Nigeria Bank Exchange Rates

Access BankUSD₦ 450
GTBankUSD₦ 415
First BankUSD₦ 400
Zenith BankUSD₦ 435
Stanbic BankUSD₦ 478
EcobankUSD₦ 430
Fidelity BankUSD₦ 480
Sterling BankUSD₦ 445
Stan ChartUSD₦ 435
Union BankUSD₦ 437

Nigeria Banks having updated rates in the last 30 days are listed in the summary table.

Comment on Nigeria Bank Rates

Kudi 04:28 04/03/2021

Some Bank rates are not updated. Please admin help us so we have the current Info.

Aiijayy 19:40 03/03/2021

Please who has successfully added a dollar card or a naira card to Transferwise. Please if you done it could you state the bank that worked for you thanks.

oapinternational 22:21 03/03/2021

Which bank card do you use

Vic 18:38 03/03/2021

Pls how does buying and selling of dollars work

Toyosi 18:16 03/03/2021

Whats gtb international spending limit

Aiijayy 19:39 03/03/2021

Gtbank's still $100 at 415

Good light 19:50 02/03/2021

What is Gtb and Eco bank current exchange rate today.

Frank4 17:45 02/03/2021

Please how do I get Russian rubbles or Indian rupees from bank? I can see their exchange rates listed here but how do I get them?

Akpm 01:39 02/03/2021

Fcmb is 450.4875 as of today 2/3/2021

PolyKing 20:10 01/03/2021

Please how can I open a PayPal account that receive and send money with out fee charge

Vboy 14:38 02/03/2021

I believe if you type this sentence on Google, you will get lots of website that will show you how.

Saki 11:10 02/03/2021

Nigeria is not any more Ami g of the country that paypal allow to receive and send money.

PolyKing 18:42 01/03/2021

Please do anyone know how open a PayPal acct that send am receive money with out fee

Raystar 10:53 03/03/2021

You can open a Lesotho PayPal account that can receive any send money in Nigeria

Dahgabe 12:02 01/03/2021

What's the bank rate for forex in Polaris bank?

emma11 10:32 01/03/2021

Wonder why some love fake news like suya, You can make withdrawals from skrill as long as your account is verified and you have a visa card linked to it. If you have issues making withdrawals then get in touche with Skrill and resolve it. Most at time its your bank not allowing them to do the withdrawals or deposit

Doubeais 10:22 01/03/2021

What is First Bank dollar rate for today please ?

Legacy 09:42 01/03/2021

@amazing u mean FCMB is $500+/$ ???

Nana 08:50 01/03/2021

Please can I use my virtual card from flutterwave barter to pay on AliExpress?

Vboy 14:36 02/03/2021

Yes you can.

Joke 07:46 01/03/2021

Please kindly update daily.

mmm 07:02 01/03/2021

Access Bank is 450 not 425.

Monty 06:49 01/03/2021

Zenith bank rate as of today is #451/$

nas 11:10 01/03/2021

please which application should I use in other to start this business of buying and selling of dollars

emma11 06:17 01/03/2021

Wonder why some love fake news like suya, You can make withdrawals from skrill as long as your account is verified and you have a visa card linked to it. If you have issues making withdrawals then get in touche with Skrill and resolve it. Most at time its your bank not allowing them to do the withdrawals or deposit

Sahmax 15:33 28/02/2021

If you want to sell your Skrill .... I mean merchant skrill... Let deal

Oyama 13:20 28/02/2021

Fair enough

Dupsy 05:51 28/02/2021

I need agents that can fund alioay or wechat. Any referrals. Thanks

nana 19:24 02/03/2021

same here

Oturah217 02:06 28/02/2021

His not easy for we in Italy to send money home

Italian burger 22:35 03/03/2021

Spoko is working as at today, you can try that..... I sent with it just now

dbm 23:38 28/02/2021

use western union or money gram now,they are still working or dm me make I help you out but you go pay me for my time ooo or use western union that is best deal ( IG account amchidubem lets talk )

Amazing 00:32 28/02/2021

All this rates na fake jor, fcmb na 5k+/)$

Hazlink 16:47 27/02/2021

Which bank card work with PayPal?

Hausa boy 09:10 28/02/2021


Smart09 13:53 27/02/2021

Please where can one buy and send Ghana cedis with card

TallnSlim 11:57 27/02/2021

Access bank rate today 26.02.21 is 450/$

Zloo 07:28 27/02/2021

Do any one knows any other means of withdrawing from Skrill, since Nigerians has been restricted from withdrawal?

emma11 17:32 28/02/2021

Since when did you use visa card

Bz 06:24 27/02/2021

Hi, please anyone with idea of first bank dollar rate of today

Jamie 17:03 01/03/2021


Tonia 22:28 26/02/2021

Fcmb need to increase their exchange rate.

I_just 13:26 26/02/2021

Please what is unity bank $ dollar rate today?

Koko 11:52 26/02/2021

I have $$ in my GTB usd account. and need to convert the $$ and transfer into my GTB naira account. help please

Oshe 19:40 27/02/2021

Just withdraw the money and go to aboki and exchange the dollar to naira

Sam 11:49 27/02/2021

Use the dollar debit card to purchase CRYPTO....

Dark 11:10 26/02/2021

Please what are the actual fcmb, uba, and access bank rates?

Monty 14:01 28/02/2021

Access bank is #450 I used it 4 days ago

Mav 09:21 26/02/2021

FCMB na nonsense o. Don't try it, their rate is over 460

Truffle 09:16 26/02/2021

Please what is Ecobank's rate to dollar?

Sunshine 22:03 25/02/2021

Please what is first bank pounds rate today

Nasco 23:25 27/02/2021

Which bank card work with PayPal

Louis 21:08 25/02/2021

Please are these updates real? I just wanted to know so that I can go and change my dollars in Fidelity Bank.

Vboy 01:09 27/02/2021

Do you think fidelity will change dollars for you at 480? Sorry, 480 is what they charge customers. But if you want to change your dollars , they will give you at lesser rate. Better take your dollar to aboki and get better exchange.

franzis 18:24 25/02/2021

zenith bank card rate today 2/25/2021 is 434 naira / 1 dollar ,use other browsers like opera for your online payments

David 16:49 25/02/2021

Pls my GTBANK card not working for international transaction pls what site are u people spending your Dollar limit

Gee 18:26 26/02/2021

Go to the bank and activate your card for internet banking or you can do that from their website

Smart 11:51 25/02/2021

Pls wat is first bank dollar rate today pls

Dele 18:05 26/02/2021

N420 just now at 6pm on February 26

3pleE 11:35 25/02/2021

Who knows what First Bank USD rate is @ de Moment??

India mikemike 16:50 25/02/2021

Buy 409, sell 410

Don chris 02:08 25/02/2021

Please which bank has the best exchange rate cus I want to buy 200 dollars

Tee 22:03 24/02/2021

Just used access bank for an international transaction and they charged 450.

Easy 21:13 24/02/2021

Please what the current of $ to # in UBA

solomon 10:16 25/02/2021

As at this morning is 450

Marylily 20:59 24/02/2021

Please how can I send Rmb from Nigeria to a supplier in china. Or how do I fund my Ali pay account.

@fxbeast 09:15 25/02/2021

@marylily, u have to have a Chinese bank account before u can find ur Alipay or we chat pay. N u can use Alipay n we chat pay to pay ur supplier in China. There are some Nigerian exchangers that help u fund ur Alipay account. You send them naira n they send u rmb

Wumite 18:25 24/02/2021

How much is RMB for today

Robertocallos 18:21 24/02/2021

Access Bank exchange rates today is 470. I change 200 dollars today and they gave me 94k

kuzzytop 07:11 25/02/2021

Maybe CBN is not selling to them again they are buying from aboki now

Jay 15:35 24/02/2021

Access Bank USD should be updated to N450. It moved to 425 and now 450

Spv 13:54 24/02/2021

Which bank currently has the highest international spending limit?

S 17:59 24/02/2021

They all have the same limit of $100

Ade 12:51 24/02/2021

What is USD exchange rate for first bank today

@lepa 10:55 24/02/2021

Access bank in 450/$ not 415

Ade 12:52 24/02/2021

Why these Banks doing this to the citizens, wrong information always

Khomputer 21:12 23/02/2021

Pls which bank card can I use to deposit on skrill (Visa)

Sammy 18:37 23/02/2021

How can I buy dollars/crypto now with card please

Prince 09:19 23/02/2021

Pls who knows access bank international spending limit

Benson 10:54 24/02/2021

Access bank international spending limit is still $100 per month, I guess

KAy 09:17 23/02/2021

Access is not 415 as stated, it is 450 they charged yesterday

Ronymax 08:36 23/02/2021

Never use Skrill for Withdrawal to local bank account. The withdrawal takes a lot of time to arrive and when it does it wouldn't be the actual amount. Imagine my small €75 turned to €63 without any explanation. Intermidiary bank just chanferred someone's hard earned money anyhow☹️ with no remorse.

lee 16:27 22/02/2021

please what is uba current dollar rate

solomon 11:38 24/02/2021


Hazlink 15:38 22/02/2021

What is yuan rate now?

Kumshe 10:53 27/02/2021


Whiteunicorn 10:32 21/02/2021

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Sabect 15:49 28/02/2021

Why is access bank $$ exchange rate not accurate 450 but showing 415

Ed 05:58 21/02/2021

FCMB just charged me exactly N450 for a dollar for a transaction. FCMB Visa debit card used on AliExpress. 21/02/2021

Frank4 20:51 20/02/2021

How can I open Ghana momo account

Olacrypto 14:45 22/02/2021

Explain what you need it for to enable advice accordingly

Hibeekaypal 13:13 20/02/2021

I want to withdraw dollar to my stanbic bank will it be at 478 per $ or normal 375 per $

Olacrypto 14:44 22/02/2021

CBN rate 380

bii 14:40 19/02/2021

Access bank is now 450

bash 15:33 20/02/2021

But I was in access bank on Monday the rate is not the same

Tee 10:09 19/02/2021

Hello... Pls which bank is their rate here true as their real exchange rate?

Zic 12:01 22/02/2021

Zenith bank still 415

Zoe 09:15 19/02/2021

Please can anyone confirm zenith rate for me??

Ayvic 21:28 20/02/2021

From a transaction done earlier this week... 415

Vboy 11:21 20/02/2021

@Zoe, if you scroll down a little, u will see that someone has already confirmed that zenith is 445.

Spv 13:21 18/02/2021

Which bank has the cheapest euro rate today

Keyzy 13:48 17/02/2021

Please I want to really understand this rate of thing, between let's say 380 and 450 rate which is the best to go thinking the higher the rate the more money in Naira??? Am asking because am expecting to withdraw in dollars to my account and don't which to believe anymore is that the high rates is bad or how I us to think the higher the rate the more in Naira...

Keyzy 07:54 18/02/2021

That's serious...thanks for the explanation...

Justice 21:13 17/02/2021

If u want to deposit they will charge u 450.But if u want to withdraw in dollar they will give u the normal rate.. Indirectly they are nw doing black market..

Omi 04:23 17/02/2021

Please which bank has the lowest rate for Euro as at today 17th February. Thanks

Charlestello001 14:40 17/02/2021


Shehu 14:51 16/02/2021

hi my people please what is the transaction amount limit for GTbank dollar card and how much do they issue the card

Shehu 13:37 16/02/2021

hi my people please what is the transaction amount limit for GTbank dollar card and how much do they issue the card

Euro man 11:13 16/02/2021

Bank Card business is Ends.. kindly go back to your old business and concentrate... If Bank reduce their rate then come back and do more

Sk 10:34 16/02/2021

Which app accept fcmb and Zenith

Ola 09:57 16/02/2021

Zenith bank is not 425. It's 445 as I just used it now

Kam 09:37 16/02/2021

Pls what's 1 NGN rate to 1 usd

Dayo 08:30 16/02/2021

Rate unity bank

Amazing 06:46 16/02/2021

Fcmb na scam, thier rate is 450

Ibro 15:40 15/02/2021

Pls what's zenith bank dollar rate for today ..

tosynho 16:23 15/02/2021

425 per USD

Micmi 12:39 15/02/2021

Hello everyone, is payeer legit?

Tbizy 19:36 17/02/2021

1trillion% legit

Cross 16:48 15/02/2021


Oloriyomi 12:09 14/02/2021

What is access bank current USD limit

Tosynho 16:22 15/02/2021

100 USD per month

Ratee 16:55 13/02/2021

Have anyone used FCMB card? What's their rate?

TGenius 15:36 14/02/2021

I used it on Tuesday and it was high — 450

VersusKasparov 22:42 12/02/2021

Is the First Bank USD the really 525 or did you mean to write 425?

Olacrypto 11:43 12/02/2021

Can anyone suggest a site or ewallet that accept Virtual Cards that are not 3D supported? Do skrill, neteller, paypal, and so on allow 2D virtual cards?

Jatau_jr 00:45 15/02/2021

Skrill and neteller

Minggle 16:26 14/02/2021

All american pay gateways are 2d. Find any US based site to do ur order

APPLE 08:18 12/02/2021

whats P2P ? @ NG radar

Crypto link 11:14 17/02/2021

Peer to peer

Crypto link 11:14 17/02/2021

Peer to peer

Olacrypto 11:36 12/02/2021

Person to person

anony 07:17 12/02/2021

Who has a realistic idea of how to move or convert money from Naira to USD to be deposited/transferred in a Dom account. Buying from BDC is at N480 per USD which is very expensive I intended using Neteller by depositing money with as much Naira Mastercards as possible (since each Nigeria bank card is $100) and then withdraw the money to the Dom account, though with all the deposit and withdrawal fees, it will still be fair than buying from BDC. The thing now is that, I discovered from their TOS that cards to be used on Neteller and Skrill, must have your names meaning this option is out of it. Any realistic idea that can really work? Form A is only for travelling same with PTA/BTA, so these bank options too are out. Someone should please share a realistic way out. You can send a mail here if so required (-------)

IanSunderland 23:41 17/02/2021

Lol there is no way. No need going round and round in circles, cos you won't find any way. Just visit the nearest bureau de change and buy from there.

Nextie 10:41 14/02/2021

There is way I know but it has a risk attached to it

Ronymax 19:39 13/02/2021

Do not use MasterCard on Skrill or Neteller. They will block the funds once loaded and u won't be able to use it. Try P2P like Binance, Remitano, Local Bitcoin

NG radar 20:37 11/02/2021

You cannot trade crypto in Nigeria anymore directly with bank. So move to P2P till another banks or restriction come to that.

Ian 22:20 17/02/2021

The banks are required to close your account, regardless on what platforms you use it to trade crypto. Your account may be closed even if you buy on p2p.

APPLE 15:42 11/02/2021

@DARISLA only on BTA and PTA

Sk 13:10 11/02/2021

Where can I use gt bank i don't mind the rate

Darisla 10:22 11/02/2021

Can we still buy USDT from fcmb now?

Darisla 08:11 11/02/2021

Can we still buy usdt from fcmb now on please?

kufrei 18:15 11/02/2021

pls hw can i open an acct on

Kachi 16:58 10/02/2021

U guys are still asking how to make money on crypto when CBN has ban nigerians from using it

Ritchie 14:22 10/02/2021

Did First Bank stop international transaction?

kuzzytop 07:09 11/02/2021

Why do you think so?

TGenius 10:06 10/02/2021

Fcmb Dollar to Naira rate(9/2/2021) is $450. This is really high. All these lower rates previously are just baits.

Sammy 01:01 11/02/2021

Buy GBP instead

BAFFA 01:44 10/02/2021

Why the Nigerian Banks are limiting their international spend limit

DollarMan 20:42 09/02/2021

@boysagamu As soon as You get alert? EFCC will get alert.. before you know? U will be put in trial

Nextie 20:24 09/02/2021

The new way now, that binance is out is to, load your skrill with your bank cards and send to your doms account

Boysagamu1 11:01 09/02/2021

Please if someone send $300,000 US DOLLARS to my FCMB account how much will it be in Naira? And if the person send $300,000 US DOLLARS to my GTB account how much will it be in Naira? I need answers for the two questions please

Kworks 09:45 09/02/2021

Pls how much is FCMB rate as at today NGN/USD

Stxlouis 08:07 09/02/2021

skrill is a scam company, If you have money in there and your account is active, get your money out now or you will regret later. they will close your account for no reason once they see you have substantial amount in there. Be warned

Stxlouis 02:36 21/02/2021

I didn't use 3rd party cards. They simply reject my gtb bank statement of the same card that I used. Even rejected my Id. Mind you I am fully verified

Ronymax 17:31 09/02/2021

Skrill isn't a scam, they only have strict regulations. Just ensure your account is verified and don't use third party cards that is not in your name to fund your Skrill account.

kuzzytop 13:12 09/02/2021

Skrill will never close your account for no reason, you guys are using 3rd party cards and when they ask you for verification you failed as all the credentials will not match the payment details

Favor 00:14 09/02/2021

Let just dominate the naira so that, it can gain it value against foreign currency

Frank4 13:46 08/02/2021

Which bank allows you to withdraw USD cash from your dorm acct? Like walking into the bank and Withdrawing the USD notes

Ohisbaba 15:39 09/02/2021

First bank

courage 08:39 09/02/2021


Helper 16:44 08/02/2021

There is currently no restrictions on usd withdrawals in bank

Dobujay 12:46 08/02/2021

how much is fcmb dollar rate to Naira

TallnSlim 12:15 08/02/2021

Skrill don suspend my account too ooo. E don happen!

TallnSlim 08:58 25/02/2021

@Emmy, I did. Ask your bank to pull up your card transactions for 30-90 days, then print out the statement with all necessary card details. That what i did and it worked fine.

Emmy 17:42 10/02/2021

Same thing happened to me and my bank says they don't issue out card statement but only statement of account, please let me know if you find a solution

TallnSlim 15:28 10/02/2021

I deleted one of my cards and used a new one and it was suspended. Now they want me to provide card statement that bank doesn't provide.

kuzzytop 20:21 08/02/2021

Say what you do wrong, they don't suspend without reasons, it means you most have go against the rules, I have someone who has be using skrill for the past 3 years and he never have any problems with them

Helper 16:42 08/02/2021

Skrill is a scam... They suspend accounts anyhow

Sunnyk 06:10 08/02/2021

Nigeria banks rates are too high. Chaiib

Lucas 23:29 07/02/2021

What is Zenith bank rate for euro

Qamsco 17:28 07/02/2021

Please if you have someone in the abroad, how can you use the person to buy crypto. How do you send naira to the person at low rate??.

Numan 17:49 09/02/2021

There are better ways to buy crypto without looking for who lives abroad, you can do it from your house, very simple..

Henry 22:24 08/02/2021


frank 12:55 07/02/2021

please what is the rate of RMB and sending

Bomber 10:28 08/02/2021

Am selling RMB if u want. Direct to bank, alipay or wechat

CRYPTO 11:40 07/02/2021

please CBN dont do this to us and u guy are also doing trading inside bank is it good.

Raj 11:26 07/02/2021

Can someone still buy USD or EURO in banks through or any other affiliated Apps to use it to purchase coins or the CBN new directives doesn’t permit that also.

Kay 04:25 07/02/2021

Please how can I make money buying and selling dollars

Please answer 14:53 06/02/2021

How do i get ngn on binance??

Mystic 14:33 06/02/2021

Who has heard about airtm, uphold, advcash and Perfectmoney

Ernestovi 16:20 08/02/2021

@Truthz what are their charges for transfer

Baalefx 12:21 08/02/2021

I use Airtm

Truthz 17:32 07/02/2021

What about it bruv?

Jay 10:46 06/02/2021

Please what's the FCMB current rate to dollar and euro

Dark 15:27 07/02/2021

464 Naira per dollar

Ayvic 06:41 06/02/2021

stanbic is currently N450 to a dollar NOT 478

Musaeasy 14:27 18/02/2021

That bank na yeye they be. I wish they will reduce the rate to even 400/$

Clit 16:38 05/02/2021

How can someone get yaun or AED at cheap rate

JASON 13:58 05/02/2021


M.d 23:27 05/02/2021

Of course i have heard about it, nigeria is totally messed😞. U can't even deposit naira on binance OMG!. And also they make ATM card limit 100$. Pls which type of country is Nigeria?😭

Certified King M. 13:16 05/02/2021

Who have seen the circular from CBN instructing banks to close accounts that deal with cryptocurrency with immediate effect.

mikky 12:43 05/02/2021

any one with firstbank card shuld help us make info about multicurrency card

Sam 04:44 16/02/2021

Not going to work ... It requires a dom acc

Nextie 10:58 05/02/2021

I have a way

DJ money 13:56 05/02/2021

Which way be that

Oliver 13:13 05/02/2021

What way

Nextie 10:45 05/02/2021

For the record This is not scam.

Blamyguy 17:33 06/02/2021

Broda, pls hit us with the update...

eljamiu 08:46 05/02/2021

Please I have dollar to exchange for naira, does the above rates mean how much I can exchange for, i.e Fidelity bank will buy it from me at above rate?

Yusbarix 15:26 06/02/2021

Exchange your money on binance very fast

Tina 07:15 05/02/2021

I can see that you guys are having issue with binance. I am using it and so far it has been all good. All you need is a visa or master card to deposit into your Naira account. For newcomers, you can get started here >

Smart 14:31 22/02/2021

Please help me how can i do that

kufrei 17:16 05/02/2021

i'm having issues creating an account on

One1 03:56 05/02/2021

Binance is greedy since they have an affiliate bank account here they should have reduced it to @450 per $

NairaCorp 20:22 16/02/2021

Binance is not responsible for exchange rates on the platform. The price is determined by the traders. When most traders want the highest price for profit, of course there's price volatility

One1 03:53 05/02/2021

Binance bank transfer deposit is not payable they are selling @500 per $

One1 03:51 05/02/2021

Binance bank transfer is not payable they selling @500 per $

Kingraphael 21:56 04/02/2021

Pls is aud really 300 on black market??

Johnnykems 20:24 04/02/2021

I'm highly depressed by the high rate our government is placing on foreign currencies exchange, some nigerians who knows about arbitrage can not have any access ...why is it getting to hard ? I pray God help us all ...much love nigerians...we I'll survive

Lu 05:38 05/02/2021

It's too expensive. It's not only people that do arbitrage that need dollars

Emmex205 16:14 04/02/2021

@Davidbelovet how sure are u that FCMB will increase it at one's request ? have u tried it or is it what u are using?

Demmy 14:00 04/02/2021

Pls where can I make use of my access card? Can someone help

TallnSlim 07:27 04/02/2021

Please where does First Bank card work? It has been declined on every site I tried. Thanks

Asapobadiah 06:21 04/02/2021

What is GT BANK limit now?

Ola 12:58 09/02/2021

100 dollar

Sy jby 23:45 03/02/2021

What is providus bank rates

Rashy 22:46 03/02/2021

Please my people, is gtb card working on binance or exchange? And Which exchange is access bank zenith visa card working?

kufrei 19:48 04/02/2021

pls hw can i create an acct on

Vboy 19:14 04/02/2021

GTB card not working on both websites. But u can fund your Binance acct via bank transfer with 150naira charge.

Rashy 22:34 03/02/2021

What is fcmb rate now

Rhenzhel 20:39 03/02/2021

Is first bank really buying 525 per $? Has anyone used and confirmed it?

Val 19:14 03/02/2021

I have sure means of bypassing all these CBN rules

Justice 23:35 04/02/2021

Don't come here and scam people o..

Ronymax 19:06 04/02/2021

Abeg shows us the way o.. Man don frustrate for this Nigeria o

Raystar 16:31 04/02/2021

Please explain to us bro

Charlie 15:58 04/02/2021

Boss show us abeg

THODORZEK 15:45 04/02/2021

Show us please,,,help you brother

Dharmd 15:27 04/02/2021

Boss abeg give us update

easyarchi 13:59 04/02/2021

baba feed us

Eugenco 12:42 04/02/2021 Bobo's the way

Kabsgad 12:23 04/02/2021

Please give us nah

Tarico 17:45 03/02/2021

Who has bought bitcoin from moonpay? Please explain to us which cards works, and most the card be urs?

Tarico 22:31 04/02/2021


Ronymax 19:05 04/02/2021

Only UBA card works currently on Moonpay. But exchange rate is still high on UBA cards

Ronymax 16:17 03/02/2021

Who knows whether firstbank prepaid card works on Moonpay

Hhz 03:49 07/02/2021

Can card not mine accepted on moonpay???

Hhz 03:47 07/02/2021

Can someone card on moon pay

ace 15:53 03/02/2021

Does anyone know any bank that can allow me make purchases online of up to $300 or $400 using a Naira card? Please share I use GTB but it seems they have a limit of 200 per month.

Uno 07:12 05/02/2021

Standard chartered Bank card

Adamawa Crypto seekers 20:36 04/02/2021

Where did you used the card please @ace

Oliver 00:01 04/02/2021

Gtb is now $100

Smith 21:51 03/02/2021

Like seriously is it up to 200

Sly 20:22 03/02/2021

I thought GTB is $100 monthly? Baxter rates is so high.

Raj 14:01 03/02/2021

I’ve not been able to add FCMB card on crypto. Is there anyone that’s experiencing that ?

Kolawole Joseph 10:03 05/02/2021

If your fcmb card haven't been adding. Try it now.. it might just add..

Rashy 16:09 04/02/2021

I am experiencing it, it was declined on binance

Demmy 13:56 04/02/2021

Same here ooo pls what is the way forward

kufrei 13:37 03/02/2021

so is anyone not going to say anythng bout opening an acct. on

Wakes 21:35 03/02/2021

Download the app on play store

Raj 12:57 03/02/2021

I’ve not been able to add FCMB card on Who else is experiencing that ?

Asapobadiah 06:22 04/02/2021

Same here, not working

Davidbelovet 21:44 03/02/2021

Try Binance. It will surely work there.

easyarchi 12:50 03/02/2021

which one is better a visa naira prepaid card, virtual card or normal debit master card? and what's their dollar spending limit?

Aiijayy 13:51 04/02/2021

@Davidbelovet. That's what it says on their website but that isn't the case. I asked customer service and was told that it was reviewed and reduced to $100. FCMB being who they are, are yet to update the info on their site. Have you actually used their card before coming to this conclusion?

atimaxandrew 11:03 04/02/2021

You can use Flutterwave Virtual Cards, they are dominated in dollar and don't have any monthly limit, their rate is also awesome, you can spend anyhow you want, download the app on playstore or app store here: After downloading and installing it, register and input my referral code: atimaxandrew

Davidbelovet 21:47 03/02/2021

The best card with the highest spending limit is FCMB Debit MasterCard. It has $5,000 monthly spending limit but will be increased at your request.

Travelers guide. 11:29 03/02/2021

To all Nigerians, be warned... SKRILL IS A SCAM!!! you can easily search for reviews on Google... Plenty people have been cheated by them and they freeze accounts for no reason... Stay clear of skrill

DJ money 13:20 03/02/2021

Yeah but I don't any single problem with them since 3years now transacting with them just make sure your account is fully verified before transacting with them

Judondasylva 11:15 03/02/2021

Please does access bank have any usd card

Umb 13:37 03/02/2021

Which card is working in

Robert 09:03 03/02/2021

First bank 525 is Pounds rate not dollar

Sammy 05:09 03/02/2021

@Yusbarix how can someone contact you for the skrill transaction

Frank4 02:33 03/02/2021

@olacrypto @rhaey please when did you open your standard chartered bank account, and what card are u using?

Ronymax 23:13 02/02/2021

Who knows the monthly spend limit for First bank Prepaid Naira Visa card

Oliver 10:29 03/02/2021

Still $100

Robert 09:04 03/02/2021

100 dollars

Numan 21:36 02/02/2021

Please who has used firstbank and uba Mastercard this month, what's the rate please..

Davidbelovet 21:49 03/02/2021

Numan, UBA MasterCard rate is N450 per dollar.

NUMAN 2 14:53 03/02/2021

Where do you ever used firstbank card

Sam 20:25 02/02/2021

If you want to send money to ghana from Nigeria I here I can help

Sly 20:11 03/02/2021

I am interested. Can you find Ezipay? What's your rate?

Sam 19:02 03/02/2021

To Nigeria bank account I will change it to ghana cedis there

TommyJay 10:31 03/02/2021

I want to!! Pls help me out

Justice 09:52 03/02/2021

Can u?.. Through which means

Xeph 08:34 03/02/2021

@sam sending money to ghana, how can u do that.

DJ money 19:26 02/02/2021

Is this first Bank dollar rate or is it a mistake?

GABIKO 11:08 04/02/2021

It's the GBP Rate

Robert 08:59 03/02/2021


Bigman Sagamu 11:38 02/02/2021

I want to ask if Someone from USA 🇺🇸 send $300,000 US DOLLARS to my "GTBANK ACCOUNT OR FCMB ACCOUNT" how much will it be in Nigeria??

Davidbelovet 21:56 03/02/2021

Bigman, I have your answer. You will get N124,500,000 in your GTB account and N118,500,000 in your FCMB account. So how much is my commission? Am just joking.

Jay 12:16 03/02/2021

Open a dom account and receive it in dollars.

{} 21:57 02/02/2021

Let him send to you via usdt crypto and sell it, you can sell each one @rate of 484/$ that's a huge profit for you than using bank, and bank will delay you, @yusbarix

Mystic 19:46 02/02/2021

To receive such amount, you must be a high level customer... Just contact your account officer/manager in the bank so the money doesn't get stuck in transit

Helper 19:43 02/02/2021

Let him purchase USDT on binance and send it to you... Kindly fully verify your binance account... Binance is the best for money transfer overseas

DJ money 17:38 02/02/2021

I advise u let him send that huge amount of money to you crypto account then you withdraw it gradually to your naira account

Aiijayy 17:12 02/02/2021

This your question is best suited for your bank's customer service rep. as they'll give you the current rate. These days banks have WhatsApp numbers and online live chat on their websites. Find out yours.

Right 10:42 02/02/2021

How much does Skrill charge for deposit and withdraw?

Xeph 08:36 03/02/2021

Run away from skrill....

Mystic 19:47 02/02/2021

Skrill is a scam, they can freeze your funds at anytime... Beware of them

Right 10:03 02/02/2021

How much does Skrill charge for deposit and withdrawer. Help pls

Helper 19:40 02/02/2021

Be warned, skrill is increasing their fees to 5% And they can block you anytime freezing your funds... Use them with high caution... You can check out reviews of people blocked for no reason on skrill.

Felix Prosper 12:36 02/02/2021

Skrill fees, deposit 2.5% withdrawal/transfer 1.5%

DJ money 09:41 02/02/2021

I here that standard chartered sell dollars and other foreign currencies directly in there branch please who will help us find out thanks

Imam 09:22 02/02/2021

Fcmb rate 450+, I used it yesterday, no profit.

Dele 11:14 03/02/2021

I guess the ₦395 for FCMB that has always appeared on this site is a deliberate attempt to deceive unsuspecting people by luring them to open accounts with that bank and getting their debit card. It was ₦450 last time I used it last week.

DJ money 15:56 02/02/2021

Were did u use it

TraderTim 07:03 02/02/2021 a bitcoin wallet where you can have all your coins be it ethereum,neo,tron e.t.c. You can also exchange bitcoin to ethereum and any other coins and trade with is a safe wallet. I hope I have help someone out there.

Kolawole Joseph 07:01 02/02/2021

Please which of the zenith bank card is working with Visa card or MasterCard?

DJ money 05:57 02/02/2021

@wakes gomoney has a limit of 100$ but what if I have 3 virtual card will my limit still be 100$ or 300$

Sly 20:14 03/02/2021

Gomoney policy recently states that you can only get $100 per month despite the

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