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Naira Exchange Rates & Inflation 2020 Annual Review

Foreign currencies to Naira exchange rates have been very stable in the beginning of 2020 until mid-...

Nigerian Naira continued to gain value against most of the foreign currencies in the second half of ...

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Pyaar 19:28 24/09/2021

I have $10000 for sale at ₦555/$1. Contact me on WhatsApp via 08075041764. Interested persons in Abuja only.

Debesh Patnaik 13:23 25/09/2021

Is it you will give dollars on cash?

Oke 17:56 24/09/2021

I have 4.250 usd i need naira,, how much wud it be in naira??

Joy 08:18 24/09/2021

Please how much is 1 dollar in naira in Enugu state

09047078895 13:24 25/09/2021


Sam 13:19 24/09/2021


pamoisian 21:41 23/09/2021

Euro nko guys, wetin be the Euro for blacky?

Adeola 20:19 22/09/2021

Please how do i send my money out of dukacopy

Ot 12:50 21/09/2021

How much is dollar selling today

anony 10:27 21/09/2021

Anyone in Ghana or Lagos that trades Ghana cedis for Dollars or Naira? I need a rate and a contact. I need cedis.

09047078895 13:27 25/09/2021

U need credit at Ghana and will pay Naira at Nigeria or vice versa?

Rabbi Harrison 08:53 21/09/2021

Hello good day I couldn't find black market price of dollar today I don't know if the problem is from my phone or from the website

Ohis_Money 15:26 21/09/2021

CBN have banned them from doing so

Sylvarex 09:50 21/09/2021

It's not your phone bruh, they don't want to let us know what is going on.

Lindmark 22:49 20/09/2021

I need $1,000 in lagos, I have Naira. Please who can do business with me at good rate

Pyaar 11:18 24/09/2021

I have some dollars for sale & I can sell at ₦555/$1. Contact me on 08075041764 (WhatsApp)

Joe 00:52 24/09/2021

I have... Drop your contact

IV 21:01 20/09/2021

Who have Tron for sell

Mon3y_m3n 17:34 20/09/2021

$2000 available at 564 interested people should holla mbok

Uncle IB 16:18 20/09/2021

dollar is now 575

Bayo.. 10:03 20/09/2021

800$ is available@ 570 DM let do business

Stanly 18:27 19/09/2021

Can I use my binance without verification when I link it up with my Advcash ??

Nikki 20:46 17/09/2021

I want to sell $600

Kurrency Exchange 23:13 24/09/2021

Dm 07049165396 WhatsApp

Tosin 15:53 18/09/2021

Hi is this still available?

desmond 15:36 18/09/2021


Ramesh 14:04 16/09/2021

Me need 500 doller sagamu ogun state

Nick 04:18 16/09/2021

@macodmana few ks

Sunny 10:04 14/09/2021

Please, where does visa access bank signature card work

Smartemi 09:17 15/09/2021

My visa is not working tooo

Bishop 14:21 13/09/2021

Hello.. Who needs Euro for Naira

Nick 04:38 13/09/2021

Who need euros for naira? Please let me know thanks

pamoisian 21:58 23/09/2021

Rate please 🥺

pamoisian 21:44 23/09/2021


Macodman 15:20 13/09/2021

i need Euro, and how many do you have?

Gem 19:16 12/09/2021

Pls does stambic I Btc mastered work in advance cash

Tom 07:23 14/09/2021


Stanley 01:29 12/09/2021

Pls, what is the minimum deposit on Advcash?

Tom 07:41 14/09/2021


Moore 07:02 11/09/2021

I have Naira and I need dollars, Lagos only please… with good rate

Upu 14:47 17/09/2021

How much can you buy 300 dollars

Kay 20:42 10/09/2021

I want to exchange Naira for dollar anyone interested

ProfEgo 13:04 12/09/2021

I am, let's do business

BoB 15:52 09/09/2021

Which app is best and tested and trusted for getting changing naira to cedis?

GLASSWINDOW 09:12 05/09/2021

I have Naira, wants to exchange it to British pound. I need 10k pound. Anyone interested

GLASSWINDOW 22:54 04/09/2021

I want exchange Naira to Pounds, very urgent

Sammy 15:36 02/09/2021

Pls i need a legit way of sending money from Nigeria to china help a bother Thank you..

Henry 23:53 12/09/2021

I can help you if u still want to do the transfer.

ProfEgo 14:57 08/09/2021

You can use would have to visit you bank to do the transfer.

Diamonds 17:24 01/09/2021

Pls I have CAD, and would need naira. Can someone pls help me

Dbetsy 22:38 14/09/2021

I will credit your account with Naira if you do interac for the CAD

Draye 14:21 30/08/2021

Not visible

Chichi 05:03 29/08/2021

Help guys, I want buy car online with US dollars where can I do transfer

ProfEgo 14:56 08/09/2021

Sure but it depends on the company that you want to buy from

Fagge! 14:48 27/08/2021

Please, guys! I have access bank's blue card, at least 12 cards, I don't know where to use them.

Oti 02:17 29/08/2021

Pls brothers, till now I have not gotten information how to to go about.the dollars I bought

Fagge! 10:20 27/08/2021

Please, guys! I have access bank's blue card, at least 12 cards, I don't know where to use them.

Chizzy 14:29 27/08/2021

Is that master card?

Fagge! 10:17 27/08/2021

Please, guys! Can I use third party's card on advacash and transfer wise. I need help!

Hero 06:37 11/09/2021

No brother

Ezieke obum 11:13 26/08/2021

Join I want to join me

Chelseaoceanimpex 11:26 22/08/2021

I can supply

Abdul 09:16 20/08/2021

Please sterling bank rate?

Mobe 19:59 18/08/2021

How Chipper cash works?

Mobe 19:57 18/08/2021

Which cards goes through Changelly?

God's grace 14:23 16/08/2021

Hello . Please I want to sell naira to FCA . Am looking for a legit way to do it. Please l need help.

Mallamhalifa 01:09 14/08/2021

Please what is happening with skrill I'm unable to deposit on it

Sahmaxenterprise 17:25 14/08/2021

With what card?

Gudnex 17:42 13/08/2021

I want to sell rands to naira...Any interested person?

Gudnex 09:45 21/09/2021


Jako 09:20 21/09/2021

Yes I am how much

wisoscopy 14:57 13/08/2021

Guys good day ,please who has used union bank master card on Advcash recently?

Chichi 21:27 11/08/2021

I want to purchase car from Japan how can I pay because it is in dollar

Don Saab 17:45 19/09/2021

Go direct to the company branch near you or any state there they have branch,show them the car you want.The prices both buy nd shipping is already been posted at their website.

Agent 23:25 12/08/2021

Go and open dollar account

James 12:18 09/08/2021

Who knows if I can exchange Transferwise funds for naira at any BDC in Lagos ?

Babsontrades 07:27 17/08/2021

Which currency, I buy

Mudexity 14:19 08/08/2021

Please does transfer wise accept union Bank MasterCard or visa card.someone should help me out with this question 🙏🙏

ali 02:11 10/08/2021


Eddy 10:22 08/08/2021

Which bank card work Wise formerly know transfer wise to buy RMB and dollar? My first bank card is not working for me

Offline 08:04 07/08/2021

Pls what is the rate of gram now to Dollar

Ugo 15:22 17/08/2021

Please which gram are talking about? Is it gramfree?

President of happines 14:41 06/08/2021

Were can I send money with the Nigeria rate from Oman,

Abdul 22:44 11/08/2021

You can send it to me I will converted it

Mallamhalifa 07:15 06/08/2021

Please how can I change my currency on Skrill account from Us dollar to euro

Mallamhalifa 07:14 06/08/2021

Please how can I change my currency on Skrill account from Us dollar to euro

Nura 22:51 26/08/2021

Pls you can YouTube

Sirchris 22:35 05/08/2021

please which card works on Advcash? my firstbank Visa keeps failing me.

K 09:15 09/09/2021

Gtcard sterling,Uba 2 card

Eddy 10:48 04/08/2021

I need Genuine RMB Seller good rate?

08146196896 04:50 05/08/2021

What quantity do you want? I can supply you.

Zionking 07:30 04/08/2021

Good morning my people, wetin de happen for Eversend na o?

Mobe 16:51 07/08/2021


wisoscopy 11:51 03/08/2021

Who has used union card recently ?

Judex 18:15 01/08/2021

Anyone in warri or lagos that needs pounds @700 to a pound i got a few to exchamge ..

GLASSWINDOW 08:16 05/09/2021

How many pounds do you have. I need them up to 10k pounds

XVEST 17:12 30/07/2021

Stop enabling the illicit flow of funds by providing a platform/price mechanism for black market operations. Black market is illegal its sabotaging the economy and livelihood of every citizens. Stand for what is right. Stand Against Economic Sabotage # BraceYourself

Anonymous! 12:17 29/07/2021

Please which currency is more profitable to buy on Wise and AdvCash?

Ola 10:48 26/07/2021

Pls where can I use gtbank naira Mastercard.

Girle 03:06 24/07/2021

Where can I buy euro

Pablo 11:04 24/07/2021

Depend on your location. I sell but you can also buy at any BDC in your location

Pablo 17:29 21/07/2021

Hi guys, I live in Ibadan and I'm into bureau de change and coin business. If you need any service, please reach out. 13:21 01/09/2021

There's none i know of.

Peace 11:57 01/09/2021

Hi, Pablo is there anywhere I can register to retail for pounds for profit motive?

Pablo 22:21 25/07/2021

Sorry, I'm a retailer too.

solatrust 17:41 25/07/2021

if there anyway I can register with you as a retailer buy from you and sell to my customers for a profit motive thanks

Pablo 19:51 23/07/2021

Buy /Sell 684/714

Kingfisher 19:28 23/07/2021

How much is your rate in pound sterling?

wisoscopy 21:25 20/07/2021

Guys who has used standard chartered on Advcash recently?

M.V.M. 04:23 19/07/2021

Highly valueless.

Sedof 19:44 18/07/2021

Pls guys where can I get dollar for naira and how much

Parco 16:40 03/09/2021

Dclue your contact to reach you

Sirchris 16:21 31/08/2021

@Dclue drop your contact let me reach you

Dclue 17:52 22/08/2021

I can give you at #450

Joe 18:23 18/07/2021

Guys pls which app or exchange that I can send from Ghana to Nigeria

Yahsan 07:45 06/08/2021


AZ 08:43 17/07/2021

We're can I send euro with this exchange rate to Nigeria from Italy

wisoscopy 21:27 14/07/2021

Guys who has used standard chat and Union bank card on Advcash recently?

Kay 05:06 23/07/2021

Any response in regards to this?

Ganj 09:16 13/07/2021

Where can I download advanced cash app am using iPhone

Mobe 20:42 12/07/2021

How gomoney virtual card works

Nick 15:02 11/07/2021

Who need Euro for Naira let me know

Parco 16:41 03/09/2021

I need it, how can I reach you?

Nick 14:53 11/07/2021

Naira have no value anymore

wisoscopy 07:06 11/07/2021

Happy Sunday guys ,please who has used Advcash this week and which cards works.

Wakes 15:42 11/07/2021

FCMB GTB and Polaris

Joe 19:41 08/07/2021

Please how much is Italian lira to naira

Robertocallos 12:33 11/07/2021

Who told you that you can still exchange Italian Lira? You can only exchange Italian lira at the Italian central Bank, and I am not sure if they still exchange it as of today

Jessica 22:25 07/07/2021

Hi , I need 2000 usd at a good rate, who needs naira

Jasper Nkem 08:17 06/07/2021

Hi I live in Onitsha and I'm into bureau de change business I need someone I can buy either euro or dollars from Europe while I pay here.

Nick 04:13 16/09/2021

Still in interested in euros we can do the business

Fav 15:40 02/09/2021

Yes we can do business. I base in Belgium

Amos 22:30 19/07/2021

Alight you can contact me if you are interested let's discuss business

Confidence 11:31 10/07/2021

Hello I have $100 dollars in my cash app if you want it wr can do exchange

Jay Jay Kelechi 05:44 02/07/2021

I need a sure abomi dst I can be dealing with please

wisoscopy 11:08 30/06/2021

good morning guys ,pls which cards works on advcash recently?

Olu 17:00 27/06/2021

I need naira for pounds in UK.

Sadiq 08:29 23/06/2021

The RMB rate is misleading...its actually at 78-80 as of today

Peterberry 11:56 21/06/2021

Please i want to change $50 How much in naira

Prince 23:34 21/06/2021

Hi Peter, Everything shouldn't be asked. Like now the changing rate is 495 per dollar. Just multiply 50 × 495 = 24,750. But most of the times, there's different of 2 Naira to 5 Naira from the changing rate they state online. Depends on the person that changes for you.. Thanks and hope it helps.

Bishop 20:35 20/06/2021

I want to sell Euro... I live in Finland

Bishop 15:24 21/06/2021

Yes I need naira

Andy 10:44 21/06/2021

Hello, doyou need naira?

Wisoscopy 12:18 20/06/2021

Who has used ATM card on transfer wise this month and which card, visa/ Master card?

08131074690 19:26 17/06/2021

I want to find a Naira and USDT exchange, and some contact.

Rambolism 00:00 23/06/2021

But you need to pay for the service

08146196896 12:45 08/06/2021

Hello Pls I need RMB in bulk quantity always. I have someone that needs it, but don't know how the transaction works? I would be your regular customer. If someone can teach me this business and also sell at a cheaper rate to me, where I can resell. Looking forward to our response. Thanks!

solomon 15:15 06/06/2021

Which debit card works on transferwise,has any body used it recently?

mAfaRaWemI 20:20 12/06/2021


Sisie 06:32 02/06/2021

So how do I get started? Need RMB

Nene 10:02 01/06/2021

Please wen is the right time for me to buy dollar?

Omo London 15:45 31/05/2021

Anyone selling Naira?

Kingfisher 19:18 12/07/2021


Quinn 00:18 02/06/2021

Yes , how much naira do you want

Michael 15:27 21/05/2021

Hello everyone. I am new here and I've never sent money abroad. I would like to pay some money into a UK account in £ obviously but I have the money in my bank account in Naira. From what I've seen, the BDC rates are quite high. I have never used Western Union or Moneygram so I am not sure how they work. I also heard that CBN stopped payments from Nigeria going abroad, but I don't know if this is true. Please I need some reliable advice ASAP. Thanks.

Mallam 18:57 06/07/2021

Get the money from your bank and wire direct

muna 10:44 07/06/2021

use transferwise with your debit card

07030276818 07:34 28/05/2021

Hi, Thank you mama.... That's another option.... What is your rate

Mama 09:29 27/05/2021

How much do you want to send to uk ? I can give you a better rate,I am in the UK And where does the person stay in the UK

Ian 12:35 24/05/2021

If your beneficiary is this sophisticated you can buy a STABLEcoin with your naira over p2p on binance. Then send your beneficiary the bitcoin. Then they (your beneficiary) can change bitcoin to pounds. Don't accept help from strangers who drop their number on here. Do this yourself, using verified dealers on a verified exchange.

07030276818 22:58 23/05/2021

I'm not too sure.... But I think do .... Do you have any relatives in the UK ?... They can purchase your Naira in exchange for Pounds... This can facilitate the payment.

Michael 21:16 21/05/2021

Thanks Chidiebere. i would appreciate your advice. I was wondering if Wesrern Union and Moneygram still transfer funds out of Nigeria.

Chidiebere 16:56 21/05/2021

I can help you with some advice I have friends over there and I do visit regularly

Orave 06:20 21/05/2021

Please how do I remove the green menu having black market, CBN, bank rates and coin icons covering my screen. It's really annoying.

Joseph 11:30 07/05/2021

Please where can I change my dollar in ABA

Vivi 20:07 03/05/2021


Undisputed 17:56 29/04/2021

Which bank can I buy cheaper foreign exchange for UK student school fees

Blessed General 17:19 25/04/2021

Please, am in Ghana and needed cedis. How can I transfer money from my Nigeria account to receive Cedis in Ghana?

Greentouch 21:01 19/05/2021

use chippercash app

Abdool Bureau de Change 10:20 17/04/2021

Buy, Dollar, Pound, Euro ,RMB and lots at us for better rate

Desmond 08:19 04/09/2021

How much is ur dollar

wisoscopy 13:53 30/06/2021

How much is your euro to naira? i need 100 euros.

Senator 20:15 10/06/2021

How much is Euro to naira

Sisie 06:30 02/06/2021

How much is RMB?

Kelvin 15:51 31/05/2021

Where u pls, can we talk

Ebuka 21:33 27/04/2021

How much is RMB

Havilahfingers 07:31 16/04/2021

Hello. Where can I buy pound at a cheaper rate to exchange with naira plz?

James 20:36 31/03/2021

Which bank is operating on western union or money gram for dollar transfer out of Nigeri effectively

Fagge! 10:30 27/08/2021

I want

anass 20:59 09/05/2021

I would like to transfer my money to Morocco

Jackie 10:05 14/03/2021

Can an American open a domiciliary account in Nigeria

Ian 23:17 17/03/2021

Yes, but proof of legal entry and residential address in the country will be required. Physical visit to a branch is a must for your first account in Nigeria.

Ndubuisi 07:48 13/03/2021

Where can i change 7000aed to naira am in Dubai at good rate

Jay 20:40 26/03/2021

Let me know if it’s not too late.

Jay 20:39 26/03/2021

What is good exchange rate for you?

Gana 08:21 26/02/2021

Two much Dollar to naira each one dollar is four eighty

India mikemike 11:45 25/02/2021

Can I send money united Arab emirate to my domiciliary account in Nigeria

Ify 23:41 18/03/2021

By transfer

Ephriam 15:13 10/02/2021

How can I get or open foreign account?

Josh 19:35 29/01/2021

Please how can receive money from Nigeria to Dubai with good rate

M 21:17 04/02/2021

I Thing Pos

P 18:16 28/01/2021

Which apps can I use to send momo to Ghana from Nigeria

sendcedis2naira 03:08 02/03/2021

use sendcedis2naira

Nko 12:35 27/02/2021

Use wordremit

Abdul 13:46 25/01/2021

Which means of payment can you recommend for a first timer on moonpay

Don saab 07:17 18/01/2021

Perhaps that's something speechless.

moses 19:14 06/01/2021

naira will rise !

John Hearts 10:07 02/01/2021

Gtbank is N415/USD. That's what I was charged yesterday. N415/USD

Idris 14:30 28/01/2021

Which website bro

IanSunderland 11:52 30/12/2020

@Mdo The exchange rates for cryptocurrencies are expressed in USD. Technically, you can't buy much cryptos with a naira card, which, at the time of writing, has a meagre $100/month limit. While some exchangers might claim you can pay for cryptos with naira, you're not actually paying with naira. You're using your naira card to buy dollars from the black market, which are in turn used to buy the cryptos. The exchange(r)s that will sell you cryptos with your naira card are therefore, the Nigeria-specific ones.

Mdo 20:48 21/12/2020

What bank card can I use to buy cryptos ohh! ?

Sirchris 22:47 05/08/2021

@mdo did you later get a reply on this your question?

R 10:53 21/11/2020

When I lived in Nigeria in 1974, the 'black market' rate was "two-for-one" (N2 = £1)!!

italo 20:03 21/10/2020

How do i buy dollar on bank rate

Fani Wayne 08:10 28/01/2021

Go to the bank and meet any of the cashier

Queengyna 17:39 23/08/2020

Please I need recommendation of trusted seller to or website buy yaun from.thanks

NgnRates 16:49 10/07/2018

Thank you for your feedback ValezOdilli, we do not have app plans yet, we try our best at mobile browsers for the short term. We will announce when there is an update about our app plans. We would like to hear if you have any feedbacks or problems with our mobile web site.

ValezOdili 09:28 10/07/2018

I wanted to download the app but I can't see any option as such

moses 15:27 28/05/2018

good to see you back :)

Ehis 04:19 12/05/2021

How much is naira