CBN has announced international money transfer operators are allowed to pay remittance inflows in foreign currency on December, 2020. Therefore, the rates displayed here refer to past data and are not applicable today.

Kuwaiti Dinar to Naira Moneygram Rate

Updated on 17:11 02/12/2020
Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)KWD NGNGet Updates: Off1259.5831 0.15%Naira to Kuwaiti Dinar Exchange Rate₦ 1 = ك 0.00079

Kuwaiti Dinar to Naira Moneygram Rate Chart

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Convert Kuwaiti Dinar to Naira in Moneygram

Kuwaiti DinarNaira
1 Kuwaiti Dinar to Naira₦ 1,259.5831
5 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 6,297.9155
10 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 12,595.831
20 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 25,191.662
50 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 62,979.155
100 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 125,958.31
200 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 251,916.62
500 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 629,791.55
1000 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 1,259,583.1
2000 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 2,519,166.2
5000 Kuwaiti Dinars to Naira₦ 6,297,915.5

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Nigerian NairaKuwaiti Dinar

Naira to Kuwaiti Dinar Moneygram Rate

  • Value:₦ 1 = ك 0.00079
  • Previous Day Comparison
    • Change: ك -0.000001
    • % Change: -0.15%

Convert Naira to Kuwaiti Dinar in Moneygram

NairaKuwaiti Dinar
1 Naira to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.0008
5 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.004
10 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.0079
20 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.0158
50 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.0395
100 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.079
200 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.158
500 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.395
1000 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 0.79
5000 Nairas to Kuwaiti Dinarك 3.95

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