FCMB, First City Monument Bank

FCMB Naira Exchange Rates

GBP₦ 56712/07/2021
USD₦ 45516/06/2021
EUR₦ 50616/06/2021
CAD₦ 29801/05/2021

First City Monument Bank, FCMB Naira exchange rates today

  • FCMB Naira exchange rates are GBP ₦ 567, USD ₦ 455, EUR ₦ 506, CAD ₦ 298
  • Latest US Dollar to Naira FCMB exchange rate is ₦ 455 as of 16/06/2021 at location Online.
  • Most recently updated FCMB exchange rate is Pound to Naira rate that is ₦ 567 as of 12/07/2021 at location UK.

Comment on FCMB Naira Rates

Ibilade 00:36 02/08/2021

Excellence rate.

Fenzi 09:01 29/07/2021

Pls wat is today's Fcmb bank dollar to naira rate

kanal 17:54 18/07/2021

please what is FCMB MasterCard monthly limit ?

sammeyboj 13:48 17/07/2021

please what is the current fcmb gbp rate

yahaya_dambatta 18:04 12/06/2021

What is the price GBP

Stainz 14:14 07/06/2021

Today's rate

Ejiro 00:21 27/04/2021

Please whats fcmb current rates

King 16:41 20/04/2021

pls can i receive Pula(Botswana currency ) using my FCMB acc?

gobkinA1 14:57 18/04/2021

It's really good

Xiras 09:01 02/04/2021

Fcmb is rate is 477 there rate change dramatically, they are using the 395 rate to scam people so they can register

Obynasty 12:41 01/05/2021

True talk dear...... Fcmb is really messed up now, You are very correct

Cafx 19:32 15/03/2021

Dollar rate is N450 for FCMB as at today, made an enquiry.

Abbah T. Alkhairi 11:33 04/03/2021

I confirm from the bank dollar is 450 naira for FCMB

Kana 13:45 06/03/2021

Which one has the lowest do you know?

Otubu 16:45 03/03/2021

Pls where can someone still buy coin when Fcmb it’s not more going on crypto?

Dagabe 10:51 01/03/2021

If it is 395 then it is rather low and discouraging. But I feel that 395 is not the current exchange rate. Can someone update us with the rate for 01/03/2021

mantissa 16:11 26/02/2021

FCMB Dollar rate is 450.. Weigh too high jor

Emperor 23:54 20/02/2021

FCMB rate par dollar is 450 which is too high

Javalist 04:09 03/02/2021

FCMB rate for GBP is actually N560 per GBP as of today and even play 7 days and not N500 as quoted by this site.

Kunlexy96_A 16:05 02/02/2021

Abeg who don use FCMB this new month? What's their dollar rate abeg?

Adesmart01 08:28 04/02/2021


Gt 15:38 29/01/2021

Please can I use my FCMB debit card on Mercuryo for a 500USD. Exchange

Otubu 14:01 28/01/2021

Pls where can some trade FCMB Card again because it’s no more going on crypto?

Adesmart01 08:28 04/02/2021

Same as mine

Endee 18:45 15/01/2021

N540.18 to 1GBP 15/01/21

AareCash 09:29 10/01/2021

Seems their rate is 420

olumide 10:32 03/01/2021

Please Euro man what was your experience? Was the rate quoted here correct for FCMB?

Euro man 23:01 14/12/2020

Does FCMB visa work for online payment?

Euro man 23:01 14/12/2020

Very Funny... Please before you posted something... Make a research

Eugenco 15:31 04/12/2020

Is fcmb rate real at all, they are way lower than even CBN rates except the dollar

Alkane 02:03 18/09/2020

Stanbic IBTC 18th September, 2020.... 566 Naira per pound... Debit Card Online

Daily Detailed FCMB Naira Exchange Rates


GBP to Naira FCMB Rates

12/07/2021UK₦ 567
09/06/2021Online₦ 566
01/05/2021Online₦ 500

USD to Naira FCMB Rates

16/06/2021Online₦ 455
25/05/2021Online₦ 450
06/05/2021Online₦ 470

EUR to Naira FCMB Rates

16/06/2021Online₦ 506
26/05/2021Online₦ 500
01/05/2021Online₦ 410

CAD to Naira FCMB Rates

01/05/2021Online₦ 298
01/04/2021Online₦ 298
01/03/2021Online₦ 298

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