 and their use of AKL currency online (African Kingdoms Lumi). This link is undeniable, Swifin and its partners are supporting the purchase of Lumi and asking for £105 for the privilege but if Lumi is worth $15 and backed by solar energy my money is surely safe and £105 is a small fee to trade and hold such a currency when it pays 6.26 AKL to each account holder as a stimulus cheque every month for 36 months from Oct 2020 (maths 36months 6.26AKL = 225.36 AKL over the period x $0.00001 = $0.00225) generating users and costing Swifin (Etoube) 4 x less than a single cent. Lied about the currency value and continue to advertise its $15 strength when worth almost nothing yet ask for £105 for the $0.00225. There is but one issue and that is what if the currency had no such value? What if at its height of launch its value was $0.00874 (slightly higher than the Jamaican dollar!) but slid downward to $0.00001, yet its supporters own both the platform that backs it and continually make news and advertise to gain supporters who pay the £105 and more for a currency which isn’t supported by anyone except Etoube and McPherson? What if its Wikipedia site was populated by persons who then delete their accounts? False advertising. So Ghana, Jamaica and Africa go back to the top and the nominal share value of Swifin Global Ltd (£0.00001) and realise investing in AKL (Lumi) is worth just that £0.00001, the same amount as the insolvent company which started it all and renamed just like McPherson in order to deceive Africans and Jamaicans for the betterment of themselves.

Choppy 03:11 29/11/2021

For real...

Harijam 12:38 04/11/2021

How much is 75.12000000 in naira

Ogas 21:39 01/11/2021

How much is eco6 limit per month in naira

Gumunaisaiah 07:33 11/11/2021

How much is 1lumi in naira

Onwu Adole Shedrach 12:39 01/11/2021

How do I change Akl money in account to Nigeria currency?


Ntuks 22:24 26/10/2021

Is there Swifin agent that does this

frank 13:57 08/10/2021

Official LUMI rate is $15.96 given in website. 124 * 15.96 = 1979 US Dollars. So its Naira equivalent depends on your supply. If you can sell it for official rate 410, it is around ₦ 811,000, if you can sell it on street for 560 then it is around ₦ 1,108,000

Chemical 16:12 15/11/2021

Many people do not understand the concept of digital currency

AKL-LUMI-IS-A-SCAM 12:23 05/11/2021


Emmy 22:10 04/11/2021

But how can I sell it pls

Emmy 22:10 04/11/2021

But how can I sell it pls

pmc 11:40 04/11/2021

how can I do this?

pmc 11:40 04/11/2021

how can I do this?

Zaza 19:47 29/10/2021

How to sale it bro

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