Dollar to Naira Bank Rates

UBA₦ 49027/04/2023

US Dollar to Naira bank rate has

  • the most recent rate of ₦ 490 at UBA as of 27/04/2023

Comment on US Dollar to Naira Bank Rates

Amos Dindah Iliya 14:27 25/05/2023

How can I buy dollar in first bank

Omoh 15:53 19/01/2023

How can I receive money from money gram

Zilion finex 11:53 17/12/2022

Please who can help me convert my lira to naira

Splendid 14:54 03/11/2022

How can i buy dollars from Gtbank

Frexarik 06:53 29/09/2022

Why these banks are not active for online purchase again despite its just $20 in a month Access,Union First bank

sandy Candy Bar 16:04 07/09/2022

Good day everyone please how can I convert coins to naira notes and also how much will I get. THANKS

Adecindy 08:14 12/03/2022

Gtb exchange rate is N495 while stanbic is at N475

Johnoo 18:26 24/08/2022

Can I get for 490

tonguengineer 19:59 08/07/2022

what about access?

skrillguy 11:40 18/05/2022

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Dannyexchange 11:30 17/05/2022

Buy Payoneer, Skrill and PayPal at a very cheap rate, also we exchange freelancer funds too, WhatsApp us on: 08130941203

Hhh 15:50 12/05/2022

How am I going to be sure Timothy is legit?

SOS 11:27 12/05/2022

I want to change naira to cedis

Timothy okocha +2348114860516 00:43 12/05/2022

Hello everyone, I'm Timothy okocha, If you want to exchange pounds, euro, dollar, RMB, cedis to naira message me for better rate 1pounds is 785 naira 1euro is 655 naira 1dollar is 615 naira 1rmb is 75 naira 1cedi is 85 naira Message me on WhatsApp at +2348114860516. Immediately your funds is received, naira will be paid . Your funds is 💯% safe with us. We need more customers everyday. Also if you want to buy or sell usdt, btc, ether, litecoin, Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, don't hesitate to message on Whatsapp+2348114860516 or call +2349162535928

Musa 00:29 10/05/2022

I am buying Payoneer fund and Skrill fund at best rate. Please contact on Whatsapp 07088784999. Thank you.

LEGIT EXCHANGE 08144620697 09:28 07/05/2022

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Divine Mark International 10:42 12/04/2022

I only have Domiciliary account in Access Bank Eziukwu Road branch Aba. I have Domiciliary and savings accounts numbers in GtBank Factory Road branch Aba. I have savings account number 0670022141 EcoBank Aba. I have 3138892694 savings account number First Bank. I have ZenithBank Aba number is 2255282990. Etc, none of them can be connected to internet Banking transaction. Looks like disconnected.

bureaumerchantcrypto 09:13 07/04/2022

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Toshine 02:13 27/03/2022

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Xylocaine 04:15 17/03/2022

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Chiefmdo 04:56 16/03/2022

I need 1k dollars. 1k euros 1k pounds at subsidise rate asap

Vick 20:37 14/03/2022

PayPal fund needed urgently,450/$ Serious seller should chat me up 08028863411

Ngn/usdt 12:58 07/03/2022


Yusuf 18:45 04/03/2022

Today 4/2/2022 access bank chet me in there flat form the have written 490usd but if you you try bay online the will charge you 550 this is double cross bank's in Nigeria try and create flats form so that people will check before buying

HP 16:13 04/03/2022


Jameel 16:26 19/02/2022

Why Naira isn't valuing?

H 12:54 19/02/2022

Hello I buy peyoneer funds at very good rate Contact me on Whatsapp at 08022383842

Trevor's Axiom 15:17 27/10/2021

Update this... Zenith Bank is 490 naira...

USD 08:08 14/02/2022


Trevor's Axiom 20:50 16/12/2021

Hello, Update FirstBank rate to 480 to $1... Thanks

Aaronigzy 10:32 27/12/2021

At what rate is Union Bank rate usd

ayo 22:18 30/11/2021

pls whats the monthly limit of union elit naira mastercard for interntionsal transaction

Och 23:36 18/12/2021


Alkane 01:31 17/12/2021

Access Bank pounds is about 624

Samuel 11:45 01/12/2021

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Judemoore 12:59 12/12/2021

at what rate pls

Peter Gilbert 06:10 09/12/2021


ayo 22:20 30/11/2021

whats union bank card rate currently, is 414 true and current pls...

icon2 04:50 02/12/2021

is not true

Mike 12:58 20/11/2021

How much is the current black market rate for USD?

Teehy 21:43 11/09/2021

I need help on this one. Which bank's supports international dollar transactions and allow me to fund my card in naira perhaps within the banking hall or via mobile app.

TribeFX 10:23 14/11/2021

This is not possible. Any kobo leaving Nigeria leaves as Dollar. You can't fund in Naira and spend in Dollars outside. That used to be possible before. Not anymore. Thanks to CBN!

Dee 00:08 11/12/2020

Please I want to know, is it possible to buy dollar from bank? If not how can I exchange dollar in Nigeria at a cheaper rate?

Kingsley 06:51 14/11/2021

Ok is good

Kingsley 06:50 14/11/2021

It'hasbeen exchange it for far

Ibrahim saidu 19:53 10/11/2021

Access bank

God almighty 03:41 23/10/2021

I have BTC for sale 495 NAIRA per dollar. I have PayPal for sale as well for good rate. Contact me on 08137949324

Abbakar Adam 21:49 26/10/2021

Hi Ago buy

08146196896 11:50 23/10/2021

I sent a message on your What'sapp. Hope you're real pls.

Raja 04:19 14/09/2021

Which Bank in UK allows me to open Naira account so I can transfer naira to naira from Nigeria to UK?

08146196896 21:19 15/10/2021

It's hard and they frown at it. I can give you a sure plu to help you do wire transfer. But they charge about £30 comission or so. Chat me up with that number. Biko I'm a very honest fellow and detest anything scam in my life. I hope you're one as well

Lipo 19:40 14/10/2021

Ur price is expensive compared to union

Daniko 12:05 11/09/2021


Lawan 15:20 28/08/2021

How much this price

Nazifi bello madobi 09:05 27/08/2021

Son of God which wallet should I use after transfer wise and Skrill. Help me 🙏🙏

hakanny701 09:02 14/08/2021

i want sell to dollar in need has used master card a uba bank

Sam 19:35 04/08/2021

First Bank charged 465 for 1 USD today. Oh dear

Oloba 10:05 07/07/2021

Please I want exchange the dollar how can I do that

Benny 14:36 29/04/2021

pls how do i get the exchange rate for janaury 2020?

Tesla 10:18 04/12/2020

Please i want to buy USD with access how will I do that

Paul mongar 12:13 24/04/2021

Go to acess bank to buy it at thete rate

King rick 15:26 06/02/2021

Please I want exchange the dollar how can I do that

Zurkalafia 10:49 15/01/2021

Money is live

Victor 16:38 18/11/2020

How can I make payment to buy from here?

Travelers guide. 05:10 17/11/2020

It's very close to impossible to obtain a fcmb mastercard if you are a youth... Beware. They are a verve bank... Don't be deceived by the rate advertised.

Helper 05:05 17/11/2020

Last uba purchase was 416 at November 3rd yours said 466...

Timz 08:02 07/10/2020

I taught I was the only one experiencing downtime of online payments on First bank and GTB ......I can't make online payments with any of the two cards

Mankind 22:48 23/09/2020

Why is my First Bank Card is not making online payment and my GT Bank??

Lucky 06:25 20/09/2020

True Sterling Bank rate is 395 discovered that too been using them

Vincent5 13:50 17/09/2020

You wrote sterling bank as 445 but I have been making online payment using my sterling Mastercard and the rate they charge is 395

Timz 08:45 04/09/2020

Access Bank has a question mark. But what is the spent limit on Gtb and zenith cards

Aim 19:51 03/09/2020

Uba is 400

Ninancee 19:10 13/04/2020

Why is dollar rate so high on Access Bank?

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