Dollar Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

SymbolRate(₦)Change 24H
BTC/USD$43,726.83 1,786.13 (4.26%)
ETH/USD$3,088.64 275.69 (9.80%)
LTC/USD$152.2 5.2 (3.54%)
BCH/USD$505.6 3.8 (0.76%)
IOTA/USD$1.2077 0.0406 (3.48%)
XRP/USD$0.9638 0.0481 (5.25%)
ADA/USD$2.231 0.012 (0.54%)
DSH/USD$162.2 3.6 (2.27%)

Updated on 08:00 27/09/2021 Source: Binance

Comments on Cryptocurrency Naira Rates

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Bitworldcashoutpplug 23:55 26/09/2021

I need btc $700. Contact me on WhatsApp 08170738062

Godswill 19:47 26/09/2021

Who have pi to sell

Big_Bills44 exchange 13:04 26/09/2021

I buy bitcoin 520/ text me on WhatsApp 08151209950

nonsman 04:29 27/09/2021

How much do you buy btc? Whatsapp 07033426471

MALAYSIA 11:52 26/09/2021

I buy bitcoin in high rate inbox me on WhatsApp 07085106411

WestDC xchange 08:35 26/09/2021

If you have bitcoin/alcoin/usdt for sell contact me on watsapp let's deal 08182819828

Clinton 03:50 25/09/2021

I buy dollar and other coin at good rate contact me through WhatsApp if interested. 08146442513

Carlos 01:00 25/09/2021

$50,000 bitcoin for sale

Ishola 07:16 27/09/2021

Drop your number let's vibe 08035946042

Toby 19:46 26/09/2021

Dm on WhatsApp (08147033081) for bitcoin sale

08155782623 08:38 25/09/2021

I am interested please.

Kurrency Exchange 23:16 24/09/2021

I need BTC $150 please Dm 07049165396

tyuandy 12:36 24/09/2021

i buy btc @ 530/$ DM on whatsapp for only serious persons 08131983270

Crypto punk 08:27 24/09/2021

WhatsApp me of you wanna sell bulk coins 07031995124 rates are really good

Toby 07:52 24/09/2021

I buy btc, eth, bnb, usdt at the rate of 560/ $ Dm on WhatsApp for deals (08147033081)

Prince Kosi 05:19 24/09/2021

I will like to buy bitcoin I need a reliable solution

Arayomi 20:11 24/09/2021

Write me on whatsapp +2349021789947

Nasskudi 01:03 24/09/2021

Which card work on binance

Cassidy NG 06:56 23/09/2021

I’m a Bitcoin vendor based in owerri, IMO state. I buy Bitcoin only at a very good rate and fast payment. I have my business registered at the cooperate affairs commission You can check my account Instagram @ cassidyng1 Facebook @ cassidy NG

Yung-Engr 19:17 22/09/2021

Pls what is the convert Rate of Dogecoin to NGN

MAP 17:28 22/09/2021

Who wants to sell bitcoin

Yount 21:17 22/09/2021

How much ate u buying? I have 400

Divine 15:11 22/09/2021

How do you sell your coins

AceEchange 15:05 22/09/2021

I buy BTC at a very high rate

Ojaz 08:53 24/09/2021

How do you buy, I mean your rate?

Kenechukwu 22:01 21/09/2021

I want to buy ada

Vin 17:34 21/09/2021

Please I need someone that can be changing my dollars to naira in a good rate from warri

Fomesezy 19:21 21/09/2021

What's your rate let's do biz Drop ur contact am in warri

Dmdnolly tv 11:45 21/09/2021

I have 1 btc for sell

08155782623 10:33 22/09/2021


Sid 19:42 21/09/2021

DM me pls

Focus 07:04 21/09/2021

I have 600$ btc to sell needed cash 💵 Best rate please

Uncle gee 22:07 25/09/2021

I want to buy

Ponli 22:17 24/09/2021

Add me on WhatsApp I we buy it +33753031205

Zico 14:08 22/09/2021


08155782623 10:34 22/09/2021


Beeblaze 21:20 21/09/2021


Fav 12:25 21/09/2021

550 for one dollar

Mk jack 09:06 21/09/2021

Rate is 520

Realtz 01:28 21/09/2021

Who wants to buy 1000 usd at the rate of 560 should contact me

nonsman 04:35 27/09/2021

Whatsapp me via 07033426471

Muhammed 12:19 21/09/2021

I will

Fomesezy 10:56 21/09/2021

Am interested but am in warri

08124679757 22:59 20/09/2021

I buy Crypto currencies at a good rate

Guy 09:07 21/09/2021

What is your rate

08124679757 22:41 20/09/2021

I want to buy BTC, usdt, TRX and XRP.. Give me your rate

Phetiman 06:54 20/09/2021

I want to sell 0.03 Btc

Aries08140051371 14:10 20/09/2021

Rate 515

Deh_mumu 12:23 19/09/2021

Be careful when exchanging- always go with more than 2 to well known location or loose your savings.

SoloA 11:45 19/09/2021

Please I need help which trust app can I transfer naira and convert it to dollar at a good rate

08142834695 16:48 18/09/2021

i buy skrill mastercard funds 480 naira to a dollar

Beta 15:08 17/09/2021

Pls whon can quickly change dollar to Nair in Lagos surulere Axis

Wise 01:26 21/09/2021

Have you still change it

Faiz 02:55 17/09/2021


07084800566 21:50 16/09/2021

litecoin and xrp available for sale

Nnamdi Achi 11:50 21/09/2021

Why not sell direct through Roqqu. And get ur money straight to ur account. U don't need third party.

Choco 04:09 21/09/2021

Is Litecoin still available? How much

Recon cruiz 13:42 17/09/2021

Are they still available ?

Pat 19:04 16/09/2021

I want to buy dollar

Ray 17:47 16/09/2021

Please drop your contact if you buy or sell crypto

nonsman 04:38 27/09/2021

I buy in good price

Jago 08:08 16/09/2021

I want to sell my BTC, who's interested dm with your buying rate.

Choco 04:10 21/09/2021

Is your btc still available? How much is it?

Bliss 04:54 19/09/2021


Recon cruiz 10:37 16/09/2021

I buy for 540/$

Roman CFX 09:48 16/09/2021

I want to buy 490

K 18:53 14/09/2021

Did FCMB visa work on advancecash

Justin 13:45 18/09/2021

34.crypto is how much

Omoba 13:32 14/09/2021

Can i buy $1000 from the bank? what rate will I get it from gtb or any other bank?

Peter Clinton 17:16 14/09/2021

Can one now buy crypto from the bank....?

Babatunde Oluwatobi 18:47 13/09/2021

I need 120000naira

Elvis pounds 15:12 14/09/2021

I have $100 Bitcoin how much are you buying??

Kola 11:44 13/09/2021

I need 100 euro

Denpro 08:37 13/09/2021

Pls I want to learn more about the currency

#boy 22:41 12/09/2021

that is really

SEROTECH 15:34 20/09/2021

Dollar it how much today

Azo 15:55 12/09/2021

Pls can I use any of Wise or PAYEER to deposit naira, convert to dollar and use it to buy crypto maybe at Binance. Pls how?

dbm 10:27 12/09/2021

in this app their is always pple who want to buy and their is always pple who want to sell,but at the end TRUST ISSUES won't allow you to deal just because cyber scam,so why don't you bid and ask folks move over the exchange and buy or sell any amount you are willing to instead of jumping over here to disturb world peace. this is just a piece of advice anyway.

IV 16:24 11/09/2021

Can I have a Bitcoin vendor here to work with?

Berry 12:51 20/09/2021

Do you want to buy BTC ?

Aries08140051371 15:15 15/09/2021

We offer the best rates on all digital assets on offer.

ProfEgo 13:15 12/09/2021

Sure I sell....let's do business

Azo 10:51 12/09/2021

I buy and sale in bulk, we can deal

Mr Wisdom 09:42 11/09/2021

I need cryptocurrency account

ProfEgo 13:15 12/09/2021

Okay that's not an issue

Emperor_poundz 09:36 11/09/2021

You wanna trade your btc just hit me up

Emperor_poundz 09:35 11/09/2021

You wanna trade your btc just hit me up

Yob 07:42 11/09/2021

Am buying Bitcoin at 530/$ bulk Bitcoin Plz sell for me if you have

IV 16:26 11/09/2021

Hey yob can we work together?

Abumighty 10:28 10/09/2021

Pls where is the safest place to buy bitcorn for trade

dbm 10:21 12/09/2021

nothing is like is 100% secure,or you have to do is find one of the best exchange to buy from.

blacksgboy 04:45 10/09/2021

i need 1000 USD at good rate sabo yaba lagos

ProfEgo 13:16 12/09/2021


Abdul 14:28 11/09/2021


Valentine 22:38 09/09/2021

If you have Bitcoin for sale , please contact me here . Thanks

Kossytech 23:32 14/09/2021


Jeff olu 15:32 12/09/2021

I got some

Vcw 22:17 08/09/2021

Please I need a vendor where one can buy gold and silver bar or coins in Nigeria. Thanks

Amy 21:43 08/09/2021

Any black market in Kebbi?

Ace 05:10 06/09/2021

I buy btc any amount bulk or small at a very sweet rate… we talk about the rate before every transactions

Official_Ola_Btc 10:08 05/09/2021

If you have Bitcoin for sale please DM or gift card I will give you vendors rate for gift card and good rate for Bitcoin

Harry 14:47 08/09/2021

I will buy ur btc at 520/$

Klinzman 10:01 08/09/2021

I have

Alimansan 08:17 08/09/2021

I need a vendor please

Eghosa 21:01 04/09/2021


Casino 08:42 04/09/2021

Who has Bitcoin for sell please let's deal

Kemsy 03:34 06/09/2021

How much do you buy

BigC 19:07 03/09/2021

I need BTC for sale

Best deal 14:29 16/09/2021


Joebo 22:28 07/09/2021

I have BTC for sell

John 08:29 03/09/2021

I want to sell my Dogecoin

Jfundz 10:55 11/09/2021

What’s the worth in dollar

Holicks 13:36 09/09/2021

I can buy your Doge at nice rate

Recon cruiz 10:30 06/09/2021

What's its worth in dollars ?

seqtor 18:43 31/08/2021

i wanna buy bitcoin

ProfEgo 13:17 12/09/2021

I have BTC for sale

Andrew 10:43 04/09/2021

How much do you wanna purchase?

@Tam 05:53 31/08/2021

How do I exchange crypto on this platform

Recon cruiz 10:32 06/09/2021

Kindly do your crypto exchange on Binance. Thanks.

Vic 10:33 30/08/2021

How do i buy xrp from blockchain

GT 21:30 29/08/2021

I need help to trade canadà card to naira

Barnax 20:39 29/08/2021

Who has btc for sale

Harry 14:45 08/09/2021

I will buy at 520

Rehoxy 06:09 03/09/2021

I Wii buy at 510

Nnamdi 15:49 01/09/2021

I have btc for sell who go buy at #520

Chris 18:21 29/08/2021

How much is 800million feg token coin

Onyidon 08:47 26/08/2021

I need bnb for sale

Jay 05:54 27/08/2021

Have bnb for sale, how much worth do u need.

Softwork 11:55 24/08/2021

Anyone want to sell USD flat rate 450_please contact me

Ibrahim 14:22 26/08/2021

I want to sell

wisoscopy 15:54 23/08/2021

Who has used recently to buy cryptos?

Quadrop 08:00 30/08/2021

Is mercuryo working?

Btc lord 12:06 25/08/2021

I need bitcon 430

Aries08140051371 14:28 23/08/2021

Redeem your gift cards at great rates

Casabubu 10:15 22/08/2021

What exchange is the best for trading crypto currency in Nigeria at the moment. In naira I mean.

Ezzy 08:10 08/09/2021

What is yur rate btc

Casabubu 10:02 22/08/2021

What exchange is the best for trading crypto currency in Nigeria at the moment.

Bright 12:13 21/08/2021

Who has BTC for sell

SirSinclaire 16:09 21/08/2021

I do have BTC for sell, how so we transact..?

SirSinclaire 16:07 21/08/2021

I do have BTC for sell, how so we transact..?

Fabulous 15:02 20/08/2021

Good move

@Bash 17:55 18/08/2021

Pls any one have updated app

onyi king 16:29 18/08/2021

Onyi king

Yello 15:53 18/08/2021

How can I trade my naira to Bitcoin

Cocco 06:59 21/08/2021

Use binance app

Fetty 05:36 18/08/2021

How much is the list someone can trade with you people

Fabby 16:43 17/08/2021

How do I change my USDT to Bitcoin in Binance

Recon cruiz 13:17 22/08/2021

You can spot trade it on the binance market place. Thanks.

ATM Eze 23:26 15/08/2021

I'm a honest and trustworthy man I redeem any type of gift cards

Boss baby 21:02 15/08/2021

I need BTC wallet & block chain wallet..

Recon cruiz 10:38 17/08/2021

Go to play store and download the apps. That should solve the issue. Thanks

Elameen 08:21 15/08/2021

Pls, how can I buy the euro and send it to the Binance exchange?

Mars 16:40 14/08/2021

How do i send money to my sepa account

Chidex 13:35 13/08/2021

Can you use $100 apple gift card to buy btc

Oloriyomi 04:02 20/08/2021

@chris @racan cruiz please can I use gift cards to buy btc

Solace 18:39 19/08/2021

Redeeme ur gift card first by turning into cash den buy ur btc simple

Chris 07:26 14/08/2021

Yes is possible

Chris 07:18 14/08/2021

Yes you can use any gift card to buy btc

Recon cruiz 15:52 13/08/2021

You can

Diego Alexander 21:50 10/08/2021

How can I make genue money in Nigeria

667 16:14 22/08/2021

Me Too, I have this same question on my mind

datty 10:01 14/08/2021

where are you located first?

SirSinclaire 11:06 09/08/2021

🌿Hello...! I got Bitcoins I need 't' Exchange for USD💰... Is Anyone Interested... "Come In Please"👍

Mike 00:28 23/08/2021

Hello I'm interested

Coin man 09:11 10/08/2021

Lets trade on blockchain for instant payment

Balinson 10:50 09/08/2021

Can one buy crypto via remitano via any Nigeria bank account?

Balinson 10:48 09/08/2021

Can someone transfer Bitcoin from his binance to luno and from luno to binance account

wisoscopy 15:57 23/08/2021

yes, buy alt . coins and transfer to the exchange of your choice to avoid gas fee.

Dex 02:41 10/08/2021

Yeah. But luno charges

Yahsan 11:20 08/08/2021

Are tou interested to learn about Crypto and Arbitrage trading? Kindly indicate. I will directly you to my website directly to fill up an enrollment form

Segun 20:05 29/08/2021

Yeah bro

The Evangelist 00:07 24/08/2021

Your site

Jwobiz 08:14 20/08/2021

I'm interested

Bees 19:02 17/08/2021

I'm in

Giant Harry 16:05 13/08/2021

Please which website is the best for buying crytpo at cheap prices and reselling in Binance

Giant Harry 16:04 13/08/2021

I'm in

Kazeem 16:41 12/08/2021

How Drop your website link bro

Kelvin 16:35 11/08/2021

Am interested please

Tboyz 13:07 11/08/2021


Victor 06:27 11/08/2021

Am interested

Kolly 17:26 10/08/2021

I am interested

Balinson 10:32 08/08/2021

Can someone transfer Bitcoin from his binance to luno and from luno to binance account

mabel 14:26 06/08/2021

I want to learn about crypto

Yahsan 11:14 08/08/2021

For real? Are you ready to pay?

Sid 00:22 06/08/2021

How much for 150$ worth of btc?

Kings419 23:27 25/08/2021

Like 150,000

Peter 01:09 05/08/2021

How much is 20000000 definitely connect coins

Chisco 22:30 02/08/2021

Hi guys how can I fund my smart chain for trust wallet?

Fuji 01:12 06/08/2021

Go and registered on binance or remitano

Chuks 20:43 02/08/2021

How can I convert my Bitcoin cash to NGN?

Equity 12:53 06/08/2021

How much bitcoin cash do you want to convert??? I buy cryptocurrency.

Fuji 01:19 06/08/2021

Use My link to register at remitano sell and buy any crypto there

Fuji 01:08 06/08/2021

Registered on remitano or binance

Francis... 06:44 31/07/2021

I redeem all kinds of gift good rates

Israella 17:08 29/07/2021

Please how much is crypto rate for converting naira to dollars

Mike 23:57 19/08/2021


Jeff moren 20:49 28/07/2021

Please how much can someone use to buy a Bitcoin or invest in any coin base

Rheel_paulexy 01:08 31/08/2021

Sid 5k how I wish to start now sir

Gere 10:28 06/08/2021


Sid 00:23 06/08/2021

Any amount even 5k

Peter 00:20 26/07/2021

Please where can I get rmb

Nnamdi 17:05 25/07/2021

I have btc coin of 431567 how much is it in dollar now

Peter 01:06 05/08/2021

1 is 39000 dollar

Vic 13:35 25/07/2021

Can I use luno for arbitraging crypto now? I mean to sell my cyptos

Fol 18:22 18/08/2021


Prince Frank 14:16 28/07/2021

We can trade P2P.

Romeo 16:33 26/07/2021

No you can't

Romeo 05:05 20/07/2021

Please who knows any legit arbitrage trading that I can venture into?

Dollars 07:47 07/08/2021

Hotbit is very good

Jaydredsdg 05:35 05/08/2021

Peter 01:10 05/08/2021

Latoken Airdrop trading competition

Mimmytea 17:45 17/07/2021

Please guys, which of 9ja banks ATM work on Crypto buying or Virtual cards work on binance App

Okay 00:36 14/09/2021

Yeah buddy

James 17:46 22/07/2021

Crypto currency is ban in Nigeria. Don't do any with coin if not they will block your account

Emmanuel ay 20:45 19/07/2021

Access bank

Reekado cee Noni 02:15 17/07/2021

I like to join this app

Big link 07:14 23/07/2021

It not a app I an investment platform

Lamhaf 00:31 17/07/2021

What arbitrage strategy is available now currently please

Otiwise 17:04 18/07/2021

Which country are you based?

Hplus nigeria limited 00:46 16/07/2021

I want visa how much get it

Onyidon 15:13 15/07/2021

I need bnb 30s

Olarewaju 23:13 14/07/2021

Ok problem

Onyidon 23:23 13/07/2021

Please how will I convert coin from trust wallet to cash

dbm 11:07 14/07/2021

move your coin from ur cold wallet to an exchange like luno or roqqu and sell it,or move your coin to p2p exchange like remitano or binance and sell your coin but becareful when dealing on p2p exchange,thank u

Onyidon 23:20 13/07/2021

I want to buy BnB but I want to pay in naira is it possible

dbm 11:10 14/07/2021

go to binance p2p section and do that,but the best way is buy usdt from p2p and move it to binance or any exchange that support bnb coin and buy right away,thanks

IzzyMan 10:14 14/07/2021

How Much BnB do you want to buy?

Efe 11:05 13/07/2021

I heard that union bank card is working on How true is it guys

Succesd 12:20 04/08/2021

Don't try it!

Odu. 12:15 10/07/2021

Do you buy skrill $? if yes, at what rate?

Lil-xp 14:35 09/07/2021

I don't have btc account how can I get

Hybeekay 23:11 10/07/2021

Download remitano or luno

dd 16:31 09/07/2021

download trustwallet or any trusted crypto wallet app

Yakubu sodangi 13:22 09/07/2021

I want to buy crytop bank can I know how are each one ..?

Promise 12:07 07/07/2021

Please can i exchange korea money in Nigeria

CHIDOLSKY 10:42 26/07/2021

Yes, why not

Ezege 09:18 07/07/2021

Listen I have btc for sell good rates am honest dm

Freeman77 18:48 10/08/2021

I'll buy your btc for a good rate

Jay 08:16 08/07/2021

I'm listening.

Olatunji 17:02 05/07/2021

I have like 950btch

Yk 10:47 13/07/2021


Arem 08:24 04/07/2021

I want to buy xrp honest seller only

Folarinizhaq 15:03 04/07/2021

How much?

M boy 12:39 03/07/2021

Please how can I send money to Nigeria

Rap 22:35 06/08/2021

Boss Revolution is better

Exchange 💱 08:37 07/07/2021

Depending on where you based

Crypto Man 11:46 06/07/2021

You can send it through TransferWise

Wisdom 06:29 03/07/2021

I want to sell my gift card

Global trade 00:27 20/07/2021

What type of gift card is that

Jaid 14:01 02/07/2021

I want to sell my bitcoin and its 2500 dollar.can I know how much is it naira pls

Nonzzy 11:03 21/08/2021

How can i register with btc

Global trade 00:27 20/07/2021

I can buy it at rate of 410 /$

Ven 05:44 02/07/2021

I want to sell 10 USDT (binance exchange) and want my payment in neteller e-wallet. Anybody interested?

Gee 10:00 04/07/2021

Yes let's roll

Sigma 18:11 01/07/2021

I want to invest in Bitcoin and Cardano how and were do I start

rexcrypto 16:08 10/07/2021

Sign up on either Remitano or OKEX or Quidax, on these platforms you can buy using p2p bank transfer savely, card not involved. And you can do that without KYC unless when you are ready to start withdrawal.

Danny 22:46 28/06/2021

I want to sell bitcoin cash

Aliyu B.A 18:13 01/07/2021

How much for the BCH


How much!

Tony John 20:43 28/06/2021

470 rate

Starboy 12:29 24/06/2021

I have $1645 how much is in naira And can I withdraw from PayPal account using my VISA CARD?

Jeff 10:04 15/07/2021

I will give a good rate of 490

Ogumeboy 20:30 08/07/2021

I can teach you how to withdraw directly to your bank

Riskyboy 07:03 30/06/2021

Good morning are u on gramfree

Tony John 20:44 28/06/2021

I will send directly to your account four seventy rate

Joshman 16:23 23/06/2021

Add dogecoin

Winner 11:22 21/06/2021

I want to buy ada corn

Ozor ego 18:18 19/06/2021

I want to sell my bitcoin and it's 1800 dollars worth. But I want to know how much it will be in Naira currency total

C 11:42 06/07/2021

That gonna be 900k in Naira

Coinmax 21:30 27/06/2021

How much are you selling I’m buying and making payment instantly

Ola vibes 18:34 24/06/2021

How soon are you ready to sale

tman 00:31 20/06/2021

how much be one dollar

Joshman 13:43 18/06/2021

The app is lite... Nice app

Vatican 14:12 15/06/2021

How can I exchange my zuga coin to naira and cash out

Prince MD 18:49 14/06/2021

Pretty bad for Today. Nice for sellers

Janet 12:22 13/06/2021

I have Kuwait dinar here to convert to Naira. Can I do it here

Jeff 10:05 15/07/2021

How much do you have?

Matt 17:51 10/06/2021

Good evening or good day everyone. I want to sell 38 BUSD (BEP2). I await any interested buyer.

AROO 16:10 13/06/2021


Just Curious 10:48 10/06/2021

Please does anyone know why USDT/NGN rate is higher on crypto exchanges (about N920/$) than the parallel market (about N500/$)

Hii 04:11 24/06/2021

920 is scammers place it on binance make sure you don't release first without seen your the money in your account.

Prince.m 18:20 06/06/2021

Greetings, please what's the rate on PayPal? What coin can I buy from PayPal, cannot be sent to Binnace???

0818478... 10:09 11/06/2021

Paypal doesn't send Cryptos you have to sell it to Paypal Then withdraw ur $usd

Wisdom 19:20 05/06/2021

Please can someone buy TACC coin here. ?

Ventures 19:37 27/07/2021

How many?

Yusuff 09:33 05/06/2021

Want to transfer money to any bank in Nigeria

Mnk 10:45 01/06/2021

Which Nigerian banks works with paypal withdrawal

Akusbaba 22:10 28/06/2021

@Chuks how do I find the UBA prepaid card after getting it

The truth 20:20 04/06/2021

None works with paypal

Chuks 18:27 03/06/2021

"UBA prepaid card" Go to any UBA bank and request for one. NB: You MUST NOT be a UBA existing customer to get one. So no limitations. Go with your BVN, National ID card and NEPA Bill

Sarah 00:07 30/05/2021

Plz how do I buy dollar on Eversend app. Am having trouble buying with GT bank due to CBN directives

Zona6ix 08:30 24/06/2021

I'm not sure if it works but please how much is dollar to naira on eversend

Muhammad abubakar 15:29 06/06/2021

In my phone is not sure

kingzizzi 11:07 29/05/2021

how much $90

Crypto Man 11:45 06/07/2021


Benjamin 17:28 05/06/2021


Greater grace 07:51 28/05/2021

Please who is using Gtbank Visa dollar card to buy cryptocurrency how can one go about it thank you

Marco 21:47 03/06/2021

Go and ur Bank and meet the Customers Care unite.stop asking questions like a preemptive person.

08184785791 06:08 28/05/2021

I buy and sell cryptocurrencies Btc and others

Paulo 00:55 30/05/2021

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Foreign currencies to Naira exchange rates have been very stable in the beginning of 2020 until mid-...

Nigerian Naira continued to gain value against most of the foreign currencies in the second half of ...