CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria

CBN Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 410.1 / 409.1-0.01%30/07/21
EUR₦ 487.57 / 486.380.12%30/07/21
GBP₦ 572.79 / 571.390.05%30/07/21
ZAR₦ 28.11 / 28.04-0.02%30/07/21
RMB₦ 63.45 / 63.3-0.05%30/07/21
JPY₦ 3.74 / 3.730.12%30/07/21
XOF₦ 0.74 / 0.720.56%30/07/21
SAR₦ 109.35 / 109.08-0.01%30/07/21
WAUA₦ 584.79 / 583.360.33%30/07/21
CHF₦ 452.5 / 451.40.26%30/07/21
DKK₦ 65.54 / 65.380.11%30/07/21
  • Today on CBN
    • Top rising exchange rate is West African CFA Franc to Naira having a ₦ 0.0041 rise reaching ₦ 0.74 as of 30/07/2021. This corresponds to 0.56% rise compared to previous day.
    • Top losing exchange rate is Yuan to Naira having a ₦ 0.0338 fall to ₦ 63.45 as of 30/07/2021. This corresponds to 0.05% fall compared to previous day.
  • This week on CBN
    • Top rising exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 0.42 rise from ₦ 27.69 on 26/07/2021 to ₦ 28.11 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 1.53% rise since the beginning of last week.
    • Top losing exchange rate is Dollar to Naira having a ₦ 0.05 fall from ₦ 410.15 on 26/07/2021 to ₦ 410.10 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 0.01% fall since the beginning of last week.
  • This month on CBN
    • Top losing exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 0.61 fall from ₦ 28.72 on 01/07/2021 to ₦ 28.11 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 2.11% fall this month so far.

Comment on Naira Rates

Adetola 10:07 29/07/2021

Please how much is 400usd in Nigeria now

Abbeyly 17:22 28/07/2021

Nawa o

Andrew 18:07 27/07/2021

Where can i buy rmb in

Famuz 10:03 20/07/2021

How much is 200 cbn in nira

Asrabiu 00:16 14/07/2021

Pls how can I buy euro in cbn

Blessing 18:39 12/07/2021

300euro Good

Ezeudo 03:17 11/07/2021

How can I buy dollar from CBN

senator 08:30 08/07/2021

How can I exchange my Bitcoin to Naira currency

Dike 18:19 05/07/2021

Is there any bank in Nigeria that offers a card that I can spend more than $100 per day or per transaction? I'm looking for the best way to send money from Nigeria to Europe, can I get help, please?

Keny 19:47 09/07/2021

Go to first bank and ask for visa gold card. The only challenge is that you have ro fund your account in dollars

Rashman 07:55 05/07/2021

Please how can someone send money to another country..

Justreal 19:25 26/06/2021

Can I change dollar eleletronically in Zenith bank

Crypto2 12:31 01/06/2021

When will CBN unban cryptocurrencies

Kaspa 22:31 27/05/2021

How much is 1canadian dollars converting to 1naira

Senator 21:54 21/05/2021

Please somebody help me, how can I buy Europe from CBN because I want to pay my tuition fee

Faby 17:05 14/07/2021

How can I buy Europe money CBN

0_0 04:40 25/05/2021

Walk into any bank, there is a consideration for tuition fees

Osa 19:27 16/05/2021

Please what is the rates of $139.83 to naria

Johnson 00:14 13/05/2021

How can one buy dollars from CBN?

a 17:58 31/05/2021

you have a purpose its intended for, school fee or business purpose. either way go to bank. to get a form.

Prince 11:58 29/04/2021

How can one buy dollars from CBN?

Amy 19:11 28/04/2021

Which bank is cheapest to pay school fees in UK with CBN form A. I went to 5 banks today but their rate is very high

miracle 14:36 26/04/2021

cbn dollar to naira rate as at 25th may 2020

Mizjoy 15:41 19/04/2021

Please can i get dollar from CBN and how please?

OGAMBA 17:56 08/04/2021

What's USD to NGN exchange rate in 4th.October, 2004?

Gt 12:50 01/04/2021

How can I exchange my BGN Bulgurain 11000 to naira please I need help

@Blessed 23:17 15/05/2021

If you're in your country ,you'll send it to Nigeria through domiciliary acct as usd

SenseMan 01:14 09/04/2021

Bulgarian Lev "BGN" I think it will be difficult to CHANGE in Nigeria.. Better keep it and change it once you go back to your Home Country.

Soskid 21:10 26/03/2021


Jean 22:31 25/03/2021

Bonsoir mes frères comment puis-je échangé mon naira contre le CFA

Ameenu Ahmad 08:34 24/03/2021

Hello Guys good morning!! Please I have a question. Can I send money to China using PayPal? Thank you

FEMI 13:03 26/04/2021

You cannot the debit card to fund through PayPal will be rejected

Aliyu 11:00 14/04/2021

Yes aminu

Bin Alkaseem 19:24 25/03/2021

Yes you can.

Sparklebash 08:35 19/03/2021

Please how can I buy Dollar from the CBN? Thanks

Aliyu 11:02 14/04/2021

380if lsell 370

Cbao 10:54 18/03/2021

How can i but dollars in cbn

Fabregas 08:12 16/03/2021

How can I sell bdc How can I start for the app so that I start cash out bicton

Fabulous2don 15:00 15/03/2021

How can I sell my 10000 old Ghana cedis to niara

Barrywhite87 16:42 15/07/2021

Go to Ezipay Ghana

SenseMan 01:12 09/04/2021

Go to Ghana and buy the usd with it, I think this is the simplest way of conversion.

Baby 00:06 10/03/2021

Can you fund my alipay acc???

07034972571 10:32 11/04/2021


STARBOY 17:30 06/03/2021

How can I exchange my Dollar to naria

07038406366 21:23 17/05/2021

Let me help you

Solo 07:46 05/03/2021

How can I exchange my naira to dollar using bank

beni 10:25 04/03/2021

Good morning that means UBA is the best to ope a dollar account with?

IanSunderland 17:25 09/06/2021

No, they are not. UBA does not currently allow SWIFT transfers from the mobile app or internet banking.

Infinity 16:44 03/03/2021

Is good

Elijah igwe 05:40 26/02/2021

How can I exchange my Bitcoin to Naira currency

Derealking 10:18 28/04/2021

How Bitcoin do you want to sell? I can pay you naira

Nams 16:12 26/02/2021

Is too late for you.U need to get someone in abroad.

Ziki 00:44 25/02/2021

How may I get dollars from cbn

Filebe 16:54 28/01/2021

Wonderful Naija!

SANNI MARVEL 16:12 14/01/2021


Bilomubod Merchandise limited 12:40 14/01/2021

How can buy CEFA directly from CBN?

FATHER OF ACCOUNTING 22:24 07/01/2021


Derealking 10:19 28/04/2021

Do you need cash or electronic transfer?

Shd 12:25 02/02/2021

Just buy via btc

Ayodeji 12:17 23/12/2020

Dollar price expected to rise in January. If possible buy some now and earn profits next month.

Mhizta Eleaz 22:45 22/12/2020

How can I buy dollars from my bank???

Ramsey 16:03 19/12/2020

Not fair enough

Nikj 14:52 15/12/2020

How do I buy dollars from CBN using naira in Nigeria

Omi 14:37 14/12/2020

How can I send money to my virtual card

Shalom 11:06 07/12/2020

How do I pay naira to dollar using CBN ?

Jacob Abbey 17:19 06/12/2020

Where can I exchange naira to CFA directly from CBN.thanks

Almond 11:15 05/12/2020

Naira is extremely incredible

ricky don 15:41 01/12/2020

will dollar still goes higher this month or less

muazim 15:42 30/11/2020

how can we buy dollars in our bank account

Haggai 21:01 29/11/2020

How do I buy dollars directly from CBN?

Adex 06:53 21/02/2021

I want to buy dollar

bio 22:18 27/11/2020

I want to sell my dollars, am in the right place

Concerned Nigerian 22:28 17/11/2020

What's up with the waua...when would it be in full operation. Thanks

Abdullahigamawa 09:00 15/11/2020

Fidelity bank told Atm

Just good 13:43 06/11/2020

when is Nigeria currency going to rate higher than Euro and dollar?

Warol 10:13 05/11/2020

How would I buy dollar direct from CBN?

Simon 17:44 31/10/2020


Nsisco 13:12 22/10/2020

How can I buy dollars direct from CBN?

Herochi 06:27 10/06/2021

Am wondering how too

italo 10:34 21/10/2020

How do i buy dollar directly from CBN?

Xion 06:25 21/10/2020

How can I buy dollar direct from bank

fred 15:09 20/10/2020

one dolla is how much in naira

yuss 10:54 20/10/2020

Like it

Rohi 16:19 19/10/2020

How much is a Philippine pesos in black market

LIZZY 14:02 10/10/2020

I'll like to buy dollar directly from CBN, please any ideas on how to go about it?

Dikaraw 15:06 09/10/2020

Pls how can i buy dollar directly from CBN

Mankind 22:50 23/09/2020

How can I buy dollar directly from CBN through my bank account ???

Seyi 11:49 17/09/2020

I have been trying to pay my school fees to a foreign school for over 3 weeks using bank transfer form and my banks has been telling me it is not possible again, I am currently incurring debt for late payment and this counts every week please I need help. To be precise I use Access and GTBank

Temitope 06:38 29/01/2021

Go and open a paypal account, with that you can transfer from your bank account to your paypal account and make payment. First ask the school to send you their paypal acct.

Muhammad 07:31 04/09/2020

Yes, how can I buy dollar directly from CBN

Gift 18:25 07/08/2020

It's possible for an individual to buy RMB from CBN please I need quick feedback

st STITCHES 22:07 18/07/2020

Why in the CBN the price of dollars is different in the black market

berlinberlin 10:50 27/05/2021

Please how much is U.S dollars exchange rate from keystone bank today

Fabulous 23:15 09/04/2021

Why is black market petrol fuel more expensive than the filling station

Obinna 15:10 08/07/2020

Please I'd like to buy dollar from CBN, how do I go about it?

Duke 11:34 09/06/2020

I want to know if it's possible for individual to get dollars directly from CBN.

Achike 08:33 01/04/2019

Please what is the Ecowas Naira USD parity exchange rate at 28 March 2019

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