BDC - Bureau De Change

BDC Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 482 / 4750.00%11/05/21
EUR₦ 584 / 5730.00%11/05/21
GBP₦ 674 / 6650.00%11/05/21

    Comment on Naira Rates

    Jack 05:49 12/05/2021

    How can we send euro to Nigeria accounts with this rate from Europe

    Voka 19:08 10/05/2021

    2000 Ghana cedis to Naira am in Abuja

    Jay jay 07:21 09/05/2021

    Please can anyone help me with a reliable information, I need to know the reliable place to change my naira to CFA in Lagos, it's urgent...any lead idea is appreciated in advance.

    Tosine 13:44 07/05/2021

    I have £1500, i need naira

    Dematty 18:33 05/05/2021

    How can I change 1. 000 euros

    WAVES 17:45 05/05/2021


    Magik 01:28 06/05/2021

    Available sir. Can we deal in Bank here in Gusau

    Linecrosser 09:56 05/05/2021

    Where can I change 50K USD to Naira in Oyo State?

    Blessed Boy 23:14 28/04/2021

    How can I get euro inflow into UBA

    07034972571 16:18 29/04/2021

    I will do dat for you

    badro 15:21 24/04/2021

    hello i want exhange naira to mad there is any one help

    Usman 17:10 22/04/2021

    Today price in Lagos is 481 not 482 dollars come down

    Diamond 19:32 20/04/2021

    Will dollar still increase

    Dust 13:44 20/04/2021

    I need to make an exchange of 45k in dollars to in Abuja how fast can I have that done? Please reply ASAP

    Blessed Boy 23:16 28/04/2021

    Is it cash or in your don account? Which bank?

    Usman 17:08 22/04/2021

    Through online and if to say na Lagos I will do it am in Lagos then it's my business at Lagos island

    Usman 17:08 22/04/2021

    Through online and if to say na Lagos I will do it am in Lagos then it's my business at Lagos island

    Darasimi 13:00 19/04/2021

    How can somebody send money to me frm ghana to Naira

    Havilahfingers 07:34 16/04/2021

    old where can I exchange pounds at a good rate with naira

    Uv 07:05 13/04/2021

    Who has up to 2btc to sell in Lagos. I need a good rate. It will be a f2f transaction in a neutral location

    Micky 16:24 09/04/2021

    Can I get 90 dollars sent to me via money gram?

    AGS 10:30 08/04/2021

    Where can I get dhiram in Lagos

    Joe 15:46 08/04/2021

    Alaba international hopefully

    S Au 09:04 05/04/2021

    I hope that one day Naira will become more valuable

    Bishop 21:26 02/04/2021

    Hey.. I live in Finland want to change Euro to Naira...

    Nik 08:36 28/03/2021

    Please anyone sell USD cash in abuja like up to 1m usd

    Utchay 17:43 23/03/2021

    I have dollar for sell (cash) in ajah

    eyebrows 03:36 23/03/2021

    i have a few dollars in my account I will like to sell for naira

    Adex 05:13 09/04/2021

    How mush u go sel

    Lesti 15:36 27/03/2021

    Still have it?

    A A Auwal 23:04 16/03/2021

    Too bad for Naira. 🌚

    Deemex 17:37 26/04/2021

    I have dollar i need naira from United States of America how can I get naira i have dollars here

    legend 07:31 22/03/2021

    hhh for you not for naira

    RMB 07:07 13/03/2021

    Does anyone sell RMB here??

    Teeshaymama 20:54 03/03/2021

    How do one sell dollars

    Lesti 16:53 08/03/2021

    Do you have a dollar account or its cash?

    Ify 19:33 26/02/2021

    How do I by dollar

    Elijah igwe 17:51 26/02/2021

    Please where can I exchange my Bitcoin to Naira or dollars in Nigeria?

    Airvin 00:26 19/03/2021

    We do that here in kano

    Lilsaint 06:49 26/02/2021

    How much is your buying rate on Bitcoin

    Congo 20:49 25/02/2021

    How can I get dollar am in Turkey-Cyprus

    Gifty 22:32 15/02/2021

    How can I buy rmb?

    Dayinla 09:24 01/02/2021

    Why does sell rate higher than buy rate?

    TallnSlim 11:41 15/01/2021

    @Kaaf, I sell both cash and inflow.

    Kaaff 08:38 08/01/2021

    Where can one buy or get dollar pls, without falling to the hands of scammers

    Deemex 17:54 26/04/2021

    I have dollars in my US bank account and I need Naira at home is anyone here need dollars in US that has naira at home?

    Aji 22:38 01/12/2020

    I am interested in this Business of buying and selling currency. I need guide lines

    JOE 12:12 30/11/2020

    Am intrested in buying n selling Lets hook up n help each other In dis business .

    Eazi bwoy 09:41 20/04/2021

    Please I really need to sell my USD, hw do I go about it

    Presco 09:30 15/11/2020

    Please can I send money from china to Nigeria account

    Jr 16:58 18/04/2021

    Yep, hit me up @abokijr

    Baba jay 16:33 04/03/2021

    Sure, if u have a Dom acc.

    Mzoo money 23:54 23/02/2021

    Only on dollar account to avoid stress

    legendary 23:38 13/11/2020

    hhh naira is good for us let it be like that forever

    Mcdee 11:47 10/11/2020

    Hello Joe... If you have a gtb dollar card, I can teach you how to do that and even make a whole lot of money from it.

    Deemex 17:38 26/04/2021

    Yes I do teach me

    Gentle 01:41 05/03/2021

    @mcdee please how can one do that am interested and how can I get to met you for this vital information

    Dayinla 14:01 04/02/2021

    Please teach us.

    Chinko 08:15 02/02/2021

    @mcdee boss can you teach me I have UBA dollar card

    M.d 06:47 26/01/2021

    Pls tell us how to do it

    Davud 08:51 23/10/2020

    @Tommy did you try Western Union or Moneygram?

    Tommy 00:53 23/10/2020

    Hello,pls how can i send money from Germany to Nigeria with this

    Samkay 06:40 11/10/2020

    Please how can I exchange naira to zar

    Joe 14:16 22/09/2020

    I have 2000 pounds sterling in my gt bank account and looking for naira. How do I exchange pounds for naira

    Chinko 08:16 02/02/2021

    @joe you can exchange it in beaure de change

    Adim O 15:28 15/09/2020

    How can I send money from my USA bank account to my Nigerian Bank Account

    Baba Jay 16:34 04/03/2021

    Do u have a Dom acc in Nigeria 🇳🇬?

    mike 22:10 06/09/2020

    It is practically impossible to convert naira to dollar on dom acct at this time people are hoarding and reserving dollars now including banks .......

    Chinko 08:18 02/02/2021

    Hello@mike pls what do you mean I have dollars in my dom acct planning to withdraw and sell so it wouldn't be possible now

    mike 22:07 06/09/2020

    Dollar will rise up to 540 naira between September and October in the black market .

    Samoyi 11:29 03/09/2020

    Good morning Please how can I convert my naira in my GTBank Account to dollar in my GTBank Domiciliary Account

    Karimson 19:51 30/08/2020

    Sir what about CFA african west to naira

    KAMAS 22:09 02/08/2020

    Hello, Please did you buy or sell cryptocurrency

    Bala 11:55 17/02/2021


    adiv 08:05 13/07/2020

    Can naira go up or go down against dollars

    kabiru 06:32 26/11/2018

    Good morning, please did you have office in Dubai sir

    Digitalosmania 12:51 14/04/2021

    You can ask google na

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