Perfect Money

Lionel - 19:35 22/10/2021

I want to buy perfect money upto 500$ who has to sell?


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Umar suleiman 11:49 05/12/2021

I can sell to 567 per naira my WhatsApp number 07030344596 at Lagos

InternetOG 10:35 04/11/2021

I can sell to you contact me on WhatsApp 09057665074 @617 per $1

Drickzy 17:07 31/10/2021

I do. But I get 50% deposit upfront and when I send you 50% payment. You send me the remaining 50% and I send you the remaining as well. If you are interested in dealing that way 2349131568291. That's my WhatsApp.

Richie 13:23 04/11/2021

What is your exchange rate

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