US Dollar to Naira Black Market (Lagos) Rates

Updated on 13:00 11/08/2020
US Dollar (USD)USDNGNSell: 475.00 0.00%Buy: 470.00Reverse Rate | NGN to USD1 NGN = 0.0021 USD
Previous Day Comparison
% Change
Last 30 Days High/Low
₦ 475 on 11-August-2020
₦ 465 on 14-July-2020
2020 High/Low
₦ 475 on 11-August-2020
₦ 360 on 09-March-2020

USD to NGN Historical Black Market Rate Chart

Daily USD to NGN Black Market Review

US Dollar rate is ₦475.00 against Naira in Black Market today, August 11, 2020. Dollar has been traded at ₦475.00 when Black Market opened this week on Monday, August 10, 2020. This makes no movement for US Dollar rate against Naira this week.

When we look at the whole month, we see that US Dollar rate started August at ₦473.00 on Monday, August 03, 2020. With US Dollar being traded at ₦475.00 now, we see a %0.42 rise for US Dollar to Naira exchange rates for this August.

Comment on US Dollar to Naira Rates

BARHAMA 08:08 10/08/2020

Why the value of naira is getting low?

pato 16:34 08/08/2020

don't sell your dollar will appreciate further.oil price will fall below 40 dollar this third quarter. professional advice.

Gwin 16:25 08/08/2020

The rate at which the Naira value depreciates is becoming unfathomable.

Ali Abdullahi 14:33 08/08/2020

I am very much suprise why dollar is always sky rocket in Nigeria and the government is fully conversant for the single breathing of dollar in any given time the government should decide better

OG 04:43 07/08/2020

Dollar to Naira exchange rate will not go more than what we have on ground now.From now on it will start dropping and possibly go below 400 naira for a dollar by the end of the year.God Help Nigeria

Sesay cola nuts merchant 16:59 06/08/2020

what is going on?

lisa 16:15 05/08/2020

am curious from the bahamas. what is the us dollar value to be converted. can us dollars be used to purchase or you must exchange to naira?

Crypto Person 18:01 04/08/2020

No much economy activities due to Covid effect and Dollar still rising against Naira..... when economy activites resumes and the massive dollar demand ...where would our Love Naira be against Dollar.

Baba Taiwo 15:42 04/08/2020

Only God can save Nigeria...

Sesay cola nuts merchant 17:05 03/08/2020

What is the next plan for The C. B. N. naira will continues falling?

Nasco1 07:05 31/07/2020

Our leader care less about dollar rising against naira, and this will affect our economy greatly. I can see it rising over N500

Feshibaba 13:49 30/07/2020

God help Nigeria

- 18:06 29/07/2020

Ow… 470

Inuwa 07:13 29/07/2020

Okay no problem

SESAY 13:42 28/07/2020

God bless nigeria, dollar rising again?

Ben 06:42 25/07/2020

Dollar is now affecting economy now

Saco 12:14 23/07/2020

How can I exchange my dollar with this exchange Rate ₦472.00 or ₦466.00

Smart 18:49 18/07/2020

The increase rate in US dollar against naira is becoming awful

Tampico 10:04 18/07/2020

I said it before and am still saying it that will not go below 460 again till after this year

T-BOSS 19:45 16/07/2020

Where are we going up or down

Garcia 16:49 16/07/2020

The rate Dollar is beating Naira soon Nigerian currency will be abolished and Nigerians will only be using borrowed money because is of no use having valueless money that makes the citizenry to suffer more...

bozz promise 11:21 16/07/2020

well this is becoming unseemingly fair because all this increase in dollar rates will affect people in awfull ways and if this continues it will definetly turn out bad

Danny 19:29 12/07/2020

For sometime now the peak of the dollar to naira exchange rate has been pegged at 460. I see the shattering of this threshold soon. Once it breaks loose, then expect the rate to skyrocket more.

Luck 22:58 11/07/2020

Please, as a first timer in doller, how can should I approach the black marketers and not to show him that am new, just to avoid him cheating me and to get the best price

Nasco1 16:25 08/07/2020

@qwaaro I don't think this is possible again

tonia 09:01 08/07/2020

wowwwww, wish i can make use of this opputunity

Aje 10:20 07/07/2020

Which parameter are they using and why is the naira going down why all transaction is done with naira in Nigeria ?

qwaaro 06:38 06/07/2020

i hope one dollar to become 1 naira one day

Hindyy 09:01 02/07/2020

Too bad

Lovebird 21:37 28/06/2020

For sometime now the peak of the dollar to naira exchange rate has been pegged at 460. I see the shattering of this threshold soon. Once it breaks loose, then expect the rate to skyrocket more.

Nasco1 08:14 26/06/2020

No sign of it coming down, our government policies don't help it to either stabilize or decrease

Ade 19:22 24/06/2020

I hope it'll come down

Tampico 14:43 24/06/2020

Dollar will not come down below 450 again till after this year

Peter 22:23 22/06/2020

Forget the rhetorics of cbn selling dollar to bureau de change to drive down the cost of that currency. It will not work. They know it. It is as simple as the law of demand and supply

Peter 22:18 22/06/2020

Debt owed to China is hanging on the neck of Nigeria and oil prices are low .To understand why naira will always depreciate, ask yourself what percentage of Nigeria's oil revenue is used to service foreign debts and what does Nigeria offer the world in terms of industrial production in order to earn dollar. This country is doomed to perpetual frustration and the burden will be heavier on the future generations of this country

Frankie 08:12 21/06/2020

What's really happening in this country?

NOSMAN 16:54 17/06/2020

2009 dollars is now been rejecting in the market, if you have it bring it out now soon it will be hard to sell it,

Blalala 16:03 15/06/2020

Too high

AUTOCALLY 10:05 11/06/2020

Please which application or software should I installed to get dollar at low rate

Luchy 06:55 10/06/2020

CBN is not helping the NAIRA by now they should start selling to BDC. Everything about CBN is audio

Mc vic 07:11 09/06/2020

I want to buy goods from a importer,am scared if I should buy in large quantity that the dollar may go higher or I should buy in low quantity it may low? Please my people I need your advice

Ade 04:02 09/06/2020

When is CBN going to disburse dollar?

Ridwanu 06:15 07/06/2020

Please can I sell my dollers to some one I am loving in sokoto state he in Lagos because the price in Lagos is better then sokoto state,?.

Lovebird 09:01 06/06/2020

I see the dollar skyrocketing more but I can't predict when. My prediction hinges on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I see a more devastating effect on the economy soon.

Sean 05:49 05/06/2020

Most online trf from USA to Ng is still 380. Who knows the best way to send actual dollar from usa to Ng. So that one can get the best black market exchange rate

talentedtk 11:34 03/06/2020

How can I purchase dollar in the black market online

Evans 09:42 03/06/2020

It's very high

Nars 18:30 01/06/2020

Would the value of dollar sky rocket between June and july

Uncode 08:45 01/06/2020

How much is dollar today Pls I need answer

IBB 07:40 30/05/2020

Please which software that you can send dollar to naira into my bank account anybody that have suggestion please let me know

IBB 07:37 30/05/2020

I think for those people that one sell the dollar should be sell for another person so they can make their own money sharp sharp don't keep the dollar too long because they can have any problem at any time thanks IBB

IBB 07:31 30/05/2020

Abeg if u can let's d dollar rate at 490 I'll be happy

Peter 17:29 29/05/2020

Now that cbn and bureau de change will soon pump dollar into the market, the naira exchange rate will improve. Besides, oil prices have gone up

RICCH KHALIFA 15:57 29/05/2020

Abeg make dollar increase reach like 900

Bravo 17:58 28/05/2020

Dollar may not be able to increase than this rate

Uncode 09:15 28/05/2020

Will dollar rise to 500 naria Or will it go down

Moses 20:18 27/05/2020

I thought CBN want to start selling dollars to BDC operators late of 378 so that they can sale 380

Sir Kay 19:18 27/05/2020

Pls, will the value of dollars increase in the next month June

Cape of good hope 09:07 26/05/2020

Please can someone tell me what will be the fate of the exchange rate by June ending... I need professional advice pls...

Bravo 20:41 25/05/2020

To be honest, dollar exchange rate may not be higher than what we are experiencing now because most countries are about to open their economy now. Again, oil price is rising up.

GENO 06:05 25/05/2020

Can you predict naira/dollar rate for the next one month

EAdeb 20:31 23/05/2020

@Dele good evening, you can click the "Year" button above the chart and see rate for any date by clicking on the date you want for the last 365 days

Nasco1 15:17 23/05/2020

Can dollar rise more

Dele 15:46 22/05/2020

good evening, please is it possible for me to see history for black rate fir dollar from January 2020

Dan kasuwa 07:34 21/05/2020

I want to be one of those markers selling dollar

ChaliB 03:39 20/05/2020

Please how much is dollar today?

Angelize 20:06 19/05/2020

It's still rising ooo.I will still save my Money.....

pato 17:59 19/05/2020

can anybody kindly explain to me where we are heading to as a country with niara at 460.what will happen to niara by june and july.i just dey ask my pipo

AK 13:54 19/05/2020

you can not really predict but I think naira to dollars @ 445 and 450 there about in de black market is a stable price for now. Although, if businesses picked up by next week after sallah there might be pressure on naira to depreciate de more. So, the choice to sell or buy is yours. Any which way, one may not loose.

Nasco1 17:40 14/05/2020

I need professional advice on either to sell dollar now or hold for few more weeks for more gain?

Cape of good 09:10 13/05/2020

started saving your dollar as at last year... Next time make sure you maintain a dollar account... Farewells bra..

Myself 07:23 13/05/2020

Hello Angelize, I think it's good change now, at least dollar/naira rate is really high as it is now.

Angelize 16:58 11/05/2020

I have like 500 Dollars I have been saving since last year. Please is this Dollar going to rise, or should I change it now. ? Your advise needed pls.

Dream high 15:13 11/05/2020

If I buy dollar at 445 today is there a change I will profit from it in 2 weeks time due to pandemic

Nene 11:20 11/05/2020

Please I want to change my old dollar bills, where can I change it?

Cj togo 19:46 07/05/2020

I want to change my Dollars where can I change it

Brown 09:20 06/05/2020

@ Whyte, its sure going to go up. when pressure mounts on the naira in the coming weeks as businesses tries to kick start again. Besides CBN is likely going to officially devalue the naira to enable them attract the needed foreign portfolio investors

Whyte... 08:39 05/05/2020

Please is the dollar rate to Naira going to appreciate?I want to know, maybe it's better I sell my dollar now before the rate drop back to 360..

From Petrus 09:52 04/05/2020

Please on 30th April I changed 100 dollars to naira and what I got was #36,700 but on on 27th April what I got was 44,677 at the same rate. I don't understand.

Baron digo 08:31 03/05/2020

Keep your dollar, soon the rate is going to hit 550 in 2 - 3 weeks time or less..

Bullion Van 21:16 01/05/2020

How long do you guys think is best to keep dollar currency, before sale in order to maximize gain.

Iyke grace 13:49 29/04/2020

What can CBN do now, what is the next line of action

Reality 15:36 24/04/2020

How can the NGN not depreciate, with the Government, the major provider of FX in the economy suffering a massive plunge in FX revenues due to the drop in oil prices to a decades-long low? It has to be so in the parallel market whether or not the Govt officially devalues the Naira, and it may have to do so eventually anyway. Why? Because it can’t attract FDI at current official exchange rate. Plus, it needs to raise more Naira from the now much reduced FX it earns from oil in order to finance its budget, which has now been revised to a crude benchmark price of over $30. Since the revision, oil has been selling at below $30 per barrel, closer to $20. This is compounded by the fact that the other key revenue sources, namely, taxes and import duties will also plunge due to the ongoing Pandemic, as imports are not happening and businesses that are supposed to pay the bulk of the taxes, are counting their losses. The prognosis of the oil market doesn’t show that oil demand would rise significantly any time soon as there is no certainty as to when the Pandemic would permit that. Trucks and other vehicles, which account for a estimated 40% consumption of goblin oil are off the roads, airlines are not working and factories remain shut. So, who needs the oil? Storage capacity is filled up globally. Expect the Naira to go to N500/$1 soon.

chim ez 08:21 24/04/2020

please where can I buy Australian dollars in Nigeria. Please it is urgent. Thanks

Olumide Kashoggi 21:41 21/04/2020

The best thing to do after covid19 lockdown is to have an investment in US dollars can't go wrong.

Abu Ayman 10:59 20/04/2020

What is the prospect of dollar to naira in the next 3 months

Ejay 19:02 15/04/2020

Wil dollar still rise more than this in some days to come

Lucas 10:31 20/03/2020

Sir I need to buy Dollar but am avoiding fake , please can you direct me to a reliable seller

francis 11:32 17/03/2020

is it possible that the dollar ll gain more value in days to come due to the covid 19 pandemic?

Za Demz 17:23 12/03/2020

The effects of Covid-19. Above 6% rise from 360 to 385,is very depreciating. If not, it could pegged to 400 in coming days.

Mass1661 08:54 15/02/2020

I Have 1LK UsD , I wanna sell it , how I can sell it

Akinhf1 12:06 10/01/2020

This indicates that the Naira is now stable against the major currencies. It may be indicative of a positive response of the CBN economic policy. Nigerians should be hopeful!

Nigerian Naira continued to gain value against most of the foreign currencies in the second half of ...

Nigeria, having a dual exchange rate policy, is able to keep Naira rates rather stable compared to c...

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