Nigeria Bank Exchange Rates

Access BankUSD₦ 450
EcobankUSD₦ 450
Wema BankUSD₦ 461
Sterling BankUSD₦ 460
Stan ChartUSD₦ 463
Union BankUSD₦ 412

Nigeria Banks having updated rates in the last 30 days are listed in the summary table.

Comment on Nigeria Bank Rates

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Ogotonsoro 01:39 26/10/2021

@YUSUFOGRIN, please which did you use your gtb

Ogotonsoro 22:06 25/10/2021

@YUSUFOGRIN please I beg which platform did your gtb card fo through,may God bless you the more,thanks for helping someone ,my 0ho e no is 08076200573

YUSUFOGRIN 15:18 25/10/2021

GTB @ 485 today

Kosi 11:05 25/10/2021

There is no Polaris Bank rate there

DX Exchange 08:44 25/10/2021

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Ugocollins 08:21 25/10/2021

Cswap-xchange €$£¥ :- Watsapp/call +2347062624793 for all your currency trade/exchange. We give current market value per currency.

Johnp 01:51 25/10/2021

Hi guys, please where should I used my standard chartered visa gold card Help a brother please anyone with information

DEAN 23:19 25/10/2021

Send me a DM on WhatsApp 08038361468

maigaskiya 16:34 25/10/2021

Ezipay...Use 530GHs

Chw 15:03 24/10/2021

Which Nigerian cards are still in use online?

Charoncoin 21:08 24/10/2021

Zenith virtual card but they charge 535/$ which is very high.

Chw 14:38 24/10/2021

Which Nigerian card is still in use to buy usdt

Ghost 17:13 24/10/2021

Nigeria Enaira crypto currency will change the narrative. I won't let the cat out of the bag yet.

Ghost 17:09 24/10/2021

All man for himself. If I have a way I won't come online to broadcast it, because we have Nigeria bank informant on this platform.

M.J Automobile 10:52 24/10/2021

First bank as of today 480/1$

Hashdon 12:49 24/10/2021

Pls which platform do u use it

King 12:37 23/10/2021

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Johndbaptist 12:35 23/10/2021

Pls where does Access bank Xclusive card work now?

mike 15:43 23/10/2021

it does not work anywhere just as most nigerian naira cards they stop working only the usd card works online and u need a dorm account for that

Leo exchange 12:33 23/10/2021

Do you want to sell your neteller USD, contact me ASAP 09057920248

Sam 11:06 23/10/2021

Contact me @Sam 08102270466 to exchange your payoneer dollar for naira. Exchange rate is ₦500

Vicky 08:41 23/10/2021

How much is1$now

powerful 18:04 22/10/2021

Please I need someone who buys crypto currency, contact me on +2349045539927

Youngbillion23 06:57 24/10/2021

Message me on WhatsApp on 08133388352

Bit-leverage 19:48 22/10/2021

Message me on whatsapp 07081059048

Mwopey 16:37 22/10/2021

Please, how much is euro in zenith Bank?

Stephenovie 10:29 22/10/2021

can access bank signature cards still work on skrill and neteller ??? please guys i need urgent response

gg 15:45 23/10/2021

nigerian naira cards doesnt work anymore only the usd card that works

Johndbaptist 12:36 23/10/2021

WHere have u sed it?

Busybytheminutes 08:48 22/10/2021

I buy Payoneer funds, skrill, PayPal, Neteller, perfect money (pm), onlinenaira,, any cryptocurrency.....etc +2348089698461 Only calls please.

Nelly 21:41 21/10/2021

I buy and sell USD at good price...08140907320

Gabie1000 12:54 21/10/2021

Please what is Zenith Bank EUR rate today?

George 09:57 21/10/2021

I want to buy dollar, who will sale for me

Ibnhajar 13:38 21/10/2021

Chat me on 08061136050 if it is for payment online @520

Zagadat 04:54 21/10/2021

Please which bank currently has the lowest rate?

sam 15:53 20/10/2021

want to sell your neteller usd Contact Sam 08102270466 for fair rate at ₦510. Call quickly offer will soon close

DX Exchange 12:29 20/10/2021

We welcome everyone back after the holiday. Don't forget we're your best plug for card/bank inflow for USD, EURO & GBP. We also buy BTC, USDT, ETH & BNB at attractive rates. Contact us on whatsapp via +2348160318881

Aremaku 11:27 20/10/2021

Has any one use UBA OK n advcash of recently pls help a brother..

mike 11:46 23/10/2021

naira card doesnt work any more only the usd card that is working

Val 07:22 20/10/2021

Is Eco bank visa accepted on Skrill??

mm 11:47 23/10/2021

no it doesnt work

De Don 20:55 22/10/2021


Happiness 00:33 20/10/2021

please, Does paybis accept third party cards?

Happiness 00:17 20/10/2021

please, Does paybis accept third party cards?

Jhay 15:00 19/10/2021

How much is zenith bank dollar rate

Mwopey 16:28 22/10/2021

I do it now on advcash at 480

adams 06:14 21/10/2021

more than 500

Gamemaster 12:37 20/10/2021


Em-khay 09:51 19/10/2021

Please which site can i buy usdt using my cards

Nelly 12:22 22/10/2021

Chat me up +234 08140907320

Mike 11:17 22/10/2021 Register on remitano and buy easily.

Kelechi 08:26 19/10/2021

What is gtbank rate for dollar via fx sales on their internet banking platform.

Riri 22:32 21/10/2021

Paid 461 today

Kelechi 08:23 19/10/2021

I have USA PayPal account for sale and also for business. 08037588953 Whatsapp

Babs 15:40 19/10/2021

How much is the PayPal

Ola 08:12 19/10/2021

Please where can I use my Gomoney card

Ty 07:19 24/10/2021

U can't use it online all Nigerian cards are blocked

Cyndy 05:23 19/10/2021

How much is a pound in zenith bank

Gold 20:35 18/10/2021

I pick up PayPal funds. Rate is N500/$ 08165835632. Whatsapp

Cent 18:42 18/10/2021

Please guys how do you get the black market rate on a daily? Please help....

Gold 20:38 18/10/2021

Different people use their card daily on different sites. That's how. If you are not sure of yours, look for a site and spend $1 then whatever alert you get from your bank is their current rate.

DX Exchange 17:12 18/10/2021

We're saying big thank you to our customers. USD/EURO/GBP card/bank inflows are available. Contact us via whatsapp on +2348160318881

Me 15:35 18/10/2021

Does paybis accept third party cards?

Success 17:57 20/10/2021

Help me with your WhatsApp contact please

Ayo 21:35 19/10/2021


Abdul 21:23 19/10/2021


Me 15:34 18/10/2021

Gt is 488 per dollars 😪

Cassie 06:44 22/10/2021

Omooooooo E don be for zenith and GTBank above 480

D.t 09:11 18/10/2021

Please is anyone on kirikiri area that I can sell some dollars to...? Very urgent

OOSA 13:03 18/10/2021

What’s your rate And how many dollars

Echo 07:53 18/10/2021

Please how much is USD in the market or bank rate now?

Yhungie 17:27 17/10/2021

Lol, how far... this union bank for N412 per $ real???

OOSA 13:04 18/10/2021

Na 440 jare when I calculate am if you’re buying online but bank fit do am 412 sha if you won trade

Eleniyan 18:14 17/10/2021

Don't be deceived. Union na Werey bank na #500 per USD as @ 3/10/2021

Zzz 14:29 17/10/2021

Does Gt MasterCard still work in advance cash?

gg 11:48 23/10/2021

nigerian naira cards are disabled for online transaction only the dollar card is working

Aremaku 10:39 20/10/2021

My is not working again

Holy swag 04:22 19/10/2021


Felix 12:59 17/10/2021

What is bank rate for British pounds

Kadadi 11:00 17/10/2021

Pls ware can I use my gtmatercard

Holy swag 11:14 20/10/2021

07068581780 message me I'll tell you

Ghost 13:35 17/10/2021

Ask Buhari

DX Exchange 22:18 16/10/2021

Hello.. We buy/sell USD, EURO & GBP at attractive rates. We also receive/pick and send funds outside Nigeria. Send us a whatsapp DM via +2348160318881 and let's deal.. 👌

Riks 19:24 16/10/2021

Please where can i use Access xclusive card?

mike 11:50 23/10/2021

no where nigerian naira cards are disabled online only the usd card is working uba customer service told me that

Discreet 13:35 19/10/2021

@ghost. Drop your digits, perhaps we could keep discussion here as discreet as possible. Any group created at all for updates ?

Ghost 21:54 16/10/2021

Do your research

08143110428 13:32 16/10/2021

GTB now allow payment of 200usd at 480/usd

Charly 22:21 16/10/2021

How sure ?

Ghost 21:52 16/10/2021

@08143110428 don't mention any platform here for safety reasons. We don't know who might be watching.

King KRB 20:32 16/10/2021

On wat platform?

08143110428 13:31 16/10/2021

I buy PayPal for 460/usd

joejoe 11:21 17/10/2021

chat me on whatsap

wisoscopy 10:24 16/10/2021

ADVCASH has casted.

King KRB 20:37 16/10/2021

What does that mean?

wisoscopy 09:55 16/10/2021

Guys who has used GT recently on Advcah?

mike 11:51 23/10/2021

naira card had been disabled online only the usd card that is working

Aremaku 10:42 20/10/2021

Gtbank not working on advcash

Josh 09:13 19/10/2021

What happened

AYDEE 07:39 16/10/2021

Buy Turkish Liras @ a very cheap price DM… +905523243936

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Nigeria Banks
  • Access Bank PLC Access Bank Exchange Rates
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    • USD ₦ 450, EUR ₦ 531...
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    • USD ₦ 480, EUR ₦ 533...
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  • Sterling Bank PLC Sterling Bank Exchange Rates
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    • USD ₦ 460, GBP ₦ 595...
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  • SCB, Standard Chartered Bank Stan Chart Exchange Rates
    • SCB, Standard Chartered Bank Rates
    • USD ₦ 463, EUR ₦ 536...
    • Standard Chartered Bank rates for USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, ZAR, RMB, INR, JPY, AUD and SGD are listed
  • Union Bank of Nigeria PLC Union Bank Exchange Rates
    • Union Bank of Nigeria PLC Rates
    • USD ₦ 412, EUR ₦ 484...
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  • GTBank, Guarantee Trust Bank GTBank Exchange Rates
    • GTBank, Guarantee Trust Bank Rates
    • USD ₦ 461, EUR ₦ 549...
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  • First Bank of Nigeria First Bank Exchange Rates
    • First Bank of Nigeria Rates
    • USD ₦ 460, GBP ₦ 650...
    • First Bank rates for USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, INR and RUB are listed
  • Zenith Bank PLC Zenith Bank Exchange Rates
    • Zenith Bank PLC Rates
    • USD ₦ 412.5, EUR ₦ 479.17...
    • Zenith Bank rates for USD, EUR, INR, GBP, CAD, TRY and AED are listed
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    • EUR ₦ 543, GBP ₦ 646...
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    • Wema Bank Rates
    • USD ₦ 502...
    • Wema Bank rates for USD is listed
  • Polaris Bank Limited Polaris Exchange Rates
    • Polaris Bank Limited Rates
    • GBP ₦ 672, CAD ₦ 382...
    • Polaris Bank rates for GBP, CAD, EUR and USD are listed

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