BDC - Bureau De Change

BDC Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 478 / 470-0.42%02/03/21
EUR₦ 578 / 570-0.34%02/03/21
GBP₦ 660 / 654-1.35%02/03/21
  • Today on BDC
    • Top losing exchange rate is Pound to Naira having a ₦ 9 fall to ₦ 660.00 as of 02/03/2021. This corresponds to 1.35% fall compared to previous day.

Comment on Naira Rates

Ify 19:33 26/02/2021

How do I by dollar

Elijah igwe 17:51 26/02/2021

Please where can I exchange my Bitcoin to Naira or dollars in Nigeria?

Lilsaint 06:49 26/02/2021

How much is your buying rate on Bitcoin

Congo 20:49 25/02/2021

How can I get dollar am in Turkey-Cyprus

Gifty 22:32 15/02/2021

How can I buy rmb?

Dayinla 09:24 01/02/2021

Why does sell rate higher than buy rate?

TallnSlim 11:41 15/01/2021

@Kaaf, I sell both cash and inflow.

Kaaff 08:38 08/01/2021

Where can one buy or get dollar pls, without falling to the hands of scammers

Aji 22:38 01/12/2020

I am interested in this Business of buying and selling currency. I need guide lines

JOE 12:12 30/11/2020

Am intrested in buying n selling Lets hook up n help each other In dis business .

Presco 09:30 15/11/2020

Please can I send money from china to Nigeria account

Mzoo money 23:54 23/02/2021

Only on dollar account to avoid stress

legendary 23:38 13/11/2020

hhh naira is good for us let it be like that forever

Mcdee 11:47 10/11/2020

Hello Joe... If you have a gtb dollar card, I can teach you how to do that and even make a whole lot of money from it.

Dayinla 14:01 04/02/2021

Please teach us.

Chinko 08:15 02/02/2021

@mcdee boss can you teach me I have UBA dollar card

M.d 06:47 26/01/2021

Pls tell us how to do it

Davud 08:51 23/10/2020

@Tommy did you try Western Union or Moneygram?

Tommy 00:53 23/10/2020

Hello,pls how can i send money from Germany to Nigeria with this

Samkay 06:40 11/10/2020

Please how can I exchange naira to zar

Joe 14:16 22/09/2020

I have 2000 pounds sterling in my gt bank account and looking for naira. How do I exchange pounds for naira

Chinko 08:16 02/02/2021

@joe you can exchange it in beaure de change

Adim O 15:28 15/09/2020

How can I send money from my USA bank account to my Nigerian Bank Account

mike 22:10 06/09/2020

It is practically impossible to convert naira to dollar on dom acct at this time people are hoarding and reserving dollars now including banks .......

Chinko 08:18 02/02/2021

Hello@mike pls what do you mean I have dollars in my dom acct planning to withdraw and sell so it wouldn't be possible now

mike 22:07 06/09/2020

Dollar will rise up to 540 naira between September and October in the black market .

Samoyi 11:29 03/09/2020

Good morning Please how can I convert my naira in my GTBank Account to dollar in my GTBank Domiciliary Account

Karimson 19:51 30/08/2020

Sir what about CFA african west to naira

KAMAS 22:09 02/08/2020

Hello, Please did you buy or sell cryptocurrency

Bala 11:55 17/02/2021


adiv 08:05 13/07/2020

Can naira go up or go down against dollars

kabiru 06:32 26/11/2018

Good morning, please did you have office in Dubai sir

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