Nigeria Bank Exchange Rates

Stanbic BankUSD₦ 450
First BankUSD₦ 440
EcobankUSD₦ 450
Fidelity BankUSD₦ 470
GTBankUSD₦ 440
Zenith BankUSD₦ 442
Union BankUSD₦ 465
Access BankUSD₦ 450
Sterling BankUSD₦ 445
Wema BankUSD₦ 502
Stan ChartUSD₦ 435
Wema BankUSD₦ 502

Nigeria Banks having updated rates in the last 30 days are listed in the summary table.

Comment on Nigeria Bank Rates

Paul Andrew 14:38 12/05/2021

1000 naira

hismyluv 18:06 10/05/2021

Which bank card can i use to verify paypal? I tried fcmb, but i didn't get the 4 digit code

Ruth 22:27 11/05/2021

Use firstbank

Acpower 17:20 10/05/2021

Please what is FCMB rate today

Sammy 11:38 10/05/2021

Does anyone here know any international online store/shopping site that gives free virtual card? Please comment

faith 10:15 10/05/2021

pls how can i fund binary from uba

Btc 18:30 09/05/2021

Which online site can I deposit money with my access bank Visa card without receiving otp

Vboy 12:59 11/05/2021

@Btc, u are a crook. I don't think that card is yours. The OTP sent is for security purpose and since u don't want it, it means u are a thief. Return the card to d owner.

kuzzytop 15:13 10/05/2021

It means the card is not yours.

Btc 12:00 09/05/2021

What is the names of bank working on skrill

Judahudoh 17:47 07/05/2021

GTB always trying

Smart09 11:48 08/05/2021

Wats deir rate pls Gt bank

majesty 16:34 07/05/2021

please is Access bank visa card going on skrill?

Chimax 22:30 09/05/2021


shakur 09:36 07/05/2021

Please what is the dollar rate now in Polaris bank?

Abbey 04:17 12/05/2021


Amazingwisdom 19:08 06/05/2021

Can I use my dollar domiciliary account and buy crypto on any crypto site now after the CBN ban? Plz anyone?

Cpu44 16:09 09/05/2021


Vboy 09:03 07/05/2021

@Amazing, why not try it yourself and come inform us later. Don't keep waiting for others to do it and come tell u. I personally have used the naira ATM cards but all were rejected. I don't have a dollar card, or else I would have tried it too. So go and try it and come inform us.

Pattern 08:16 07/05/2021


Guru 08:01 05/05/2021

First bank rate today is #438

WAVES 17:51 05/05/2021


kanal 16:50 04/05/2021

why can't we have current date rates so that we would know what exactly we gonna spend ?

Cyplug 16:01 04/05/2021

This rates aren't correct, please fix it

manager 13:52 04/05/2021

what cards are going currently, and where are they working

Btc 11:26 04/05/2021

Is First bank visa card working on skrill

Dark 11:22 04/05/2021

Pls what is the current FCMB bank rate?

Tee 18:39 04/05/2021

Used on Friday at 474 per $

IfyDre 10:22 04/05/2021

Pls i will love to know the requirements of getting a zenith dollar debit card?

Cogxy 20:08 07/05/2021

Simply walk into any Zenith bank branch and open a domiciliary account and then you'd get an accompanying dollar card and account.

Marshal 23:06 03/05/2021

Uba today is 473.27

ROPHEKA 22:30 03/05/2021

Pls I will love to know if there is any other means of crediting my dom account with dollar ot many currency without having to through the black market at very good rate. Then how can I credit my dollar accout using naira at a very good rate Pls..

Victor 21:00 03/05/2021

I like fcmb bank rate

kanal 19:13 03/05/2021

is FCMB visa card working on skrill ?

Lovey 12:58 04/05/2021

So long it's visa it will work.

TEE 10:11 03/05/2021

union bank is 465.

Merlik1 09:54 02/05/2021

I doubt the current rate for First bank

Umar M. 05:45 03/05/2021

Which is the real rate then?

Fumi frank 02:07 02/05/2021

Iyase Josephine 20 Zanith bank

Btc 12:40 01/05/2021

Can I buy dollars from GTB bank with cash

Btc 12:37 01/05/2021

Which bank debit card is working on Skrill and what type of card visa or master?

Zahanewman 16:46 03/05/2021

Visa card is good

Prince 19:49 02/05/2021

Don't credit Skrill with any MasterCard. You can't use it for anything or withdraw back. Use Visa card

Mimi 14:48 02/05/2021

Gtbank.. Mastercard

Zee 08:25 01/05/2021

Is GTB debit card still working on Eversend? I tried mine now my transaction keep failing

Abbey 22:12 04/05/2021


Folarin 08:08 01/05/2021

I have dollar in my Uba Dollar Prepaid Card, how do I convert it to naira pls need answer urgently

Amazingwisdom 19:07 06/05/2021

@mimi won't the account be blocked because of CBN ban?

Mimi 11:44 03/05/2021

Use it to buy cypto and sell cypto back to naira

Mr. Miko 01:06 01/05/2021

Mtsww..... This high charges is getting out of hands. Just now I make a transaction with my GtBank ATM and they charged me 450/ $1.

Mr. Miko 16:56 02/05/2021

Master card

BTC GURU 22:11 01/05/2021

Please what type of card visa or MasterCard?

BTC GURU 22:11 01/05/2021

Please what type of card visa or MasterCard?

kuzzytop 07:02 30/04/2021

You have the card with you already why can't you just go ahead and try it out? You people choose to come here and ask questions like kids

DJ money 06:55 01/05/2021

I dey tell u

Ayvic 03:51 30/04/2021

@Adule, you posted this on 23.04 I will show you how to fund your dollar account with naira debit card at cheaper rate. I charge a little fee. What's your contact, probably we can deal? Thank you

ROPHEKA 13:52 04/05/2021

We dey wait for u...

Zion king 20:35 03/05/2021


Bestman 12:11 01/05/2021

Am interested

Dprezi 18:31 29/04/2021

Can I use my first bank master debit card on Wise, transfer wise? Pls someone should answer me

Abbey 22:15 04/05/2021

Firstbank, gtb cards are not working on twise but zenith does

Vboy 09:10 30/04/2021

@Dprezi, u can try that yourself and equally tell us here. I tried with my GTB naira card and Access naira visa card and both were declined. So u try that of firstbank and come tell us.

Edu_009 16:57 29/04/2021

Please can I deposit into Skrill with my debit card?

Ismail 01:58 30/04/2021

Yes. but only VISA.

Dprezi 16:51 29/04/2021

Can I use my first bank master debit card on Wise, transfer wise? Pls someone should answer me

Abbey 22:16 04/05/2021

No u cant

Sammierhed 12:29 29/04/2021

Can i use my euro card to purchase bitcoin?

Vboy 09:12 30/04/2021

@Sammier, first of all, which site did u get d euro card? Not all euro card works for crypto purchase. There are some u use to purchase crypto and your accts get blocked.

Cogxy 12:29 28/04/2021

I just made a purchase on AliExpress using my GTB Naira debit card and was charged N440.88/$1. We're definitely inching close to the N500 mark.

Ajannugo 10:20 28/04/2021

Pls, how can I make dollar payment to India? I need help pls

Omoye 21:21 06/05/2021

Can help you with that

Saint 13:28 30/04/2021

Why not try skrill.

Chris 10:06 28/04/2021

can i use my dollar card to buy crypto?

Chris 16:16 29/04/2021

Which site can I use my dollar card to buy crypto?? I mean legit site

Richie 00:03 29/04/2021

Yasssss you can

Mubarak 08:16 28/04/2021

Hi, let it be known that FCMB rate is not correct as posted here. I reach out to them through their twitter handle and they claim 450 is their rate.

Isy 03:41 29/04/2021

Are you sure?

Keji 21:46 27/04/2021

Can somebody tell me where to use my access bank card.

Abbey 22:18 04/05/2021

Any atm machine

Fred 18:17 27/04/2021

Please Who can direct me to any bank giving out dollars in cash

K.c 06:02 28/04/2021


Boss 14:13 27/04/2021

please how much dollar tody

Sufiyan umar 11:00 27/04/2021

Did third-party card used on neteller?

Antotul 06:50 27/04/2021

Please how much is canadian dollar in Zenith Bank today

Bernard Ikechukwu John 22:45 26/04/2021


Machel 16:38 26/04/2021

Which of the bank is the best for web transaction?

Eminent 13:22 26/04/2021

Pls can someone update me???

Eminent 13:21 26/04/2021

Pls wat is today dollar exchange rate of zenith

Oshe3084 09:25 27/04/2021


pluto 08:47 26/04/2021

Hi, can i use my dollar card to buy crypto?

Invest 07:00 28/04/2021


Sledge 04:07 26/04/2021

Somebody please confirm gtbank is trading at 420 naira to the dollar.....

kuzzytop 12:25 25/04/2021

But here is not crypto site nah

Morris 03:32 24/04/2021

Goodday everyone, pls. I am new here, can someone tell me more about this crypto currency and how it's works ?

Baru 18:01 24/04/2021

They can take your naira eventually, you donno wharis goin on

Neneyp 23:30 23/04/2021

Please I need guru to teach me something

Omoye 21:24 06/05/2021

What do you want to learn

Lorex 09:05 26/04/2021

What would you like to know?

Smart09 00:36 26/04/2021


Mhiwa 23:20 23/04/2021

Can I go to any Gtb bank to exchange my dollars?

MJ 06:59 26/04/2021

How much dollars do you have and what is your rate?

AareCash 14:41 24/04/2021


Sufiyan 13:41 23/04/2021

Please any platform that i able to topup usd with my card/third-party apart from eversend?

Omoye 21:25 06/05/2021


Jerry 04:29 25/04/2021

Yes. Use Barter.

Lily 12:34 23/04/2021

Please selling dollar how much for 921$ in enugu black market

Rophenix 12:28 23/04/2021

Can somebody help me to find how to use western union service

AareCash 14:42 24/04/2021

You can only receive WU in Nigeria not sending

Btc 11:16 23/04/2021

Can I found my binary account with with bank card

What's the binary arbitrage method 15:14 07/05/2021


Lorex 09:07 26/04/2021

Only UBA pulls through for that now I guess Mine's still working

Bremex 09:33 23/04/2021

I heard UBA cards are going on a platform but do not know where, could someone help?

Usbekan 00:44 23/04/2021

Firstbank is 440 not 425

Btc 14:10 22/04/2021

Which bank card is working in neteller

goddison 15:51 25/04/2021


Mesh 00:25 22/04/2021

Can I use my dollar account to buy crypto currencies?

Victor 09:14 27/04/2021

How much is 100 dollar today

Mike 16:58 21/04/2021

How much is $1 to Naira.?

Cross 13:27 21/04/2021

Guys, Please I was about to use transferwise now, and it told me that because of Central Bank of Nigeria's Policy that Naira can not be used, abeg why naa! Please what is the way forward

Self 18:12 23/04/2021

@kc how much is western union rate to?

Kc 17:24 22/04/2021

Use western union transfer, their rate is good

AareCash 20:25 21/04/2021

Yes you cant use naira. Fund with your atm card in dollars

Sammy 12:41 21/04/2021

I have a question. Is it true that I can exchange one dollar for N502 at wema bank now

Sammy 12:34 21/04/2021

I have a question. Is it true that I can exchange one dollar for N502 at wema bank now

Emmy 12:01 21/04/2021

FCMB bank rate is wrong. I reached out to them and they told me it's N486/$ Please change the values.

Imam800 17:50 21/04/2021

Are u serious please?

EmmaDam 22:53 20/04/2021

Please where can I make use of Polaris visa card

Keji 22:53 20/04/2021

Please I need guru who can be my master please I need to ask something and it is urgent.

Omoyr 21:28 06/05/2021

On what

Keji 07:58 22/04/2021

@Aarecash please we need to talk how can I get you

AareCash 20:25 21/04/2021

What Keji

Yankee 22:01 20/04/2021

Please I need your help,can I walk into any bank and exchange dollar for naira even though I don't have an account with the bank?

AareCash 20:28 21/04/2021

You mean you have dollars and want to get naira - or you want to give the bank naira to get dollar. If you want to give naira to take dollar, no. The way our is the BLack market (sabo). If you have dollar and want to give the bank to get naira, someone in the bank will help you out by buying from you. The bank wont buy it from you except if it's in your account.

Andymoore 21:12 20/04/2021

Please what is the best way to buy something at Amazon with dollar from Nigeria?

Omoye 21:29 06/05/2021


Jay 17:15 20/04/2021

Where can I use my fcmb Mastercard atm to buy crypto?

AareCash 20:29 21/04/2021

It's not possible to use your atm card to buy crypto for now in Nigeria- since February that the CBN banned crypto related transactions

Jay-2 15:39 21/04/2021

You can't. More like you shouldn't. If you want to buy crypto go to binance

Jay 16:55 20/04/2021

Is fcmb card still working on T.wise

solomon 06:01 20/04/2021

How was your experience with you were able to withdraw after your trade?

solomon 05:57 20/04/2021

Please if you have been able to withdraw your money from after trading, pls share your testimony with me, I want to know the authenticity of that platform before crediting my live a/c.

Joeh 14:54 27/04/2021

They are very legit... I have withdrawn many times.. there service is top notch

Vboy 19:47 20/04/2021

@Solomon, ( is ok. I have been trading with them and also withdraw without issues when I make any profit. Although , I use we money for deposit and withdrawal. They are ok. Go ahead and deposit. But note that binary trading is risky ooo.

Qamsco 15:01 20/04/2021

Deriv is very okay. They have p2p where you cab sell or buy funds from your account self

Mizjoy 15:29 19/04/2021

Please someone should assist me where i can send money through western union or money gram, am in Edo state

Argent Française 10:01 20/04/2021

Hello mizjoy, incase you want to send money to Ghana, Kenya, the United kingdom or Europe. Use Lemonade Finance

Crypto boss 03:23 19/04/2021

Please what is the dollar n euro rate for union bank today

kuzzytop 11:54 19/04/2021


Ben_dollarsign 10:23 19/04/2021

This bank rate buying is not valid for uba ,Uba buys 408.04

Felix 11:22 18/04/2021

Pls, Can I use access Visa card deposit into my deriv account/binary account?

Benlomax 07:47 19/04/2021

Try it now

Emeka 08:30 18/04/2021

Today rates on gtbank

Gtbank 08:29 18/04/2021

Today rates on gtbank

Holywahala 08:29 18/04/2021

Today rates on gtbank

ghettomoneyz 21:24 17/04/2021

Is there any limit of 100dollar if I use my dollar account to shop with PayPal on eBay good answer please

Fomesezy 18:55 20/04/2021

Dollar account no limit only naira acct 100dollar limit

Tradertim 11:00 17/04/2021

Pls, Can I use access Visa card deposit into my deriv account/binary account?

Babajos 10:39 17/04/2021

Please where firstbank and gtbank master card is working for now

Merlik1 08:48 17/04/2021

please is there any app. similar to ezipay ghana that I can use to send mobile money??? please someone should help thanks

Dramendra 10:02 20/04/2021

Use Lemonade finance for easy money transfer to Ghana, Kenya, the UK and Europe

Abdulakeem 05:10 19/04/2021

You can use transfer wise.

Baru 08:04 17/04/2021

What is the zenith Bank and first bank USD rate today

Amazingwisdom 12:32 16/04/2021

Does Access bank card works on simplex

Francis 11:28 16/04/2021

Pls what is first bank current rate

EmmaDam 23:00 20/04/2021

Where can I make use of Polaris card?

Jose 01:01 16/04/2021

Please what's the current rate for Polaris?

EmmaDam 06:40 25/04/2021

Please where can I make use of Polaris card

Jpwise 20:45 15/04/2021

Please how can I buy dollars with naira online from MoneyGram or otherwise. Or how can I fund my domiciliary account using MoneyGram?

ghettomoneyz 15:20 15/04/2021

I hope there is no limitation of 100dollar when I shop with my dollar account with PayPal? Please help me

drake 02:43 16/04/2021

no limitation should be above 400

Laz 17:35 15/04/2021

I don't think there's a 100$ limit on Dollar ATM card since you will source and fund account youself

Qamsco 11:57 15/04/2021

Please does access bank visa card work on skrilll or neteller please??

OKnow 18:32 21/04/2021


Oloriyomi 12:01 17/04/2021


Innocent 10:22 15/04/2021

Can someone go to bank and exchange naira to dollar 💵 note?

Btc 16:39 14/04/2021

Which bank card is working in neteller please I want to know

ghettomoneyz 10:50 14/04/2021

Can I use my domiciliary dollar account to shop on any currency with PayPal like on eBay or Amazon. please help me

Cogxy 09:12 15/04/2021

You should have a USD card account into which you can transfer dollars from your domiciliary account. It's this USD card you can then use to make purchases on PayPal, eBay, etc

DerealKing 05:48 14/04/2021

How can I fund my dollar account in Nigeria using naira?

Adule 14:12 23/04/2021

I will show you how to fund your dollar account with naira debit card at cheaper rate. I charge a little fee.

Wallace 17:26 14/04/2021

You would need to source for the dollar yourself and fund your dollar account.

Olu 00:15 14/04/2021

Does Uba card still work on ?

Ruth 22:24 13/04/2021

Please can I use Zenith bank naira virtual Mastercard to make purchase in dollars in online stores?

Francis55 09:49 15/04/2021

Which of the online store please drop the name

Tee 21:49 14/04/2021

Yes. I use mine. But remember there's a $100 limit.

Folarin 21:27 13/04/2021

Who knows the current dollar exchange rate of Uba bank

Nelly 20:19 13/04/2021

How much is pounds, I want to pay school fre

Dee 16:33 13/04/2021

please what is the current access bank rate?

Wallace 17:28 14/04/2021

#450 to dollar

buyer and seller 11:56 13/04/2021

where can i buy dollars from fcmb in nigeria

Visiblemoney 17:31 12/04/2021

Good house!

Anto 14:39 12/04/2021

Who has used zenith today please I need rate before I order

Cogxy 18:11 12/04/2021

Zenith today was ₦420.198

AareCash 17:10 12/04/2021

I used it just now to pay for a subscription renewal and I got charged @ ~#421/$

Khalito 10:53 12/04/2021

Does anyone know the current pos rate on gtbank debit master card outside nigeria

Abdosh 09:26 12/04/2021

Hello, has anybody tried Lemonade finance for money transfer from Nigeria to the United Kingdom?

Ola 17:11 11/04/2021

Please does the $100 limit apply if I want to send money through PayPal with my bank card?

Tee 00:21 12/04/2021

Yes. You can't spend more than 100 USD from your naira card in a month.

Hassan 23:21 11/04/2021

How did you link your card with paypal

MP 21:13 11/04/2021

@ Ola yes it applies

Bbj 15:30 11/04/2021

Can i use transfer wise to Money from Nigeria to South Africa

AareCash 17:12 12/04/2021

You can use transferwise if you both have Wise account, and if you're able to fund your WISE account with debit card in Nigeria

Bola 15:00 11/04/2021

How much is dollars rate as for today

Btc 23:03 10/04/2021

Pls which Nigeria bank card is working on neteller for deposit today 10/4/2021

H 22:25 10/04/2021

Does zenith bank still work on Transfer Wise?

AareCash 17:13 12/04/2021

I need this feedback also. If YEs, is it the plastic card or virtual card Visa or Mastercard

Hassan 17:04 10/04/2021

Is first bank dollar rate really #400?

Tee 18:29 12/04/2021

No. 430

Lex 16:48 10/04/2021

Which card can I use to withdraw funds from PayPal

Ummi 22:48 13/04/2021

Hassan, it doesn’t work with all card. I know you can’t do it at the moment with Gtb but try FCMB or zenith, just open an account on PayPal and use the “wallet” tab to add card details and if your card allows PayPal, it will link. Hope this helps

Hassan 23:24 11/04/2021

Ummi how can I link my card with paypal

Ummi 17:49 10/04/2021

You can’t withdraw with PayPal Nigeria , you can only send money

Aremon 18:58 08/04/2021

Does serial year affect exchange rate is

Mr Dramendra 13:08 08/04/2021

I used Gtb today, and it 430 to a dollar

Mjossy 06:56 11/04/2021

Which site

Alre 15:54 09/04/2021

Which platform

Kenny 12:42 08/04/2021

Hi guys how can I buy xrp with my Fcmb card

AareCash 12:23 08/04/2021

Hello Please has anyone tried to fund transferwise this month? Which bank card is going through please Please on which platform did you use your zenithbank? Did you use Mastercard or visa? Is it the real card or virtual card. I hope to ready from you. Thanks

Ernestovi 02:03 10/04/2021

Real card. Zenith Bank. Masters

Zigas 10:16 08/04/2021

Please people. What medium can i use to send $1000 at a time to USA from Nigeria?

JJC 17:33 12/04/2021

Wester Union

Pero 19:31 10/04/2021

Use send wave

Grtsta 13:31 09/04/2021


Yetty 20:17 07/04/2021

Please, what is Union bank rate for Pounds today 7/4/21

Tee 00:21 12/04/2021


Joe 15:01 11/04/2021

Use Transferwise

Moromoke 20:08 07/04/2021

How much 1 usd moneygram transfer to uba in Nigeria naira today

Easyarchi 17:16 07/04/2021

List of cards working on PayPal please?

Zhidov 13:04 07/04/2021

Hello. Anyone knows the withdrawal charges of ETH from Please tell me

Felix 11:41 07/04/2021

Please guys, I had banks have disabled there naira debit card from any forex site ,what type of card can I use now to deposit on

Jamie 10:24 09/04/2021

How did you get this info pls? source biko?

Topsy 09:17 07/04/2021

As at today's transaction. GTB charged N434, while Access bank charge me 433

Topsy 07:42 10/04/2021

Not Fake rate. Access bank (VISA). The charges still remains 433

kuzzytop 18:37 07/04/2021

Fake rate, this is not true because access is still 450

Francis55 06:34 07/04/2021

Please someone should answer me nah list of cards that works on transfer Wise

Ernestovi 02:04 10/04/2021

Zenith. UBA

kuzzytop 23:01 06/04/2021

Please how do I use my cards with PayPal to sent money to bank account? Please I need help on this, this is my first time of asking for help here kindly assist.

King 16:00 07/04/2021

I dont know. check youtube

Emma 13:25 07/04/2021

Paypal don't accept every Nigerian bank it accept just 3 banks and the card has to be Visa card.

Zhidov 13:02 07/04/2021

Mostly naira prepaid cards and only few Visa card works on PayPal.

Zigas 18:11 06/04/2021

Can Carbon dollar card or any other other dollar card work on Binance?

Mr Smash 15:36 06/04/2021

Hello everyone Please what’s the real first bank rate today 6/4/21

Mr Smash 15:36 06/04/2021

Hello everyone Please what’s the real first bank rate today 6/4/21

Smart09 11:38 06/04/2021

Pls where else can one add and also send money to ghana mobile money with ease plss if h knw help me

Sahmax 16:53 06/04/2021

Use chippercash

Simon 10:33 06/04/2021

Which app can help me transfer money from Nigeria to Ghana with low charges

Mr Dramendra 11:33 06/04/2021

Hello Simon, use lemonade finance. Transfer from Nigeria to Kenya, transfer from Nigeria to Ghana, transfer from Nigeria to UK

Johnp 06:47 06/04/2021

Hi guys, please how can I get banxa app

Neneyp 23:52 05/04/2021

What is 100dollar exchange to naira in Ria money transfer

Mansa 23:46 05/04/2021

I cant deposit using my visa card zenith bank someone should pls help me

Francis55 12:39 05/04/2021

Please it's urgent guys where can I use my Visa virtual card I will do giveaway in this group if it's works alot of money is involved help please

Vboy 15:38 07/04/2021

@Francis, many crypto sites like crypto dot com don't accept virtual cards. Even Payeer, Advcash and so on don't accept virtual cards. Best of luck if u find a better card.

Francis55 06:31 07/04/2021

I want to use it for Crypto or any banking site

Francis55 09:03 06/04/2021

Any place at all

Vboy 08:35 06/04/2021

@Francis, you need to tell us what u want to use d visa card for. There are many places to use virtual visa card, like crypto site, porn sites, dating sites, banking sites and so on. So make yourself clear.

Oliver 19:44 05/04/2021

What do you wanna use it for?

Zigas 07:39 05/04/2021

Hi please. How much is the real dollar conversion rate of FCMB and does there card accept PayPal?

Francis55 06:28 05/04/2021


Francis55 09:03 06/04/2021

Fcmb master card or visa

BJ 20:11 05/04/2021

FCMB Only!

Leo 18:26 05/04/2021

Polaris Visa Classic works

Davvsin 06:27 05/04/2021

Please which Nigeria bank cards work on PayPal?

Adamsybn 22:19 09/04/2021

Uba mastercard

Cogxy 10:14 06/04/2021

The bank cards I use on Paypal include Zenith, Standard Chartered, Access, FCMB, First Bank, Sterling Bank. Note that GTB Naira MasterCard will not work with PayPal. The bank cards mentioned above ALL have a limit of $100/month.

Leo 18:25 05/04/2021

Standard chartered Visa card

Bodmas 05:10 05/04/2021

What's the exchange rate from naira to euro for access bank.

Half ustaz 08:54 04/04/2021

Zenith bnk is 434 per dollar as of today 4/04/2021

AareCash 12:20 08/04/2021

Hello Ustaz Please on which platform did you use your zenithbank? Did you use Mastercard or visa? Is it the real card or virtual card. I hope to ready from you. Thanks

H 17:04 04/04/2021

Expect cash back soon

Kudi 17:20 03/04/2021

Looks like the rates are no more being updated.

blacksgboy 15:56 03/04/2021

whats the international spending limit for access bank naira visa card

blacksgboy 15:32 03/04/2021

first bank 425 , access bank 450 both i purchased on ebay , is there any bank in Nigeria that has more than 100usd monthly limit

Davvsin 06:23 05/04/2021

Do first bank & access work on PayPal or skrill?

Cogxy 23:34 03/04/2021

Virtually all Nigerian banks allow a limit of no more than $100. I guess if you want access to more than that, simply get yourself a virtual dollar card from either Carbon or Barter. Downside is that you can't link them to a Nigerian registered PayPal account, but they will work on other platforms.

Cogxy 10:19 03/04/2021

It's ₦420.839465 to $1 using my GTB Naira MasterCard on AliExpress as at a few minutes ago today, April 3, 2021.

Finisher 18:22 04/04/2021

But barter dollar to naira rate is worse than the black markets

MEKUS 05:42 03/04/2021

Uba is 464.. Paid for something of $30.8 on PayPal and boom I was debitted wickedly..

Babajos 20:35 02/04/2021

Please where can I use gtb and firstbank master card

Tobyexplorer 12:32 02/04/2021

My UBA prepaid card is 463.63 as of 12:30pm 2nd April 2021

Linko 16:12 01/04/2021

How much is Wema exchange rates today?

Moses 02:26 01/04/2021

Please help me PayPal debited me for a code but I can't see that code to confirm , I even requested for my account statement but I can't see . Please help me out

Aliyu 11:09 14/04/2021


Access 16:51 04/04/2021

It will come with bank notification

Vboy 22:17 03/04/2021

@Moses, I guess u used Access bank card right? Access is full of s... when it comes to receiving PayPal code. Even calling their customer care does not help. Use GTB card and u will see it on the statement quickly.

MP 15:29 02/04/2021

It comes with bank alert written thus * pp*code*

Access 09:05 02/04/2021

Code will come with bank alert or bank notification

Umar M. 17:16 31/03/2021

UBA is NGN452 not NGN450 per USD as at 31/03/2021 at least.

Yhutee 00:38 03/04/2021

Which of the platform did you used?

Umar M. 16:58 31/03/2021

Note, as at 31/03/2021 Access bank is NGN450 per USD. I just did a transaction now and that was the rate I was charged.

Yhutee 00:39 03/04/2021

Can you please tell me the website or application that you use

Umar M. 13:59 31/03/2021

UBA is no longer on the list. Is it that they no longer give out the usual monthly USD100?

Ghost 11:38 01/04/2021

You mean I can make transaction more than 100usd

ghettomoneyz 11:59 31/03/2021

I want to know Which card paypal is excepting either naira card or domiciliary card please advice me oooh

Yhutee 00:40 03/04/2021

Una card works

ghettomoneyz 11:31 31/03/2021

Hi friends I hope naira card is working on PayPal?

blacksgboy 15:34 03/04/2021

is working bro i I comfirmed on ebay payment successful, but can using paypal overide the 100usd limit on naira card

MP 15:31 02/04/2021

Yes but the limit is 100dolz

Barns 10:46 31/03/2021

What's FCMB rate today?

Zigas 08:32 31/03/2021

Which bank is the cheapest in Nigeria with dollar conversion rate?

Sykia 19:22 30/03/2021

Please, any advice on how to send money to the UK. UBA and First Bank don’t send money abroad through Western Union for now but they did made mention of domiciliary Acct.

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