CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria

CBN Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 410.99 / 409.990.01%25/10/21
EUR₦ 477.12 / 475.96-0.16%25/10/21
GBP₦ 565.36 / 563.98-0.20%25/10/21
ZAR₦ 27.79 / 27.72-0.92%25/10/21
RMB₦ 64.31 / 64.150.03%25/10/21
JPY₦ 3.61 / 3.610.19%25/10/21
XOF₦ 0.73 / 0.710.00%25/10/21
SAR₦ 109.57 / 109.30.01%25/10/21
WAUA₦ 580.64 / 579.230.00%25/10/21
CHF₦ 447.12 / 446.03-0.13%25/10/21
DKK₦ 64.12 / 63.96-0.16%25/10/21
  • Today on CBN
    • Top rising exchange rate is Japanese Yen to Naira having a ₦ 0.0067 rise reaching ₦ 3.61 as of 25/10/2021. This corresponds to 0.19% rise compared to previous day.
    • Top losing exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 0.2593 fall to ₦ 27.79 as of 25/10/2021. This corresponds to 0.92% fall compared to previous day.
  • This week on CBN
    • Top rising exchange rate is Yuan to Naira having a ₦ 0.42 rise from ₦ 63.89 on 18/10/2021 to ₦ 64.31 as of 26/10/2021. This corresponds to 0.66% rise since the beginning of last week.
    • Top losing exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 0.01 fall from ₦ 27.79 on 18/10/2021 to ₦ 27.79 as of 26/10/2021. This corresponds to 0.02% fall since the beginning of last week.
  • This month on CBN
    • Top losing exchange rate is Japanese Yen to Naira having a ₦ 0.08 fall from ₦ 3.70 on 04/10/2021 to ₦ 3.61 as of 26/10/2021. This corresponds to 2.26% fall this month so far.

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Please which bank has the best Form A rate for pounds

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Can I know how much is diham to naira now

ttt 09:52 24/09/2021

how much 1yuan to naira

MJ 10:02 27/09/2021

80yuan equals 1$

Karo 19:49 23/09/2021

How can I exchange my 20000 Ghana cedis to Naira currency

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Adel 13:15 22/09/2021

Totally agree... You should help your fellow countrymen.

Shine 10:43 21/09/2021

How much is BDC rate today?

Mr ben 13:09 23/09/2021

$1 is 410 naira, there's nothing like BDC rate again.

Fomesezy 12:31 21/09/2021


Nduka Nwaonicha 09:45 21/09/2021

$1/584 currently

GILLY 08:16 21/09/2021

What's the exchange rate of $500 paid directly to wema bank as per CBN exchange policy?

Abe 13:07 19/09/2021

how much for 100 dollar to naira

Zinos 17:27 20/09/2021

50,000 at zenith bank

ACHIMS 14:14 17/09/2021

How do i buy dollars from CBN,need to pay for school fees

Joshemmy 12:08 23/09/2021

Go to the bank with prof of payment and dey will sell to you

Bobo 13:26 15/09/2021

If you are new here please and please be careful cos most people here are scammer, fraudster .

beni 10:37 15/09/2021

How do I buy dollars from CBN using naira in Nigeria

beni 10:33 15/09/2021

Good moaning house please i want to buy cardano and how much is one

Sedof 15:10 20/09/2021

$2.45 how many do you want to buy

Divine 06:42 15/09/2021

How much is $25 now

David 01:32 15/09/2021

Can I buy Japanese yen in Nigeria

DJ noble 10:50 11/09/2021

Please how can I open dollar account

Joshemmy 12:06 23/09/2021

Go to the bank

Alhja Muhammad 12:08 22/09/2021

I need open account in dollar

Musaif 23:37 09/09/2021

Is the central sells to each banking so that the banking will individually

Joseph boudouyefa access bank account number 0036064703 10:39 06/09/2021


Armani 20:45 03/09/2021

What is Kuda bank dollar rate

Leon99 13:40 23/08/2021

Hello. Please how can I buy CFA directly from CBN.

Juju 22:20 18/08/2021

How can I buy dollar from bank

Dynamic 06:37 22/09/2021

It would soon be possible for individual to walk into kind of your choice (Banks). CBN governor are working on it now...this hardship since over 6 years this government led by PMB stop individually to walk in & exchange naira to dollar at the officer fixed price from bank putting us in this kind of inhuman and some behind the scene notnyet know but now can still call them anonymous manipulating everyday dollar keep rising could still recollect previously April-June or July a dollar to naira then was $480 but currently either $575/$585 not know yet, enough is enough heal us all Nigeria government.

Emmans 23:19 20/09/2021

Not possible

Juju 22:19 18/08/2021

How can I buy dollar from bank

Dani melody 16:34 03/08/2021

700 US Dollar = 700 USD to NGN 288 050,00 Nigerian Naira By rate: 411.5000 $700 = ₦288 050,00 Our money converter uses the average data from International Currency Rates. Currency rate updates every hour. Reversed currencies - Convert 700 NGN to USD

Little king 🤴 11:49 03/08/2021

Am new here please i need someone to explain me this app well

Adetola 10:07 29/07/2021

Please how much is 400usd in Nigeria now

Clara 10:31 08/09/2021

210,800k, as of today in Anambra state, Awka precisely 1 dollars is 527

Abbeyly 17:22 28/07/2021

Nawa o

Andrew 18:07 27/07/2021

Where can i buy rmb in

Famuz 10:03 20/07/2021

How much is 200 cbn in nira

Asrabiu 00:16 14/07/2021

Pls how can I buy euro in cbn

Blessing 18:39 12/07/2021

300euro Good

Ezeudo 03:17 11/07/2021

How can I buy dollar from CBN

senator 08:30 08/07/2021

How can I exchange my Bitcoin to Naira currency

Cast 12:27 25/08/2021

Use Binance

Dike 18:19 05/07/2021

Is there any bank in Nigeria that offers a card that I can spend more than $100 per day or per transaction? I'm looking for the best way to send money from Nigeria to Europe, can I get help, please?

Keny 19:47 09/07/2021

Go to first bank and ask for visa gold card. The only challenge is that you have ro fund your account in dollars

Rashman 07:55 05/07/2021

Please how can someone send money to another country..

Henry 10:50 21/09/2021

I can help you if you want....

Justreal 19:25 26/06/2021

Can I change dollar eleletronically in Zenith bank

Crypto2 12:31 01/06/2021

When will CBN unban cryptocurrencies

Kaspa 22:31 27/05/2021

How much is 1canadian dollars converting to 1naira

Senator 21:54 21/05/2021

Please somebody help me, how can I buy Europe from CBN because I want to pay my tuition fee

Faby 17:05 14/07/2021

How can I buy Europe money CBN

0_0 04:40 25/05/2021

Walk into any bank, there is a consideration for tuition fees

Osa 19:27 16/05/2021

Please what is the rates of $139.83 to naria

Johnson 00:14 13/05/2021

How can one buy dollars from CBN?

a 17:58 31/05/2021

you have a purpose its intended for, school fee or business purpose. either way go to bank. to get a form.

Prince 11:58 29/04/2021

How can one buy dollars from CBN?

Amy 19:11 28/04/2021

Which bank is cheapest to pay school fees in UK with CBN form A. I went to 5 banks today but their rate is very high

miracle 14:36 26/04/2021

cbn dollar to naira rate as at 25th may 2020

Mizjoy 15:41 19/04/2021

Please can i get dollar from CBN and how please?

OGAMBA 17:56 08/04/2021

What's USD to NGN exchange rate in 4th.October, 2004?

Gt 12:50 01/04/2021

How can I exchange my BGN Bulgurain 11000 to naira please I need help

@Blessed 23:17 15/05/2021

If you're in your country ,you'll send it to Nigeria through domiciliary acct as usd

SenseMan 01:14 09/04/2021

Bulgarian Lev "BGN" I think it will be difficult to CHANGE in Nigeria.. Better keep it and change it once you go back to your Home Country.

Soskid 21:10 26/03/2021


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