Wema Bank Naira Exchange Rates

USD₦ 46113/10/2021
GBP₦ 62813/10/2021

Wema Bank Nigeria, Wema Bank Naira exchange rates today

  • Wema Bank Naira exchange rates are USD ₦ 461, GBP ₦ 628
  • Latest US Dollar to Naira Wema Bank exchange rate is ₦ 461 as of 13/10/2021 at location Online.
  • Most recently updated Wema Bank exchange rate other than US Dollar is Pound to Naira Wema Bank rate that is ₦ 628 as of 13/10/2021 at location Online.

Comment on Wema Bank Naira Rates

Vicking 10:38 03/01/2024

Please, how much do you sell 1 dollar to a naira? Can I buy it without coming from far away to your place in UNIBEN?

Serdick 09:00 01/01/2024

What is the actual naira to dollar rate on wema bank online

M nas 13:24 30/06/2023

As register wema bank user how much to customer

honeycomb 16:38 07/09/2022

What Wema dollar rate today

Tenaga 17:32 01/09/2022

Wema Dollar rate for today is 488/$

Kayde 22:51 04/02/2022

Pls what is Wema dollar rate as of today?

Comf 16:43 15/04/2021

Is Wema Bank going to buy my dollar from me at 502 naira?

Fineyemo 15:43 01/10/2021

They will buy at 461 per dollar.

Reload 00:32 19/07/2021

No, they will buy from you at the C.B.N rate of 410/$. They only sell to you at 502/$

Chuks 10:54 23/09/2021

Please can I get a wema bank agent number... I'm in nnewi.. Anambra state.

Haywhy 09:05 22/09/2021

Dollar Rate for Wema Bank is now $461

Ted 07:17 20/09/2021

Wema rate today?

Mimi 12:55 02/09/2021

Please what is wema bank usd rate today

yoovraaj 11:29 22/11/2020

How many dollars are you giving to master card per month

Reload 00:36 19/07/2021

$100 per month

Luizpele 09:21 27/06/2021

Wema USD rate #660 Wat a bank!!

Abu Haneef 02:57 26/06/2021

Alat you really disappointed me. You did not update your GBP rate i go to make an international transaction. You were charged me #905 for each 😡

Sage mode 14:36 04/05/2021

Please how much is wema buying 1 per dollar

Soarkle 16:03 03/05/2021

How can I get to wema bank at okigwe am coming from douglas

Blin-blin 19:42 24/04/2021

I want change my dollar

Rayhenry 22:26 11/04/2021

Wema Bank is an hoodlum..

Jay 09:21 29/12/2020

Terrible rate . Bought at 453 naira per dollar yesterday.

Alonso 03:37 24/03/2021

How about the selling rate?

Mikky 06:27 02/03/2021

Currently 504 per usd

Alonso 03:36 24/03/2021

What if am selling to them?? I meant wema bank.

Alonso 03:18 24/03/2021

Buying or selling which of them?

Max 20:44 28/02/2021

Please a fast reply please.

Max 20:42 28/02/2021

Please what is wema bank dollar to naira exchange rate. And please if dollars from abroad is sent can it be withdrawn cash or it goes straight into the account exchanged to naira?

Kworks 01:01 11/02/2021

Which bank has d lowest exchange rate currently

Babawa 03:18 06/01/2021

Pls rate for keystone bank

kayode 04:59 27/12/2020

How much is 1dollar at wema bank?

Stephen 22:13 14/12/2020

How much is 1 dollar to naira

Godi 16:48 05/12/2020


Sir sunnic 18:03 29/09/2020

Zenith still remain the best.

Excellence 19:38 23/09/2020

Pls which is for keystone bank

Sweetch 14:17 25/08/2020

What about dollar rates?

Daily Detailed Wema Bank Naira Exchange Rates

USD to Naira Wema Bank Rates

13/10/2021Online₦ 461
13/09/2021Online₦ 570
19/04/2021Online₦ 502

GBP to Naira Wema Bank Rates

13/10/2021Online₦ 628
20/08/2020Online₦ 584
05/11/2019Online₦ 478

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