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Mercy 22:08 15/08/2023

Where can I get the west Africa cfa in badagry

Peterjohn 21:24 01/11/2022

How much is naira to CFA?

Unadabo 00:03 16/11/2022

1000cfa=1100 NGN

New PN exchange 11:19 03/11/2022

Actually 1000# = 850f

Xylocaine 09:39 13/05/2022

Contact me on whatsapp with +22957623443 to change Naira to cefa at cbn rate. I have office in Nigeria and Benin for transaction.

Noza 08:08 04/05/2022

Pls is der a different rate for changing from cefa to naira abeg I need answers

Abdallah 02:41 01/05/2022

How to buy CFA at 0.67or 0.70

Abdallah 02:04 01/05/2022

How to buy CFA (xof) @ CBN rates?

Fatheroffour 13:05 14/02/2022

Please if you change to naira and cfa please message me +2348117816190

John 22:41 21/03/2021

Où trouver un centre où je ferai mon échange de naira à CFA

Fatheroffour 13:04 14/02/2022

Do you exchange to naira

Az 10:38 10/06/2021

If I took #100000 Nigeria to Benin republican bank how much will I collect and how much is the bank charges

Please help 13:34 13/01/2022

How much is 8million cfa to naira in black market

@Abfunds 09:49 22/12/2021

Bank nor dey change money, go use black market

France 16:07 10/10/2021


John G. 11:33 17/07/2021

Je veux un centre décharge à Lagos

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