Dollar to Naira BDC Rate

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Shezy002 08:28 24/10/2021

How much is $1 to naira ?

Vas-C 01:32 10/10/2021

6000 dollars is how much in naira ?

Elia 21:52 08/10/2021

I need a dollar to buy in Benin city Pls call or wa me on 09051587006

Elia 21:03 08/10/2021

Anyone in Benin who ve dollar to sell at 545 should call and wa me on 09051587006

Lallygee 04:17 03/10/2021

I need dollar in a lowest rate within ibadan

LordE 09:38 29/09/2021

Send ur foreign funds, dollars, euro e.t.c and get naira through me.... WhatsApp me 08184606135

Johnpaul 15:18 27/09/2021

Good app to use

Prince 18:50 05/08/2021

Where to buy dollar

Lev 11:51 14/07/2021

I need a buyer withing Niger state I have 200 to sell in 50 denomination pls reply if u want to buy

Big O 14:32 13/06/2021

How do I exchange Dallas with the rates via USA payment method

Grace baby 16:17 19/05/2021

Where can I sell within Jos city ag

Khocoh 19:02 18/03/2021

How do i exchange dollar with this rates via USA payment methods

Sejiken 18:24 29/01/2021

Where can I buy USD @ BDC.

legendary 16:03 16/11/2020

hhh great news dollar 474 to naira bdc rate

Sejiken 18:26 29/01/2021

Where can I buy.

Maudlin 03:58 06/11/2020

If I buy a dollar from bdc at 462 and I want to sale it to another bdc how much will I sale it

Maudlin 03:55 06/11/2020

Pls the rate of us dollar against naira is to high government should pls do something about it

Nicholas 11:24 09/02/2021

They should stop import of new vehicles and start using innoson motors! Brand new Toyota should not be used in Nigeria since Toyota does not have a motor assembly plant in Nigeria If government do this by stopping import of brand new cars things would normalize

Abdul 20:21 06/10/2020

Can I change a dollar that has tape on it

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