US Dollar (USD) Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates

Black Market₦ 512.00-0.58%02/08/21
CBN₦ 410.10-0.01%30/07/21
BDC₦ 520.000.97%02/08/21
Moneygram₦ 378.521.99%02/12/20
Western Union₦ 380.280.00%02/12/20
FX Market₦ 410.94-0.01%01/08/21
Bank - GTBank₦ 440.0002/08/21
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate is ₦ 512.00 in Black Market, ₦ 410.10 in CBN, ₦ 520.00 in BDC, ₦ 378.52 in Moneygram, ₦ 380.28 in Western Union, ₦ 410.94 in FX Market, and ₦ 440.00 in GTBank
  • US Dollar to Naira rate recently moves upwards 0.97% in BDC, 1.99% in Moneygram
  • US Dollar to Naira rate recently moves downwards 0.58% in Black Market, 0.01% in CBN, 0.01% in FX Market
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate has the lowest value of ₦ 378.52 at Moneygram as of 02/12/2020 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate has the highest value of ₦ 520.00 at BDC as of 02/08/2021 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Most recent Dollar to Naira bank rate is ₦ 440.00 at GTBank as of 02/08/2021

US Dollar to Naira Overview

US Dollar, United States Dollar (USD), is the mostly traded currency with Naira in Nigeria.

  • Name: US Dollar
  • Country: United States
  • Currency Code: USD
  • Symbol: $
  • Other names: Dollar
  • Minor: 1 USD equals 100 cent.

Comment on US Dollar to Naira Rates

Joboy 00:30 01/08/2021

How much is black market rate in Benin city?

Minister 14:29 31/07/2021

How can I be getting a daily alert of the currency price?

Mai deeyam mariga 17:45 30/07/2021

I want to become an agent

President 20:08 01/08/2021

Are BDCs still selling dollar after the CBN ban?

Eric 13:27 30/07/2021


Shy mobi 12:01 29/07/2021

How much is 1 dollar today

TheParadox 14:46 28/07/2021

Dollar will be 600 Naira by Friday. Expect before the end of August, $1=1000Naira.

Alimagoi 11:52 31/07/2021

Ok you can now supply me with current market rate now per Nigerian naira

Sky 05:58 28/07/2021

Please How much can I sell $100

Powell12 00:50 29/07/2021

51k as of today.

MUDI 17:41 26/07/2021

Pls supply me with current market rate per US dollar

Sha'ban 14:23 22/07/2021

Good afternoon, what is the current exchange now

Emmanuel ay 20:43 19/07/2021

Please how can I get started

D25 18:17 19/07/2021

Old note available @ 495

gossy 09:04 19/07/2021

Plz I want to buy dollar at d rate of 500. Any sale?

Steve 18:44 19/07/2021

Where are you and how much dollar do you want

Winny 15:37 11/07/2021

Please how can I get started into the system

Myque 18:47 09/07/2021

Good day, guys. Please, does it mean the black market price display on this website is going to be what BDC people in Wuse Z4 will buy it once I get there

Big sam 11:04 19/07/2021


Myque 16:53 09/07/2021

Please, I'm new to the system. Please, is the price posted on tjis website is the same the BDC in Wuse 4, Abuja will go with? I have small money to change, so I want to be sure before I go. Thank you.

Idorenyin Udoh 06:06 08/07/2021

Please what is the corrent exchange now for dollar 💵 to Nigeria

Manayo 16:07 05/07/2021

I want to buy dollar at N500. Any seller?

Chuck 12:39 09/07/2021


Famaka 13:59 02/07/2021

It is good for been knowledgeable for making it in details indeed really appreciated as a business Man.

Bliss 04:17 28/06/2021

Price we be very good today get ready 499 to 500

Udeme udoh 10:08 24/06/2021

Good morning,please what is the current exchange rate for now.

Mike 15:51 19/06/2021

Please where do i get better rate to change my$1000

Big sam 11:06 19/07/2021

Alaba international matket or lagos airport

eagle eye 19:42 14/06/2021

Please where do i get better rate to change my 200 dollars

Triple 13:50 10/06/2021

Pls how much is a dollar today

Sandy 12:06 02/06/2021

Please I need $120 dollar, please help me then I will transfer naira to the person

davis 22:18 25/07/2021

how do u want it?

Raju 18:36 31/05/2021


Don 05:55 30/05/2021


Flourish 20:55 29/05/2021

Very very poor

Chris 04:01 28/05/2021

Plz what is the current exchange for now?

Bby p 21:29 10/06/2021


Kenedy 23:50 18/05/2021

Not quite good

Wow 16:02 18/05/2021

It is very very bad Naira now is useless.

johnny general 14:44 10/05/2021

The us dollar rate against naira has already destroyed naira's value something need to do to restore naira's passed glory, prices of commodities are going up everyday because of us dollar menace against naira,CBN agencies should take bold responsibility to restore naira for our general good.

Francolino 11:57 01/06/2021

The only way to restore the naira is industrialization and export of finished goods to the United states. Nigeria does not produce anything exportable at the moment. We spend more than we generate, we borrow to pay salaries and we are heavily indebted to other nations. Government can start by subsidizing agriculture and enabling farmers to produce more so we can export and grow our economy. Until this is done, we go no where. So long as we continue sharing money to states from Abuja coffers to pay salaries without producing anything, the naira will continue going downhill until we decide to break up this country and everybody can go their separate ways.

Solly D'jayze 18:39 09/05/2021

Please what is the current exchange rate for now???

Richy 11:57 26/05/2021


Barbie 07:14 09/05/2021

Wow. I never knew that dollars in Nigeria are big 😀

Cash man 00:39 04/05/2021

Sir I want to buy and sell how ?

Musa 18:52 14/05/2021

How much is buy and sell

Linus 14:03 01/05/2021


Asuquojulius 08:47 28/04/2021

Naira currency was recently higher than USD... But now, because of our economy, deflation affected our currency. God will revive Nigeria again!

Snow 21:33 11/05/2021

It wasn't recent

Icon 22:50 26/04/2021

Is a good time

CHICHI 14:10 26/04/2021


bobby 17:10 27/04/2021

Abeg where?

clein 07:59 24/04/2021

is too poor to nigeria

Flourish 20:57 29/05/2021

So bad

Miracle 16:13 21/04/2021

Dollar become more stronger today

MilkyWrld 03:45 20/04/2021

I have $2,400 to change, where can I get a good rate?

@TriumphPay 18:45 21/05/2021

Is it still available, and hope it's not in cash,....

Abuzzy1 13:13 11/04/2021

That is good

Life Drama 21:29 08/04/2021

It's awful,it's a shame,may God help Nigeria

Aminu jadas 20:29 09/07/2021


OVICHIN 17:52 06/04/2021

i have $10,000 to change how can i change

Miracle 16:16 21/04/2021

Go to back market u change it there

Chyme 17:44 13/04/2021

I can buy it up if you still have it available

joe 17:32 09/04/2021

how much are you selling the dollar

Samuel Ortyom 17:17 01/04/2021

If i want to change $500 to naira how much will I get?

Miracle 16:18 21/04/2021

U will get #33300

+13103470342 10:21 23/03/2021

I have 3200 dollar to change. Where can I get a good rate

Dboy 08:22 08/04/2021

Presidencial in Port Harcourt

Samson Chukwu 13:05 07/04/2021

Where are you?

Man 20:42 25/03/2021

Are you in Lagos?

Azimskid 18:14 20/03/2021

I have 100 dollar note to change am in lafia

Feco 16:12 06/03/2021

What causes rise or fall in dollar

Joe 16:58 02/05/2021

come to me i will change it to 240k

Saif 07:02 09/04/2021

A high in demand and shortage in supply.

6park 13:50 03/03/2021

Please,where in abj can I change $500 to naira?

Tym 19:41 20/04/2021

Wuse zone 4

stanley 15:53 26/02/2021

@citylight.. at what rate do you pay?

Imaginary 13:35 24/02/2021

Where can i change my dollar at the posted rate ?

Citylight 10:41 26/02/2021

U can transfer to my dollar account and I will pay you

babangida 15:54 20/02/2021

where can I change my dollar

Bigb 16:01 22/04/2021

U can transfer to my account and I'll pay u

Kleint 02:52 15/02/2021

So today's exchange rate is 473 per dollar ?

Jorex 22:27 09/02/2021

Good stuffs

Samjay 08:29 29/01/2021

How can i change $50 to naria

Ryan 07:08 02/12/2020

I love dis

Nana 12:50 23/07/2020

Is there any way i can use your platform for money transfer to China?

Jaja 04:34 07/06/2018

Dollar is still falling, what is the reason?

Investor Emma 13:43 25/03/2021

I want to change $500 to naira.. Please I need a help

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