Danish Krone to Naira CBN Rate

Updated on 17:03 05/12/2023
DKK NGNGet Updates: OffSell: 138.3055 16.54%Buy: 138.1603Naira to Danish Krone Exchange Rate₦ 1 = kr 0.00724
Previous Day Comparison
+₦ 19.631
% Change
Last 30 Days High/Low
₦ 138.9496 on 01/12/2023
₦ 113.3107 on 06/11/2023
Last 365 Days High/Low
₦ 138.9496 on 01/12/2023
₦ 63.6168 on 03/01/2023

Danish Krone to Naira CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria Rate Chart

Daily Danish Krone to Naira CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria Review

Danish Krone rate is ₦138.3055 announced by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) today, December 06, 2023. Initial Danish Krone rate was noted as ₦118.6745 at the beginning of this week on Monday, December 04, 2023. This equals to a 16.54% rise for DKK to Naira exchange rate in CBN for this week so far.

When we look at the rates monthly, Krone to Naira exchange rate was noted as ₦115.2174 in CBN lists on Wednesday, November 01, 2023 at the start of last month. As of today with Danish Krone seen at ₦138.3055, we see a 20.04% increase for DKK to Naira exchange rates in CBN since the begining of last November.

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Convert Danish Krone to Naira in CBN

Danish KroneNaira
1 Danish Krone to Naira₦ 138.3055
5 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 691.5275
10 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 1,383.055
20 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 2,766.11
50 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 6,915.275
100 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 13,830.55
200 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 27,661.1
500 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 69,152.75
1000 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 138,305.5
2000 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 276,611
5000 Danish Krones to Naira₦ 691,527.5

Danish Krone to Naira CBN sell rates are used in calculating the Danish Krone to Naira conversion table.

Naira Currency Converter

Naira to Danish Krone CBN Rate

  • Sell: ₦ 1 = kr 0.00724
  • Buy: ₦ 1 = kr 0.00723
  • Previous Day Comparison
    • Change: kr -0.001196
    • % Change: -14.19%

Convert Naira to Danish Krone in CBN

NairaDanish Krone
1 Naira to Danish Kronekr 0.0072
5 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 0.0362
10 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 0.0724
20 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 0.1448
50 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 0.362
100 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 0.724
200 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 1.448
500 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 3.62
1000 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 7.24
5000 Nairas to Danish Kronekr 36.2

Danish Krone to Naira CBN buy rates are used in calculating the Naira to Danish Krone conversion table.

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