FCMB Naira Exchange Rates

EUR₦ 63618/04/2022
CAD₦ 39218/04/2022
GBP₦ 67614/04/2022
USD₦ 48018/12/2021

First City Monument Bank, FCMB Naira exchange rates today

  • FCMB Naira exchange rates are EUR ₦ 636, CAD ₦ 392, GBP ₦ 676, USD ₦ 480
  • Latest US Dollar to Naira FCMB exchange rate is ₦ 480 as of 18/12/2021 at location Online.
  • Most recently updated FCMB exchange rate is EURO to Naira rate that is ₦ 636 as of 18/04/2022 at location Online.

Comment on FCMB Naira Rates

sar_vage360 17:37 27/09/2022

Please how much is the dollar Rate on FCMB as at today. 27/09/2022

Shago 23:08 16/03/2023

Please how much is the dollar Rate on FCMB as at today. 27/09/2022

08146196896 05:53 14/01/2022

We buy all quanties of Crypto, bulk or micro coin. BTC, USDt etc. Fast Payment. Good rate! Scammers kindly keep off, as the country is too hard to inflict more pains on people. N/B: Pls note that we will do KYC(Know Your Customer) before any transaction to eliminate trust issues and build long term relationship. ❗Avoid high rates, the first red flag for scammers. Call/What'sapp us on: 08146196896. 24/7 online.

Odogwu 09:06 03/01/2022

I need USD

kanal 17:54 18/07/2021

please what is FCMB MasterCard monthly limit ?

Sageer 18:19 21/12/2021


E nest 10:32 24/11/2021

How much one dollar in FCMB for today

Alkanawey 18:04 20/10/2021

Please what is Ghana GHS rate in FCMB?

Kudos 00:38 02/10/2021


Y 11:35 27/08/2021


Ibilade 00:36 02/08/2021

Excellence rate.

Yoo 12:44 07/08/2021

What in tgeir $ rate bro please

Fenzi 09:01 29/07/2021

Pls wat is today's Fcmb bank dollar to naira rate

sammeyboj 13:48 17/07/2021

please what is the current fcmb gbp rate

yahaya_dambatta 18:04 12/06/2021

What is the price GBP

Stainz 14:14 07/06/2021

Today's rate

Xiras 09:01 02/04/2021

Fcmb is rate is 477 there rate change dramatically, they are using the 395 rate to scam people so they can register

Obynasty 12:41 01/05/2021

True talk dear...... Fcmb is really messed up now, You are very correct

Ejiro 00:21 27/04/2021

Please whats fcmb current rates

King 16:41 20/04/2021

pls can i receive Pula(Botswana currency ) using my FCMB acc?

gobkinA1 14:57 18/04/2021

It's really good

Cafx 19:32 15/03/2021

Dollar rate is N450 for FCMB as at today, made an enquiry.

Abbah T. Alkhairi 11:33 04/03/2021

I confirm from the bank dollar is 450 naira for FCMB

Kana 13:45 06/03/2021

Which one has the lowest do you know?

Otubu 16:45 03/03/2021

Pls where can someone still buy coin when Fcmb it’s not more going on crypto?

Dagabe 10:51 01/03/2021

If it is 395 then it is rather low and discouraging. But I feel that 395 is not the current exchange rate. Can someone update us with the rate for 01/03/2021

mantissa 16:11 26/02/2021

FCMB Dollar rate is 450.. Weigh too high jor

Emperor 23:54 20/02/2021

FCMB rate par dollar is 450 which is too high

Otubu 14:01 28/01/2021

Pls where can some trade FCMB Card again because it’s no more going on crypto?

Adesmart01 08:28 04/02/2021

Same as mine

Kunlexy96_A 16:05 02/02/2021

Abeg who don use FCMB this new month? What's their dollar rate abeg?

Adesmart01 08:28 04/02/2021


Javalist 04:09 03/02/2021

FCMB rate for GBP is actually N560 per GBP as of today and even play 7 days and not N500 as quoted by this site.

Gt 15:38 29/01/2021

Please can I use my FCMB debit card on Mercuryo for a 500USD. Exchange

Endee 18:45 15/01/2021

N540.18 to 1GBP 15/01/21

AareCash 09:29 10/01/2021

Seems their rate is 420

olumide 10:32 03/01/2021

Please Euro man what was your experience? Was the rate quoted here correct for FCMB?

Euro man 23:01 14/12/2020

Does FCMB visa work for online payment?

Euro man 23:01 14/12/2020

Very Funny... Please before you posted something... Make a research

Eugenco 15:31 04/12/2020

Is fcmb rate real at all, they are way lower than even CBN rates except the dollar

Alkane 02:03 18/09/2020

Stanbic IBTC 18th September, 2020.... 566 Naira per pound... Debit Card Online

Daily Detailed FCMB Naira Exchange Rates

EUR to Naira FCMB Rates

18/04/2022Online₦ 636
14/01/2022Online₦ 533
08/01/2022Online₦ 646

CAD to Naira FCMB Rates

18/04/2022Online₦ 392
01/05/2021Online₦ 298
01/04/2021Online₦ 298

GBP to Naira FCMB Rates

14/04/2022UK₦ 676
07/03/2022UK₦ 676
27/02/2022UK₦ 682

USD to Naira FCMB Rates

18/12/2021Online₦ 480
17/10/2021Online₦ 480
13/10/2021Online₦ 480

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