Nigeria Bank Exchange Rates

GTBankUSD₦ 440
Access BankUSD₦ 450
EcobankUSD₦ 450
Zenith BankUSD₦ 440

Nigeria Banks having updated rates in the last 30 days are listed in the summary table.

Comment on Nigeria Bank Rates

Dan Kano 14:26 02/08/2021

dan Allah a wani shafi zan sayi dollar da katin access blue card dina kuma in sayar dan na samu riba?

Lexis 13:02 02/08/2021

Please how can I make deposits USD into my UBA Dom account at a cheaper exchange rate,??

Vee 11:37 02/08/2021

Please guys, which of the naira debit card has more than 100$ monthly limit??

Osa 10:53 02/08/2021

Polaris NGN debit card visa a isn’t working on advcash and uba NGN debit card visa isn’t working on wise anyone experiencing this ?

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wisoscopy 06:43 02/08/2021

Good morning Guys ,please who has used sterling bank master card on Advcash recently?

Ivar 20:33 01/08/2021

Which platform can I use my ATM cards to buy USD with please?

Welly 09:18 02/08/2021


Joe 16:04 01/08/2021

Kelvin I used GTBank to open my dom account

Oomar 19:47 31/07/2021

Which bank cards are accepted on mercuryo website?

msoladimeji 15:59 31/07/2021

Pls where does Eco bank and fidelity card works. Thanks

mike 07:43 31/07/2021

house please how do i buy crypto with my wise balance

M10 01:43 02/08/2021

How much would you like to buy? Hope to read from you soon.

Top guy 07:06 31/07/2021

Please where Polaris visa is working

Reload 06:42 31/07/2021

Guys, can I use someone else's card to make deposit on Advcash and wise? Thanks.

Pattern 22:57 01/08/2021

Don't try it on Advcash

A.n 00:28 31/07/2021

I wonder if I will buy dollars

A.n 00:20 31/07/2021

Yazanyi idan zan sayi usd

Bin 11:35 31/07/2021

Kaje wajen masu chanji kudi. Ko kayi amfani da MasterCard , visacard a yanar gizo.

Sammierhed 23:27 30/07/2021

I was thinking it's only from my side, I have same issues

Fayree 20:52 30/07/2021

Please which bank do u think is best to open a dollar account or Euro

Vboy 17:53 01/08/2021

@Fayree, use GT bank.

Nano 13:05 30/07/2021

Hello, is anyone having this error "transaction not permitted to cardholder" on international transactions? I'm trying to use flutterwave payment gateway to pay usd, kept getting that error

Pentagon 11:09 30/07/2021

Please is it possible to Link card directly to

Vboy 21:52 30/07/2021

@Pentagon, yes it's possible. When you use it to purchase crypto.

@Ogotonsoro 17:58 29/07/2021

Please for those using debit card on advcash ,is it naira debit card or dollars debit card because since I have been using my naira debit card non was successful. I use zenith, UBA prepaid and FCMB and if truly anyone has used it on advcash tell me here the card you use, is it naira debit card or domiciliary card thanks

ilejonny 21:27 29/07/2021

Zenith and uba Naira debit mastercard works. Tell your bank to profile your cards for international transaction

Khizzy 16:51 29/07/2021

Which is preferrable to buy in advcash with my card Usd or eur??

ilejonny 21:25 29/07/2021

usd except if the euro rate of your bank is very cheap

Rager 13:24 29/07/2021

Please does uba mastercard work on wise?

Bigfish 12:31 29/07/2021

Why Zenith card not working on

Bigfish 12:00 29/07/2021

Can zenith card works on adcash

Qamsco 07:07 31/07/2021

Yes it does

Qamsco 11:54 29/07/2021

Hi guys Please can someone with a verified wise account use my own card on his account??

Ayo 08:23 29/07/2021

CBN policy CBN orders banks to sell forex to customers Nike Popoola 29 July 2021 Kindly share this story: The Central Bank of Nigeria has ordered the Deposit Money Banks to set up teller points at designated branches to provide forex to Nigerians. It said this in a circular to all banks titled, Re: Teller points at bank branches for the sale of FX to retail customers, which was signed by the Director, Banking Supervision Department, CBN, Haruna Mustafa, on Wednesday. After the Monetary Policy Committee meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, the CBN announced the immediate discontinuity of forex sales to the Bureau De Change operators in the country. The circular read, “Further to the Monetary Policy Committee briefing of July 27, 2021, all Deposit Money banks are hereby reminded to set up teller points at designated branches across the country to fulfil legitimate FX request for Personal Travel Allowance, Business Travel Allowance, tuition fees, medical payments, SMEs transactions among others. “In this regard, DMBs are also required to adequately publicise the locations of the designated branches and make necessary arrangements to sell FX to customers in cash and/or electronically in compliance with extant regulations. Read Also Naira slumps to 523 against dollar at parallel market Naira slides to 505/$ as CBN stops forex sale to BDCs Naira exchanges for 503/$ at parallel market “DMBs are strongly advised to ensure that no customer is turned back or refused FX, provided that documentation and all other requirements are satisfied. “Equally, undue delays, rationing and or diversion of FX is strongly discouraged, while DMBs are required to establish electronic application and alert systems to update customers on status of their FX requests. Can this increase bank $ limit?

Reload 06:44 31/07/2021

I don't think this can increase the dollar spending limit coz this sales of FX is just to those traveling, schooling and doing business e.t.c with some documents before the bank can sell to you.

Fearless 07:26 29/07/2021

Can I use kuda bank on advance cash?

Gfhhduy 22:29 28/07/2021

Please who use uba MasterCard on advcash

Qamsco 16:27 30/07/2021


ilejonny 21:24 29/07/2021

@Qamsco, It worked today 29th July. Try to use it on wise so you can know what the error is and complain to your bank. If it's not bringing out otp page then just tell them to profile it for international transaction

Dahray 20:52 29/07/2021

I dey use am. #450/$

Qamsco 15:09 29/07/2021

When did it work please. Ive been trying mine for a week now and it hasnt gone thru

Qamsco 11:53 29/07/2021

Ilejonny When did you use yours Ive been trying mine and getting gateway cannot process transaction

ilejonny 10:54 29/07/2021

It works. approx N450/$

Lenny 18:20 28/07/2021

Pls does GTBank card work on GPay?

Dave 16:02 28/07/2021

Please do acess bank still work on skrill ?

Ahmad 12:37 29/07/2021

Give me update lemme try

Nasidimahmud 15:17 28/07/2021


Mene 14:51 28/07/2021

Can I deposit on advcash with access visa card? What's the rate?

ndubisi 14:22 28/07/2021


Kelvin 14:01 28/07/2021

How much those Zenith bank Dom or any Dom charges for 100dollar transactions? Can anyone help?

Kelvin 14:01 28/07/2021

How much those Zenith bank Dom or any Dom charges for 100dollar transactions? Can anyone help?

#ThereWasACountry 17:40 28/07/2021

If you can avoid Zenith Bank, kindly do so. The least is around $70 per transaction especially to other Banks. Unverified report says that Wema is better.

Prestige 13:58 28/07/2021

Pls does Stanbic works on advcash nd hw much is there rate

Reload 13:56 28/07/2021

Please is u.b.a mastercard working on wise? Thanks.

Reload 13:55 28/07/2021

Please how will I know if my wise account as been verified?

Cisse 00:41 02/08/2021

If you can access your currencies account details

Osa 09:48 28/07/2021

Pls help !! Which card works Alipay ?

Romeo 09:22 28/07/2021

Please can I deposit to wise using Sterling bank

Sarki 14:04 28/07/2021


Sarki2 08:26 28/07/2021

Go and open union bank there rate are very cheep

ilejonny 21:56 28/07/2021

pls on which site are you using it that is cheap and what currency, the euro rate is too high #579.69

Sarki2 14:05 28/07/2021


Man 10:10 28/07/2021

Sarki2 Please how much is the union limit which site can I use

Osa 07:54 28/07/2021

How do I buy CNY using NGN ??? Pls help

Richie 05:46 28/07/2021

Please brothers how can I activate my card for international transactions?

ilejonny 23:34 28/07/2021

Talk to your bank, they'll do it for you

Wale 15:19 28/07/2021

Open an account with your BVN, utility bill (Nepa bill, etc) and get a master debit card. You are good to go.

Olayinka 00:36 28/07/2021

Please guys which card is working on🙏

Reload 13:58 28/07/2021

Someone said zenith and Union but I have not try it myself.

Frank4 22:58 27/07/2021

Hello, can I use NIN card for transfer wise verification? The nin card we get from app.

Cisse 00:45 02/08/2021

That NIN card from that app is shit, it doesn't work, there's no valid ID number there, I've tried to use it to verify my Binance app but the customer care said that card is invalid and not accepted

Reply 18:36 27/07/2021

Hello guys, do you guys have any idea on how to get a card with more than 100$ limit. I tried to get access signature card but access isn’t giving it out again

Mama 21:26 28/07/2021

Are you sure? I don't think so

Richie 16:28 27/07/2021

Please guy's can I send money to turkey through wise or xe? Is the restrictions lifted?

MieWyse1st 14:20 27/07/2021

Hello please which card works on binance and advcash?

Joe 14:14 27/07/2021

Please,I have a Dom-account and want to credit it with like $200 at the rate of #500. To 1 dollar, is there any way I can gain if I use it to purchase crypto and if yes. Which platform please

Kelvin 13:51 28/07/2021

Can we chat? Which Bank did you use in creating Dom

Classical12 13:18 27/07/2021

How much is £500 exchange rate at firstbank now

Osa 13:15 27/07/2021

Pls need help, adv cash I buy usdt directly, and the profit margin is visible, using wise with, which asset is best to buy that the transaction rate isn’t on a high XRP, LTC, or USDT???? Also on Wise is it best to buy USD or EUro ?

ilejonny 15:35 27/07/2021

On wise, it's best to buy euro. For the rest of your question, experiment with a little amount and let us know how far

Clever 11:00 27/07/2021

Please where can I use my Access blue card

Qamsco 08:42 27/07/2021

Hi guys.please what site can i use my uba mastercard??

ilejonny 11:57 27/07/2021

I'll suggest you read through the forum as your question has been answered by others.

Big 08:33 27/07/2021

Why is the bank not giving dollar to individual

datty 08:17 27/07/2021

my people abeg....i need reference with current account to fill my dorm account form in lagos...

podmaster 03:42 27/07/2021

Please does Union Card work on Wise. Kindly help. Thanks

ilejonny 23:37 28/07/2021

The alternative for union on wise is to deposit dollars instead of euro

ilejonny 11:48 27/07/2021

union master card works on Wise but as at 26th July 2021, it's unprofitable as the euro rate is #579.69

Wisdom 00:45 27/07/2021

Pls house,I will like to know if gtb or first bank cards works on ADVCASH and WISE,THANKS

Qamsco 11:39 27/07/2021

Gtb works on adv Firstbank no

Revmatt 22:04 26/07/2021

What is the First Bank exchange rate today

ilejonny 18:02 26/07/2021

pls does polaris visa work on wise?

ilejonny 21:31 28/07/2021

Thanks @ Murphy j. please what's their euro rate?

Murphy j 05:29 28/07/2021


Mwopey 17:59 26/07/2021

Please here which bank card to verify PayPal?

Powel 17:53 26/07/2021

Please friends what website can I buy dollar with my access bank card

Murphy j 05:30 28/07/2021

Powel 17:50 26/07/2021

Hello guys please what site can I use access bank Visa card ???

datty 14:12 26/07/2021

hello...please if after funding my dollar account dollar bills i bought from aboki may be 480 or 500naira per dollar...if am using my debit card to buy...would the bank deduct on it own rate?

Manayo 14:23 27/07/2021

Advice,.. always purchase items with your naira master card if the payment process has a bank payment gateway.. bank will charge a worst amount of 450/460. But buying from aboki, is above 500.. except there's not naira payment gateway then use Dollar payment.

Manayo 14:21 27/07/2021

If you fund your dollar account and you want to use it to buy something and pay in dollar. You will have to fund your dollar card account, which the bank will provide for you. Then you use it to pay for the items you bought. But if you want to pay with naira debit. The bank will charge you at their own rate per dollar and debit your naira account.(this method is usually cheaper than aboki style of funding).

cassidy 08:56 27/07/2021

Negative I think. There won't be any form of dollar to naira conversion rate since the account is denominated in dollars. If anyone has a different view, we are open to learn.

Vboy 22:02 26/07/2021

@Datty, once u have funded your dollar account, u are free to spend the dollar on any website at the exact amount you see being stated. The rate u got the dollars does not matter on a dollar card. For example, if u want to buy an item that is worth $50, that is the exact amount that will be taken from the dollar card. The amount u got it from aboki does not matter. It matters in d naira card because of the naira to USD conversion.

Sal 13:37 26/07/2021

Who can help me fund my wise account with Australia dollar or who know any aboki that can fund my account with Australia dollar.thanks

Murphy j 05:34 28/07/2021

Fund with USD or eur and convert to Australian dollar

Vboy 22:04 26/07/2021

@Sal, visit this page ( sharing life issues with Vin) on Facebook and get in touch. I can fund it for u at an agreed rate.

Bin 08:40 26/07/2021

**I have read some comments here ** please help, can I used my NIN slip (not the plastic ID) to verify wise account. Thank you.

Bin 06:12 27/07/2021

Thanks @kabsgad

Kabsgad 15:19 26/07/2021


Abu 05:11 26/07/2021

Hello house! Someone should pls explain the KYC process on ezipay Ghana app. I'm stuck, thanks.

Vboy 13:58 26/07/2021

@Abu, which of the KYC part are u stuck at? It's just your I.d that u need. I used my international passport for my verification. U will also need to upload the snapshot of the ATM card that u want to use to prove that it belongs to u.

Reply 12:54 25/07/2021

How can someone do dollar transactions with no limits

Vboy 05:59 26/07/2021

@Reply,...It's simple. The solution is to get a dollar card. Visit your bank and open a domiciliary account. With d dollar card, no limit.

Gadaffi 00:08 25/07/2021


Vee 19:46 26/07/2021

@Vboy how do u fund ur domiciliary Acct wit bank rate?? I really need the update pls

Ugobe 17:02 24/07/2021

How can I use PayPal to transfer money to someone in another African country??? What is the cheapest and reliable way of sending money from one African country to another?

Ugobe 17:00 24/07/2021

Please is skrill money transfer supported in Nigeria please? And how can I use it to send money to another African country

Ugobe 16:50 26/07/2021

2000 usd

Stan 11:31 25/07/2021

How much do you want to send

Ugobe 16:59 24/07/2021

Please brothers can someone use wise to send money from Nigeria to Uganda and how do I go about it please.

Murphy j 05:37 28/07/2021

Use eversend app

Whitetechng 23:22 26/07/2021


Vee 10:03 24/07/2021

Please guys, how do u fund ur dom Acct wit bank rate??

Abu 09:33 24/07/2021

@sal: I bought 74.73 Euro and I lose N813.....pls if you know what to buy, currency to use and the amount to fund my account with while using union bank master card on CDC ( Kindly share bro..... thanks.

Sal 11:22 25/07/2021

@Abu:buy LTC with 95.5 dollar;with commission it would be around 99 dollar

Aslan 05:05 24/07/2021

Pls how can I sell my euro in binance?

Murphy j 05:38 28/07/2021

Convert to usdt on the exchange chart eur/usdt

ilejonny 12:57 24/07/2021

p2p or eur/usdt market pair

KING 03:27 24/07/2021

Hey guys, please I need help.. what’s the maximum amount of transactions I can carry out with any card on advcash and wise??

Murphy j 05:39 28/07/2021

Depends on the spending limit of the card

Vee 21:43 23/07/2021

Please guys, is dere a way to fund dollar card with bank rate???

Murphy j 05:40 28/07/2021

Yes with Payoneer or PayPal

Reload 10:34 24/07/2021

Check youtube, the tutorial is there.

Forex 20:30 23/07/2021

Can I do arbitrage on eversend?

Vboy 22:02 24/07/2021

@Forex, Una no dey hear word until Eversend will wipe your money or keep your money pending just like it's happening to others for weeks. Avoid Eversend.

Aslan 15:17 23/07/2021

Pls mate I need ur help I want used wise but they are asking me to verify and I don't have passport or deriving license pls how can I continue using it without the verification?

Amedow 11:27 24/07/2021

U should not use more than two Fiat currencies

Reload 10:32 24/07/2021

You can't use it without verification.

Abu 09:35 24/07/2021

TRANSFERWISE only accepts international passport, driver's license and our plastic ID ( not the first issued ID nor the new one downloaded on the NIMC portal) If you want to keep using TRANSFERWISE without verification, you'll keep opening a new TRANSFERWISE each time out use at least 3 cards. Thanks.

Bsd 14:12 23/07/2021

Stanbic and uba rate please?

Dungi 07:56 23/07/2021

What is the daily transaction limit on UBA visa prepaid card. Urgent Please!!!

wisoscopy 21:41 22/07/2021

Please who has used UBA visa card on ADVCASH recently?

wisoscopy 21:40 22/07/2021

Please who has used UBA visa card on ADVCASH recently?

Abu 19:40 22/07/2021

Hello!!! Union bank works on CRYPTO APP but I don't what to buy, currency to use and the amount to fund my account with. I used EURO to buy LTC (0.745) @ N44, 488, I lose N813 no profit. Someone that know more should pls help. Thanks.

Umar poly 20:27 25/07/2021

Use it on Crypto. Com there's reasonable gain there

Sal 23:57 23/07/2021

How much euro you bought

Poly 17:33 22/07/2021

Zenith bank and union bank works fine on

Abu 09:38 24/07/2021

@poly, pls bro what am I to buy (coin), currency to use and the amount to fund my account with. Thanks.....

King 03:18 24/07/2021

It seems to be limited to only $100

Olayinka 22:26 23/07/2021

Please how are we going to use it is it to buy crypto direct or to buy USD first

Abu 15:06 22/07/2021

Hello!!! I performed a transaction on flutterwave and my account is yet to be credited. I received this message: "Settlement flagged due to net amount less than threshold. I don't understand what that means" I don't understand, someone should pls assist. Thanks.

Tadeex 23:10 24/07/2021

Go to your settings on, and change your settlement into wallet and not bank

Vboy 21:18 22/07/2021

@Abu, minimum threshold is the minimum amount which can be automatically transferred from your Flutterwave account to your bank account. This means that amounts below this cannot be settled unless by special request. How does this work exactly? The way it works is this: A Nigerian merchant must have at least 100 Naira for settlement to occur. Contact their customer care and get more details.

Abu 15:02 22/07/2021

Hello house!!! Pls someone should kindly inform me of Union bank's threshold on flutterwave I'm in dire need of the info. Does anyone understand: "Settlement being flagged" on flutterwave??? Please 🙏 it's urgent. Thanks.

Luizpele 12:06 22/07/2021

Standard chartered rate 432# per usd now

Babaniye 23:05 23/07/2021

Not true, i funded my skrill wallet yesterday, total charges for $10 was 472

ilejonny 23:33 22/07/2021

hi, pls where did you use it?

Poly 17:38 22/07/2021

On which platform does it work, Advcash, mercuryo, crypto or what?

Kabsgad 17:05 22/07/2021

Please where u dey use standard chartered card

Abu 06:36 22/07/2021

Pls what's union bank's rate???

Murphy j 05:45 28/07/2021


gbenjosg 21:32 21/07/2021

Please does stanbic master caed works on advcash & whts the rate

Nagari 20:41 21/07/2021

How can I receive GBP on my chipper cash

Abu 19:34 21/07/2021

Hello house!!! Pls anyone should kindly tell me how I can use fcmb card on mercuryo. I've been receiving failed transaction message. I'm aware it works on advcash but due to some difficulties, I can't run some cards on advcash. Pls 🙏 kindly share the knowledge.... Thanks.

Johnio 18:06 22/07/2021

Apply for activation of international transaction on your card.It ll work

Johnio 18:06 22/07/2021

Apply for activation of international transaction on your card.It ll work

Abu 15:23 21/07/2021

Hi everyone ! I used my union naira master card on flutterwave through barter to make USD deposit into my flutterwave account which was credited with the USD. However, for days (3 to 4 days) it's yet to reflect in my bank account attached to my flutterwave account. After days of communication, I was told to send these: 1. Valid means of ID 2. My BVN 3. Web URL/Social media group 4. Residential address 5. Bank account details 6. Estimated monthly sales. Hose! I'm skeptical about the BVN. My BVN was one of the documents used for my flutterwave registration. Someone with more knowledge should kindly assist please, it's urgent. Thanks.

Davvsin 08:09 22/07/2021

Something fishy is going on. Tho no one can access your account with ur BVN. But with all the details dey re asking. They will know everything bout u & can act like u if dey contact ur bank

MieWyse1st 14:34 21/07/2021

Hello house, which card does work on binance?

mAfaRaWemI 10:12 21/07/2021

How do you guys fund wise with advcash, is it possible, if yes, how

gentleman I 02:08 24/07/2021

can i use my Gt dom account to fund my wise please @vboy?

mafarawemi 15:44 23/07/2021

thank you vboy. I'm looking for ways to exceed my monthly $100 st reasonable rate

Vboy 21:22 22/07/2021

@mAfa, get a dollar card and fund your wise account. If you don't have a dollar account, then contact me. I will fund your wise account.

Qamsco 10:05 21/07/2021

Please is fidelity and stanbic card working on advcash

ilejonny 22:13 21/07/2021

stanbic works. try fidelity and let us know pls

Amedow 08:52 21/07/2021

Hlo my house please which platform should use to the transaction with more than one ATM (My ATM and other one's ATM) ?

Welly 20:30 20/07/2021

Pls can someone tell me the list of bank cards that work with wise

Murphy j 05:52 28/07/2021


Piros 08:42 20/07/2021

What is the maximum number of cards someone can use on wise and advcash after 60days

Murphy j 05:55 28/07/2021

On advcash, there is no maximum but if you want to add a new card, you have to stop using one of your card for 60 days

SOFT 02:30 22/07/2021

You can use minimum of 3 different cards on Advcash within 60days but I don’t know about wise

Romeo 05:00 20/07/2021

Please, aside advcash, wise eversend. How can I deposit euro to buy crypt*

Poly 00:22 20/07/2021

Union Bank, FCMB, Zenith, UBA etc works fine on advcash. You guys can try

Poly 20:34 25/07/2021

It must be your card, bearing your name else they'll reject it You can make some cool gain of 3k to 4k when you put 44k in Zenith, Gt Bank and FCMB to buy 80 Euro. You can even try 45k for 3k gain on Union Bank. They all worked for me. Dont forget, it must be your card, carrying your name

Reload 10:53 24/07/2021

What are the other banks that works on Advcash bro? Thanks.

Johnio 21:01 21/07/2021

MasterCards basically works

Mrhamzy89 14:54 21/07/2021

Must it be your own card??

A friend 11:35 21/07/2021

You used more than 3 cards?

Crowner 06:18 21/07/2021

Union is 100$ limit?... What's the profit?

ilejonny 21:26 20/07/2021

pls what's uba's rate?

Lil d-pay. 22:30 19/07/2021

Its Legit thats what matters most.

Forex 22:29 19/07/2021

Who can teach me sure arbitrage even with low profit

Forex 22:27 19/07/2021

Please someone should tell me best site to do arbitrage

Forex 22:19 19/07/2021

Can I do arbitrage on kiakiafx?

wisoscopy 21:27 22/07/2021


Forex 22:18 19/07/2021

Please is kiakiafx legit?

Justice 18:59 19/07/2021

Hello.. Please what the daily limit i can send with my card through skrill...

Ak 15:42 19/07/2021

Please is standard chartered working in adcash

Frank 15:08 19/07/2021

Please if I have to send money to someone outside at what rate will I be given per dollar

Abu 14:51 19/07/2021

Hi house!!! Which of the Polaris bank card works: visa or Mastercard and on which platform. Please, kindly help. Thanks.

Chelsea 01:45 21/07/2021

I use Polaris visa, it works also 450/$

Kabsgad 10:03 20/07/2021

Polaris master card is working on wise

Ifenyi 14:09 19/07/2021

Please where union is going daily please help your brother

Poly 15:16 21/07/2021

It works on advcash

Gabrico 13:06 19/07/2021

How much Alat charge per dollar?

Olayinka 23:59 18/07/2021

Please is Gt working on transfer wise ?

Murphy j 06:02 28/07/2021


Piros 08:45 20/07/2021

Gtb mc

Chelsea 16:54 19/07/2021

Use ADVCash

mAfaRaWemI 10:37 19/07/2021

no gtb isnt working

Vboy 21:25 18/07/2021

Guys Pls avoid this app called Eversend. They have turned scammers now. You will see their advert around but don't fall for it. Go to their Facebook page and read their customers comments on pending transactions for weeks. Recently, they wiped my money from my account from my linked cards. Stay away.

SirEmmy 12:59 20/07/2021

Thanks for the info. I also saw the way people are lamenting on their group page on telegram

Vboy 15:24 19/07/2021

@07034972571, They used to be legit. In fact I have used them to send money to Ghana. But they are no more legit. They have turned scammers. They wiped out my account. When last did u withdraw or send money? Go to their Facebook page and read comments. For over 2weeks, they are holding my 50k. Others too are complaining. Better go and withdraw your money.

07034972571 12:58 19/07/2021

They are very legit. It’s just that their transaction is very very slow

Olayinka 11:24 18/07/2021

Please is Gtb working on transfer wise

mAfaRaWemI 17:55 19/07/2021


Gman02 09:30 18/07/2021

Pls someone here should help me with the best, fastest, cheapest and easiest way to send ghana cedis from Nigeria to Ghana through instant transfer.

Credible 05:00 20/07/2021

Chippers cash

Francis 09:28 18/07/2021

Pls what bank card currently works with Deriv... Zenith doesn't seem to work as it's error message during transaction... And pls also the monthly dollar limit of the card

Mubees 16:53 21/07/2021

Please What's Deriv..

Ibi 00:11 18/07/2021

Please does access bank visa work on adv cash?

ilejonny 13:56 19/07/2021

if you don't have it, process the master card instead. If you have it, try it and let us know, if it doesn't work, go get the master card

Alhaji_bb 05:32 19/07/2021


tob 16:00 18/07/2021

No, I've tried and tried but it keeps failing

King jass 13:13 17/07/2021

How much is the profit on eversand please

Vboy 12:47 18/07/2021

@King, Avoid Eversend for now. It was a good app but now they are having issues with pending transactions. Their customers are complaining on their Facebook page but their customer support are not replying.

BB 08:29 17/07/2021

Pls how much is Gtbank and first bank dollar rate as at today?

Jboyo 05:02 17/07/2021

Can I use my voters card to verify wise and advance cash and binance Help please

Chelsea 01:49 21/07/2021

Voters card will don for adv and Binance. Driver license or passport for Wise

Abu 00:40 17/07/2021

Hello! Kindly acquaint me with the bank cards that works on EVERSEND. Thanks.

Abu 00:38 17/07/2021

Hello house! Any one with info on union bank master card should kindly share. Thanks.

Poly 00:08 19/07/2021

Use it on advcash. It works

Abu 21:50 16/07/2021

Hello house! Any one with info on union bank master card should kindly share. Thanks.

Frank4 16:21 16/07/2021

Please does advcash accept the NIN ID card? The one we get through nimc app

ilejonny 13:54 19/07/2021

@abu, is it the plastic card or the paper slip?

Abu 06:32 19/07/2021

Yes it does.

ilejonny 00:18 19/07/2021

@Fairyking, please are you talking of the NIN paper slip?

Amedow 10:13 18/07/2021


Fairyking 06:03 18/07/2021

Yes, my voter card was rejected, my nin card was accepted immediately i uploaded it.

ilejonny 20:26 16/07/2021

Give it a try and pls let us know your experience

Vboy 16:07 16/07/2021

@Reload, yes there is. Hope u were not expectinge to say it's via bank transfer? Sorry to disappoint. CBN policy spoilt many things. You can only have naira balance in your Ngn wallet by converting other currency to naira only.

Vboy 15:26 19/07/2021

@Reload. No other way.

Reload 12:57 18/07/2021

So apart from converting other currency to naira, there is no any other way? Thanks.

Reload 13:06 16/07/2021

Is there means to deposit Naira into my naira balance on wise? Thanks.

Murphy j 06:08 28/07/2021

No, you have to deposit in USD and convert to naira

Josh 10:28 16/07/2021

Please I need a PTA for a one way ticket. All the bank I have gone said they only do for return ticket. Please how do I buy good dollar rate then? I have a domiciliary account also. Help, thanks

Comrade @ 08:48 16/07/2021

Please where can I get advance Cash I search it in play store and I didn't get it

Vboy 16:12 16/07/2021

@Comrade, Advcash use only website to transact. Follow the website link here:

VICE 08:46 16/07/2021

Pls can i use GT bank naira master card to deposit into WISE

lucky 07:20 17/07/2021

yes you will deposit in dollar or euro but a maximum of $100 per card

@Ogotonsoro 08:22 16/07/2021

Please be specific is Nigeria naira debit card working at all adcash because since I have been using it none has been successful, is it tells me transaction not completed, please I need answer urgently from those that had use it before, tell me the bank card you used,visa or master,because I tried buying USD not going, please answer

ilejonny 20:24 16/07/2021

@Ogontosoro, Both dollars and euro work. Read through this forum, your questions have been answered.

Anyiego 13:02 16/07/2021

Try and buy euro bro, buying dollars doesn't work

Aleeyak 07:48 16/07/2021

How many cards maximum can i add on wise to make transactions please

Nafson 11:21 15/07/2021


Olasconcept 12:58 14/07/2021

Please has anyone used naira master card on Advcash recently, like in this month because I used it last month and it's not going since 1st of this month

ilejonny 22:11 16/07/2021

@piros, is it visa uba or master uba and what's their rate pls?

Anyiego 13:03 16/07/2021

Stop buying dollars buy Euro it will work

Piros 20:09 15/07/2021

Yes,gtb,uba and zenith works.I used them

Abu 18:29 15/07/2021

I was able to buy 80 Euro with N44,100. I'll you try this. Thanks.

Pattern 11:38 15/07/2021

The issues Is from your end. You can do a transaction 31st and do another the next day. And yes, GT has worked this month

Olasconcept 01:56 15/07/2021

Gtbank I mean to say, I've been trying to use it since the 1st of this month but i keep getting error message "The transfer has not been completed! Error: Transaction error: Unfortunately, our payment gateway cannot process this card. Please try using another card. Incident ID 1626309063730. does it mean i will have to try it eactly a month after i used it

Pattern 20:35 14/07/2021

Naira MasterCard in general? They work. Unless you're asking about a particular bank

ilejonny 14:36 14/07/2021

Which bank? gt and stanbic master card still worked today.

Musa 12:12 14/07/2021

Good day everyone pls what is the monthly or daily limit for zenith bank prepaid card and UBA prepaid card

Keji 16:14 16/07/2021

Please where does it work please 🙏🙏

Olasconcept 11:45 14/07/2021

Please has anyone used naira master card on Advcash recently, like in this month because I used it last month and it's not going since 1st of this month

Funshel 21:08 13/07/2021

Kindly update this rate.... Union bank rate is not N412.

Tega 12:00 14/07/2021

What’s the present rate?

Dollars4naira 07:17 14/07/2021

I even heard union bank don't give out visa cards

Abu 18:56 13/07/2021

Hello house! Someone should kindly educate me on the use of Polaris Bank card. Thanks.

Abu 14:59 14/07/2021

@dollarsfornaira, it's a master however, you can educate if there is something about their visa card. Thanks.

Dollars4naira 07:18 14/07/2021

Is that card a visa card?

Precious ikechukwu 11:01 13/07/2021


Tee 10:10 13/07/2021

How much is IBTC bank international dollar limit?

Kabsgad 10:49 13/07/2021


Cogxy 09:57 13/07/2021

PayPal rates for today, July 13, 2021 are N440.011/$1 on First bank and N444.031/$1 on Zenith Bank.

Luizpele 06:55 13/07/2021

Pls can I be able to use wise to arbitrage without verification??

Kabsgad 10:46 13/07/2021


Reload 06:38 13/07/2021

Please what is the monthly spending limit for gtb visa dollar card on Advcash?

@vboy 10:34 16/07/2021

Can bank change dollars if you want to deposit to your dollar account?

Vboy 15:41 13/07/2021

@Reload, as far as it's a dollar card, there is no limit. You are d one to source for dollars and fund your account.

deLIGHT 06:31 13/07/2021

Pls who can guide me on how to make use of wise?

Vboy 15:41 13/07/2021

@Delight, YouTube is your friend. Visit it. All d guide is there.

Reload 06:08 13/07/2021

Please is standard chartered Visa Gold card works on Advcash before I go ahead and open an account with them. Please.

Luizpele 15:27 12/07/2021

Pls how can I remove 3debitcard in advcash

Murphy j 06:15 28/07/2021

Stop using one for 60 days

Josh 14:33 12/07/2021

I want to send €10 Euros to a client via western union bank transfer How much will it cost me in total

Vboy 19:40 12/07/2021

@Josh, why don't you walk into where western union is and ask questions. Am sure they will have answers to your questions.

wisoscopy 13:35 12/07/2021


J 07:41 12/07/2021

Good morning pls what is first bank rate today?

Deji 07:45 11/07/2021

Pls I want to send money to someone abroad I have transfer wise acct and dormiciliary acct with access bank and fcmb, I have the Visa card USD for access bank and MasterCard USD for fcmb , but I have been unable to use both cards on transfer wise and advance cash. Is there any platform where is can send naira or dollar at bank rate with even my naira card for this two banks I mentioned

Fay 16:41 14/07/2021

Sometimes you can use flutterwave to send money to someone abroad. Just deposit the money in your balance and transfer to the person although it cost $40 per transaction.

Vboy 21:42 11/07/2021

@Deji, I don't know why your Access visa dollar card is not working. Go and report to them and they will solve it. I had a similar issue with my GTB visa dollar card on wise, Advcash and other secure sites. I reported to my bank and they hard to work on my visa card on their end. So right now, my GTB dollar visa card works smoothly on all sites.

ilejonny 20:15 11/07/2021

what's the error for fcmb master card on wise? For Access, go get their master card

ilejonny 14:50 11/07/2021

Go and get access master card

Ezeudo 04:11 11/07/2021

Please which bank can sell dollar for me

Ezeudo 02:55 11/07/2021

I want to buy 500 Dollars how much

Bomber 15:24 10/07/2021

Gt and UBA rate per dollar is 450 as of today

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