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Ikdestiny 11:27 16/03/2024

Please where can I buy cedis in Abuja... I need 8,000 cedis

Carter Mensah 13:52 22/03/2024

Do you have a momo line?

Shary 09:40 10/01/2024

How much is 388 cedis in naira

jay 08:53 07/11/2023

what is the rate for cedi today

Stonesz 09:41 04/09/2023

Who's trading cedis to naira???

Awina 08:06 07/03/2023

What is the price of cedis to naira

Barryk 07:50 29/05/2023

It's fourty point nine four ngn as at the time of writing this comment.

Mecus 10:14 18/03/2023

Please who can sell cedis for naira. And what is your rate as for today

Minister 10:58 05/03/2023

Please how much is the 1GHs cedis rate to naira buy and sell?

Kay 17:07 22/12/2022

Please i need agent that can change cedi to naria for me in ghana

Egr TJ EXCHANGE 22:39 08/07/2022

Welcome to HONEST Bureau De Change. BDC.. Our rates are: Dollar Exchange 600/$.. Euro - 630/€.. Pounds - 750/£.. CAD 460/$..Cedis 70.. E,t,c.. ENaira PayPal 430/$ Skrill money 450/$ Net money 425/$ Ethereum 530/$ i sell Payooner 430/$ I also exchange with USDT 590.. Address: NO 77 OPP NNPC HOTORO, KANO STATE, NIGERIA. Phone Number: +2348106787244 . We proudly provide our customers with the best forex services and experience: +2348106787244

Austin 10:23 21/12/2022

How much is 200 cedis to naira

Logicray 09:19 03/05/2022

I sell naira at for cedi at GH1 TO NGN60

Blessed 17:40 03/11/2022

Who has cedis and at what rate do you sell?

Spice 12:58 03/11/2022

What is your rate naira to cedis

Obidex 00:02 01/09/2022

50 naira

Jah 19:48 28/06/2022

How much is your cedi today

Juli 00:33 01/09/2022

Please who is in Accra that will be my agent, is a face to face business

Fodio 21:04 09/09/2022

Mr. Juli pls can we tlk plss

Wale 16:32 09/08/2022

Anyone please does Naira ATM card work on ATM in Ghana

Queenoski 09:26 27/07/2022

Please which app can I use to do mobile money transfer from Nigeria to gana at cheap rate

Frank 01:29 28/07/2022

No app can give you cheap rate my brother.

Banky money 23:35 14/07/2022

Please let all be aware of this number he's a scammer +23320 2522467 he have been scamming people a lot of money

Banky money 11:46 02/04/2022

kindly chat me up for your, naira to cedis, dollar to cedis,cfa to cedis and cedis to naira BTC to cedis transactions, am also available for face to face business. https://wa.me/message/XSAXIYDTNJLVH1

feargpd 15:08 23/06/2022

i have naira for sell

Bumzy75 21:02 10/04/2022

Send your WhatsApp number

Phenom 19:42 10/04/2022

What's your rate ?

Lazy_mouse 23:52 22/06/2022

I need an agent I can work with.... For cedis, Leones, Dalasi, Liberia Dollar and Kwanza transaction in bulks. 1. You must provide your office address in these countries before I work with you. Only WhatsApp message to this number +2348033824133

Guleke wrld 10:41 23/05/2022

Please i want to buy cedis on a daily basis. And it's a face to face deal. Anyone available to sell face to face in Delta state, bayelsa, Port Harcourt and Enugu is highly needed. Please message me on WhatsApp if you are interested. +2348054634044. Thank you

Kingj 01:39 18/06/2022

Cash or momo

Anisaaka 18:52 23/05/2022

Please if you can exchange Cedis to Naira in bulk for me daily please contact me via this number.. +2348110700536

Yusuf turaki 21:21 21/05/2022

I buy cedis at good rate whatsapp me or call at +2348103143573

Z 11:04 21/05/2022

What is today rate from cedis to naira. I need help pls. The calculations

Yusuf 11:54 17/05/2022

My Whatsapp line is 0549953878

Cl solutions Gh 12:15 16/05/2022

Cl solution GH contact us for all Naira to cedis exchange at a juicy rate. Daily supply of Ghs, naira in bulk verse versal Call or WhatsApp us on 0270752287/0545797737, you can also locate us at Teshie tsebleou

Jmoney 19:40 07/05/2022

Need GHs. At good rate. Whatsup on 08152356114. I need a ghanian merchant

Sportybet 08:53 01/05/2022

Message me via+2347036810469 for today game

Phenom 10:02 30/04/2022

I buy GHS in bulk. Bring your GHS, I will give you naira at a very good rate . DM me on WhatsApp : +2348179527004

A.A Yusuf234 10:56 16/04/2022

Which app now is best for buying and selling or sending and receiving international currency? Plz if you know help me and chat me or call me 08146878561

Phenom 21:09 11/04/2022

I buy GHS in bulk. Bring your GHS, I will give you naira at a very good rate . DM me on WhatsApp : +2348179527004

Banky money 11:29 24/03/2022

kindly chat me up for your naira to cedis, dollar to cedis,cfa to cedis and cedis to naira BTC to cedis transactions, you can also come to my office for face to face business. https://wa.me/message/XSAXIYDTNJLVH1

HENROLEX THE GREAT 13:48 24/02/2022

Get GHS 1,000 for N84,000 CONTACT ME @ 08160966505

Banky money 14:49 31/01/2022

Naira rate is poor but my rate is sweet kindly chat me up for your fast transactions naira to cedis or cedis to naira or you can come to my office for your transactions https://wa.me/message/XSAXIYDTNJLVH1

Samchi 14:32 15/02/2022

I can't click on your watapp link contact me lie do business urgently 08073871909

Senator 14:44 14/02/2022

Pls chat me up let's transact 0207802656

Exchange 💱 14:55 03/06/2021

So how do I understand this rate of a thing

Banky money 22:13 02/02/2022

Hello please contact me am a momo merchant https://wa.me/message/XSAXIYDTNJLVH1

Aha 16:07 20/10/2020

Agreed Naira is not doing well, but let's not forget that Ghanians took two zeros off their currency,

nico 03:22 26/01/2022

i'm from Nigeria brother naira is very poor and poor 1000 naira is 10 cides when i change it to ghana cides in border

Kellz 01:53 08/07/2021

4 actually, they took 4 zeros

Darlington 20:32 24/01/2022

Need cedes at 66.95 to naira 07032728252 please a trusted merchant

Nero 02:34 30/12/2021

I need a fast business partner who will receive money from Nigeria to me in Ghana with good rate. 0241104737 call me

Ike 20:07 18/04/2021

1 Cedi to naira rate as at this morning is hw much

Buy&Cargo 03:31 06/11/2021

Christian 66.92 isn't bad do u have available?

Christian Pekah 11:06 05/11/2021


Buy&Cargo 03:30 06/11/2021

Need Ghanaian cedis will pay naira, whats ur rate?

Alamin Ibrahim hamid 15:44 04/11/2021

I need Ghana money in my transfer wise accounts

Oscar boy 19:58 02/07/2020

Naira is very poor

Timmy 05:31 31/10/2021

What about cedis

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