CBN has announced international money transfer operators are allowed to pay remittance inflows in foreign currency on December, 2020. Therefore, the rates displayed here refer to past data and are not applicable today.

Western Union Exchange Rates

USD₦ 380.28 0.00%03/12/20
EUR₦ 445.99 0.18%03/12/20
GBP₦ 498.72 0.50%03/12/20

Comments on Naira Rates

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NOTED 22:53 15/04/2024

How much is 1500 Canadian dollar

Efeclem 17:14 08/04/2024

What is the exchange rate today

awolo 09:08 29/03/2024

does wu work in nigeria today

Valency 11:31 24/03/2024

10,000 Nepal rupees to naria

Roland 02:06 03/03/2024

I really need support to make everything easy because I really like the app

Bewaji 09:19 14/02/2024

What's the western union exchange rate as of today

Dan mama 11:05 14/01/2024

How much dirham to naira

Banti 15:04 13/03/2023

Hello please I need to send money from Nigeria to Canada through Western Union. How do I go about it

Me 18:59 23/10/2023

Yeah go to a bank

Me 16:30 21/04/2023

Go to any bank in your area

Henzy 11:15 21/05/2023

How much is US Dollar in naira

Umaru roro 19:15 14/10/2023

How much $2

Me 15:33 09/06/2023

Western union rates I about 460

Timmy exchange 23:39 31/05/2023


I D 19:26 23/05/2023


Aminu 13:37 14/02/2023

How much is Ugandan shillings to naira

Billionaire xchange 07:14 07/08/2023

How many Uganda shillings

shalom 14:30 02/07/2023

How much will I receive in naira from if 100 dollars was sent to me on western union

Brain 18:44 10/06/2023

For the benefit of exchange should increased at a high raised

Og homortolarni Snr 18:05 07/06/2023

How much $120 western union

Alhaji ismail 13:18 15/04/2023

Today we buy usd at rate of 730/$1 and sell at rate of 745/$1 and also we are buying inflow any inflow ask for rate contact me call or WhatsApp +2348089496510 my location address ikeja local airport mma2 Lagos

Janet 23:36 12/11/2022

Are you collecting western union

Alhaji ismail 23:47 13/04/2023


Kelvin 14:17 26/01/2023

I have $8 for sell but I have cash it out,it was through western union bank

Boniky 09:52 19/12/2022

Why is western union not working now in Nigeria?, I have my money hanging in there for over two weeks now

Emperor 17:54 21/11/2022

I have 100isd for sell at the rate of 780 What's app or call 09050542840 Location, benue state

I want buy Turkish lira with dollar 11:42 01/05/2022

I want buy lira with dollar

Kingsley 11:24 13/11/2022

Are you sure

Ade 13:55 30/07/2022

Are you in Turkey, north Cyprus or Nigeria

Yoyi 06:49 13/11/2022

Why there'is not transfert out from Nigeria by western union or money gramme?

Kunama 22:41 18/10/2022

Libya dinar is what I want to but please

Omni 20:15 02/07/2022

Pls my brother want to see 100 euros from Italy..... Through western union or money gram........ It's for naira...... Or will they give me ... I Western Union or money gram?

Lord Saint 16:29 12/10/2022

Western union

Alh Ahmed 21:37 12/11/2021

Good evening intierly we are for collecting western union and pay in time contact me on 08039464332

Ken 02:55 02/09/2022

Can you send Western Union to Kenya?

Humble 00:17 02/09/2022

How can I send lira to my my Nigeria friend? Which app please.

Musa 17:29 14/07/2022

Hello everyone, in Musa BDC, I have sweet rate for all foreign currencies and inflow also , location Lagos Ikeja, contact: 08124798424

Chibex 09:43 13/11/2021

I sell l buy

Sky billions 17:20 14/07/2022

can I buy

Frank 15:20 14/07/2022

I need $2,500 transfer to NYC US. If you have, may I have your exchange rate?

Doctor will 14:41 12/06/2022

I need 50 usd if you have pls reply me here ,

Sultan dc 08:44 14/07/2022


Allahji Bello 16:41 17/06/2022

Wathsapp me if u need

Chief Fab 11:56 13/07/2022

Please, is western Union works in Saudi Arabia

Emmanuel William 08:19 13/06/2022

Hey guys I have South Africa rands with good rate whataspp me or contact me with+27677557841

Mrabiu8008 17:38 11/06/2022

If you base in Kenya and have an account with cipper cash, contact me via this WhatsApp number +2348062692157 for business only.

Umar suleiman 08:34 04/06/2022

Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm buying and selling available@ good rate $602 call 07016209966 @ yaba tejuosho market surulere Lagos

Aka btc 14:35 28/05/2022

I sell USD @ 570 and CAD @ 420 ,text me 07017325738

frank_dollar 08:56 26/05/2022

I sell USD @ 580 and CAD @ 440 I also buy USD and CAD at a very good rate Send a dm 07017325738

Savvy 07:55 23/05/2022

Good morning.... I'm here to buy your BTC, USDT, ETH... Chat me up with this number 07062067554...location Abuja

Savvy 12:26 21/05/2022

I buy USDT at good rate.. Chat me up with this number... 07062067554.

Savvy 11:34 17/05/2022

I buy USDT at good rate.. Chat me up with this number... 07062067554.

Mazi 23:00 11/05/2022

I need to find my Dom account if you can give GPB @ bank rate contact me via 09064794301... Location is Aba

Joe 13:05 09/05/2022

I buy payoneer and PayPal funds @high rates chat me up 08067603093

James 15:41 27/04/2022

Chat me up for btc,dollar,pounds and euro at affordable rate with fast payment immediately after confirming...07055794933

Gz 21:12 16/04/2022

Get your exchange 💱 at the best of rates from MR Ghaza. 500 per $ 07010171143.. his services are not to be matched yet.

Tel 23:15 02/03/2022

Hi, anyone can tell if i send money frm phil to italy he much it cost, ?thnx

Crypto merchant exchange 13:11 10/04/2022

We sell all currency 💲 into domiciliary account and we tranfer to international account we are sell all kind of money internationally and abroad. Dollar is 570/$ Euro is 600/£ Pound is 700/€ South rand is 25/® We deliver with good cryptocurrency businesses BTC 570, USDT 500, Dollar exchange 💱 575, ENaira 220, PayPal 460, Skrill money 430, Net money 440, Ethereum 550 I also exchange with USDT on your own rate Call or message on Whatsapp:09013625966 Call:08161620476

Oothecae 11:41 08/04/2022

How dies wernstern union works

Mega computer 12:28 07/04/2022

PayPal funds is urgently needed call or what's app on 08143295013 face to face will be appreciated

Coach AJ 22:42 31/03/2022

I need 1000 USD, please who has dollars. Call 08028589003 thanks.

RaeheemXchange 21:41 24/03/2022

I need a steady reliable daily supplier of clean Paypal funds, USD and Gift Cards (Amazon and google play preferably) for a longterm business. Contact me on WhatsApp 0809876nine7zero8 let's do business.

Currency 07:19 13/03/2022

I have 1000USD for sale whatssap me on +2347032716124

Elfm 10:03 21/03/2022

Where is your location

Tonia 15:30 14/03/2022

Am in Delta I need someone to change naria ty yuan whatspp me 07060611208

hethrow casmir 10:52 31/12/2021

please, who needs about 200 euros, 4000 saudi riyals and about 3600 u.s dollars. i have to sell at the rate of 500/$....i urgently need a customer...have a trip to make as soon as possible. contact me now at: 07038910906 NOTE: please confirmed payments before i send to your domiliciary/foreign account.

JF 13:44 10/03/2022

I need 750USD

Umar suleiman 19:26 16/01/2022

Call me or Whatsapp surulere Lagos State 07030344596

Harté 10:33 26/02/2022

£500 to Naira. What rate, please. Thanks.

Collins 00:29 07/03/2022

Kindly DM for business 09078642342

Success 16:31 04/03/2022

Please I want to sell my 50 Dollar at rate of 578, location ikorodu lagos

Lardey 21:09 20/02/2022

Please.. I need to 1335$ to china through Western Union.. Anyone who can help @ very good rate

Kay 14:47 27/02/2022

Mr Phillips what’s your rate?

Mr phillip 07:43 22/02/2022

Yes am here I can help my WhatsApp number is +675 7134 8413

Big fish 13:48 29/01/2022

I want to sale my $500

kib 14:24 23/02/2022

do you still have dollar

Dior 03:17 23/02/2022

560 is what I'm selling mine,,, 09132256827

kib 16:09 22/02/2022

I've naira i need Chinese yuan Anyone willing to exchange.

kib 15:10 22/02/2022

I've naira i need Chinese yuan anyone to exchange with at a reasonable rate???

Mojo 06:16 06/02/2022

I want 1000 dollars .... Tag me here on this platform with your rates before we can proceed... Legit folks only

Aley 22:57 19/02/2022

Message me on 08079532272

Trader 08:29 19/02/2022

I’m ready to buy usd at 480 (Skrill only) message me +2348060152377

DONCJO 21:16 13/02/2022

I need Skrill to Skrill transfer from 1000$ and above at 480N per dollar

pinjamin 04:29 17/02/2022

whats your whatsapp

pinjamin 04:28 17/02/2022

i can do this

Money Man 13:07 12/02/2022

I have 230usd for sale WhatsApp me +2348130698121

Aminu Dantata 13:22 23/01/2022

I have 1000 USD to change at 500 let is Deal

Don 22:41 08/02/2022

I buy USD at good rates here is my number +27682404890

Jay 12:45 23/01/2022

Please I want to buy dollars at 500/$ please chat me up on WhatsApp 08106973421

Tina 07:04 26/01/2022

I am in Portharcourt. Lets make a deal. WA me +6285781110261

Exchange9ja 00:53 24/01/2022

I have 5,000 USD for Urgent Sales @445 Call or Whatsapp 09063476363 for instant transactions, I can Also fund you through Blockchain.

Tina 07:03 26/01/2022

I need 7000 USD in USA or Indonesia good rate, urgent. Received Naira in Nigeria. WA me +6285781110261

Ride 06:21 21/01/2022

I need 8,000$ urgently at 500/$. Payment on confirmation. Location is Lagos. Please call 08161183069

Adamu Bello 01:06 24/01/2022

I have 5,000 USD for Urgent Sales @445 Call or Whatsapp 09063476363 for instant transactions

Adamu Bello 00:57 24/01/2022

I have 5,000 USD for Urgent Sales @445 Call or Whatsapp 09063476363 for instant transactions

Paul 11:57 18/01/2022

Learn how to trade the forex market with me dm me on WhatsApp on 08035122238 just for 50k only

Don baba 04:43 30/09/2021

I have $50,000 to change at 570 dm let's deal

Umar suleiman 19:28 16/01/2022

Call me 07030344596

Sabastine 20:04 19/11/2021


GUDOSA 09:49 18/10/2021

Cad ???

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