Naira Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

SymbolRate(₦)Change 24H
BTC/NGN ₦22,848,693 69,727 (0.31%)
ETH/NGN ₦0 0 (0.00%)
LTC/NGN ₦78,132 0 (0.00%)
BCH/NGN *₦232,960.24 183.16 (0.08%)
IOTA/NGN *₦555.2158 16.6772 (3.10%)
XRP/NGN ₦214.17 0 (0.00%)
ADA/NGN *₦638.0234 45.896 (7.75%)
DSH/NGN *₦101,711.64 2,805.24 (2.84%)

Updated on 00:50 28/02/2021 * marked rates are estimated by multiplying the corresponding cryptocoin to USD Binance rate and the Parallel Market USD/NGN sell rate Source: Binance

Comment on Cryptocurrency Naira Rates

M wire 21:40 26/02/2021

How can I exchange my Bitcoin and crypto with naira?

Janka 18:19 27/02/2021

P2P trade on Binance

M wire 21:38 26/02/2021

Hope this is so high

TheFutbol cion 13:40 22/02/2021


Ralley razy 23:15 20/02/2021

How can I change my cryptocurrency to naira

Kuin_bee 06:39 24/02/2021

By using a crypto currency wallet that supports Naira. Therefore, you’ll be able to exchange your cryptocurrency, if supported as well, easily to naira. An example of such wallet is Luno. Always do your research and read their transaction rates etc to make sure you’re happy with it.

Olacrypto 14:47 22/02/2021


Ralley razy 23:11 20/02/2021

This articles is interested More updates we need

Khaleepher 02:13 20/02/2021

Zara 09:35 15/02/2021


Money trouble 1 18:01 14/02/2021

I want to be received update again

Abass 15:49 14/02/2021

Emigr8 12:11 14/02/2021

What is the update concerning the ban?

Upc Jeff benzos 20:28 11/02/2021

Xrp MA scam

Peace 21:12 12/02/2021

@ UPC how is XRP scam?

Prominent4sure 00:03 11/02/2021

Good evening house. Please may I be guided on how to buy cryptocurrency that will add value to mylife and people around me globally this year. I am much interested to join this scheme.

Investor Og 11:47 23/02/2021

Not every crypto currency is worth of buying please beware and be guided not to lose your investment

Bblac 12:23 18/02/2021

It is simple as ABC when you join roqqu If you need any further help, contact me through

Ovie 07:40 09/02/2021

How much can I sell 897 worth of Bitcoin in dollar converted to naira

MarkB234 07:06 09/02/2021

Who has withdrew crypto lately in Nigeria with this current ban Please how did you go about it guide us please

Ryan 16:38 09/02/2021

I withdraw from my Bitcoin wallet today

Peace 12:48 06/02/2021

With the recent ban of Cryptocurrency transaction in Nigeria by CBN. Where should we go from here?

Jrudboi 05:34 25/02/2021


Military General 21:27 06/02/2021

Nah xo we see am ooooo

Mzeecata 12:15 04/02/2021

It falling every day can some help me with the coin pls

Sheddy 22:16 09/02/2021

What do you want to do tho?

Tg 13:38 03/02/2021

I want to trade with bitcoin please how do i start going about it first

Femi 21:27 04/02/2021 . . Register here, after then, watch the welcoming trading video. Just make sure you are using very small lotsize and isolation. Then you are good to go

Akstar 13:54 29/01/2021

Please which one is reliable site that can buy and sell dollar to naira?

Mzeecata 12:16 04/02/2021

Links coder

Diddy 13:08 29/01/2021

Please how do i expand my wallet to be able to save or trade more?

08165381315 12:12 23/02/2021

Some exchange platforms require you to verify your identity. I could guide you through though.

Otubu 14:13 28/01/2021

Please anyone with latest update on how to use FCMB card to buy coins and in which site can someone buy it because it’s no more going on

Femi 21:33 04/02/2021

I will not advise anybody to use luno in buying coin from Nigeria. Luno is just a South African site digging lot of charges from Nigerians. Their charges is so exorbitant.... Is advisable to use Binance or buycoin

Tuchi 11:00 03/02/2021

Binance..luno charges more

Daniel 18:44 31/01/2021

Use luno

Lomgman 18:19 28/01/2021

I would love to know as well

Bellab 23:53 27/01/2021

Good day please if I want to start cryptocurrency like how much will I get to start

Bblac 12:25 18/02/2021

You can start with as low as #500 on roqqu, click on this link to join

miclord 13:28 13/02/2021


Soj 19:53 27/01/2021

How can turn my cryptocurrency to naira

chizzy 08:58 30/01/2021

Use the luno app

Abbeylomo 23:58 28/01/2021

Send your cryptocurrency to Binance or Luno for exchange to Naira

SenseMan 15:25 27/01/2021

I would rather buy ChinaCoin, Marketed on Yuan-Pay. China is more than strong enough to FEND its Official Coin.

Chichi tina 20:01 11/02/2021

Pls how can I go about this...I am interested

Inibob 23:41 02/02/2021

Yea but too much expensive 250$

SenseMan 07:09 29/01/2021

@Peace, Google it for more Info it was newly Launched Officially on the 26.01.2021 by the Chinese Authority.

Peace 21:30 28/01/2021

@ SenseMan, How does it go?

Kk 12:15 27/01/2021

I think is not a good time to buy because bitcoin will fall more than this current prices just be watching it closely.

Onos 09:38 27/01/2021

Pls I need explanation on how to buy cripto from and sell? When do I buy and wen do I sell

leslie 10:04 24/01/2021

US investment firm Blackrock added bitcoin to eligible investments last week, positive news keep comin, I say it is a good time to buy, but not an investment advice

grimmy 08:13 24/01/2021

Is it a good time to invest on bitcoin?

brodi 09:21 24/01/2021

after the hi peak last month I think it is good to go

NAMODA 12:41 22/01/2021

please how can buy crptocurrency to 1 canada dollar

Zamani147 11:49 21/01/2021

Mr #SOG I wonder Why TRONS Has Not Yet Appreciate In Stock Market, What Could Be The Reason For The that

Cryptofessor 20:07 27/01/2021

Tron, stellar are traders coin value goes nowhere they can do more than 300% increase in a year

chrizyboy 09:04 27/01/2021

there must be a higher demand for that particular stock before it can appreciate

Zamani147 11:38 21/01/2021

Hello Try And Download The (PAYER APP) You Can Witdraw All Your Crypto Through The PAYER App. It Easy And Convinent Everyone

Inferior officer 14:54 16/01/2021

How to convert my Bitcoin to naira without vist any exchanger

Sadiq 04:19 25/01/2021

You can use binance or luno, you can convert cryptos to naira and withdrawn directly to your bank account

NAMODA 14:43 12/01/2021

how to rigester with bitcoin

Bitcoin king 10:46 12/01/2021

Follow this link to download roqqu wallet You don’t need ATM Card to operate with it Dey will voluntarily open 2 bank accounts for you Providus and wema which u can transfer your funds even from POS

SOG 19:38 11/01/2021

Pls add tron to it

Cashier 09:32 11/01/2021

Please list the banks that works on binance..

Franky 03:15 11/01/2021

What's up with dollar?

Katun 07:11 10/01/2021

Guys, pls where can i use my gtb master card

AB 09:33 09/01/2021

use binance or roqqu or luno to buy crypto

Mr.frank 21:27 08/01/2021

Please help I can't buy crypto anymore with my bank cards from help with other app with good rate

Mr.frank 21:19 08/01/2021

Please help a brother, which trusted site can I buy cryptocurrency on a cheaper rate of #360..

DJ lord 09:41 08/01/2021

Gt card can be used to purchase crypto.

UA 22:18 05/01/2021

Apart from UBA card,which other card can be used to purchase crypto currencies?

yusbarix 19:56 05/01/2021

@DEE let me explain it for you, e.g Bitcoin rate calculation in naira depends from whom you are buying it for example 1usd is #470 in naira and you want to buy 1 btc, and 1 btc in usd is $33,480.00 so you will calcultae 470X33,480=#15,735,600 naira

Murnes 14:26 31/12/2020

Dollar na too much

Henrol 15:54 30/12/2020

how much is one bitcoin per dollar today

Henrol 15:10 30/12/2020

please can someone enlighten me on how to do this Bitcoin trading ? I'm a novices to that

C-Bizz 13:09 30/12/2020

Nice cryptocurrency to Naira comparison

uko2 11:27 30/12/2020

pls who can help me on how to sell bitcoin

Deone 08:32 30/12/2020

Please anyone here knows how to buy cryto on Binance using naija atm card ?

DEE 11:56 29/12/2020

Hey guys, can anyone help me on how to get the bitcoin rate calculation on naira, like 45*/$. For example how does the rate change like when I want to buy btc at 470/$ how do I get the rate, the 470/$ for an instance? Is that the black market rates affect, I still don't get. Please thank you for your time.

Money Machine 06:53 28/12/2020

@king nnabueze go YouTube, it is well explain there,

King Nnabueze 11:45 27/12/2020

How do I sell my Bitcoin to get cash on naira?

lesly 11:23 24/12/2020

nice reference for crypto to naira rates thanks

Umar poly 23:19 14/12/2020

What's wrong with gt bank gor God's sake

wire 15:20 07/12/2020

Please someone should help, how do I sell my Bitcoin??

debuka 23:21 04/12/2020

naira is coming

Langes 23:53 01/12/2020

Is true

Linkinbest 12:41 01/12/2020

How can I buy crypto currency with this exachange rate above

Powell 06:37 01/12/2020

Pls is gt bank debit card working on international platforms?

Presh 15:05 30/11/2020

Oh my God i weep for naira

Lis 10:09 23/11/2020

Which bank in Nigeria that accepts using card to buy crypto currency on binance

1 16:44 02/11/2020

NRI to naira exchange

Uchenna isaac 17:35 28/10/2020

Very nice and cool,i love it

Rowolens 19:48 02/09/2020

How can I buy bitcoin with this price in Nigeria

Justice 11:05 01/09/2020

How much is pincoins in naira please

Fagge 13:50 23/07/2020

Thank you

Rancisky 05:00 05/07/2020

Where can I buy CRYPTO currency

Bblac 12:28 18/02/2021

Buy on roqqu, they are reliable

Ugobest 10:30 31/05/2020

Wat of the Kuwait money rate of currency

Rabbi j 08:12 22/05/2020

Good one

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