CBN has announced international money transfer operators are allowed to pay remittance inflows in foreign currency on December, 2020. Therefore, the rates displayed here refer to past data and are not applicable today.

Malaysian Ringgit to Naira Moneygram Rate

Updated on 17:11 02/12/2020
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)MYR NGNGet Updates: Off91.8998 0.12%Naira to Malaysian Ringgit Exchange Rate₦ 1 = RM 0.01088

Malaysian Ringgit to Naira Moneygram Rate Chart

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My name is Joe 13:17 19/05/2022

Where can I change Malaysian riggit to naira in Lagos?

Surestplug 09:06 23/03/2022

Malaysia 🇲🇾 banks available for deal whatsapp 07066478662 fast and reliable Exchage Naira to ringgit exchange ringgit to Naira

Fulatan 19:53 18/06/2021

How much Malaysia ringgit in black market

Segs 07:00 03/04/2021

Where can I exchange naira to ringgit in Lagos

Convert Malaysian Ringgit to Naira in Moneygram

Malaysian RinggitNaira
1 Malaysian Ringgit to Naira₦ 91.8998
5 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 459.499
10 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 918.998
20 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 1,837.996
50 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 4,594.99
100 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 9,189.98
200 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 18,379.96
500 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 45,949.9
1000 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 91,899.8
2000 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 183,799.6
5000 Malaysian Ringgits to Naira₦ 459,499

Naira Currency Converter

Nigerian NairaMalaysian Ringgit

Naira to Malaysian Ringgit Moneygram Rate

  • Value:₦ 1 = RM 0.01088
  • Previous Day Comparison
    • Change: RM -0.000013
    • % Change: -0.12%

Convert Naira to Malaysian Ringgit in Moneygram

NairaMalaysian Ringgit
1 Naira to Malaysian RinggitRM 0.0109
5 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 0.0544
10 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 0.1088
20 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 0.2176
50 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 0.544
100 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 1.088
200 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 2.176
500 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 5.44
1000 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 10.88
5000 Nairas to Malaysian RinggitRM 54.4

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