Zenith Bank PLC

Zenith Bank Naira Exchange Rates

USD₦ 412.513/09/2021
EUR₦ 479.1713/09/2021
INR₦ 5.9613/07/2021
GBP₦ 62504/06/2021
CAD₦ 35301/05/2021
TRY₦ 6301/05/2021
AED₦ 11526/01/2021

Zenith Bank PLC, Zenith Bank Naira exchange rates today

  • Zenith Bank Naira exchange rates are USD ₦ 412.5, EUR ₦ 479.17, INR ₦ 5.96, GBP ₦ 625, CAD ₦ 353, TRY ₦ 63, AED ₦ 115
  • Latest US Dollar to Naira Zenith Bank exchange rate is ₦ 412.5 as of 13/09/2021 at location Online.
  • Most recently updated Zenith Bank exchange rate other than US Dollar is EURO to Naira Zenith Bank rate that is ₦ 479.17 as of 13/09/2021 at location Online.

Comment on Zenith Bank Naira Rates

Adam. Smith 09:58 21/10/2021

How much is 1 euro now please

Ogotonsoro 02:25 14/10/2021

Please fellow brothers and sisters,please tell me where gtb ,access and fidelity work perfectly thanks

Star boy 09:16 04/10/2021

The zenith bayis one of the back to satisfy to dollars rate

BLG 16:12 22/09/2021

The Zenith Bank dollar rate is not correct. The rate as at today is N460.25

Bathie 12:25 19/09/2021

What is zenith pound rate

Zikdon 05:59 15/09/2021

This zenith dollar rate is not correct please kindly update the latest dollar rate

Emi 09:25 14/09/2021

Is zenith rate real?

Ty 21:51 16/09/2021

No. It's 460

Mami 09:11 14/08/2021

How much Euro today

Wendy 10:34 03/08/2021

How much is One dollar 💲 in naira to buy today?

What euro in Zenith 19:16 01/08/2021

What euro in Zenith

JOMAG 11:49 26/07/2021

Anyone with idea on zenith dollar rate as at today

Didi 12:50 25/07/2021

Zenith euro rate for today. Please its urgent

Dotman 14:37 23/07/2021

Zenith pounds rate for today

Meee 10:36 20/07/2021

Can I exchange my naira for dollar into my domicinary account direct in the bank

Ola 08:04 06/07/2021

Please, anyone with the idea on what zenith bank USD rate is today

Walid 20:58 03/07/2021

Please how much does zenith bank sell Euro and usd dollar today?

Naslo 16:25 03/07/2021

Today rate of exchange of euro in Zenith bank

Luizpele 07:44 02/07/2021

Pls who knows any other bank cards dats good for international transaction Aside d listed bank on ngn....like unity bank, heritage bank and d likes...r dy good 2initiate USD transaction

Stainz 00:26 09/06/2021

As at this time, Zenith bank to dollar is 443.07

Stainz 14:48 05/06/2021

Euro rates....anyone?

Stainz 23:37 05/05/2021

Zenith dollars rate and Euro rate for today and what is their monthly spending limit?

Ivy 15:50 01/05/2021

Zenith Bank USD rate few days ago is ₦436.56 per dollar

Zanith 12:58 27/04/2021


Sire 22:20 13/04/2021

Please, does Zenith bank or any of Nigeria bank offer a Euro card for a savings account? or it must be a domiciliary account?

AareCash 12:24 08/04/2021

Hello Ustaz Please on which platform did you use your zenithbank? Did you use Mastercard or visa? Is it the real card or virtual card. I hope to ready from you. Thanks

Makemore 03:37 06/04/2021

Zenith Bank euro rate today April 6, 3 :30 am, is 497.5 ,

AareCash 17:33 30/03/2021

@Jay - please when was the last time u used your zenithbank card to make online payments. I tried to use mine but it was declined

Onye 14:06 24/05/2021

Mine has been declined several times and I do not know why

AareCash 18:50 14/03/2021

Can anyone please tell me zenithbank rate for USD

Thresh 08:04 27/03/2021


Sagir 18:54 12/03/2021


Richnet 15:21 08/03/2021

Zenith bank GBP is N610/1£ as of 06/03/2021

Seb 10:14 23/02/2021

Hey, what's zeniths bank's current rate for Form A transactions?

Jay 02:29 10/03/2021

Did you get a reply on this please?

Mwopey 13:12 14/02/2021

Is Zenith bank rate is really 438/euro?

FX 17:35 15/02/2021

No last time I tried online transaction it was about 520; that was last week

Onyii 17:11 20/01/2021

Hello, I would like to know Zenith Bank's rate for Australian dollars currently?

AareCash 07:59 04/04/2021

I am not sure it they allow that to fly with some other routes. I always get denied whenever I tried it also

Kunlexy96_A 21:29 16/01/2021

Where can I use Gtbank card?

abuzik 15:19 14/01/2021

Please why is the dollar rate fluctuating and when will the dollar card limit be increased?

AareCash 09:27 10/01/2021

Where is zenithbank working at the moment please

Bigfish 00:01 07/01/2021

Zenith is not funding binary again

# francee 10:25 03/02/2021

Try it on skrill

Ahsad 11:34 28/12/2020

I don't think so

nass 22:49 20/12/2020

Pls is Zenith buying from crypto

Atos 12:06 09/12/2020

Pls is Zenith buying from crypto

Kb 20:11 03/12/2020

Is Zenith bank MasterCard working on crypto transaction?

Ace 10:13 28/11/2020

@yk... The limit depend on your bank...most bank give you 100 dollars per month but Gtb gives 200 dollars

Yk 11:26 26/11/2020

What's the daily/monthly limit on skrill@ ace

Ace 23:25 25/11/2020

No ...meanwhile zenith work on skrill... i still tried it today

Wissy47 11:29 19/11/2020

Does Zenith bank disabling of nairacard for foreign transactions affect funding of online money platform like Skrill?

Forexff 07:37 16/11/2020

Zenith Nairacard Has been Disabled from Foreign Transaction......

Alkane 08:26 23/09/2020

GTB is 515.53 pounds per Naira. I did the transaction yesterday and was debited today. Rate as of 23rd September, 2020 card online.

Alkane 00:02 18/09/2020

GTBank 18th August 12:00am 522 Naira per pounds... Online via Debit Card

Rowolens 01:08 15/09/2020

How is their Dollar limit per month

Daily Detailed Zenith Bank Naira Exchange Rates


USD to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

13/09/2021Online₦ 412.5
10/08/2021Online₦ 449
15/07/2021Online₦ 440

EUR to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

13/09/2021Online₦ 479.17
01/05/2021Online₦ 438
01/04/2021Online₦ 438

INR to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

13/07/2021Online₦ 5.96
10/06/2021Online₦ 6.07
31/10/2020India₦ 5.24

GBP to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

04/06/2021UK₦ 625
20/05/2021UK₦ 616
01/05/2021Online₦ 515

CAD to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

01/05/2021Online₦ 353
29/04/2021Canada₦ 353
01/04/2021Online₦ 297

TRY to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

01/05/2021Online₦ 63
01/04/2021Online₦ 63
01/03/2021Online₦ 63

AED to Naira Zenith Bank Rates

26/01/2021Dubai₦ 115
05/09/2020Dubai₦ 106
15/08/2020Dubai₦ 106

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