EURO (EUR) Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Euro to Naira Exchange Rates

Black Market₦ 600.000.50%02/08/21
CBN₦ 487.570.12%30/07/21
BDC₦ 603.000.00%02/08/21
Moneygram₦ 465.090.16%02/12/20
Western Union₦ 445.181.06%02/12/20
FX Market₦ 487.62-0.01%01/08/21
Bank - GTBank₦ 535.0002/08/21
  • Euro to Naira exchange rate is ₦ 600.00 in Black Market, ₦ 487.57 in CBN, ₦ 603.00 in BDC, ₦ 465.09 in Moneygram, ₦ 445.18 in Western Union, ₦ 487.62 in FX Market, and ₦ 535.00 in GTBank
  • EURO to Naira rate recently moves upwards 0.50% in Black Market, 0.12% in CBN, 0.16% in Moneygram, 1.06% in Western Union
  • EURO to Naira rate recently moves downwards 0.01% in FX Market
  • Euro to Naira exchange rate has the lowest value of ₦ 445.18 at Western Union as of 02/12/2020 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Euro to Naira exchange rate has the highest value of ₦ 603.00 at BDC as of 02/08/2021 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Most recent Euro to Naira bank rate is ₦ 535.00 at GTBank as of 02/08/2021

EURO to Naira Overview

Euro, the official currency of European Union, is the second most exchanged currency with Nigerian Naira.

  • Name: EURO
  • Country: Euro Member Countries
  • Currency Code: EUR
  • Symbol:
  • Other names:
  • Minor: 1 EUR equals 100 cent.

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Favour Malano 20:25 31/07/2021

It's really challenging to run a market free economy whereby the forces of demand and supply determines the prices of most traded currency with an underlying effects of uncontrollable inflation bcos the activities of such scenero determines the prices of commodities.

Chukwnonmey 17:57 20/07/2021

Is Nice now

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Nice one

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