Cedi to Naira Black Market Rate

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Joe 16:51 21/10/2021

I have 1000ghs ,I want to change to naira call 09035223311 location Lekki Lagos

Osy 14:16 23/10/2021

Call me 75600 09060919471

Osy 14:16 23/10/2021

Call me 75600 09060919472

Mike 13:15 20/10/2021

I want to convert naira to cedis inorder to buy crypto. Chat whatsapp 08106507907

Peony 12:07 20/10/2021

To convert your cidis to naira, contact me for good rate. WhatsApp +2348065625968

Spag 10:47 17/10/2021

Any want wanting to exchange Ghana cedí should WhatsApp me for good rate +233202713806

Pacho37 11:42 12/10/2021

I have 100 cedis anyone with naira

Romeo 17:50 25/10/2021


Peony 12:08 20/10/2021

Drop your WhatsApp number

Tim 06:13 16/10/2021

Yes. Beep me on 233557904570

Orch 08:28 11/10/2021

Pls I need Ghana cedis who have and how much for 1k

Jeantech 09:49 20/10/2021

I can help. naira to cedi rate 1000 naira for 10.6 cedis

Gideon 17:12 07/10/2021

Please I need someone to be changing naira to cedis for me

Spag 11:14 17/10/2021

WhatsApp me +233202713806 please serious enquires only

Senior 01:56 09/10/2021

Holla at me +233237831634

Samtak 14:19 07/10/2021

Definitely some potential here but how do you guarantee credibility particularly when large sums are involved.

Ssg 08:55 06/10/2021

Whatsapp me for a very good rate Cedis to naira or vice versa +233509617097

Richfred 10:56 30/09/2021

I need a good rate of Naira to Ghana cedis,for a huge transactions everyday,hit me up if u could help.

Spag 11:12 17/10/2021

WhatsApp me let’s deal +233202713806

Spag 10:49 17/10/2021

WhatsApp me let’s deal +233202713806

Ssg 08:58 06/10/2021

10.5 cedis per 1k WhatsApp me if interested +233509617097

Buhari 21:25 29/09/2021

How much is 20,000 in ghana cedis

Okey sima 17:51 23/09/2021

Pls how much is 1000 ceds in Naria ?

Absa 12:06 13/09/2021

10,000 Ghana cedis available @94 naira

heskey 19:40 31/07/2021

want to buy ghana ceddi

JASON 10:16 03/07/2021

I have Ghana Ceddi for sale at 94

Astro 17:55 15/08/2021

Is it still available?

classic og 20:09 22/05/2021

that too bad cause we are the king of african

Joe 08:12 30/04/2021

Can any one help me to want to send money from Ghana to Nigeria

Givenchy 02:25 16/10/2021


freshkizzir 20:14 30/09/2021

Text me on what'sapp.. 0507085204

Lytan_deji 12:44 24/09/2021

Hi I also want o send money from Nigeria to Ghana. We can help each other. 08174709084 whatsapp only.

Malam iduwukebi 22:02 11/09/2021

Yes you can count on me dude How much are we talking about here

JASON 18:17 14/05/2021

Yessso. I can. U want to send money from Ghana to Nigera

Joe 16:01 29/04/2021

Rate for 1000gh to naira

VIRGIN BOY 15:00 02/03/2021

Too poor

Mujitafa labaran nasiru 01:49 23/02/2021

On Nigeria to credit naira

GreenEx 08:50 26/09/2020

Do these parallel exchangers offer a service of exchanging naira for ghs? i seek such service to pay for goods in ghana. can u recommend a BDC exchanger that can offer this? @ngnrates

JASON 18:17 14/05/2021

I have ceddis for sale. I can help you pay for your goods and u pay me in Naira

Joe 08:13 30/04/2021

Same thing with me can your guys help us

concerned 04:48 07/11/2018

it is a real shame how our naira value has dropped compared to the Ghanaian Cedi

Romeo 17:53 25/10/2021

How much each one?

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