Ripple to Naira, Ripple to Dollar exchange rates

Ripple to Naira Exchange Rates

  • XRP/NGN00 (0.00%)
  • Updated on 07:10 27/09/2021Source: Binance
  • MaxMin
    24H₦ 0 ₦ 0
  • Volume 0 XRP | ₦ 0
  • XRP/USD$0.97330.0543 (5.91%)
  • MaxMin
    24H₦ 0.9818 ₦ 0.8915
    7 days₦ 0.9818₦ 0.936
    30 days₦ 1.4151₦ 0.8582
  • Volume 406,281,192 XRP | $ 381,530,381

Ripple to Naira Rate Chart

Comment on Ripple to Naira Rates

Sholley 15:47 26/09/2021

Hello here ,I have ripple for sell is there anyone interested?

Bright 12:08 21/08/2021

Who have Ripple for sell should Dm me let do business

ola 16:37 30/08/2021

i have 96riple to sell i trade with luno

Lydam 09:02 26/08/2021

I have 15 xrp for sale.....i trade with luno

Dele 1 14:20 29/07/2021

If you want to sell your ripple I can buy from you if interested

Hello, please have ripple for sell. Anyone interested? 17:04 23/09/2021

Hello, I have ripple to sell

Sirpee 11:15 26/08/2021

I want to buy too

Contact at OB flemzy(Facebook) 10:20 19/07/2021

Who has usdt to sell for 400-450NGN per usdt

Kingsley 18:26 05/07/2021

Please how can I buy XRP now ?

Ab 22:28 25/07/2021

How much xrp do u want to buy?

Mr. Pee 06:32 17/05/2021

Please who has ripple for sell i want to buy now

Wilmax 14:11 14/06/2021

I have

Mr. Pee 21:37 16/05/2021

Please who has ripple for sell i want to buy now

Kingwatt 07:13 06/05/2021

I want to buy xrp pls someone should refer me to a genuine seller

Casper 20:55 20/05/2021

I have one tho..he's always busy sha

Osten 08:04 19/04/2021

I hope Ripple will raise again

Danny 10:32 22/06/2021


Annoying 16:57 17/06/2021


Frankchibex 08:46 17/04/2021

Plz I wanna buy ooo,how is it gonno be?

Chin lu 14:53 15/04/2021

What is the cheapest crypto market

Papa 05:50 14/04/2021

Want to buy xrp hit me up

Krehn 05:34 15/04/2021

I want to buy how's it gonna be?

Psalm 11:23 13/04/2021

Still buying ripple till date It will be like Litecoin one day

Serier 09:54 02/05/2021

Obviously buying alot of it now

21frost 04:59 12/04/2021

I wanna buy

Amosodju 01:18 12/04/2021

Please house i want to buy ripples, i need a genuine seller to buy from

Orlandigo 23:11 05/05/2021

I also need to buy. Genuine seller please

HOPE 14:18 19/04/2021

I can refer you to a seller

21frost 02:30 11/04/2021

Please how can I do that

21frost 02:29 11/04/2021

I wanna purchase ripple please

Shinnybetty 09:47 14/04/2021

Hi, buy from Binance

Jp 00:24 11/04/2021

I've bought XRP since last year, the price never moved up at a point I wanted to sale but decided to hold. After they won their case against USA SEC last week, the price just keep climbing. My wait wasn't invain

Dokis 13:42 04/05/2021

I can't verify my account on binance

21frost 18:27 11/04/2021

Guy abeg make I buy some from u abeg please I Dey beg u

#Edem$ 03:45 06/04/2021

I just hope Luno will also consider the peer to peer soon!

Krudz 13:44 08/05/2021

Hope so aswell

emmy 16:38 11/04/2021

what do u mean?

AYESON 15:50 25/03/2021

Please I can't verify my VBN on ruqqu app. Is there any app I can do crypto transaction flexibly in Nigeria?

Yousfaith 12:14 16/05/2021


JSA 07:11 09/05/2021

Use your First name and Second name as your name on settings.. U we be verify

Xrpbaby 16:30 07/04/2021


Ceasar 22:08 09/03/2021

Abeg I wan buy ripple abeg

Krehn 17:57 23/03/2021

At what rate

Nhed 00:37 27/02/2021

I can't even think of withdrawing any crytocurrency. I'll still hold them

Waconzy 23:53 24/02/2021

I won buy Ripple

Eric Smith 11:34 15/04/2021

I bought ripple last year when it was still #70 per coin I bought coin worth 50k I just gave it 3years now I have almost a millionaire there now I want want sell some of it since I have made alot of profits

AYESON 13:31 24/02/2021

Please do anyone know how I can convert my crypto to naira now, as CBN has closed border?

John carter 18:20 14/03/2021

Yes I do

Promzilex 11:00 09/03/2021

All depends on the type of crypto. We now use peer to peer which is more better. Tell me the type of crypto and the amount you wish to sell. If I can buy it then we deal

Young D 07:37 16/02/2021

I want buy XRP any seller

Kuzzy 11:57 05/03/2021

Yes how do you wish to buy

AYESON 13:27 24/02/2021

From which platform?

Krehn 09:18 12/02/2021

make this thing continue to dey rise o

Isaac 10:18 21/04/2021

Pls I want to buy to my luno acct

AYESON 13:28 24/02/2021

It won't, use simple technical analysis tool. RSI.

Shekpe 06:04 11/02/2021

Thunder will fire xrp.

Shekpe 19:41 24/02/2021

Bella, how do I cash out seeing that cbm has disconnected us from assessing crypto?

Bella 06:53 24/02/2021

Wetin them do u? Abeg thunder no go fire dem

Bella 16:41 08/02/2021

I am not selling my XRP cuz i can see that it have rising potential... Next is... Polkadot

Jp 00:17 11/04/2021

Walahi, this is the time to hold

David 20:03 20/02/2021

Pls Ella how do I buy SRP and polkadot

William 13:22 08/02/2021

How much is 21 ripple to naira

Emmy 16:39 11/04/2021

about 20k

Ceaser 16:14 05/02/2021

I wish it were more unstable

Ceaser 11:16 05/02/2021


Dan mario 14:25 01/02/2021


johniphy 21:24 31/01/2021

xrp not reliable

Abdul 06:12 02/02/2021

Which one is most reliable?

Jay 14:51 31/01/2021

I opened luno this morning just to find out the shocking price of ripple 😖.. I regret I didn't buy it . I had a hunch last week to buy it and hold 😭. Missed doge now ripple 😭😭😭

Akudinanwa 07:30 13/04/2021

Please how do I cash mine out from luno I have 102 ripple

2king 08:13 26/03/2021

If u buy on ruqqu will d price increase for the same amount of xrp when u send to luno

Kkay 10:18 17/03/2021

Buy xrp on roqqu and send to luno

Sunrise 20:58 24/01/2021

Very great buytime

Dani West ho 10:33 10/01/2021

How do I get 1btc pls

Jokey 16:03 02/03/2021

Buy it on online wallet

dhamie 21:19 01/01/2021

Please guys I don't understand... At this stage that it doesn't have hash.. Will I buy or Sell

CryptoJim 12:05 16/12/2020


Sam 20:26 06/02/2021

Which platform are you trading with please😥😥😪

tempo 13:13 01/02/2021

Lori just sold my xrp. Bought at N106

Ripple Rate on Other Platforms

CoinbaseXRP/NGN₦ 0
CoinbaseXRP/USD$ 0.97
LunoXRP/NGN₦ 772
BittrexXRP/USD$ 0.97
BitfinexXRP/USD$ 0.97

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