Nigeria Bank Exchange Rates

Zenith BankUSD₦ 397
Stanbic BankUSD₦ 478
GTBankUSD₦ 394
Access BankUSD₦ 399
EcobankUSD₦ 394
First BankUSD₦ 400
Fidelity BankUSD₦ 480
Sterling BankUSD₦ 445
Union BankUSD₦ 437

Nigeria Banks having updated rates in the last 30 days are listed in the summary table.

Comment on Nigeria Bank Rates

DJ money 18:16 29/11/2020

Who knows about jaiz bank exchange rate please

Chelsea 15:51 29/11/2020

Jmc Fidelity rate is 480/$

Chelsea 15:39 29/11/2020

Not binance fault

Chelsea 15:38 29/11/2020

JmcIt’s clearly noted that the exchange rate for fidelity is 480/$ not 398, you might have mixed it up. Bank with good rates, GTB, Zenith, Eco bank, and FCMB

Joseph 13:45 29/11/2020

@Jmc contact Binance Support they will respond you should have checked the amount you are paying before you purchase contact the Binance support team for complains , they are the best for cyptocurrency and very secure they can never scam you, they just overcharged you.

Face 11:54 29/11/2020

Has anyone bought dollar with gtb MasterCard today?

King white 22:39 28/11/2020

The government should endeavor to exhibit credible source and accountability.

Sagitan 21:03 28/11/2020

UBA card is working on international platforms o

Twhy 20:13 28/11/2020

if you load Uba dollar prepaid,are they going to use the same rate when withdrawing at atmNOTE: dollar buying rate is high than selling rate,take for example if you buy dollar at the rate of $1=#394 selling rate might be $1=#372,pls friend does that applies to funding Uba dollar africard with mobile app and withdrawing the money at atm

Jmc 18:01 28/11/2020

Binance kinda scammed me, I placed other to buy N100k worth of Xrp with fidelity card, the exchange rate was around 398/$ I was so happy. After the transaction I was charged 135k by my bank, binance refused to reply my messages. So bad. Anyone with similar experiences?

Christy 18:01 28/11/2020

Please where can I buy crypto with my MasterCard?

Samuel 12:59 28/11/2020

The domiciliary account funding wahala is so frustrating. Abeg who knows when bank will raise international transaction limit abeg ..

Ace 09:23 28/11/2020

@micmi ..have you tried it on Skrill ?

Kbomber 08:15 28/11/2020

@access bank rate is how much now

@Ejiro Praise 00:39 27/11/2020

Access bank rate was high yesterday.

Micmi 21:11 26/11/2020

Please why is my gtbank mastercard not working with international transfer?

Kbomber 19:45 26/11/2020

@anthony which of the card

Whycaress 13:00 26/11/2020

@Ace where are you buying crypto with Zenith card

Uno 11:02 26/11/2020

@kbomber it is buying in usd

Anthony 09:57 26/11/2020

@kbomber their customer representative said yes but limit of $100 monthly

Wallace 01:46 26/11/2020

Please does Gt bank allows purchase on Aliexpress now on Naira Master card.

Ace 22:12 25/11/2020

you can buy crypto at the rate of 392 for zenith @shb

Kysh 21:57 25/11/2020

My gtbank master card couldn't find my binance account. Which card is presently functioning please

Kosset 11:00 25/11/2020

The last time I wanted to fund my Dom account. My bank direct me to aboki to get dollars. Too much corruption in our banking system.

Eegwe 10:51 25/11/2020

Can someone give me a guide on how to buy crypto on binary?

Iyke 04:05 25/11/2020

Can someone buy dollars from banks in Nigeria?

Crypto Prince 13:16 24/11/2020

I dont know what comes over nigerian banks, they are all against crypto, in fear of retiring banks. common 1 BTC person no fit buy using nigerian Bank card na wa oo

Kbomber 12:31 24/11/2020

I guess dollar account will solved all international transactions issues

OBYNO 09:59 24/11/2020

Where can I sell my dirham to naira

Shb 09:30 24/11/2020

I mean binance..

Shb 09:30 24/11/2020

What is the rate for buying crypto using zenith on binary please...

Ace 08:21 24/11/2020

try zenith @lis

Ace 22:27 23/11/2020

For now... UBA has disabled all foreign transaction

Ace 21:29 23/11/2020

I don't think UBA works on binance now..... I've tried it several times... It's not working

Ace 21:28 23/11/2020

Zenith bank allows international transactions but you cannot use it to buy crypto... TRY it on binary.. It works

Lovebird 14:29 23/11/2020

Please how does finance operate? Can anyone help me out and how reliable is it?

Lis 08:40 23/11/2020

Hello please, which bank card work on binance?

Kbomber 08:22 23/11/2020

Replying @Uno (Sterling works on binance, and sometimes UBA too). Is it buying using Naira, USD, Euros or pounds. I want to know the rate please

Kbomber 08:19 23/11/2020

Please is GT bank Dollar card working on Binary and Binance? And if Yes, what is the spending limit of the dollar card

Kbomber 08:18 23/11/2020

Please someone should help me with the list of Naija banks working on Binance.

Uno 06:37 22/11/2020

Sterling works on binance, and sometimes UBA too

Jerry 09:22 20/11/2020

What is the current pounds exchange rate to naira for UBA, Zenith and FCMB?

Bob 07:59 20/11/2020

Have Zenith bank started allowing international spending on their master card again?

Blessyn 00:06 19/11/2020

Hi please what is the current dollar to naira rate for Unity bank?

Kipit 17:24 16/11/2020

What is fcmb exchange rate?

Ola 06:24 15/11/2020

Please which bank cards work on binance?

Zic 18:00 14/11/2020

Ecobank limit is $20 monthly since september till date FCMB is $100 monthly as of October

Sdyau 09:16 14/11/2020

Hello please what is the spending limit of eco bank

Air 03:25 14/11/2020

Please what's the current dollar rate for Fidelity bank?

Me 13:00 13/11/2020

Please what's the international spending limit for fcmb?

Seeker 11:01 12/11/2020

UBA really charging 466?

Lacxis 06:54 12/11/2020

Spending limit of GTB is $200 and UBA is $100

Fejeerow 11:25 11/11/2020

Please what is the spending limit of UBA and Gtbank

Forex 18:21 03/11/2020

UBA is N466, Zenith is $100 limit

Nazy 08:41 01/11/2020

What is uba dollar rate today

Ayoteni 16:19 30/10/2020

What's the dollar to naira rate in wema bank

Ope1 12:11 30/10/2020

What's the limit of Zenith

Murphy j 11:09 26/10/2020

I transacted with uba and gpb is 555.45 naira

Alabeem 12:10 21/10/2020

Pls wat is rate of Kuda Bank

Mr Solace 21:34 15/10/2020

NgnRates please try to always be up to date, because some of the banks rate I’m seeing here has been change since. Thanks

GFB 10:58 14/10/2020

Sterling bank 445 naira to dollars, does that mean buy or selling to them. I mean if I bring 1 dollar to Sterling bank they will give me 445naira right? Is that what it means? Is that rate for buying or selling or both?

Emmydon 10:36 14/10/2020

430 is a good rate if you buying from Using stanbic bank but I don't know if MasterCard works on

Rowolens 07:22 14/10/2020

How is Ecobank USD Limit

Tbw 19:21 13/10/2020


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