Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate

Updated on 19:45 21/10/2020
US Dollar (USD)USDNGNSell: 463 0.00%Buy: 457Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate₦ 1 = $ 0.00219
Previous Day Comparison
% Change
Last 30 Days High/Low
₦ 470 on 29/09/2020
₦ 457 on 09/10/2020
2020 High/Low
₦ 480 on 18/08/2020
₦ 360 on 09/03/2020

Dollar to Naira Black Market (Lagos) Rate Chart

Daily Dollar to Naira Black Market (Lagos) Review

US Dollar to Naira exchange rate is ₦463 in Nigeria Lagos Parallel Market today, October 21, 2020. Initial Dollar rate was noted as ₦462 at the beginning of this week on Monday, October 19, 2020. This corresponds to a 0.22% rise for USD this week.

When we look at the whole month, we see that US Dollar to Naira exchange rate was ₦465 on Thursday, October 01, 2020 at the beginning of October. With USD being traded at ₦463 now, we see a 0.43% fall for Dollar to Naira exchange rates for this October.

Comment on US Dollar to Naira Rates

john 10:18 19/10/2020

what causes dollar to be rising everyday

Steph 22:49 18/10/2020

How can you use payooner to to exchange at 462

Bravosco 10:38 18/10/2020

You can imagine, Nigeria they say is the giant of Africa, even Ghana is better.Because things are not done in the right way, how can dollar be falling our naira then those at the top will just feel less concern, its not good at all.Let us wake up and fight for our right, infact i want naira to rise against dollar ( N1 should be $100 in Nigeria) by the grace of God, it will be like that.

Baba current orile owu osun state 04:59 17/10/2020

I pray for dollars to low, for Naira to have value , bcos rise indollar bring problem to economy

Ghost! 10:58 15/10/2020

@Andybest even if you’re not a citizen of the country or you’re benefiting from the rise in dollar you shouldn’t pray for it to rise that mush just for your own selfish interest, majority of people are suffering in the country and rise of dollar will just lead to many deaths.Don’t be heartless please, may we all survive and may almighty make Nigeria great :)

Nur 19:42 13/10/2020

When did Nigerian naira be equal to dollar as it's before?

Han 06:05 12/10/2020

Can dolar decrease to 360 in this year again?

samson 21:26 10/10/2020

good man

Pope 09:22 10/10/2020

I pray that dollar will go back to 360

Master 16:33 09/10/2020

If nothing is done to cushion the effect of dollar rise against Naira, our Naira will continue to depreciate, inflation will rise and Nigerians will suffer more.

Andybest 14:48 08/10/2020

I pray let 1 dollars increase to 700 per dollars

Eagle 12:46 07/10/2020

dollaar has gone far as it can all that remain is to draw back in price

Fresh kid 22:52 05/10/2020

Dollar should go higher for my investment to be double

TheParadox 14:51 30/09/2020

@SamrexBitcoin by far. The high volatility gives you opportunity to make a nice income, but you have to be patient. Volatility in Forex is almost infinitely smaller, so you need either high leverage or high initial deposit to be able to make anything. The problem with high initial deposit is that most people simply don't have that kind of money. The problem with high leverage is that it exposes most of your capital, to the extent that it can easily be lost within minutes.

TheParadox 14:46 30/09/2020

@SamrexThe current spread in bitcoin is currently about 20%. As long as you have the patience to wait to hit resistance/support levels, you can expect about that much return every month.

Young Messi 13:19 30/09/2020

Please wer can i easily exchange my dollar to naira without any compromise

Honneybest frankc 10:30 30/09/2020

If dollar like let it increase to 2k per dollar.. Lion know go chop grass.. Lol.. God know go shame me

Bouncing$ 09:47 30/09/2020

it looks like USD is heading to 500N then stabilise

Beezy 19:31 29/09/2020

@klainn Remitano

ALHAJI ALI 17:26 29/09/2020

On what base the CBN will disburse dollar in a cheaper rate so that to easy the high inflation of price. My name is alhaji Ali Abdullahi kano .

By shola omeha 04:07 29/09/2020

My own contribution to this issues is that, we all know that, Nigeria is bad or ready, so let dorlla raise up so that Nigeria we get sense.

mansam 18:28 28/09/2020

why all this increase of dollar

Samrex 08:30 28/09/2020

Can 70k start up Bitcoin and when will it start yeilding profit??

Samrex 08:29 28/09/2020

Please between Bitcoin and Forex trading which one is more productive and faster bcoz I'm tired of this country 😭😭😭

Tosmanng 06:06 25/09/2020

Nigeria naira is in stage of rapid depreciation and weakening against foreign currency dollars in particular. We need sudden economics team for the revitalization of our naira.

Nasco1 17:21 24/09/2020

@klainn sell where you bought it

EBONY 02:41 24/09/2020

Nigeria government is expecting some borrowed money from international lenders, meaning Naira will still fall. Crazy FX policy by CBN, make dollar demand higher and Naira is chasing few dollars available

AJ 00:15 24/09/2020

Will this Naira still rise or should we change the small $500 we have now?

Klainn 19:27 23/09/2020

where can I exchange my ethereum for naira...

Jake 00:14 23/09/2020

Why are you cheering for dollar rise? You should be wishing that dollar come down to what it used to be couple of decades ago.

OG black 07:09 22/09/2020

Don't really know at abujee.. but I got a strong feeling it's going to fall..

Abujee 06:26 22/09/2020

Sharp fall a few weeks ago, regain some value last week, what to expect this week

Eagle 08:34 20/09/2020

Monday it will again

Vicella 07:33 19/09/2020

Dollar I need you to rise

Gok 21:33 18/09/2020

I want to exchange my dollars where can I exchange it?

OG black 11:10 18/09/2020

Chill Dollar will still go up with the current situation of the country ok..

Dotmon 06:46 18/09/2020

Make dollar kum down, I want travel out naija. Atleast, my 1million make I fit get 2000 dollars.

EDU_JOSH 15:59 17/09/2020

I'm confused like dollar is going down, 462 now...what should I doSell? Or should I leave it...

Ikelev 09:16 17/09/2020

Nigeria might get bankrupt soon

ebony 03:44 17/09/2020

before December, the naira will likely be sold for 500 against the dollar

SESAY 09:44 14/09/2020

Locals productions is vital but the recent depleting of naira is attributed to the falls of oil prices.

daprinx1 18:54 13/09/2020

There would be some sort of marginal peak in naira value this new week, before the dollar rises again to 460+

Beezy 15:41 12/09/2020

Its going to 460 by the end of the day

Buba Qwiza gwoza 16:11 11/09/2020

The value of naira is too low why

Musa 12:49 11/09/2020

Very soon Nigerians will be importing Garri from thailand and other Asian countries. Thailand don't consume Garri but they produces more cassava Plantation than Nigeria. If Cow were allowed to destroy farms in thailand, do you think thailand will be among the world Rice producers.The answer is NO.

Musa 12:40 11/09/2020

Due to the failures in all the sectors.The prices of things will be very very high .Dollar to Naira Exchange rate will climb up to 750 Naira before April 2021. Local basic food items are becoming too expensive due to Bad roads and constant destructions of Farm land by Cows . Many Rurual people are abandoning farming businesses due to Fulani herdsmen attacks throughout the country. The food baskets of the country has collapsed

Billy shilr 10:12 11/09/2020

Ahhh it down today please go up

Billy shilr 22:28 10/09/2020

Wow let the dollar keep rising. I wanna double my dollars 🤗💃💃

Beezy 20:57 10/09/2020

Hmm what else can i say but if you believe in this country you are just as void as the country. Invest your money in bitcoins and save from all the stress because from my predictions. The country economy is going down everyday, our money is depreciating immensely. Time to be wise. Soon going to 500!

pato 15:48 10/09/2020

@Aloma. Effective and Efficiency are not the same

ohil 13:27 10/09/2020

dollar going up again, it is well

Aloma 08:26 10/09/2020

The problem is not in the hand of our patriotic president, we should pray to see the end of coronavirus soon.

pato 19:53 09/09/2020

Water don pass garri oooh.I told you guys not to panic and you people did. Those that bought your money for less will come back selling for something.I said here that oil prices will drop and it will extend till next year meaning our naira will suffer heavily btw now and march next year.Niara has no stored value.The problem we are facing is as a result of a deliberate poor planning. Subsidies removal will not save us rather,it will compound the problem the more. The only solution is oil going back to pre-covid 19 state and it can only get there in 3-4yrs time. Meanwhile,investors will depart in droves and you will see how the niara will crash btw now and march 2021. our situation is very bad..

Alkasim 15:42 09/09/2020

Kasala don bust o ,this evil currency known as dollar is rapidly going up again o , please buhari help us out o.

Nesta 13:36 09/09/2020

Apparently, the CBN's recent resumption of sales of forex to BDCs isn't injecting enough liquidity in the parallel market to curb hoarding and speculation. Until the CBN is able to provide BDC operators with sufficient amount of forex to meet market demands, round-tripping and depreciation of the naira in the parallel market are likely to persist in the medium term.

Kabir Musa 19:53 07/09/2020

The rate is already too high and fewer people can afford to buy, a drop in rate is very likely. It's better to sell now.

Pope 14:44 07/09/2020

Will dollar still fall

Dadayanis Bin Islam 09:26 07/09/2020

According to geographical observation and currency bar dollars shall not be fall in this year, but it might be fall on January or February.

Muhammad 08:22 07/09/2020

Please guys where are they selling it

ELNOOR 07:56 07/09/2020

From the previous statistics the dollar will going to rise probably this week or next week up to 460-470 but unfortunately we have been noticing that the price is not plactuating anymore.plz is there any prediction about the rise up of the dollar this month?

Drossi 07:18 07/09/2020

I will wait till end of week so I will know way to follow

Sir Don 06:13 06/09/2020

As international flights begins now dollar we come down to 3+ so if u have dollar better sell it now.

Nnamdi Bernard 15:06 05/09/2020

Is better it go down because its affecting our business.

n'zerekore 14:13 04/09/2020

I'm happy naira is gaining power

Teegold 07:31 04/09/2020

How is dollar for now

EDU_JOSH 16:19 03/09/2020

Dollar will go down the more by tomorrow but my advice is "do not sell your dollar now, keep calm it will rise before the end of next week

Frankie 15:09 03/09/2020

At least this is better than 480....i wish it goes back to 360

Aloma 10:30 03/09/2020

Don't rush to sell your dollars bcs ppl traveling abroad will be mad looking for it in few days.

Mosco 09:36 03/09/2020

Wath, is too much, why is it like that.

Kizzy 09:12 03/09/2020

Now is 435/$1

Kizzy 09:11 03/09/2020

Sell your dollars for the last time

Dee Noble 01:57 03/09/2020

There's no 2 ways magic to this all.The nation is just about to partially open up for full business and international traves, think about it what will happen when pple start travelling as usual with 9ja current economy and low sales n our crude oil, You will experience a sudden sharp rise in the dollar xchange rate to the Naira. This the main reason 4 the sharp drop in Dollar to Naira. However, it was done on purpose by CBN with the announcement of selling Dollars to BDC (which caused the panic in any way) and would not be able to match up with Dollar demand later causing the surge to come. Just a way to slow down the coming surge. Advice: Hold your Dollar tight a little while and you will see what will happen. Remember, 9ja is really not making foreign exchange in anything as compared right now.

De Elite 00:20 03/09/2020

Hope it falls even more getting to N380 to 1 dollar

Louder 22:42 02/09/2020

Somebody to teach me how to trade forex?!!

BN 12:47 02/09/2020

Leets wait for the CBN to start the sale to BDC. Before the CBN was selling 20T to every BDC four times in a week, that makes it 80T in a week. Now they are going to sell 10T to BDC twice a week making it 20T a week. Moreover, the business men who were making dollar requisition more than the really needed were involved in round tripping, coming from behind to fund the parallel market. But now the CBN is going to monitor them and the prices they quote that make them collect more than they need. This simply means that source of funding for the Parallel would dry up. There may not be enough dollar at the end of it all. Let's wait and see what the market would look like after one week of CBN sales to BDC. If I had dollar I would not rush to sale much for now because after a little time now the dollar would appreciate to 450, then 460 plus. With Nigeria not getting enough from oil sales and the pressure on the foreign reserve due to interest loan/debt payment coupled with the pressure to devalue the naira more, the stage looks set for the naira to deep further in the coming months, by next year precisely. Trade cautiously.

Kizzy 12:01 02/09/2020

No better sell your dollars now

Ayodeji 05:26 02/09/2020

Can dollar still rise against naira ?

Pope 21:41 01/09/2020

Let dollar fall the more

Arizona 20:27 01/09/2020

Dollar is going to 380# sell now

Aloma 20:10 01/09/2020

Very good to see our currency getting strong but I don't know whether it can continue like because of lack of enough dollars to sustain it.

Arizona 19:52 01/09/2020

I think is advisable to sell ur dollars now

TheParadox 17:02 01/09/2020

@Iroro. A reverse??? Yes, the amount being supplied to BDC is small, but expect gradual and steady increase in FX supply to BDC. The price of oil is gradually getting to pre-COVID levels, as well as ease-up of business restrictions. There is no reason to expect reverse. Within 2 weeks from now, the $$ will be selling for 400 Naira.

SJ 15:58 01/09/2020

I hope to see Naira appreciating to 380/$1 by the end of the week

Kizzy 15:43 01/09/2020

I can't wait to see dollar slump to 386

Mike 14:38 01/09/2020

Please it came as a shock that I can't withdraw the 100 Euro inflow in my GT bank account from the counter last Wednesday. Please anyone has an idea how I can get the money out in cash. I was told transfer can only be transferred and cash deposit can only be cashed. Thank you!

dollar man 13:40 01/09/2020

390 before end of the week

pato 12:47 01/09/2020

By the time CBN subtracts 6.5 billion dollar from its current 35.6 billion dollars you will understand the true position of things. The 6.5billion dollar forex backlog demand and dividends . Government has no money. You guys should not get scared. If you panic, you will lose your money. Dollar value is far more than what it is now.

Engr.Tony 11:30 01/09/2020

What happened and how is it going to be by next week?

BDW 06:40 01/09/2020

No need to rush in selling now,wait till advice but you know we're still in Nigeria where nothing is at it seems

BDW 06:38 01/09/2020

All these ones CBN I doing now is just medicine after death,and they are not even administering the correct dose of the medicine,imagine supplying only 20000 every week to each BDC operator,and just one customer will be demanding for more than that,so let's see how it will play out

Rolly 05:05 01/09/2020

Nonsense!! Such a big decrease!! Rubbish!!! You guys can do better

Iroro 15:46 31/08/2020

The rate is changing rapidly but I see it taking a reverse soon.

Lovebird 15:06 31/08/2020

I seriously share your view @the Paradox. The great decline in dollar this morning should send a great danger to thos who are still hoping it will rise. As for me and my household. I am discarding the currency latest tomorrow. To others my candid advise is that you should sell off now and then buy dollar again when it finally drops drastically. In that way, you wont be a loser.

TheParadox 10:43 31/08/2020

You better sell your dollars before end of week. CBN has started supplying FX to BDC again. Surely I don't have to remind about what happened the last time the Apex bank suddenly shocked the market in such manner.

ohil 09:57 31/08/2020

is it safe to sell your dollars now???, because the rate is dropping already

Watcher 07:02 30/08/2020

For me I will wait till December to sell off my Dollars

StrayWind 09:52 29/08/2020

With the decision of the CBN to sell dollars to BDC at the official rate, in days to come. Is it reasonable for me to sell my currency now? I don't want to be caught up. I'm not trading, I just held my cash in dollars.

Mr. P 07:21 29/08/2020

Yeap Nigerians should be hopeful inspite of all going on around us on dollar and naira cos the inflation is alarming and also it keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer and they keep on complaining each day. cryptocurrency is the way out now.

Dmcjoe 11:18 28/08/2020

Very costly

Harmony D ADMINHIMSElF 08:17 28/08/2020

Why the sudden rise of dollar?

P.O.E.M 08:12 28/08/2020

Please let the it continue to raise because it plays in a favourable way.

Jerrysong 13:59 27/08/2020

Wow..!! The inflation in dollar rate is really alarming But! Thank God, I'm not Troubled but Doubled..!!

Swanzil£jay 03:42 27/08/2020

Naira is getting low everyday by day, i dont knw why 4 christ sake, Nigeria don tire me o, my brothers nd sister

sparkman 12:49 24/08/2020

very poor

Tampico 11:29 23/08/2020

Dollar dropping is not until next year by February

og arizona 19:36 20/08/2020

dollar to deflected

Nasco1 15:39 20/08/2020

@TheParadox you are very correct.Is far best to keep money in cryptocurreny now than in bank.

momo storm 12:15 19/08/2020

Am speechless,

TheParadox 11:11 19/08/2020

It can go to 2000 Naira for all I care. My money comes from outside country as BTC and keep most of it that way, so I no longer have to pay something called "with-holding tax" and a sundry list of other ridiculous charges. Cryptocurrency is the future people, start thinking outside the box and outside this comatose country.

pato 17:50 18/08/2020

Things will get worse before it gets better. Niara will range btw 700 and 750 b4 it finally settles at 550 officially. The law of demand and supply just playing out

Mal. Maje 12:32 14/08/2020

We dollar to be deflated

Harmony D ADMINHIMSElF 12:34 12/08/2020

Wow the rate at which dollar inflate now is alarming.

BARHAMA 08:08 10/08/2020

Why the value of naira is getting low?

pato 16:34 08/08/2020

don't sell your dollar will appreciate further.oil price will fall below 40 dollar this third quarter. professional advice.

Gwin 16:25 08/08/2020

The rate at which the Naira value depreciates is becoming unfathomable.

Ali Abdullahi 14:33 08/08/2020

I am very much suprise why dollar is always sky rocket in Nigeria and the government is fully conversant for the single breathing of dollar in any given time the government should decide better

OG 04:43 07/08/2020

Dollar to Naira exchange rate will not go more than what we have on ground now.From now on it will start dropping and possibly go below 400 naira for a dollar by the end of the year.God Help Nigeria

Sesay cola nuts merchant 16:59 06/08/2020

what is going on?

lisa 16:15 05/08/2020

am curious from the bahamas. what is the us dollar value to be converted. can us dollars be used to purchase or you must exchange to naira?

Crypto Person 18:01 04/08/2020

No much economy activities due to Covid effect and Dollar still rising against Naira..... when economy activites resumes and the massive dollar demand ...where would our Love Naira be against Dollar.

Sesay cola nuts merchant 17:05 03/08/2020

What is the next plan for The C. B. N. naira will continues falling?

Nasco1 07:05 31/07/2020

Our leader care less about dollar rising against naira, and this will affect our economy greatly. I can see it rising over N500

- 18:06 29/07/2020

Ow… 470

Inuwa 07:13 29/07/2020

Okay no problem

SESAY 13:42 28/07/2020

God bless nigeria, dollar rising again?

Ben 06:42 25/07/2020

Dollar is now affecting economy now

Saco 12:14 23/07/2020

How can I exchange my dollar with this exchange Rate ₦472.00 or ₦466.00

Smart 18:49 18/07/2020

The increase rate in US dollar against naira is becoming awful

Tampico 10:04 18/07/2020

I said it before and am still saying it that will not go below 460 again till after this year

T-BOSS 19:45 16/07/2020

Where are we going up or down

Garcia 16:49 16/07/2020

The rate Dollar is beating Naira soon Nigerian currency will be abolished and Nigerians will only be using borrowed money because is of no use having valueless money that makes the citizenry to suffer more...

bozz promise 11:21 16/07/2020

well this is becoming unseemingly fair because all this increase in dollar rates will affect people in awfull ways and if this continues it will definetly turn out bad

Danny 19:29 12/07/2020

For sometime now the peak of the dollar to naira exchange rate has been pegged at 460. I see the shattering of this threshold soon. Once it breaks loose, then expect the rate to skyrocket more.

Luck 22:58 11/07/2020

Please, as a first timer in doller, how can should I approach the black marketers and not to show him that am new, just to avoid him cheating me and to get the best price

Nasco1 16:25 08/07/2020

@qwaaro I don't think this is possible again

tonia 09:01 08/07/2020

wowwwww, wish i can make use of this opputunity

Aje 10:20 07/07/2020

Which parameter are they using and why is the naira going down why all transaction is done with naira in Nigeria ?

qwaaro 06:38 06/07/2020

i hope one dollar to become 1 naira one day

Hindyy 09:01 02/07/2020

Too bad

Lovebird 21:37 28/06/2020

For sometime now the peak of the dollar to naira exchange rate has been pegged at 460. I see the shattering of this threshold soon. Once it breaks loose, then expect the rate to skyrocket more.

Nasco1 08:14 26/06/2020

No sign of it coming down, our government policies don't help it to either stabilize or decrease

Ade 19:22 24/06/2020

I hope it'll come down

Tampico 14:43 24/06/2020

Dollar will not come down below 450 again till after this year

Peter 22:23 22/06/2020

Forget the rhetorics of cbn selling dollar to bureau de change to drive down the cost of that currency. It will not work. They know it. It is as simple as the law of demand and supply

Peter 22:18 22/06/2020

Debt owed to China is hanging on the neck of Nigeria and oil prices are low .To understand why naira will always depreciate, ask yourself what percentage of Nigeria's oil revenue is used to service foreign debts and what does Nigeria offer the world in terms of industrial production in order to earn dollar. This country is doomed to perpetual frustration and the burden will be heavier on the future generations of this country

Frankie 08:12 21/06/2020

What's really happening in this country?

NOSMAN 16:54 17/06/2020

2009 dollars is now been rejecting in the market, if you have it bring it out now soon it will be hard to sell it,

Blalala 16:03 15/06/2020

Too high

AUTOCALLY 10:05 11/06/2020

Please which application or software should I installed to get dollar at low rate

Luchy 06:55 10/06/2020

CBN is not helping the NAIRA by now they should start selling to BDC. Everything about CBN is audio

Mc vic 07:11 09/06/2020

I want to buy goods from a importer,am scared if I should buy in large quantity that the dollar may go higher or I should buy in low quantity it may low? Please my people I need your advice

Ade 04:02 09/06/2020

When is CBN going to disburse dollar?

Ridwanu 06:15 07/06/2020

Please can I sell my dollers to some one I am loving in sokoto state he in Lagos because the price in Lagos is better then sokoto state,?.

Lovebird 09:01 06/06/2020

I see the dollar skyrocketing more but I can't predict when. My prediction hinges on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I see a more devastating effect on the economy soon.

Sean 05:49 05/06/2020

Most online trf from USA to Ng is still 380. Who knows the best way to send actual dollar from usa to Ng. So that one can get the best black market exchange rate

talentedtk 11:34 03/06/2020

How can I purchase dollar in the black market online

Evans 09:42 03/06/2020

It's very high

Nars 18:30 01/06/2020

Would the value of dollar sky rocket between June and july

Uncode 08:45 01/06/2020

How much is dollar today Pls I need answer

IBB 07:40 30/05/2020

Please which software that you can send dollar to naira into my bank account anybody that have suggestion please let me know

IBB 07:37 30/05/2020

I think for those people that one sell the dollar should be sell for another person so they can make their own money sharp sharp don't keep the dollar too long because they can have any problem at any time thanks IBB

IBB 07:31 30/05/2020

Abeg if u can let's d dollar rate at 490 I'll be happy

Peter 17:29 29/05/2020

Now that cbn and bureau de change will soon pump dollar into the market, the naira exchange rate will improve. Besides, oil prices have gone up

RICCH KHALIFA 15:57 29/05/2020

Abeg make dollar increase reach like 900

Bravo 17:58 28/05/2020

Dollar may not be able to increase than this rate

Uncode 09:15 28/05/2020

Will dollar rise to 500 naria Or will it go down

Moses 20:18 27/05/2020

I thought CBN want to start selling dollars to BDC operators late of 378 so that they can sale 380

Sir Kay 19:18 27/05/2020

Pls, will the value of dollars increase in the next month June

Cape of good hope 09:07 26/05/2020

Please can someone tell me what will be the fate of the exchange rate by June ending... I need professional advice pls...

Bravo 20:41 25/05/2020

To be honest, dollar exchange rate may not be higher than what we are experiencing now because most countries are about to open their economy now. Again, oil price is rising up.

GENO 06:05 25/05/2020

Can you predict naira/dollar rate for the next one month

EAdeb 20:31 23/05/2020

@Dele good evening, you can click the "Year" button above the chart and see rate for any date by clicking on the date you want for the last 365 days

Nasco1 15:17 23/05/2020

Can dollar rise more

Dele 15:46 22/05/2020

good evening, please is it possible for me to see history for black rate fir dollar from January 2020

Dan kasuwa 07:34 21/05/2020

I want to be one of those markers selling dollar

ChaliB 03:39 20/05/2020

Please how much is dollar today?

Angelize 20:06 19/05/2020

It's still rising ooo.I will still save my Money.....

pato 17:59 19/05/2020

can anybody kindly explain to me where we are heading to as a country with niara at 460.what will happen to niara by june and july.i just dey ask my pipo

AK 13:54 19/05/2020

you can not really predict but I think naira to dollars @ 445 and 450 there about in de black market is a stable price for now. Although, if businesses picked up by next week after sallah there might be pressure on naira to depreciate de more. So, the choice to sell or buy is yours. Any which way, one may not loose.

Nasco1 17:40 14/05/2020

I need professional advice on either to sell dollar now or hold for few more weeks for more gain?

Cape of good 09:10 13/05/2020

started saving your dollar as at last year... Next time make sure you maintain a dollar account... Farewells bra..

Myself 07:23 13/05/2020

Hello Angelize, I think it's good change now, at least dollar/naira rate is really high as it is now.

Angelize 16:58 11/05/2020

I have like 500 Dollars I have been saving since last year. Please is this Dollar going to rise, or should I change it now. ? Your advise needed pls.

Dream high 15:13 11/05/2020

If I buy dollar at 445 today is there a change I will profit from it in 2 weeks time due to pandemic

Nene 11:20 11/05/2020

Please I want to change my old dollar bills, where can I change it?

Cj togo 19:46 07/05/2020

I want to change my Dollars where can I change it

Brown 09:20 06/05/2020

@ Whyte, its sure going to go up. when pressure mounts on the naira in the coming weeks as businesses tries to kick start again. Besides CBN is likely going to officially devalue the naira to enable them attract the needed foreign portfolio investors

Whyte... 08:39 05/05/2020

Please is the dollar rate to Naira going to appreciate?I want to know, maybe it's better I sell my dollar now before the rate drop back to 360..

From Petrus 09:52 04/05/2020

Please on 30th April I changed 100 dollars to naira and what I got was #36,700 but on on 27th April what I got was 44,677 at the same rate. I don't understand.

Baron digo 08:31 03/05/2020

Keep your dollar, soon the rate is going to hit 550 in 2 - 3 weeks time or less..

Bullion Van 21:16 01/05/2020

How long do you guys think is best to keep dollar currency, before sale in order to maximize gain.

Iyke grace 13:49 29/04/2020

What can CBN do now, what is the next line of action

Reality 15:36 24/04/2020

How can the NGN not depreciate, with the Government, the major provider of FX in the economy suffering a massive plunge in FX revenues due to the drop in oil prices to a decades-long low? It has to be so in the parallel market whether or not the Govt officially devalues the Naira, and it may have to do so eventually anyway. Why? Because it can’t attract FDI at current official exchange rate. Plus, it needs to raise more Naira from the now much reduced FX it earns from oil in order to finance its budget, which has now been revised to a crude benchmark price of over $30. Since the revision, oil has been selling at below $30 per barrel, closer to $20. This is compounded by the fact that the other key revenue sources, namely, taxes and import duties will also plunge due to the ongoing Pandemic, as imports are not happening and businesses that are supposed to pay the bulk of the taxes, are counting their losses. The prognosis of the oil market doesn’t show that oil demand would rise significantly any time soon as there is no certainty as to when the Pandemic would permit that. Trucks and other vehicles, which account for a estimated 40% consumption of goblin oil are off the roads, airlines are not working and factories remain shut. So, who needs the oil? Storage capacity is filled up globally. Expect the Naira to go to N500/$1 soon.

chim ez 08:21 24/04/2020

please where can I buy Australian dollars in Nigeria. Please it is urgent. Thanks

Olumide Kashoggi 21:41 21/04/2020

The best thing to do after covid19 lockdown is to have an investment in US dollars can't go wrong.

Abu Ayman 10:59 20/04/2020

What is the prospect of dollar to naira in the next 3 months

Ejay 19:02 15/04/2020

Wil dollar still rise more than this in some days to come

Lucas 10:31 20/03/2020

Sir I need to buy Dollar but am avoiding fake , please can you direct me to a reliable seller

francis 11:32 17/03/2020

is it possible that the dollar ll gain more value in days to come due to the covid 19 pandemic?

Za Demz 17:23 12/03/2020

The effects of Covid-19. Above 6% rise from 360 to 385,is very depreciating. If not, it could pegged to 400 in coming days.

Mass1661 08:54 15/02/2020

I Have 1LK UsD , I wanna sell it , how I can sell it

Akinhf1 12:06 10/01/2020

This indicates that the Naira is now stable against the major currencies. It may be indicative of a positive response of the CBN economic policy. Nigerians should be hopeful!

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1 Dollar to Naira₦ 463
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10 Dollars to Naira₦ 4,630
20 Dollars to Naira₦ 9,260
50 Dollars to Naira₦ 23,150
100 Dollars to Naira₦ 46,300
200 Dollars to Naira₦ 92,600
500 Dollars to Naira₦ 231,500
1000 Dollars to Naira₦ 463,000
5000 Dollars to Naira₦ 2,315,000

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100 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.219
200 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.438
500 Nairas to Dollar$ 1.095
1000 Nairas to Dollar$ 2.19
5000 Nairas to Dollar$ 10.95

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