Yuan to Naira Black Market Rate

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Nonny 04:36 24/10/2021

Please I've 2,500 RMB for sell who is interested DM me on Whatsapp with 08134699457

Mto 08:01 23/10/2021

I have chinese bank account at good rate , I'm currently in china, chat me up for more information on whatsapp +8613412575520

Favourite exchanges 19:56 20/10/2021

Text me on WhatsApp ‪+1 (865) 888‑0428‬ I’m selling and buying RMB in good rate please only serious traders only

Favourite exchanges 19:53 20/10/2021

I’m selling RMB in good rate if you have for sell I’m buying also kindly text on WhatsApp https://wa.me/message/VRVABZLOZA2YN1

Burbooz 14:23 18/10/2021

I need rmb ASAP, kindly chat me on 0703 829 5283. Thanks

Zion 12:41 17/10/2021

I have 120 Chinese yuan for sell pls call me on 07031611899

Zion 12:37 17/10/2021

I have 120 Chinese yuan for sell pls call me on 07031611899

Zion 12:30 17/10/2021

I have 120 Chinese yuan for sell pls call me on 07031611899

ChinaBoy 13:13 14/10/2021

Buy unlimited amount of Chinese Yuan (RMB) for transfer to China-based Entities (Suppliers/Sellers, Family, etc.). You can buy as small as 1 RMB, and as high as 500,000 RMB (or more). We transfer to China Bank Accounts and Alipay Wallets Only. (WhatsApp: +8615005908420).

Kaytex ventures 08:35 14/10/2021

I buy rmb in good rate kindly dm 08137403870 rmb to naira good rate

bella 00:34 14/10/2021

in black market Nigerian at Anambra how much is 1 cny in naira

Nice 10:36 13/10/2021

Please how much is rmb today

Brown 13:44 12/10/2021

how much is RMB by 7

Everything china store 17:07 10/10/2021

RMB exchanges rate

Eduardo 20:25 10/10/2021

How much to Naira? Pls

Debbie77 15:01 05/10/2021

I have bulk rmb for sale. WhatsApp me on 08021279029 if you are interested.

Al Ameen62 00:21 06/10/2021

What is your rate?

FRANKO ENTERPRISE 23:05 03/10/2021

I sell rmb at the best rate chat or call me 08108666272

Jones 19:29 03/10/2021

Bulk rmb available call me 08075618067 We only open Monday to Friday

Pearl 14:48 02/10/2021

I need Rmb urgently send a message if you have 08138038193.

Jones 19:30 03/10/2021

We sell

Stephen 12:04 02/10/2021

Hi, what's today's rate for RMB?

Ayofx 09:22 02/10/2021

I got 100yuan Mao 2005, hope it still change able and how to change it

Avateran exchange 09:13 01/10/2021

My name is Azeez, i sell RMB please call me or chat me if you are in need 08058829773

To Chinese Rmb 06:20 30/09/2021

1000 naira

Chi 22:20 28/09/2021

@Jones, can you drop your contact?

Mayor 11:18 28/09/2021

I Wana send1500rmb to china, what is your rate

Maureen 23:44 23/09/2021

Please how do i get rmb, i want to fund my alipay account

Li 08:30 24/09/2021

I have but just 1000rmb. If you are interested please chart me on 08128047540

Jones 07:07 23/09/2021

Bulk rmb is available, we i genuine rmb supplier call me or Whatsapp me

Pearl 14:49 02/10/2021

Whst is your rate

Dr.sk 01:16 30/09/2021

Drop ur contact

Christ 21:15 24/09/2021

Hello please can you drop ur WhatsApp contact

Maureen 23:45 23/09/2021

Pls how do i get rmb

Greatking52 14:02 23/09/2021

Pls what is rate of rmb I want to send money to China today

ok 11:41 20/09/2021

how much is 650 rmb to naira

Emma China 21:45 01/10/2021

07066031991 chat me up

Cent 12:25 17/09/2021

Hi, im cent. I want to send 18,000 rmb to my supplier in China. How can you help me

Abdul 19:01 29/09/2021

Dm 08105270175

Godswill 05:55 03/09/2021

I want to send 10000RMB to china today, please what is your rate.

Emma China 21:44 01/10/2021

07066031991 chat me up on WhatsApp, I’m an Exchanger I will help you send renminbi to China and Naira to USD , i do only exchange

Bmartins 08:52 02/09/2021

I want to buy rmb please, I need a reliable seller please

Jummy 13:04 01/09/2021

I want to buy chinese yuan in Lagos

Wale 17:54 22/08/2021

I want buy RMB how do I get a contact

Odinnovate 08:49 25/08/2021

Search my name on Instagram or Twitter

Victor 21:25 27/07/2021

Please where can i get someone that can pay with Alipay?

Abdul 19:00 29/09/2021

Dm 08105270175

Bonny 01:56 25/08/2021

I can help you with create alipay account.. All you need is mast credit card and National ID

Frank 09:18 23/06/2021

The rate now is 79.8

John. 11:31 19/06/2021

I need contacts of certified dealer on RMB.

Ese 14:39 13/08/2021

i can help you on that if you really! direct no fear from my end. cos some exchangers have bad money that can actually lead to blocked accout. contact me tru... reply

Windek 14:07 05/07/2021

You have alipay

Ada 04:04 26/05/2021

Please I need a genuine exchanger at this rate

Abba best 22:30 22/05/2021

I’m mobile phone dealer from kano state . I want to have someone that is certified RMB exchanger .. so that i will buy from him always ... even now i want 120,000 RMB

kings 07:30 18/06/2021

Are u still in need of the rmb to China?

IDIONG 11:50 21/05/2021

I'm in need of Yuan

Emmanuel Dada 10:57 17/05/2021

I need to transfer 7800RMB to a supplier, how to do i get it

Jojo Armani 00:41 04/05/2021

Naira is too poor

S boy 00:13 04/05/2021

I want to convert my Yuan to naira

Ayofunmi 13:58 24/04/2021

Pls,where can I get it in lagos around abulegba isde at cheaper rate

Calivian 15:16 08/04/2021

Plz huz , i want to change foreign coin to naira plz hw can i go with dat?

Ameenu Ahmad 08:29 24/03/2021

Please is there any place or website that I can buy RMB?

Keen 16:29 22/03/2021

Where can I get yuan

Molly 16:11 01/03/2021

How do I purchase

Molly 16:10 01/03/2021

Pls I need Yuan where can I buy at cheaper rate

kagara 18:04 17/01/2021

naira no value

Fatty 10:50 24/09/2020

How do I get RMB?

Chizi 03:23 23/09/2020

Please where can I buy

Mantex 20:51 21/09/2020

Please how can i buy rmb/yuan today or tomorrow.

Fleming 22:57 17/09/2020

How can I get Yuan hear?

ULTIMATE 14:43 16/09/2020

Where can I get seller of RMB?

Emerald 00:35 02/09/2020

Please how can I buy Yuan?

Bova 11:42 22/08/2020

Is there any good site where I can buy and sell?

The Dzynkitet 10:48 03/08/2020

This is crazy. I tell you. This is all not making sense.

KFS 23:03 13/07/2020

I need 10,000rmb. How do I get it?

Trippy 12:42 06/07/2020

You can’t find at this rate, we in china are presently buying at 65/66

Mr'C 21:18 24/10/2021

Can we do business, I do buys rmb

KingN 12:16 29/05/2021

What's the rate now bro

James 08:45 04/07/2020

where can buy yuan by this rate

Balogun 04:35 21/06/2020

At 53 naira per 1 yuan

Balogun 04:34 21/06/2020

Where can I get this rate today or tomorrow

Nelson 20:43 22/05/2021

How can I contact you people please because I RMB

Lara 07:40 31/05/2020

Pls I need Yuan where can I buy at cheaper rate

African man 09:39 29/05/2020

Please how I purchase the yuan at this rate?

Jemmy 15:46 19/03/2020

So how will someone buy this exchange rate

Raheem 15:30 19/03/2020

Please how do I purchase?

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