Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate

Updated on 19:45 02/08/2021
US Dollar (USD)USD NGNGet Updates: OffSell: 512 -0.58%Buy: 505Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate₦ 1 = $ 0.00198
Previous Day Comparison
-₦ 3
% Change
Last 30 Days High/Low
₦ 525 on 28/07/2021
₦ 503 on 22/07/2021
Last 365 Days High/Low
₦ 525 on 28/07/2021
₦ 470 on 07/01/2021

Dollar to Naira Black Market (Lagos) Rate Chart

Daily Dollar to Naira Black Market (Lagos) Review

US Dollar to Naira exchange rate is ₦512 in Nigeria Lagos Parallel Market today, August 02, 2021. Initial Dollar rate was noted as ₦504 at the beginning of last week on Monday, July 26, 2021. This corresponds to a 1.59% rise for Dollar since last week.

To have a monthly quick review, we see that USD rate started July at ₦503 on Thursday, July 01, 2021. With Dollar being traded at ₦512 now, we see a 1.79% increase for USD to Naira exchange rates since the begining of last July.

Comment on US Dollar to Naira Rates

Orinoco De Great 12:18 01/08/2021

Very soon it will be €1 to N1000. A country that has completely turned into a zoo in all facets of life. God will soon punish all those greedy southerners supporting the buhari zoo regime!

Ken&Abel 08:05 01/08/2021

Dollar is something else

Toro 03:55 01/08/2021

Naira is now nothing

Olofin 16:40 30/07/2021

until there is no black market, i.e. when all those who need dollar can get it at market ruling price from the bank which is official rate, naira will continue to suffer. It is just a simple logic of hoarding and selling at higher price when it becomes scarce.

tony Express 14:55 29/07/2021

the rate right now is too high

Juliet 16:10 30/07/2021

Not really. It will go upto 560 by next year.

Unknown 15:28 28/07/2021

What time did the hype in price happen today

I_am_hisexcellency_ 15:22 28/07/2021

When will dollars reach 1000

Funds 09:14 28/07/2021

$600 to naira

Mike 06:12 26/07/2021

I need $4300 ASAP. A reasonable rate in Delta state warri

Umeen 09:34 24/07/2021

I have interest in dollar buss pls brothers where can I get it to buy here in abuja

Umeen 09:34 24/07/2021

I have interest in dollar buss pls brothers where can I get it to buy here in abuja

Dapo 16:56 23/07/2021

I need to change $300 to naira asap. I stay around satellite Town Lagos.

danny richie 14:14 22/07/2021

i have $430 to exchange to naira how much is a dollar i need it very urgent

Pullogo 15:36 24/07/2021

Hi i can help you bro

General Bez 23:50 21/07/2021

Who will sell USD for N500. I'm in Akure presently

General Bez 23:49 21/07/2021

i need someone to change naira to dollar for #500 for location: akure, ondo state

Miko9ce 16:29 20/07/2021

Dollar should come low to 300 naira that will be beta

Leoinc 09:58 20/07/2021

Who will sell USD for N500. I'm in Lagos presently.

MOG 07:57 29/07/2021

We can give you at N495 in Lagos , but we don't deal with time wasters .

Richie 18:21 21/07/2021

I can

LOSA 20:38 20/07/2021


Abulashrah 19:09 18/07/2021

Please, where can I converte my dollars into cash in Ilorin Kwara state?

Martins 11:05 21/07/2021

Go to kwara hotel

Major 14:29 18/07/2021

Where can I change $40,000 Dollar to Naira in Ghana and in Abuja? Need a very good price thanks?

Kay 07:52 29/07/2021

Do you still have it available

Richie 18:20 21/07/2021

I’m in Lagos but can get it to you

tunz 07:27 17/07/2021

what is dollar rate in oshogbo

Reekado cee Noni 02:17 17/07/2021

Please who can sell $3000 for me

henry 07:18 20/07/2021

I can sell you

kayce 15:27 16/07/2021

please i want to sell $100 around maryland lagos , anyone interested and at what rate are you buying ?

Bentley87 14:10 21/07/2021

At what rate tyoi selling it

Olarewaju 23:06 14/07/2021


Joe 21:21 13/07/2021

I want to sale 49$ but it's 1 denomination. Can anyone buy at rate of 420

Alu 21:08 19/07/2021

Where do you reside?

Khalid son 23:15 12/07/2021

Hello How dollars rate in naija hw murch

Son of YHWH 19:21 11/07/2021

#500 if you are selling to the merchants and #505 if you are buying from them

Elder Elvis Money 09:31 11/07/2021

Please someone should update me on dollar rat our naira today

Papilatex 10:46 10/07/2021

How much is 1000 in Euro

Papilatex 10:45 10/07/2021

How much is 1000 in Euro

Mobility 19:33 26/07/2021

Good day u can get it 4 575 per euro on in Lagos island d

Biolive 17:27 08/07/2021

How much is $100 today

DRIP 11:30 07/07/2021

Where can I change my dollars here in Abuja ?

Stanley 02:17 16/07/2021

Go to wuse

Wilmington 20:02 06/07/2021

I manage a Moneygram office and seek for a partner in Enugu and Lagos

Stanley 02:17 16/07/2021

Hello am presently in Enugu ,nsukka precisely and am interested in partnering with u on setting up a money gram

UC MORE 16:03 07/07/2021

hello , will you like to set up an office in Awka.Work in a bank in Awka Anambra state .Too familiar with the environment, later we move to Enugu .

KA 13:06 05/07/2021

Please where can I sell my dollars in Niger State

Usman Aska 06:28 04/07/2021

Why daller is high now

Shokan by my name 07012395930 14:01 09/07/2021


Ojbaba 11:40 02/07/2021

Pls i need buyer at rate of 500 I get 1000usd to sell, pls reply asap

candour 15:29 15/07/2021

can u transfer it? you want to offer it in cash

Ceejay 09:04 09/07/2021

I buy skrill usd, perfect money and paypal usd.

Hassan 10:57 01/07/2021

How much $18 if convert to Nigerian naira

Mmaky 03:41 01/07/2021

how does all this work, i am in the us, and would like to sell dollars.

Tewo 15:38 07/07/2021

Send to someone in Nigeria here and they help you change it and deposits it to your naira account

jay 01:03 01/07/2021

i want to change Naira to $

Wilmington 20:04 06/07/2021

how much do you have and where are you

jay 01:02 01/07/2021

please can someone help me

sir 23:46 30/06/2021

If you have and you are not using the money for investment better keep it. Naira is failing before our very own eyes. You might be surprise to get dollar at 1000 before year end.

Sunny 09:40 25/07/2021

I have 106usd but I will keep it till December to get good rate

Lomi 13:06 07/07/2021

Naira will get to $1000 in couple years to come

Adekunle 21:35 30/06/2021

I am from ekiti state pls send me 1000 dollar

Focus 17:24 30/06/2021


RMB MULTIGLOBAL 10:19 30/06/2021

I’m buying cash deposit and inflow at good rate anywhere in Nigeria

Richie 20:26 23/07/2021

@colyns I will change it for you

Colyns 13:18 23/07/2021

I have been sent 2900 dollars through WorldRemit cash pick up, and i wish to change to naira at a good rate. The bank rates are poor and they also say that they do not have the dollars in cash. What do i do?

Wilmington 20:04 06/07/2021

where are you located

Champ 10:39 29/06/2021

How much is $20 on black market ?

Frozen 15:27 28/06/2021

i want to sell 20 dollar urgently pls...

Uwa 12:48 28/06/2021

Please what is dollar and euro rate in Benin city today

Julie 09:34 26/06/2021

I want to sell 4800 dollars. Where can I sell in Lagos ? Do reply, I will check back tomorrow.

Orlah 11:11 28/06/2021

I need to buy dollars. pls is it cash or transfer. I am in Apapa. How much are you selling for

Olamilekan 23:27 24/06/2021

I want to buy dollar who is ready to sell to me I’m in Lagos

Mikelzoola 13:55 27/06/2021

I have dollars to sell, just 100$

timsventures 22:52 24/06/2021

all account available for cash deposit n transfers.. sent o received cash any whr, if u want to sent/ recieved n i wil pay u in domestic currency... am available @ ur door step wit best rate

Me 19:01 23/06/2021

Where can I sell for 500 in asaba Delta state

Uche 15:40 22/06/2021

Please I want to buy dollar ???

Moses 12:57 22/06/2021

Please can I exchange 20 dollara

oge 18:36 23/06/2021

yes you can. its almost 10000

Owen 02:27 22/06/2021

The rates are getting to high

davson 15:05 21/06/2021

Please where can I buy @470

Bomba 12:54 20/06/2021

Where can I sell dolar in benue

KC 14:27 18/06/2021

what location for Imo?

Tobi 10:22 17/06/2021

I need to sell some dollars, I’m around Ojodu. Can I get it sold for 501??

Cardinaira Exchange 09:03 28/06/2021

490 I’m around ojodu also

MAW 14:55 16/06/2021

if u want to change and u are in agbomoso, let me know

Papa 13:58 15/06/2021

Where can I buy at #500

Uz 13:59 23/06/2021

How many do you need?

Mike 07:04 18/06/2021

Your location I'm in Lagos, contact me let do business

CC 16:57 17/06/2021


Chibuzor exchange 💱 12:51 17/06/2021

If your at Aba I give you the rate if 500 for buying

MAW 14:57 16/06/2021

where r u

"K" 07:41 15/06/2021

Where can I sell my dollars on black market in Ibadan?

Gp 04:18 15/06/2021

How can I sell my dollar

Idigba 21:30 14/06/2021

The are is not comment again, we need special prayer in Nigeria

sasasa 20:24 14/06/2021

Hello i need to chane usd to 1 m any one is there pls give me contact no

Otu ocha 10:17 13/06/2021

Nsogbu dikwa

Bankyd 09:49 13/06/2021

Pls where can I change my naira to dollars

Uz 14:00 23/06/2021

How dollar do you have?

ezeelisiakuya 15:03 12/06/2021

Is the rate still going up

osile 10:04 12/06/2021

here in Enugu state dollar is been Changed at 495

Prince 16:31 11/06/2021

Can dollar is still come back to 180?

Jaymill 08:05 11/06/2021

Where can i exchange naira to dollars cheaper online i know how to sell it high

KC 11:20 15/06/2021


Ernestovi 19:59 13/06/2021

How do you sell it high. I can tell you how to get it cheap

Tino 14:25 12/06/2021

Sir that will be a long road

Green 17:25 10/06/2021

keep it tsk

Prince 14:49 10/06/2021

Please where can I buy dollar in Lagos

Richie 18:17 21/07/2021

GFV Ltd marina Lagos

Sabulu 13:50 10/06/2021

Yoruba national

Joel 10:41 10/06/2021

How do i start selling

Simeon 18:24 09/06/2021

Please where can I sell my dollars at black market rates online (P2P)

Chibuzor exchange 💱 12:57 17/06/2021

Where are you?

@Blessed 21:36 14/06/2021

Blissexchange online

LENU 11:03 08/06/2021


Tino 14:21 12/06/2021

This is false no seller goes below 5naira ...stop sharing false news

CC 18:47 11/06/2021

Wow! Where

Jeje 10:20 10/06/2021

Where and how please?

phil 14:18 08/06/2021

at where please?????

Mardeeq 10:55 08/06/2021

When will 1 dollar be equal to NGN 1 ?

LekadOG 16:50 10/06/2021

...there was a time (bfr 1985) when $1 was less than NGN1 but to get there now ??

Jude's wrld 10:36 06/06/2021

Should I change my 500 doller now or wait

Tino 14:22 12/06/2021

It's a 50/50 risk.

Nko 19:55 07/06/2021

Wait it will increase to 520 soon

M.TURARE 17:05 05/06/2021


Vickimo 06:29 04/06/2021

Change your dollars with vickimo ventures, port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Jaymill 10:48 21/06/2021

Where is vikimo ventures located bro? And you supposed drop your phone number

EREDUM 14:20 11/06/2021

Which area of Port Harcourt are you

Comely 10:57 11/06/2021

At what rate?

TheParadox 17:13 03/06/2021

Price of oil is at a 4 year high and yet the dollar keeps rising. Can anyone say "Printing Naira"?

KENNERA 11:14 02/06/2021

Please dollar should come down

Muhammad abubakar 15:27 06/06/2021


Lekan 10:17 02/06/2021

Please, I sent a total international payment of 1060 dollars to my gtbank dorm account. However, i received 1025 dollars instead. Is there additional charges? I am surprised they took my 35 dollars.

Americanus 07:27 03/06/2021

The foreign bank usually charges around $45.00 then the Nigerian bank charges $25.00. I’m not sure why GTB took $35.00. UBA and Access both take $20.00.

Uch 10:06 02/06/2021


Patoski 12:53 01/06/2021

Who want to change naira to dollar at bank rate

Tmoney 09:29 01/07/2021

How much is$200

DB 1991 11:00 03/06/2021

i need to change

SuperMario 02:01 03/06/2021

I need to change USD to Naira with the real Black market rate. Imagine a thief wanted me to sell to him for N485. Any serious buyer can hit me up

Manuel 15:17 01/06/2021

Me please...

Gbee 14:45 01/06/2021

i do

Mikfaya 09:46 01/06/2021

Pls God save my country !

Rose 19:02 29/05/2021

50 euro is how much in naira

John Victor 13:41 29/05/2021

That's a every good news I have never head before

Tunde 08:44 29/05/2021

It will come down by 3rd June

Americanus 07:29 03/06/2021

It’s the 3rd and it’s up sir. Next prediction?

Frank 22:13 26/05/2021

Wow I didn't know what is going on now So Dollars have hi again Ok how much We 450 naira be

Tee 02:17 26/05/2021

How much can I change dollar in Abeokuta tomorrow?

John 11:58 25/05/2021

Dollar need to come down now if not we will die here ooo

Ritxi 21:43 24/05/2021

USD need to come down more than that.

Cr Kwaro 09:48 24/05/2021


Cr Kwaro 09:46 24/05/2021

$40.46, 3643.12

Naria 21:06 21/05/2021


congrats 19:50 19/05/2021

how much is 100 dollars as 19 of June

Abdul 11:25 18/05/2021

Where can change my dollar in yenago bayelsa

Chinoz 11:13 18/05/2021

How much is 100$ in naira as of today 18 may

Gold 11:56 16/05/2021

Please where can I change dollars in Lagos

Eve 06:11 05/06/2021

Ur contact pls Alhaji wabab

Alhaji wahab 15:47 19/05/2021

Contact me to change your dollar on the island of Lagos state

Gold 11:55 16/05/2021

Please how much is hundred dollars now in naira as of today 16 may 2021

Alhaji wahab 15:47 19/05/2021


Lami 01:40 15/05/2021

Please I have dollars to sell Where can I Sell at a good rate in kaduna ?

Sunny 20:24 06/06/2021


odongo de salvation boy 14:24 14/05/2021

to poor

Ebhote 05:35 14/05/2021

Anyone willing to buy up tp two million naira at 470?

furqaan 11:36 19/05/2021

i am interested

Stainless steel 04:05 17/05/2021

Yes.... Are u still selling?

Mathew omo agege 13:08 12/05/2021

It has been between the of 475 to 48+ for while, which makes our money not valuable

Kvñg JUSO 17:02 11/05/2021

Pls where can I exchange dollars in bayelsa state

Udehvp 04:12 11/05/2021

Sharaton hotel

Chuks 10:01 10/05/2021

Where can I sell some dollars in Abuja?

Gentle 21:24 07/05/2021

Where can I change $1000 at osun osogbo

Nkiruka nwafor 20:11 07/05/2021

Pls where can I change my dollar in onitsha at this rate

JACK 03:16 04/06/2021


Sugarboi 11:10 06/05/2021

Where can we change it in Ibadan

Kolasco 20:09 03/05/2021


Parry 08:11 03/05/2021


Barlly 20:08 01/05/2021

Were can i change my dollar to naira in benin

Monen 20:27 15/05/2021

Go to Erie at Sokponba road

Able 20:12 29/04/2021

Is this rate possible in ikorodu

Josh 17:02 29/04/2021

Please can anyone help with black market rates from 2010 to 2014. Thanks

Anka boy 13:38 28/04/2021

Why nigeria naira is not balebu i with to be chenge your naira

Gab 11:49 26/04/2021

Where can I get 485 for warri, Delta state

Ohue honesty 00:37 07/05/2021

You can try it at hausa quarter ibudu market.

hipsy 18:25 23/04/2021

please where can exchange my 100$ around iyana-ipaja for 486 Naira

furqaan 11:36 19/05/2021

would you sell at 480

Pharian 18:15 23/04/2021

Anyone willing to buy up to 10000 US Dollars in Ib?

Ayodeji 10:26 31/05/2021


walaxx 13:56 27/04/2021

please @how much are you selling?

Raphael 16:25 23/04/2021

Where can I change dollar to naira in asaba inside Town?

FERGUS 13:19 23/04/2021

How true is the exchange rate course 21/04/2021 dollars increased to #772.00 today being 23/04/2021 dollar decreased by #662 so am confused which one to use.

Mercy 17:10 22/04/2021

Please where can I change dollars in aba

09046099026 19:50 03/05/2021

How many dollars

Soskid 20:14 21/04/2021


Dolly 14:36 15/04/2021

Please where can I change dollars at this rate in kaduna state?

Lovecoin 19:11 14/04/2021

How can I see my love coin pls help me

Mekings 06:26 13/04/2021

where can I change money in Delta state

Alu 12:31 15/04/2021

Where in Delta state do you live, Delta state is big.. Haba

Morr 23:03 12/04/2021

Anyone willing to sell $550 at bank rate?

S 20:43 17/04/2021


Nike 19:07 12/04/2021

Where can I sell $5,000 in Lagos state

Kingbrown 22:45 21/04/2021

I'm in Abuja I use to buy dollars as business

Tim 08:14 12/04/2021

I have $800 to sell at ₦485. Where can I sell at this price in Lagos?

Kingbrown 22:46 21/04/2021

Yes I can buy it

Nike 19:08 12/04/2021

I also want to sell

Chinweotito 15:16 11/04/2021

Were can I sell my dallar in abia state um

JJC 16:29 12/04/2021

Uzuakoli road, near the motor park junction.

Jcollins 21:38 10/04/2021

Pls, what is the difference BTW the black market and the commercial maeket, and how can one take advantage of the black market.

Morris Jak'z 18:49 10/04/2021

How can I change it to naira

Morris Jak'z 18:49 10/04/2021

How can I change it to naira

Alhaji small 23:54 05/04/2021

Naira Marley g

Believe 10:18 05/04/2021

How much is 93.96 dollar

Ebuka Ogbonna 18:19 02/04/2021

How can I exchange

Fiend 11:03 02/04/2021

How much is 10 dollars to naria

Clara 21:13 01/04/2021

How much is a dollar today

Hima 22:01 31/03/2021

Where can I buy dollar in kaduna?

Victor 20:21 28/03/2021

Where can I sell my dollars in Lagos main land.

Loly 08:02 28/03/2021

How much do you buy 150 US dollars

Solovon 21:59 04/04/2021


Young 04:16 28/03/2021

Please i have 1600 dollars in my Skrill wallet will I be credited if I withdraw it to my bank account?

Adepto1 20:28 07/04/2021

Nigeria is not supported at the moment except you withdraw through your visa card

Potential 20:47 27/03/2021

Please How much is $4.8 in Nigeria currency??

Bob 19:35 27/03/2021

Where i can chage dollar In Lagos, in black market?

Comrade Confirmer 11:39 27/03/2021

Its welcome development in the black market (dropping by 0.21%)by Nigerian currency.

Educlassic 08:45 26/03/2021

Where can I sell my 1k USD in Asaba?

Alu 12:11 26/03/2021

Multiply 105.12 × 480 ( Current aboki Price) =#50,457.6

Jj 17:25 25/03/2021

How much is 105.12 USD to naira

Nelly 23:25 24/03/2021

Where can I sell my 100 dollar in benin

Value 21:14 24/03/2021

Why is the rate for 5 💲 note different from 100 💲 note?

Victor 00:40 24/03/2021

I want to sell my dollars, where is your office in Lagos

Dollar Seller 06:14 25/03/2021

cms, front of first bank or you can go to stock exchange building

Mike 19:16 22/03/2021

Will central bank of Nigeria reverse course of people receiving money in dollars back to normal ways; also if they reverse it how can one still receive money In dollars?

Prince 21:24 21/03/2021

It seems from last week dollar rate in Nigeria has refused to go down or high. just on a steady rate any clue about that?

Elijah d 19:25 19/03/2021

I like this

Shedrach Onitsha 14:09 19/03/2021

E choke

Poems 08:10 18/03/2021

Keep Going high biko

CEO 14:17 15/03/2021

Where can I change my 550 dollars in IMO State and how much

TPBCOIN 08:47 21/03/2021

Go to ama awusa in owere

Nko 02:01 19/03/2021

My place

Aniluv 13:01 14/03/2021

Where can i sell my 2 hundred dollars in bayelsa in good rate

Aniluv 12:59 14/03/2021

Where can i sell my 2 dollars in bayelsa in good rate

sharp sharp 20:59 19/03/2021


samdex 00:13 09/03/2021

how can i get it in akure cos am tired of all no job

Blessed 18:34 08/03/2021

Did anyone noticed that Nigerian government is currently giving out extra cash if you send money to your loved ones in Nigeria? On top of the one that you sent ooo.... This happened today in First Bank

@Elochucks 17:21 09/03/2021

Yes, they need Dollars

onyeka emmanuel odoh 10:01 08/03/2021

nce one

ejaino 11:59 06/03/2021

Will dollar ever come down to 300 or less?

papa 21:00 19/03/2021


Jonas 15:17 08/03/2021


Vicky cocy 23:00 05/03/2021

Us dollars is the best currency

Deen 21:51 04/03/2021

I have 500 dollar please where can I sell it in anambra state

onyeka emmanuel odoh 10:02 08/03/2021

go to my offce

Mr. Godfrey Akuogbo 13:22 03/03/2021

Please, I have a question to ask: why is it that, the dollar and the naira doesn't have a fixed exchanging rate?

Veronika 19:22 10/03/2021

Because Nigeria is an oil producer. Currency depends on international oil prices. If Nigeria does not sell oil, there are no dollars in the country so you have a problem with that

Martins 02:33 04/03/2021

Because the demand and supply of the dollar are not the same. It changes as people need more dollars for transactions. If there is less demand for the dollar, the price will reduce, and if the demand increases more than the supply, the price will go up.

H.M 11:19 02/03/2021

How much naira can I use to buy 1 dollar today?

Sadiq 12:24 04/03/2021


Anon 09:28 03/03/2021

480 Naira

GB 09:24 01/03/2021

where can i sell my 30 dollars in onitsha

700 16:35 28/02/2021


H money 14:41 28/02/2021

Why not 360 again

Blessedoej71 06:13 28/02/2021

Why not 360 again

Nas 09:01 26/02/2021

Please where can i sell my dollars in Rivers State?

onyeka emmanuel odoh 10:05 08/03/2021

depend how much u want to sell...

Rity 14:24 26/02/2021

You can sell to an individual if you want to. How much do you want to sell?

Jonas 13:34 24/02/2021

The rate won't come down anymore. Move on. This is the new normal.

Wizzy 03:16 24/02/2021

what is GTB maximum international spending limit on naira card?

Martins 02:34 04/03/2021

$100 per month on your card

Anon 02:29 04/03/2021

$100 per month on your card

Kola 02:09 24/02/2021

Where can I change my my dollars to naira in Ota, ogun state

Davesticks 04:25 28/02/2021

Agbara bustop,

Candy 22:24 23/02/2021

Will this dollar rate come down at all?, like when?

Milan 14:44 24/02/2021

Me too am wondering the cost is too high

Deen 20:00 23/02/2021

I pray that dollar will be sell at 500

Please can one buy dollar when is high or low and please i will like you to tell me more thanks 14:59 25/02/2021

Please can one buy dollar when is high or low and please i will like you to tell me more thanks

Gabrielway 09:48 23/02/2021

I have $150 cash to sell where can I sell in good rate? Lagos .

Hadiza 23:21 22/02/2021

Pls I want to start business dollar, how will I start?

Suleiman 16:22 08/03/2021

Which state are you at?

beni 13:49 22/02/2021

Please I need to buy Dollar but am avoiding fake , please can you direct me to a reliable seller am in Ph thanks.

@Elochucks 14:42 23/02/2021

Go to those Aboki Those ones with Offices inside. Not those ones by the Road side. Before collecting the Dollars, make sure they stamp each Dollars they handed over to you with their Logo and Stamp.

beni 13:40 22/02/2021

please i need more light on this dollar business i want to no more. And also how to start dealing with this kuwati dina

Just-savvy 03:41 22/02/2021

How do i convert my naira to dollars online, thanks

Abbass 13:17 22/02/2021

1 doller

2 Y C 17:23 19/02/2021

Where can I sell my dollar Abuja

Kazzy 06:19 20/02/2021

Wuse zone 4

Jo 17:42 17/02/2021

Where can I sell dollar in abuja with good rate

Omo HorLa 23:49 05/04/2021

Pls how much is 1$ to naira currently? And where can I exchange it to naira in ikotun

RALPH 14:25 19/02/2021


Mercy 16:16 18/02/2021

get a dollar card

James 03:58 15/02/2021

We're can I change my dollar in kwara

Toscal 13:04 20/02/2021

Go to Kwara hotel

Peter 23:06 14/02/2021

Where can i sell my dollars on the black market in Lagos?

King rick 00:35 13/02/2021

make it to work

Eriife 10:11 12/02/2021

Please how much is Dollar to Naira if I want to change from Aboki? And where can change around Lekki County, Ikota Villa Estate. Ajah?

TONEROL 12:34 19/02/2021


M kolo 10:04 12/02/2021

How much is the deposit

omo ososanwo 06:38 10/02/2021

federal governmt sud mk sure dt loan is avaliable nd reach d farmers at their local level( at their villages) nd provide (100% support) for young graduates to mk dem hv interest in agriculture to our econmy come back alive( increase standard of living nd reduce cost of living to 10%).

Trice 12:40 09/02/2021

What worth is naira now

gideon katmut 16:30 09/02/2021

Is thedollar N474.00 Black market or official rate?

Convert Dollar to Naira in Black Market

1 Dollar to Naira₦ 512
5 Dollars to Naira₦ 2,560
10 Dollars to Naira₦ 5,120
20 Dollars to Naira₦ 10,240
50 Dollars to Naira₦ 25,600
100 Dollars to Naira₦ 51,200
200 Dollars to Naira₦ 102,400
500 Dollars to Naira₦ 256,000
1000 Dollars to Naira₦ 512,000
2000 Dollars to Naira₦ 1,024,000
5000 Dollars to Naira₦ 2,560,000

Dollar to Naira Black Market sell rates are used in calculating the Dollar to Naira conversion table.

Naira Currency Converter

Nigerian NairaUS Dollar

Naira to Dollar Black Market Rate

  • Sell: ₦ 1 = $ 0.00198
  • Buy: ₦ 1 = $ 0.00195
  • Previous Day Comparison
    • Change: $ + 0.000011
    • % Change: + 0.59%

Convert Naira to Dollar in Black Market

1 Naira to Dollar$ 0.002
5 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.0099
10 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.0198
20 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.0396
50 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.099
100 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.198
200 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.396
500 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.99
1000 Nairas to Dollar$ 1.98
5000 Nairas to Dollar$ 9.9

Dollar to Naira Black Market buy rates are used in calculating the Naira to Dollar conversion table.

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