US Dollar (USD) Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates

CBN₦ 410.990.01%25/10/21
Bank - Ecobank₦ 450.0013/10/21
FX Market₦ 410.530.01%25/10/21
Black Market₦ ---
BDC₦ ---
Moneygram₦ 378.521.99%02/12/20
Western Union₦ 380.280.00%02/12/20
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate is ₦ 410.99 in CBN, ₦ 450.00 in Ecobank, ₦ 410.53 in FX Market, ₦ 378.52 in Moneygram, and ₦ 380.28 in Western Union
  • US Dollar to Naira rate recently moves upwards 0.01% in CBN, 0.01% in FX Market, 1.99% in Moneygram
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate has the lowest value of ₦ 378.52 at Moneygram as of 02/12/2020 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate has the highest value of ₦ 450.00 at Ecobank as of 13/10/2021 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Most recent Dollar to Naira bank rate is ₦ 450.00 at Ecobank as of 13/10/2021

US Dollar to Naira Overview

US Dollar, United States Dollar (USD), is the mostly traded currency with Naira in Nigeria.

  • Name: US Dollar
  • Country: United States
  • Currency Code: USD
  • Symbol: $
  • Other names: Dollar
  • Minor: 1 USD equals 100 cent.

Comments on US Dollar to Naira Rates

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Tessy tessy 12:08 26/10/2021

Please someone should answer me How much is 100 dollar in black market today 26 October

Buhari Abdulhamid 10:28 25/10/2021

I love it very much

Buhari Abdulhamid 10:28 25/10/2021

I like the it

The taller 20:28 24/10/2021


Usman 14:58 22/10/2021

Make the dollar available to the banks and importers in Nigeria no one will patronize aboki

Winner 09:37 18/10/2021

How much is $2500 in naira

Honey 21:16 17/10/2021

Converts 400€ to naira

199263 19:23 17/10/2021


Prester 13:36 16/10/2021

What is the rate of dollar to naira as at yesterday

Sholly4u 15:18 15/10/2021

Can I get dollar at 500. Please chat me so we can do business

Jjc 06:25 14/10/2021

How much is $150 as at today?

How much is $150 as at today? 06:25 14/10/2021

How much is $150 as at today?

Temexchange 10:35 12/10/2021

Buy Bitcoins, Ethurium, Dollar now with Temxchange at $1 to #490. Chat me on WhatsApp 08135244285 for sure and legit deal. If you're not ready for business please don't chat me.

Oshe3084 19:10 11/10/2021

Hello who knows the monthly limit for gtb cards?

Maevel 12:17 15/10/2021


Yusuf sherif 03:53 09/10/2021

Hey i have to money pay it for you to NGN

Me 20:15 07/10/2021

you guys are the ones spoiling Nigeria. You buy dollars at 410 and you sell at over 560+

Dips 12:20 05/10/2021

I have 2000 dollar worth of Bitcoin for sale at 550/$ ..... Interested person's should contact me on +2348167731770.

Special force 22:09 07/10/2021

I'm interested if genuine

Olope 12:59 03/10/2021

I buy and sell bitcoins at a very cheap rate at $1 for $490 for over 4 years now. Legit no scam. Contact me on +17072413608.

Greegman 22:29 02/10/2021

do you collect PayPal funds?

Dhakniel 02:51 04/10/2021

Chat me up on WhatsApp @08030598955

Harbi 14:32 01/10/2021

Pls I want to change $204 how much is it

ÖXTAZ FARUQ 10:17 02/10/2021


Star 14:36 30/09/2021

Please what of the once in business that requires so much dollars how can we raise such amount from bank pls I love to know

DEE WINTER 13:01 23/09/2021

1 have 1 dollar at #590 yesterday

Zeus 23:12 28/09/2021

@Mr ben, go buy am for CBN office na

Mr ben 09:54 26/09/2021

Oga, one dollar is 409 naira CBN exchange rate, black market is no longer recognized.

Shola 08:56 23/09/2021

I have $100 at what rates ?

Tessy tessy 11:52 26/10/2021

How much is $100

Chief 21:55 22/09/2021

Why would you want government to black market when there's no for black market sellers

the blue 15:41 22/09/2021

How much is 1 dollar

Joe 10:24 22/10/2021

How is 100 dollars in black market

Mr ben 09:48 26/09/2021

One dollar is 409 naira, greedy people.

Chuk mochaa 14:44 24/09/2021


Davoski 14:01 21/09/2021

How much can i get for $100?

Foster 00:53 21/09/2021

Na we dey take our hand join 9ja Govt devalue the Naira. CBN is trying to regulate the exchange rate by stopping the black market, but yet we are still looking for ways to sell dollars to aboki at N600 to make more gain. I know that people see it as a way of making money with the situation of things in 9ja. But we dey shoot ourselves now because of weytin we won chop today and not thinking of what will happen tomorrow. In the long run na all of us go suffer am. When you carry briefcase of Naira to take go buy one loaf of bread like them dey do for Zimbabwe na that time we go understand. All the money we dey save for bank is becoming useless every day if this thing continues. Please, if you need dollars for Business or personal travel, go to the bank and collect BTA or PTA. If dollars are sent to you from abroad, go bank change am. It may be smaller than what you will get from the black market, but it will help save our Naira in the long run. Let's stop all these black market things now before it becomes too late and our money becomes rubbish. It may be painful for many to hear this, but it's the truth.

Mama mee 21:12 04/10/2021

you are right

Jay 21:17 29/09/2021

Nice talk the truth is let CBN do the needful. Thanks

Le_proff 13:28 24/09/2021

@ Foster... Thanks for the clarification. One of our biggest problem in Nigeria is that we the people are always looking for ways to subvert every process. I wonder if that is in our DNA! This is the more reason why we need intellectually sound decision makers in authority. But I'm glad that we agree on placing a ban on black market. As long as the mallams are on the streets buying and selling dollars unabatedly, every effort to control this situation tantamount to playing to the gallery. Telling an ordinary citizen who is fortunate to have received perhaps a few dollars from relatives abroad, to go change that in a bank @ 412 when he or she can readily do same at a much higher rate on the street will never fly. This is not about patriotism.

Foster 12:08 23/09/2021

@Le_proff...Please note that currently, banks have been banned from selling dollars to the mallams. However, it is possible that some bank officials maybe be doing it through the back door. But it is against the law now for any bank to sell to the black market. CBN mandated all banks to inform their customers who want business or personal dollars to come and collect BTA and PTA. I have received countless emails from my banks telling me about it. You are entitled to $4000 every three months for PTA and $5000 for BTA provided you have the required documentation. If you go to any bank with the necessary documentation, the Bank cannot refuse to give you. If they do, there is a hotline that you can call to report that Bank. I am a scientific researcher, so I travel for research frequently. I know how this has helped me a lot to save money since it was put into law a few months back. I have collected PTA twice already this year without any issues from my Bank. I also know people who have done so for business purposes, personal and even to pay school fees abroad. The unfortunate part is that these mallams have already devised a means of exploiting this new process. They book flight tickets to countries like Kenya, where they can quickly get a visa and present it to the bank officials to collect the $4000 PTA, then afterward cancel their tickets and use the money for their black market runs. So the only point I will agree with you is that Govt should ban the black market outrightly, close all sabo markets and arrest anyone found still trying to buy or sell the dollar on the street.

Le_proff 14:55 22/09/2021

Yeah right!.... go to the bank and change it? The banks, in turn, sells same dollars to mallams at a higher rate, instead of selling to the public. Stop the black market? who should stop it? Me and you? Please. Our leaders need to stop chasing shadows and learn to tackle problems head on. Make laws and enforce them, period!

Le_proff 14:42 22/09/2021

If we really want to put an end to black market, why not the Govt. outlaw the sale of dollar and other foreign currencies on the street, begin to arrest and prosecutor those trading them on the street. And at the same time, put in place and enforce laws mandating banks to sell dollars to those needing them, and not hoard them for higher profit. It is most unfair to blame those patronizing the mallams on the street.

OGBaba 09:05 22/09/2021

You are only one of the very few pro - Nigerian i have seen. ANOTHER THING IS THE MEDIA. They dont help matters, the only emphasize on how devalued the naira is becoming instead of stressing on the need to have ways that will be people -oriented to stabilize the naira. When the govt talked about clamping down on social media level of expression, we protested. CBN has to do a lot of campaign against this. Where is the CBN communication / information unit, the should be all over social media now. There must be a task force team to check the black market. The parallel market is killing the naira. We all need to make a huge sacrifice to make things better. Let's swallow our greed and personal interest for general good

Ayo 21:08 20/09/2021

Days ago it was at 540. And it’s doesn’t show on the chart it was that price. So is this accurate

Cmo 14:45 20/09/2021

We can only buy from the parallel market.what is the rate?

Wunti 19:28 17/09/2021

It will be possible to come down next week?

Sofi 10:52 17/09/2021

Very soon 1 dollar will be 1000 naira according to the projection of Archbishop the founder of Zugacoin, that is why we are advised to accept Zugacoin in Africa not only Nigeria. To day Zugacoin is $181,071.11 in coincapmarket....I will like to advise Nigeria youth to accept Zugacoin people are making money out their with the token.....I know many of us don't know about the coin......with this few information given to u, u can go ahead for further information and research about it.....Thank me later

Gabebush 10:34 20/09/2021

How do I invest in Zugacoin

Jamin 04:25 18/09/2021

Is it good to buy and hold Or buy and sell when it appreciate?

HERO jr 14:28 16/09/2021

This country is getting funny every day in know distance time $1 will be equal to #1000

Praise4christ 08:22 16/09/2021

The dollar rate is increasing everyday. Government should please find a way to stop the fluctuating of the dollar because it's really affecting everyone ( the rich and the poor). It becoming difficult for the poor to survive.

hands4lyf 05:57 20/09/2021

The rich, how? They're becoming richer. This is only affecting the poor masses, especially those whose earnings is so minimal

zack 17:33 14/09/2021

What is the government doing to stop this dollar hike? it is so bad

Mubarak 11:01 14/09/2021

i wanna sell my 100$, so how much into naira

JusticeJoyceTV 07:01 17/09/2021

You’ll probably get 520Naira for just $100. You have to sell more to get a higher number in my experience.

Afootosin 00:08 14/09/2021

How much is $2000 dollars

JusticeJoyceTV 07:02 17/09/2021

Depends on where you go and with whom you exchange with. I’m aiming for 550naira/per 1USD for $2,000 total USD today. And, hoping 600 by next week. You have to negotiate.

Alameen 21:58 04/09/2021

Where can I go to change my doller I am in Gombe

Ayomide 15:26 02/09/2021

How much is $50 dollars

Khalifa 21:09 19/09/2021


Silver 13:55 29/08/2021


Asaliyu 08:03 19/08/2021

When will nairabe equel price with dollar

Chizo 01:56 17/08/2021

How much is 11 dollar

Amos 15:50 11/08/2021

We really need naira to go higher at least to #300 per roller so that we can buy from outside to sell in Nigeria. More so,to buy cars very cheap.The CBN governor shobuld intensify efforts please and dealers are telling us that dollars have made the prices of things especially cars to go up.a car of 800,000 is now 2.7 million haba ! What is happening.

moses 21:25 07/08/2021


Perky Lee (superior) 12:53 05/08/2021

How much is $1 to change to naira in the month of August /friday 6 /2021

Muhammad abdulrahaman 18:15 09/09/2021


Joboy 00:30 01/08/2021

How much is black market rate in Benin city?

Muhammad abdulrahaman 18:16 09/09/2021

Gt bank 460 black maker 515

Minister 14:29 31/07/2021

How can I be getting a daily alert of the currency price?

Mai deeyam mariga 17:45 30/07/2021

I want to become an agent

President 20:08 01/08/2021

Are BDCs still selling dollar after the CBN ban?

Eric 13:27 30/07/2021


Shy mobi 12:01 29/07/2021

How much is 1 dollar today

TheParadox 14:46 28/07/2021

Dollar will be 600 Naira by Friday. Expect before the end of August, $1=1000Naira.

Alhaji 20:41 03/09/2021

Today is Friday

nfktrader 08:52 21/08/2021

hahaha never

Destiny Zoe 10:01 04/08/2021

Hmmmm, I want to trade today. I'll just chill till Friday then...

Alimagoi 11:52 31/07/2021

Ok you can now supply me with current market rate now per Nigerian naira

Sky 05:58 28/07/2021

Please How much can I sell $100

Powell12 00:50 29/07/2021

51k as of today.

MUDI 17:41 26/07/2021

Pls supply me with current market rate per US dollar

Sha'ban 14:23 22/07/2021

Good afternoon, what is the current exchange now

Emmanuel ay 20:43 19/07/2021

Please how can I get started

D25 18:17 19/07/2021

Old note available @ 495

gossy 09:04 19/07/2021

Plz I want to buy dollar at d rate of 500. Any sale?

Kome 08:22 05/08/2021


Steve 18:44 19/07/2021

Where are you and how much dollar do you want

Winny 15:37 11/07/2021

Please how can I get started into the system

Myque 18:47 09/07/2021

Good day, guys. Please, does it mean the black market price display on this website is going to be what BDC people in Wuse Z4 will buy it once I get there

Big sam 11:04 19/07/2021


Myque 16:53 09/07/2021

Please, I'm new to the system. Please, is the price posted on tjis website is the same the BDC in Wuse 4, Abuja will go with? I have small money to change, so I want to be sure before I go. Thank you.

Idorenyin Udoh 06:06 08/07/2021

Please what is the corrent exchange now for dollar 💵 to Nigeria

Manayo 16:07 05/07/2021

I want to buy dollar at N500. Any seller?

Legend 13:28 31/08/2021


Nk 14:00 23/08/2021

Where are you and your location

Chuck 12:39 09/07/2021


Famaka 13:59 02/07/2021

It is good for been knowledgeable for making it in details indeed really appreciated as a business Man.

Bliss 04:17 28/06/2021

Price we be very good today get ready 499 to 500

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