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Nigeria Banks having updated rates in the last 30 days are listed in the summary table.

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Slgaji 10:17 05/07/2022

What is the international transactions limit on GTB Master card please.

Evelin 21:27 25/09/2023

Which country are you Sigaji?

Jo 09:19 07/09/2023

Chinaboy how about riyal ?

tominay 16:21 19/07/2023

chinaboy are u talking about cbn rate or alat ?

ChinaBoy 10:04 18/07/2023

Yes, Wema is back, but at an Exploitative Rate. Yesterday, their (Wema`s) Rate was ₦945 while the Parallel Market (BDCs) was ₦ 826. You can see the difference.

Tripplechief 09:33 16/07/2023

Wema bank is active now, using a naira card for international transactions up to 500 dollars a month

ChinaBoy 06:35 22/05/2023

Effective last Thursday (18th May, 2023), Stanbic Ibtc (the last Bank to do so) stopped the use of their Cards for International Transactions. [We offer CNY (RMB) Transfer Service - WhatsApp: +8615806064429, +8615060196440]

ChinaBoy 08:57 16/02/2023

As of today, Stanbic Ibtc Cards are functioning at a limit of $15 per month. [We offer CNY (RMB) Transfer Service - WhatsApp: +8615806064429, +8615005908420]

ChinaBoy 13:38 11/01/2023

After Zenith & GTB Cards have stopped functioning, the last one - UBA’s, finally stops on January 15, 2023. [We offer CNY (RMB) Transfer Service - WhatsApp: +8615806064429, +8615005908420]

Ray 08:26 06/01/2023

Pls how does this trading works

Ik 14:49 05/01/2023

Gtb has stopped functioning. Zenith will stop on the 9th of January. UBA 568/$ and access 505/$ still working for now $20 monthly

ChinaBoy 09:58 05/01/2023

GTB has stopped functioning. UBA is back in Service at $20 monthly; Zenith is still at $27 monthly. [We offer CNY (RMB) Transfer Service - WhatsApp: +8615806064429, +8615005908420; End Users Only Pls!]

ChinaBoy 12:19 17/11/2022

UBA too has stopped functioning. Only GTB ($20) and Zenith ($27) Naira Cards are now left.

ChinaBoy 11:46 15/11/2022

ZBN (Zenith Bank) is currently the highest at $27 per month.

ChinaBoy 11:44 15/11/2022

UBA works - you should contact your Bank. Only 3 Banks` Cards are still functioning. GTB & UBA ($20 monthly), & ZBN ($20 monthly).

Babale 05:12 13/11/2022

I HV tried UBA and it failed

adeyemi_jnr 23:48 02/11/2022

You can only spend 20$ daily on All Nigeria MasterCard

Juliet 14:15 04/10/2022

What about access bank and una, what is the monthly limi

ochi 09:34 07/09/2022

It is $20 dollar, I called them and later went to the bank

Asusuu 03:14 31/08/2022


John 13:37 27/08/2022

How can I send money from Nigeria to europe

borice 07:49 14/08/2022

GTB IS NOT 200/MONTH BUT 20 USD. they are just using out head.

franzis 16:26 30/07/2022

its back to 20 usd

Bitleverage 20:58 27/07/2022

Where did you use it

Prosper 12:28 19/07/2022

Gtb is 200/month

Tes 06:38 08/07/2022

I came here to ask. I'd used like $39 once yesterday and I used the same card today for $36$ and it still went. I don't really know what is happening

Mikolbuchi 20:34 19/02/2024

I don't know for now

Delex 11:31 18/02/2024

Can we have the FX rates for commercial banks on a daily basis.

Splendorsmith 03:11 06/02/2023

Pls is zenith bank and UBA naira master card still working for international transactions?

Alhaji tafa 02:42 06/02/2024

Yes bro

Mittens 18:31 13/02/2023

Pls how can I send money from Nigeria to Cameroon? Pls I need help

Alhaji tafa 02:41 06/02/2024

Go to the bank bro

KENNETH 04:54 31/07/2023

How much is one dollar in today

Alhaji tafa 02:29 06/02/2024


Chiran 22:37 05/02/2024

Hi , May i know the Exchange rate of Naira to Dollar in Sterling Bank , Nigeria .

Papa 16:36 03/02/2024

The bank rates is too high please try to bring it down so that price of things can come down in the market

Muhammad 12:04 16/01/2024

My brother and sister am new here I'm I welcome?

Mr brown 07:34 15/01/2024

What is the international transactions limit and wish bank still doing with wish card nira account

Mr brown 07:33 15/01/2024

What is the international transactions limit on GTB Master card please.

smart 10:56 10/01/2024

any bank selling dollars reasonable rate?

Okoh. 16:08 07/01/2024

The exchange rate should be updated on daily basis.The rate you have on display for today is that of the 5th. of January while today is the 7th

Usman Ali 19:43 01/01/2024

New year

jame 14:08 27/12/2023

what are the bank rates today

Access bank 01:12 26/12/2023

Access bank rates

Umonkanta 18:50 08/12/2023

What is CAD rate?

tezzy 15:58 22/11/2023

hello, please what's the rate on wema mastercard?

Godschild 07:56 21/11/2023

What is bank rate today dollar to naira?

Kris 23:27 18/11/2023

What is the limit for transactions in Europe

Kris 23:18 18/11/2023

What are the limits of daily withdrawals

Yascko 11:43 31/10/2023

Pls is dollar come down?

Flexzzyboy 04:00 29/10/2023

How much is 800 euro in black market

Dangwamna 18:44 28/10/2023

Today dollars is 1040

25/10/2023 20:18 26/10/2023

First bank

me 20:17 23/10/2023

where are the bank rates

Abk batagarawa 11:21 21/10/2023

Why no rate with the bank of Nigeria

Blessin John 21:21 05/10/2023

I don't understand how to use this app can someone explain it for me please

ChinaBoy 05:36 09/10/2023

There's nothing to understand. There is a Disclaimer at the top of every Page - read it. This Site is just for Currency Information Sharing and Data Analysis. That's all!

BRUH 07:16 04/10/2023

how much is fcmb dollar rate today

Prince 09:05 03/10/2023

How much is dollar today

GREG 15:31 22/09/2023

what is the bank rate for UBA today

DONWHITE 10:49 22/09/2023

How much is the union bank today exchange rate dollar to naira

Ceedee 23:56 15/09/2023

Where can I buy some Pounds with Naira

Ahmad 18:04 14/08/2023

Gt bank

Mustapha1 20:25 13/08/2023

What's is the bank rate of USD

Mustapha1 20:22 13/08/2023

Good for us

DONWHITE 22:51 04/08/2023

Please whats the exchange rate in first bank

Obilan 17:09 31/07/2023

Please which Naira card is accepting Dollar payment currently

Visiblemoney 21:25 27/07/2023

What bank(s) in Nigeria allows dollar spending on naira debit card at this moment?

Yusuf 09:08 25/07/2023

Please make the Dolar and other foreign curries much available so that those in need of it could lay their hands easily on it. It's so scarce in the parallel market.

All banks exchange rate 18:57 24/07/2023

When will the Access bank be opened, how much is 500 USD?

All banks exchange rate 18:54 24/07/2023

Can I learn the dollar rate of the banks?

Acsses bank 18:51 24/07/2023

Fixing the dollar rate was a good thing

Power 18:16 22/07/2023

China boy are you legit?

Carlito 17:09 21/07/2023

The price rate for black market is not bad

Nasji 21:08 20/07/2023

What is Sterling bank Dollar Rate?

Ejisco 23:12 12/07/2023

How much is the rate of a pound in Union Bank for form A.

Samuel. From, Iwo, Osun state 11:52 11/07/2023

I want to sell $1550...#785 per USD contact or whatsapp me 08068164183. My location is iwo, Osun State

Bashoali 22:23 26/06/2023

Please sir what is the actually price of dollars for cbn

SINAFEZ 22:44 21/06/2023

What is the international transactions limit on zenith bank Master card,and what's there rate as at today please??

BeeJay 18:43 12/06/2023

How long will Form A take now from Gtbank to proceed to international school in UK

Opera 23:22 02/05/2023

Like this Nigeria is not going to be okay again. I don't really understand why all banks are not allow us to use away debit card online some banks we say $20 limit for a month in all because of some people have turn it to business selling $1 at the rate of #740 this is really bad like serious

NGN 07:04 02/05/2023

Can you transfer funds from Nigeria to Kenya? how much do the banks charge?

Emmaus 10:15 01/05/2023

Is UBA working again?

Ozzy 11:15 20/04/2023

Please can someone send naira to cedis using GTbank?

Ruffy 04:11 17/04/2023

I want to sell 1200 USD at 740

Jim 05:49 07/12/2022

How can I receive money from Ghana to Nigeria currency

Ogunmolajohn77 18:04 13/04/2023

Use chippercash.

Shadow 14:56 03/01/2023

Bros Don with transactions or your need it again

Blacky 05:12 11/04/2023

How can I transfer usd from liaberia to Nigeria

Elom 11:43 29/03/2023

Which Nigeria bank card is working online now

ChinaBoy 11:56 30/03/2023

The only one left is the Master Naira Debit Card issued by Stanbic Ibtc Bank. However, the monthly Limit is $15 [We offer CNY (RMB) Transfer Service - WhatsApp: +8615806064429, +8615060196440].

D BDC 00:57 30/03/2023

you are interested to buy or sell EURO or GBP USDT CAD RMB you can send us a message on WhatsApp 08105598688 Or better else call us on 07051016139 for a face to face trade if you located in abuja We buy at Usd is at 745 Gbp is at 900 Euro is at 790 USDT ...... RMB is 115

D BDC 08:56 20/03/2023

If you are interested to buy or sell EURO or GBP USDT CAD RMB you can send us a message on WhatsApp 08105598688 Or better else call us on 08105598688 for a face to face trade if you located in abuja We buy at Usd is at 752 Gbp is at 910 Euro is at 785 USDT ...... RMB is 115

Muhammad muttaka 16:23 14/03/2023

kiston bank

Azuka Uwadia 13:28 11/03/2023

Please I need more updates on USA dollars black market trends Azuka Uwadia from Delta State

Golfson 01:21 11/03/2023

Can a teenager of Eighteen years old open an independent domiciliary account? And, what are the requirements? Thank you!

abdulazeez 20:16 10/03/2023

allow us to send naira to dollar account through banks on official rate. and let banks give dollars cash

Foster 19:05 10/03/2023

What is the limit for uba visa card (USD)

potential 06:34 05/03/2023

please, which bank is best to pay international school fee?. Do anks sell canadian dollars?

jammy 22:05 01/03/2023

what about uba

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Just tried my xclusive card it dispensed 300$ at 470 naira per dollar

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Looking for someone to make CFA francs payments on my behalf to mobile money wallets on a regular basis. But your rate must be GOOD. Dro...

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