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STANLEY 10:48 25/10/2021

I wan sell 16.000 draham am here in nigerian how much are you going to buy dm me shap

Imamsta 09:41 25/10/2021

Good morning all Please what’s the exchange rate today AED to Naira?!?

Queen meenah 07:41 22/10/2021

If you’re anywhere in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and you want to send AED to naira or naira to AED , USD to AED look no further i got you just chat me up on +971528582409. Business only please no nonsense talk. Today’s rate is 1 aed to #154. Lovely👍🏾

Imamsta 09:44 25/10/2021

I can transfer AED or $ to your bank account in Dubai/ UAE for Naira payment in nigerian account. Are you interested

Obi 20:32 21/10/2021

How much is 1EAD today

Yemi 16:41 19/10/2021

If you'd like to change dirhams to naira, send me a WhatsApp message on +2348139718713 Exchange rate ₦145 for 1 AED

Obi 20:25 21/10/2021

How much as at today?

Um Al queen Local, Dubai First Son. 10:00 19/10/2021

Gud morning madam. Pls hw much is equivalent to 2850 dirhms, I will be sending frm Nigeria. Here is my Whatsapp; +2348165494876. Chat me ASAP... Thank u.

Queen meenah 22:27 18/10/2021

Currently the rate is #154 to 1 aed as at today. If you’re in Dubai and you want to send or receive just contact me 0528582409 a trial will convince you, please don’t chat me up for stupid talks i put my digits here because it’s about business please don’t lets attract curses on eachother. I also send and receive CFR for whoever has cameroonians. Peace 😘

Kate 07:43 16/10/2021

I just tried changing with one of the numbers below and they said my money is too small.What is the minimum Naira needed to change? I'm trying to change 90000 naira

Oscar 09:57 15/10/2021

Hi guys, good morning! Pls, how much is rate this morning?

Giftty 08:28 12/10/2021

Hi guys, I guess we are doing great. For those in Dubai who urgently need naira in exchange to Aed, kindly contact me via Whatsapp 0562347941 Call 📞 0585870201 Thanks

Nwaotu 18:07 10/10/2021

Pls guy's how much is exchange rate for dirahams to Naira now pls?

Giftty 08:40 10/10/2021

Hi guys How much is dirham to naira, I need 5000 ASAP My WhatsApp 0562347941

ICD 15:31 09/10/2021

Why is dirham to naira black market rates are not showing up here?

Edu 19:59 07/10/2021

How much is black market price today 1 dirham to 1 naira

Gmax 22:26 05/10/2021

Pls what is the rate for sending and receiving?

Money Exchange 19:27 05/10/2021

I am able to transfer, receive and exchange Niara. Naira to AED and vice versa. Reach me on: 00971509087125

ICD 15:36 09/10/2021

How much is dirharm to niara black market?

Posh 14:58 05/10/2021

Dirhams to naira rate please

Baby face 23:24 04/10/2021

I'm in fujairah I need 100 deriham tomorrow how much is rate and this is my WhatsApp 0525741048

Bee 22:56 04/10/2021

I need to change Naira to Dirham's I'm in Dubai anyone knows where?

Bee 22:55 04/10/2021

I need to change Naira to Durham's I'm in Dubai anyone knows where?

Anointed 19:30 04/10/2021

Hw much is dirham rate to naira by receiving

Big mummy 19:01 03/10/2021

How much is dirham to naira to day

Jamed 20:54 02/10/2021

I need to sell AED for Naira. Please what's the current rate.

Sasha 12:10 02/10/2021

Anyone in Abu Dhabi for exchange?

Olu 17:09 05/10/2021

What is your rate

Udedo 19:54 01/10/2021

You need to change your dhirham to naira or naira to dirham? Contact me. I'm in Dubai. 0504983764

Oliver 13:12 09/10/2021

I want to change #15'000 dirham to Naira, how much is #1,000 dirham to naira first

Kaycee 11:09 01/10/2021

How much is dirham to Naira now

Cent 21:47 29/09/2021

How much is Naira and to Euro, please?

Alao 18:06 29/09/2021

I need to change 4k dirham in alwarqa anyone

Emmy 15:34 29/09/2021

If u want to buy dirhams, am in sharjah call me on this number 0529281697

Emmy 15:30 29/09/2021

I dirham to naira is #155 as of three days ago

Lady bee 16:49 27/09/2021

Please how much is dirham to naira today

Money Work 13:43 27/09/2021

I am able to exchange and transfer any amounts of cash legally. For information, reach me on 00971509087125

ABE 15:06 25/09/2021

Hi. Where can I buy dirhams in Dubai today please?

D king baconkiss 08:47 25/09/2021

1 dirham to naira black market today is 152

wilson 16:09 01/10/2021


Oga boss 08:47 27/09/2021

Need number & location .for daily work aroun 10-15m naira per day .

Don 07:45 27/09/2021

D King baconkiss what of #1 to Dirham? How much can one buy dirham when he have naira?

Don 21:18 24/09/2021

Please how much can I buy Dirham with Naira? I have Naira and I need dirham to buy buy goods. How much is dirham

wilson 16:59 01/10/2021

@ Oga boss, send me your contact.

wilson 16:09 01/10/2021


fimber 19:13 20/09/2021

1 dirhams to naira how much

Don 07:48 27/09/2021

Fimber, I heard 1AED is #152 in black market.

Kb 10:35 20/09/2021

1 dirham to naira

Segun 09:40 06/08/2021

please where can i send at the rate mentioned above

Ab Abson 09:40 03/07/2021

Please where can I send money on black market to naira,here in ajman,I need location

Giftty 08:40 10/10/2021

Do you want naira.. because I have

Lil-xp 17:12 04/05/2021

What if I want it directly to a nigerian account, will the rate be as 140

king 19:46 28/04/2021

Am in abudhabi bus station were can I send money to Nigeria black market

Perez 09:03 23/03/2021

Good morning everyone please where can I buy Dirham

Venant 10:35 07/02/2021

Pls I need location in al Ain ( Abudhabi) for black market exchange uae to naira

Prince 17:43 05/03/2021

Where are you I can help you out by sending to Nigeria 🇳🇬

yk 15:23 27/01/2021

Where i can get black market exchange

Successful 04:15 24/01/2021

What is the Accurate of Dirham to Naira on daily basis

Zaddy 08:11 07/12/2020

Where can do the exchange

Prince 14:47 06/12/2020

No body

Prince 08:45 05/12/2020

Pls where can I make this exchange

Zaggie 06:25 13/04/2021

go to deira park in dubai, very close to Baniyas square

Jupel 09:56 16/11/2020

do you have an exchange spot in dubai

Omooo 06:26 25/10/2020

I want to know Exchange rates of today 25/10/2020

Raz 01:53 01/09/2020

How do I get access to the black market in Nigeria to send moneyb to Ghana ?

IkeGod 16:00 31/05/2021

I can help you

Senator ori 10:16 30/11/2018

While the black market decide the rate of Nigeria currency

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