CBN has announced international money transfer operators are allowed to pay remittance inflows in foreign currency on December, 2020. Therefore, the rates displayed here refer to past data and are not applicable today.

Western Union

Western Union Exchange Rates

USD₦ 380.28 0.00%02/12/20
EUR₦ 445.18 1.06%02/12/20
GBP₦ 496.26 -0.01%02/12/20

Comments on Naira Rates

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Michealchino 13:14 18/10/2021

I buy and sell with Skrill Intrested persons should dm 08056721678

Rock 09:54 12/10/2021

Does anyone have an idea of how to send money to Qatar from Nigeria?

Mr Pulse 00:37 10/10/2021

Greetings, I Buy USD, CAD, GPB, EUR, GHS All At Amazing Rates, Call|Whatsapp Me On 08131837924 iBuy Any Amount, Any Day.

GUDOSA 09:48 18/10/2021

Cad Only... We sell Cad @ 465

Kenn 04:13 09/10/2021

Please cards and coins needed ASAP dm on WhatsApp 08168826543

Ernest 00:49 08/10/2021

Am happy to have you all 8k

Umar suleiman 23:37 03/10/2021

Aboki transfer available Diamonds Gold dollars euro pounds call dis 07016209966

Shimaf kAY 10:56 02/10/2021

Pls which Nigeria bank can pay international $600 upwards

Don baba 04:43 30/09/2021

I have $50,000 to change at 570 dm let's deal

GUDOSA 09:49 18/10/2021

Cad ???

Baba 22:54 09/10/2021

You contact me here 08167547414

Babe 22:54 09/10/2021

You contact me here 08167547414

Cardlord 17:53 28/09/2021

Send your gift card to cardlord exchange For more information ( 07066782635)

Borngr8 12:21 11/10/2021

I have $5000 to sell at 575 interested person should contact me on 08036297335 location Nsukka Enugu state

Cardlord 17:41 28/09/2021

Send your gift card to cardlord exchange For more information ( 07066782635)

Cardlord 16:21 28/09/2021

Send your gift card to cardlord exchange For more information ( 07066782635)

Dave 04:27 28/09/2021

Please who has Itune and Amazon gift cards to sale I do buy-in bulk with a good rate.

Kk 13:50 17/10/2021

I have iTunes cards for sale. At good rate. Contact me on 07016493162, whatsapp is preferable

Prince of Cash 12:46 24/09/2021

I have 15,000 euros to sell on naira, only interested person I just need. Note £1 to 550

Youngbillion23 10:37 30/09/2021

Did you have this in your domi account. If you have this in your domiciliary account kindly DM me on WhatsApp on +2348133388352. Thanks

Franaks 00:02 24/09/2021

I want 20000000 naira in us dollar equivalent. Who is in? Location Abuja

Giftty 19:38 22/09/2021

Please how much is naria exchange to drahim

Brother me 11:31 22/09/2021

Please how can you send money from Russia to Nigeria since transfer and Western moneygram is not working?

Gamreks 22:33 06/10/2021

Use Crypto currency

Gina 14:19 20/09/2021

Please someone should teach me how to send money through Alipay.....I have de App..I have added my international ID but my master card isn't paying😢😢

Gamreks 22:34 06/10/2021

Zenith bank is working there

Nate 01:06 20/09/2021

What's the current rate of western union money now please

Mikailu 19:20 11/09/2021

I am in Lagos Nigeria, bank rates in my account USD

Mikailu 19:18 11/09/2021

USD dollar receive in Naira change

Teeflex 16:57 10/09/2021

Bad currency

2_pac 12:45 08/09/2021

Five hundred thirty naria is good na grace

M yakub 13:01 04/09/2021


John 08:27 03/09/2021

How can I exchange my dollar to niara

Youngbillion23 10:43 30/09/2021

Find any aboki man around you to convert the USD to Naira. Tht is the best choice.

busyz 01:33 17/09/2021

who give you dollar

Moj 13:49 24/08/2021

What bank is doing western union in Nigeria. Please or money gram I want to send money to Chinese usd account

Mizjoy 19:52 10/10/2021

Have you seen anything

Moj 13:42 24/08/2021

I need dollar can you use western union rate

Scoobz 07:26 23/08/2021

who needs dollars I have to sell

Sherlock 19:59 22/09/2021

Pls i need doller , I will deposit naira in ur account

Princess Kay 14:40 12/08/2021

How much those access bank Dom or any charges for 2000$ doll

King 23:33 09/08/2021

Please i want to send money in naira from nigeria to my brother in rubles he's in russia and most banks I've gone to said they no longer use money gram and WU plss who knows a vank that supports western union or a wat i can send the money legitimately.

Saint 21:41 31/08/2021

Where are you?

Mr Iyke 07:13 27/08/2021

No bank in Nigeria is sending out Western Union or MoneyGram at the moment

Driham to naira 22:31 04/08/2021

5000uae convert it to naira in a black market

Stella 13:42 04/08/2021

How long can one can reach his maximum number of receiving money from abroad without been block by western union or moneygram

Fomesezy 04:38 19/09/2021

Western union works in Nigeria for those receiving money from abroad not sending

King 23:30 09/08/2021

Is western union still working in nigeria i went to most vanks they said they were no longer using it. Plss if u know a bank where it works kindly tell me

Kevinklyn 07:59 03/08/2021

Pls how can i open an international account

Surz 11:45 29/07/2021

Bring your western uinon transaction

Moj 13:43 24/08/2021

Can you drop ur western union details

Kelvin 22:09 28/07/2021

How much those Zenith bank Dom or any Dom charges for 100dollar transactions? Can anyone help?

Fomesezy 04:38 19/09/2021

0.1 cent

Kingfisher 17:04 19/07/2021

Confidence can you assist, I want to send money from Nigeria to UK, western union or money gram, or any other legit way.

Bashir 06:05 15/07/2021

Can I buy Euro here

Ezeudo 03:30 11/07/2021

I want to transfer #200000 from Nigeria to UAE how much is my charges

tosh 04:26 02/07/2021

how can i send money from nigeria to the uk bank

John 21:44 30/06/2021

Pls I want to send money to UK how do I do it pls I need help

@Ghost 22:35 25/06/2021

Hello please how can I send money to my brother in UK from Nigeria, is it possible through western union or money gram, or any other way? Thanks

Charles 09:57 22/06/2021

I have naira I want to buy dollars in Lagos state Nigeria where can I go to

Dodo 22:40 21/06/2021

I want to make use of the western union to Spain

Stan 22:11 10/07/2021

I want to receive money from us how can I do it pls

Eliom 07:30 12/06/2021

Where is the cheapest place I can buy dollar in Nigeria

Charly 15:32 26/08/2021

Please I'm still looking for a place to buy dollar at a cheaper rate

Ameer 06:42 10/06/2021

Is Western Union operating I wanted to purchase pounds and make transfer to Brother residing in UK

Kingfisher 13:36 22/07/2021

Own kelvin, how?

Own kelvin 06:29 16/07/2021

I can help you do it

@Ghost 22:36 25/06/2021

Did you manage to find solution?

Otu 07:02 09/06/2021

1 cedis to naira is what in FCMB

Boss man 16:09 05/06/2021

Confident come online. Can you transfer 150 dollars to south Africa and how much will it cost.?? Western union transfer or any alternative that's legit ND legally paid.

Boss man 16:04 05/06/2021

Confident come online. Can you transfer 150 dollars to south Africa and how much will it cost.??

Geelady 08:53 22/05/2021

The information given on this site for western union has not been updated for a long time now, please can we get the updated exchange rate?

Nice 10:26 07/05/2021

Are you having issues with online payment and the website or company you are paying is legitimate. I can help you to make your payment using PAYPAL. It's 100% legitimate.

Stella 13:43 04/08/2021

Does PayPal work in Nigeria if so what is the maximum amount receive

Stan 22:12 10/07/2021

How pls

Nurah 12:09 09/05/2021

I've been having issues.. Pls I'd need your assistance. Waiting for your response

Pauloo 22:54 06/05/2021

How can I login to this site

Baba 06:27 02/05/2021

Please which bank can I change naira to Cameroon CFA

Confidence 03:17 14/05/2021

Each time you need fcfa let me know. I send in many currencies

Mubarak 17:18 26/04/2021

Please, does any one uses his/her FCMB card for making payment online e.g taobao. Is their rate the best according to the ranking on this site?

Gbasky 10:36 21/04/2021

Please, where can I change dollars at black market rate?

Confidence 03:11 14/05/2021

Just ask the abokis around u

King 16:17 20/04/2021

Pls where can i receive Pula(botswana) and which bank in Nigeria can change it for me in Naira

Scar 14:50 27/04/2021

Visit the airport

Mizjoy 17:08 16/04/2021

Please guys where can i send money through western union or money gram? In my area here non of the banks is sending, please guys help

@Ghost 22:38 25/06/2021

How did you manage?

Confidence 03:11 14/05/2021

Where are you, I can give another alternative hassle free and legit

Diva 18:50 14/04/2021

How much its cost to send 250 dollars to Nigeria

Confidence 03:12 14/05/2021

I can help you for less

Scar 14:51 27/04/2021

Little fee

Tieny 22:08 12/04/2021

I have Naira, Can I transfer or send Gbp to a british bank through Western union or Money gram from Ecobank in Nigeria? What's the best and cheapest way to send Gbp to UK using Naira in Nigeria?

Njjgeospatial 22:52 06/04/2021

How may I exchange naira to Euro at reasonable rate

Alexnaldo 15:46 03/04/2021

Pls guys when Western Union will start working again in Nigeria?

Geelady 06:49 19/05/2021

Please what is the current exchange rate between pounds and naira through western union and which bank has the cheapest exchange rate. Thank you

Nat 13:55 12/04/2021

Western Union is working.. go to any bank

Gt 12:46 01/04/2021

Please can anyone tell me where I can change BGN Bulgurain currency to naira? Urgent answer please

Timleyin 18:19 29/03/2021

What Will I Do To Be Receiving Alert Of Dollars my naira account

Confidence 03:13 14/05/2021

Open a domicilary account and ask them to send you the international transactions instructions so you sent to whoever wants to send you money

Ray 23:35 26/03/2021

Whats the best way to send money to Turkey??

Confidence 03:14 14/05/2021

I can help u

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