First Bank Naira Exchange Rates

GBP₦ 005/09/2022
EUR₦ 60218/07/2022
CAD₦ 46618/07/2022
USD₦ 50004/07/2022
INR₦ 5.8001/05/2021
RUB₦ 6.2001/05/2021

First Bank of Nigeria, First Bank Naira exchange rates today

  • First Bank Naira exchange rates are GBP ₦ 0, EUR ₦ 602, CAD ₦ 466, USD ₦ 500, INR ₦ 5.80, RUB ₦ 6.20
  • Latest US Dollar to Naira First Bank exchange rate is ₦ 500 as of 04/07/2022 at location Online.
  • Most recently updated First Bank exchange rate is Pound to Naira rate that is ₦ 0 as of 05/09/2022 at location UK.

Comment on First Bank Naira Rates

enpison 10:35 01/03/2024

Write your comment on Naira rates.i think the rate for today is not to bad 1dollar is 1, 617,somethings .

Ken 13:21 16/01/2023

What is the current first bank exchange rates today

Dave 00:06 13/12/2022

How much is a dollar rate now

Ayigbe 10:50 09/11/2022

Please what’s the rate for naira to cedi?

Jayee 16:08 07/11/2022

Please someone should help me with first bank poundds exchange rate today 7/11/2022

Pero 09:31 13/10/2022

Please we need the first bank dollar rate for October. This rate her is for July.

KAYBEE 10:15 12/10/2022

First bank monthly online dollar limit ?

D 11:27 06/09/2022

Please someone should help with first bank euro rate and cbn rate

Jay 18:36 20/08/2022

What's the current first bank USD rate

Le Generale 18:51 29/08/2022

Still N500/USD

Jack 01:17 07/07/2022

What is Frist bank rate on 4th July

Ab 00:23 05/06/2022

Is first Bank allow to make a payments with their card in skrill or neteler

Yisa8 05:25 04/05/2022

What is first bank rate 1 usd rate And can i change my naira in bank to collect dollar as cash i need dollar cash pls

Roddy 16:03 13/04/2022

How much is 1USD today!

Daniel 01:44 07/04/2022

What is firstbank rate to dollar today

johnb 23:41 08/03/2022

what is first bank rate for dollar to naira

MGoni 16:39 17/01/2022

Firstbank today is rate is 500

Al Imran 16:42 06/12/2021

Anyway bitter than others whose charge N480 per dollar 💵. Good to drop little bit

Dauda 11:06 27/04/2021


Husseini- 12:12 06/10/2021


Jooo 00:41 28/09/2021

I need to convert my usdt money now please

cliff 20:58 25/09/2021

why is the bank rate higher than black market rate

Jubson 19:14 13/09/2021

How much is 1usd as at today

Alkane 01:26 18/09/2020

First Bank 18th September : 500 Naira per pound Debit Card Online

Uzoman 16:16 27/08/2021

Can I add money with naira MasterCard on tranferwise

Alex 17:00 02/08/2021

@Dike, Wema bank. You can contact them.

Joe 07:48 31/07/2021

First bank charges 463 naira per dollar as of today.

Dike 18:18 05/07/2021

Is there any bank in Nigeria that offers a card that I can spend more than $100 per day or per transaction?

Notis 01:27 31/07/2021

Hi Gift, can you confirm that the card still works?

jude 02:38 25/07/2021

which terminals/website can you use it please? for example can i use it on wise?

Gift 15:16 23/07/2021

Hi dike yes there is a bank access bank Its called signature card that meant for exclusive card with $3000 limit monthly only and is black in colour but you have to subscribe 6k monthly but don't worry it comes with plenty privileges

Titi 21:09 08/07/2021

How much is pounds now

Feature 08:36 02/07/2021

How many GBP first bank allow to buy in a day.

yahaya_dambatta 18:08 12/06/2021

What is the current of GBP in FirstBank

Hayulalala 15:45 01/01/2021

Where can I use my first bank Visa card to transact on international trade online

Luizpele 13:33 27/05/2021

Only PayPal I know 4now First bank masdtercard

Osazimes 09:32 02/04/2021

First bank is 425 right now ohh. 2nd of April

Stainz 14:40 09/05/2021

Which is good for online transaction, Visa or Master card?

Americana 05:26 03/04/2021

Where do you all use to check the accurate ones

boyo 15:21 19/04/2021

What is the fee for changing Pounds to Naira at First Bank?

Richnet 10:54 04/03/2021

GBP online payment £1 is N530 03/03/2021

Ivy 04:03 05/03/2021

Thank you. Do you know how much for zenith?

3148586788 18:56 31/01/2021

Iya Alhaji Nuhu

Kayjonval 15:46 01/01/2021

How can I use my first bank card for international transaction..tell me the site they supports

Kayjonval 15:46 01/01/2021

How can I use my first bank card for international transaction..tell me the site they supports

Mason 12:12 14/12/2020

Hmm,great rates.... Have been transacting to my family over Nigeria

Hyder 19:42 03/12/2020

Pls does firstbank naira card is enable on foreign transaction?

AY 13:58 26/10/2020

How can I I at a cheaper are or at this rate Naira to Pounds? Urgent

Alkane 08:22 23/09/2020

First Bank is 510 pounds per Naira. 23rd September, 2020. I did the transaction myself few days ago and was debited today.

Daily Detailed First Bank Naira Exchange Rates

GBP to Naira First Bank Rates

05/09/2022UK₦ 0
03/08/2022UK₦ 707
18/07/2022Online₦ 707

EUR to Naira First Bank Rates

18/07/2022Online₦ 602
13/06/2022Germany₦ 609
14/01/2022Online₦ 609

CAD to Naira First Bank Rates

18/07/2022Online₦ 466
01/05/2021Online₦ 316
01/04/2021Online₦ 316

USD to Naira First Bank Rates

04/07/2022Online₦ 500
13/06/2022Online₦ 598
13/09/2021Online₦ 460

INR to Naira First Bank Rates

01/05/2021Online₦ 5.80
01/04/2021Online₦ 5.80
01/03/2021Online₦ 5.80

RUB to Naira First Bank Rates

01/05/2021Online₦ 6.20
01/04/2021Online₦ 6.20
01/03/2021Online₦ 6.20

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