Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate

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CurrencyRateDateUser Nick
CAD₦ 58003/02/2023 Cobalt >
CAD₦ 58002/02/2023 Cobalt >
CAD₦ 59002/02/2023 JUST–TRADE > cannot guarantee correctness of the rates shared by users listed above.

Canadian Dollar to Naira parallel market exchange rate has an average of ₦580.00 in Nigeria today on 03/02/2023, according to 1 sell rate coming from the users in the comments section.

When we check the last 7 days, between 26/01/2023 and 02/02/2023, we see that Canadian Dollar to Naira black market rate had values between ₦580 and ₦600 with the average ₦588.22. When we compare last week's numbers with today’s (03/02/2023) rate, the average of Canadian Dollar to Naira rate saw a 8.22 points fall from ₦588.22 to ₦580.00 which equals to a 1.4% decrease.

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Comment on Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Rates

Disclaimer: can not guarantee correctness and trustworthiness of the information and contacts shared here. Please, DO NOT TRADE with the users commented here; use this platform only for data purposes.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:54 01/02/2023

Naira to buy Cad now, 592

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 10:28 31/01/2023

All Questions nd Enquires regarding CANADIAN DOLLARS, are oN whatapp.. pls no body should CALL ME... Whatapp GUDOSA on +2348158659847.. Cad is 587

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 16:51 28/01/2023

Naira to buy CAD is 585...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 13:12 26/01/2023

590 now.. new Rates..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 16:25 22/01/2023

580 now

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 18:42 18/01/2023

Cad still available at 585

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 10:34 10/01/2023

Hello GUYS , GUD DAY nd HAPPY NEW YEAR... I have CAD anytime anyDay, up to 70,000 cad now.. let tell u Guys.. this is the Rules of my Exchange, the Person hu wants to buy CAD must be the Receiver, it must Correspond.. same as the Opposite.. rule 2 ( I live in CANADA I want to send money to my Girlfriend, or my Friend, or colleague.. is Not accepted due to Security reasons.. ur Verification starts frm U. it's Straight DEAL, no third Party pls... WhatsApp GUDOSA on +2348158659847.. nd tell me what u want.. I will b very happy to Assist u. Nd pls this business is nt a Du or Die matta, it's not by FORCE.. if I tell u, nd u are not Comfortable with it.. u can check else where.. ur Money is 100% GURANTEED.. so if u want smone u can TRUST 100% Dat Person is GUDOSA.. +2348158659847... pls there are no other GUDOSA, on the platform.. this is the Original one nd only GUDOSA.. since I have been on this Platform more dn a YEAR nd 8 months.. this has been my NUMBA.. +2348158659847 ... be VIGILANT nd WISE.. if it's not this Numba is not GUDOSA.. it's not easy to du this JOB.. I am Doing what dey Cannot du.. nd dey Dnt Like me.. .. pls Trade with the Right Vendor, nd b Happy. Am online 24HOURS... for those of U hu normally call me for BTA purposes.. pls I du not sell or HOLD CASH CAD.. only instant Crediting to ur Canadian bank acc.. or Payment of schoolfees nd other Personal needs.. Whatapp GUDOSA for ur Simple VERIFICATION.. thank u nd GOD BLESS U..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 09:06 15/01/2023

Naira to buy CAD is 583 now

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 10:13 11/01/2023

Naira to buy CAD is 575.. 24hours service

Fabre 12:51 10/01/2023

how much is CAD to naira today

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 20:22 10/01/2023

Whatapp GUDOSA on +2348158659847..

Dave 22:43 06/01/2023

Happy New Year! We sell Canadian Dollar at the rate of ₦560 per CAD. Send to anyone in Canada 🇨🇦. Zero charges. Call or WhatsApp 09078785157. Meet inside any bank on CMD Road, Magodo Phase 2, Lagos.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 09:45 04/01/2023

Naira to buy Cad is 570 Contact GUDOSA on WhatsApp.. +2348158659847

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 09:46 06/01/2023

Payment of Tutionfees is here again... Buy Cad frm GUDOSA.. 100% TESTED nd TRUSTED.. 24hours service.. 37000 still available.. whatapp GUDOSA on +2348158659847.. ( cad is 570)

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 11:06 01/01/2023

Naira to buy Cad is 567 .. 37,000 still Available...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 07:15 25/12/2022

Cad to Naira is 530.. naira Available..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 06:52 18/12/2022

Naira to buy Cad is 580.. 35,000 still available

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 20:39 17/12/2022

35,000 cad Available at 575

Inimama 18:51 17/12/2022

Darlington with phone no ,+234 903 718 8327, is a scam. If you see the end of 2022 without sending back my 2,300CAD, know that God has left his throne. You scammed the wrong person. You'all don't do business on this platform with anyone. Scammers are here.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 07:06 10/12/2022

Cad selling 575.

Xander 12:10 10/12/2022

How much for cad to naira

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 19:54 07/12/2022

Naira to buy CAD is 577...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 15:00 06/12/2022

Rate is Gradually Droiping, which is Eventually Nice.... Wow

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 16:45 29/11/2022

87,000 cad Available@ 605

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 11:02 06/10/2022

If u are in Canada, nd u want to CONVERT ur Naira in ur bnk ACC to Canadian dollars.. for the purpose of payment of sklfees, Huz rents, nd Person needs.. whatapp GUDOSA on +2348158659847 ..... 100k cad Available @ 558

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 00:47 18/11/2022

Naira to buy Cad is 615.. (87,000) cad still remaining

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 03:52 10/11/2022

Rate is Drooping we watch Carefully.. it needs to be STABLE..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 14:18 05/11/2022

Cad to naira 1,000 and above @ 600

Chidi 20:23 01/11/2022

I have 10k and will accept N600.00 at the least.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 14:00 01/11/2022

My Broda Sheddy, I need to Slowdown 4 now.. no buying no selling...rate nt Stable

Sheddy 20:31 31/10/2022

What is your rate today

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 21:58 26/10/2022

Rate is 563 this Evening...

Pa ADA 12:37 24/10/2022

Deal with GUDOSA for Fast nd Reliable RX. I used him nd got my funds same Day in my Canadian bank . Super fast nd Easy

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 20:36 21/10/2022

New Rates will soon b Out

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 11:04 13/10/2022

Still 561

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 01:45 13/10/2022

DEMAND will soon go up.. thereby increasing the price of CAD...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 11:19 10/10/2022

561 nw, Hurry now while STOCK lasts., Thanks Guys

alhaji one 12:20 10/11/2022

The rate for cad is 530 for selling if you want to buy is 540 if need you can contact me only Abeokuta Face to face transactions you can contact me at 09031301754

Mukaddis 09:23 10/11/2022

The rate for cad is 550 for selling if you want to buy is 570 if need you can contact me only Abeokuta Face to face transactions you can contact me at 07054640318

Salim 14:35 08/11/2022

The rate for cad is 530 for selling if you want to buy is 540 if need you can contact me only Abeokuta Face to face transactions you can contact me at 09044818206

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 21:22 31/10/2022

Thank GOD Dat the Present rate of CAD is nt been influenced by GUDOSA.. am also sure Dat nobody wants to sell his or her cad @ Old rates again exept 600 the new Rates.. bt as for me.. I Signoff for Now.. as Rates is nt STABLE..

Ego 14:10 24/10/2022

How much is Canadian dollar to naira now

Bellarosa 13:07 05/10/2022

Please what's your rate today?

Osa 13:04 11/10/2022


Victor 09:52 05/10/2022

What’s cad rate now! I want to buy!

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 05:40 10/10/2022


GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 06:31 06/10/2022


GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 07:15 02/10/2022

Cad selling@ 565 D's morning

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 05:40 16/09/2022

We are still Doing the JOB... 100% legit... Tested nd Trusted

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 16:49 01/10/2022

@ Adunni: Rate is High, Whatapp GUDOSA on +2348158659847... nd tell me what U want...

Adunni 14:22 01/10/2022

What’s your rate today?

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 22:27 30/09/2022

Cad to Naira nd naira back to CAD available..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 21:19 29/09/2022

@ Govnor : all my Cad are in Canada.. Whatapp +2348158659847

Govnor 04:19 28/09/2022

I need it in Canada today

oder 09:35 16/09/2022

whats your rate??

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 22:23 24/09/2022

Cad selling @ 558. 100k CAD Available

Agbaje 15:24 22/09/2022

Today CAD to naira RATES plz

Agbaje 12:47 22/09/2022

Amouch is Canadian dollar to naira today

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 18:39 13/09/2022

Cad to naira ., 100%

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 03:51 09/09/2022

Cad selling @ 557...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:05 07/09/2022

Cad Selling@ 555 Whatapp Only

Mr Joe Chukwudi 21:13 29/08/2022

I reside here at Canada and I see people posting inflated CAD to naira rates here. SIMPLE MATHEMATICS Why not buy USD at 700 say he bad pass and then you’ll change it to CAD and thank me later CAD is getting weaker against the USD everyday, while the naira gained some strength against the USD Now 1usd= 1.30 cad Which is 30% more 700 x 0.3= 210 So a CAD should be 700-210= 490 IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!!!!!

Twitter @BitcoinBossboss. 16:31 06/09/2022

This 210 will be whipped out by multiple conversions and fees

Jude 08:02 06/09/2022

Interesting observation Mr. Joe, it sounds simple in theory but not that stright forward in practice. Assuming you exchange your naira to usd in the black market at 700 naira per usd paid into your naija dollar account. How do your now wire or convert the USD to cad? If you are going to do a wire transfer, typically a naija bank will charge the following: commission charges-> 0.5 of usd value, swift charge 15 usd and offshore charges 25 usd. so roughly you will be paying at least 26 cad and above for 100 usd transfer. Is it worth it? If you chose to use zelle or cash app, firstly you need to open the account, last time I checked it is for only US and UK residents, assuming you where able to get someone in USA to exchange your naira with usd, how do you now convert it to CAD. You know that cashapp and zelle does not work in Canda, you can't even use interac e, it does not work in the USA. You best best is World remit or Wise which have their own transfer charges and delay. So tell me if its worth it. I am not clear on the logic behind your 490 nair to 1 cad. But generally, this follows using 10,000 naira for instance: 10,000 naira to usd 14.30(@700 naira per usd) to usd -> 18.77 cad 10,000 naira to cad(@550 naira per cad) 18.18 so the gain you have from converting to usd first before cad is ~ 0.59 cad its really not woth it unless you are doing very high volume. Let me know if you have better alternative, I am open to explore.

Drew 16:52 31/08/2022

Thanks for this much needed clarification. It's really absurd how some people are deliberately inflating CAD for selfish gains. Anyway, I decided to purchase USD instead and convert to CAD and have mind peace of mind

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 15:21 02/09/2022

Cad still 555... 45,000 available whatapp GUDOSA nw

AJ 11:45 29/08/2022

Cad available at 540

Hybee 23:49 30/08/2022

How far boss, I need 10k @530 Can it work? 6046169514 whatsapp

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 12:35 29/08/2022

Canadian Dollars is SCARCE nw... 555 selling..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 16:16 27/08/2022

Cad selling @ 550 .. if u hav Naira nd needs CAD . Any Quantity Whatapp GUDOSA on 08158659847.. 60,000 still available...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 07:40 28/08/2022

Selling@ 555 today.. 60,000 Available... WHAT'SAPP GUDOSA on +2348158659847

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 09:16 21/06/2022

I am 1n of the BEST EXCHANGER on D's platform, I am GUDOSA.. +2348158659847.. I am online 24hurs to Process ur Transaction s.. TRADE wit me nd CELEBRATE... if u are Ready for Business.. just DM nd WhatsApp me on +2348158659847.. CAD @ 485.... 45,000 STILL AVAILABLE

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 14:33 26/08/2022

Rate Shoote up, frm here, 485 to an, All time High of 545 nd still Going...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 02:07 01/07/2022

Yes today... Buy ur Cad @ 487 ... Trade wit GUDOSA nd b happy

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:08 30/06/2022

We are Online Paying Customers.. bring in ur Transactions am Available

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 19:50 15/08/2022

For Buying nd Selling of Cad.... WHATSAPP (GUDOSA) ONLY... on .. +2348158659847... Only one Numba... If u miss it.. den u are on ur Own.. ( I Du nt have any other Numba... So be VIGILANT nd Wise... Selling 535 ds Evening...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 14:44 25/08/2022

In Toronto cad is Sold @ 550 nw.. the Demand is high nd scarce... Bt if u du nt lik my Rates .. u can Check elsewhere

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 06:47 25/08/2022

Rate is up, 545 selling..45,000 still available...

Karoocho 11:10 24/08/2022

Selling CAD to Naira 530 or best offer

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 17:11 24/08/2022

It means u are buying Cad nd Giving out Naira...

Dbetsy. 05:07 23/08/2022

There's no scientific reason for determining the CAD/ Naira rate by this app. You cannot take one seller's arbitrary rate to inform users about the exchange rate Given that USD retained it's stenvth against the CAD and using the parallel market rate of Naira vs the USD, the Naira / Cad rate today ought to be N528 max. I will try to use real time cross rates to inform users on this platform so they can be educated and not rely on a lone seller's advertised rate, to make purchase or buy decisions. If the USD continues on It's current strong run, Naira/ CAD rates should be dropping.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 19:47 23/08/2022

Sell ur Cad @ 528.. if u lik 500 or u can sell old rates as at last year 460.. it's Non of my Business... STOP pock nosing on my Interest .... du ur Own nd let me Du my Own.. I warn U...

Dbetsy. 19:14 16/08/2022

Gudosa, you're the only one in this platform quoting rates. You have become a sole Cad trader and determining market rates. Rates should be dropping and not rising. Cross rates are stable and Naira improved over USD. What is the cause of increase ? CAD is available. No longer scarce.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 19:38 23/08/2022

Y nt Sell ur Cad ???... nd MIND ur business..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 10:02 22/08/2022

Naira to buy Cad... 535... 45,000

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 07:25 21/08/2022

Cad to Naira 520 only TODAY 1000 CAD and above

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 06:51 20/08/2022

535 selling.. 40,000 still available..

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 19:54 18/08/2022

Cad selling at 535

Easy man 09:25 12/08/2022

How much is cad to naira today

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 12:33 18/08/2022

1000 and Above 518... Less dn 1000 (515)

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:41 17/08/2022

Cad to Naira 515 to 518 ... 5M Naira Available

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:40 17/08/2022

Naira to buy Cad 538... 45,000 Available

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 11:42 16/08/2022

Selling 538... Last ... Just INTERAC only....whatapp GUDOSA on 08158659847..

Dbetsy. 18:28 13/08/2022

It is obvious the user, Gudoso made a mistake when he quoted 430. !! I would be weary to trade at that rate when the market is between 532 and 535 here in Canada.

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 19:53 15/08/2022

@ tbag... No it didn't.. still Expensive bt u will always Get ur Cad frm GUDOSA... 100% LEGIT nd PAYING

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 20:59 14/08/2022

Checked.. u didn't spell my name correctly... Gudoso ..... Hahahaha...

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:10 14/08/2022

Hahahaha... I mean 530... We all can Also make mistakes.. check my previous Post Okkk..hav we TRADE B4 ???

Tbag 22:21 13/08/2022

It dropped to 515 to 520? Some days ago

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 08:24 13/08/2022

430 selling..... Yeaaaaa

GUDOSA(+2348158659847) 10:19 15/08/2022

@Dbetsy: no problem.. its bcs i posted @ Night... Bt if u had contacted me.. would have told u the Right RATES..

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