CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria

CBN Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 415.53 / 414.530.02%21/01/22
EUR₦ 470.88 / 469.75-0.06%21/01/22
GBP₦ 563.38 / 562.02-0.32%21/01/22
ZAR₦ 27.44 / 27.380.33%21/01/22
RMB₦ 65.53 / 65.380.09%21/01/22
JPY₦ 3.65 / 3.640.39%21/01/22
XOF₦ 0.72 / 0.7-0.03%21/01/22
SAR₦ 110.75 / 110.480.00%21/01/22
WAUA₦ 581.92 / 580.520.05%21/01/22
CHF₦ 454.93 / 453.830.27%21/01/22
DKK₦ 63.25 / 63.1-0.07%21/01/22
  • Today on CBN
    • Top rising exchange rate is Japanese Yen to Naira having a ₦ 0.0141 rise reaching ₦ 3.65 as of 21/01/2022. This corresponds to 0.39% rise compared to previous day.
    • Top losing exchange rate is Pound to Naira having a ₦ 1.8026 fall to ₦ 563.38 as of 21/01/2022. This corresponds to 0.32% fall compared to previous day.
  • This week on CBN
    • Top rising exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 0.48 rise from ₦ 26.96 on 17/01/2022 to ₦ 27.44 as of 24/01/2022. This corresponds to 1.79% rise since the beginning of last week.
    • Top losing exchange rate is West African CFA Franc to Naira having a ₦ 0.01 fall from ₦ 0.72 on 17/01/2022 to ₦ 0.72 as of 24/01/2022. This corresponds to 0.80% fall since the beginning of last week.

Comments on Naira Rates

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Young_doctor1 09:24 12/01/2022

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Chemabdul 12:41 04/12/2021

Why did NGN naira always fall down in merket

Wealth 22:55 02/01/2022

Because the currency is a nonsense currency.

Stephen 08:49 31/12/2021

How will I apply

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