Black Market (Lagos)

Black Market Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 512 / 505-0.58%02/08/21
EUR₦ 600 / 5900.50%02/08/21
GBP₦ 710 / 700-0.28%02/08/21
CAD₦ 420 / 4100.00%02/08/21
ZAR₦ 45 / 350.00%02/08/21
GHS₦ 95 / 850.00%02/08/21
RMB₦ 75 / 700.00%02/08/21
AUD₦ 330 / 3050.00%02/08/21
XOF₦ 0.91 / 0.90.00%02/08/21
XAF₦ 0.84 / 0.830.00%02/08/21
AED₦ 140 / 1300.00%02/08/21
  • Today on Black Market (Lagos)
    • Top rising exchange rate is Euro to Naira having a ₦ 3 rise reaching ₦ 600.00 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 0.50% rise compared to previous day.
    • Top losing exchange rate is Dollar to Naira having a ₦ 3 fall to ₦ 512.00 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 0.58% fall compared to previous day.
  • This week on Black Market
    • Top rising exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 5 rise from ₦ 40.00 on 26/07/2021 to ₦ 45.00 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 12.50% rise since the beginning of last week.
  • This month on Black Market
    • Top losing exchange rate is Central African CFA Franc to Naira having a ₦ 0.02 fall from ₦ 0.85 on 01/07/2021 to ₦ 0.84 as of 02/08/2021. This corresponds to 1.76% fall this month so far.

Comment on Naira Rates

Mike 09:58 02/08/2021

Hi Nike, it is a temporary increment for the Naira to dollar. once the banks start meeting demands in the next 1 oe 2 weeks. it will drop drastically. so no worries

TOPMAN 16:24 01/08/2021

What's the genuie rates for pounds to Naira

Nike#NY 17:16 30/07/2021

I am very saddened by the monumental depreciation of NAIRA. Don't get me wrong, it is good for me because I live in NEW YORK CITY. But I am a Nigerian and I still have siblings in Lagos. So sad.. Is there any economic plan to get NAIRA out of this funk.?

OLA London 07:30 02/08/2021

😭😭 how did we get here. The depreciation of Naira is unprecedented. I weep for my country.

Joshemmy 14:24 30/07/2021

What happened to the rate now, it came down

Truthsayer 23:50 29/07/2021

Is there any giftcard group to join?

Dbetsy 21:33 28/07/2021

The cbn announcement to stop selling to bdcs drove up the rate

Listic 16:35 28/07/2021

Who need dollar for exchange to naira.. $600 available

DC LALA 21:14 30/07/2021

I need it up-to $5000 to 1naira

Aboki 10:54 30/07/2021

available here in iju lagos

Unknown 15:18 28/07/2021

Does anyone know the exact time the price went high today

ABzg 07:17 28/07/2021

Scammers everywhere,be warn

Sunnizo 09:50 27/07/2021

What's the app to run this business

Timmy 05:19 25/07/2021

and also how can I start dis black market

Daylight 06:54 26/07/2021

Be careful and really careful. There are many scammers. Dont trust anyone that says yes.

Timmy 05:18 25/07/2021

I have $350 how do I get it to naira

Citylight 15:32 25/07/2021

I can buy it

M.B 21:24 24/07/2021

Pls where can i exchange naira for GHS, and pls who knows the rate?

Tob_Ex 18:46 24/07/2021

How can I sell CAD & GHS Any buyer available?

Dbetsy 20:53 30/07/2021

If you still have CAD, I am interested.

M.B 21:21 24/07/2021

How much will u sell me the GHS, i will give naira

M.B 21:21 24/07/2021

How much will u sell me the GHS

Benvonski 17:02 24/07/2021

Pls be careful of whom you are transacting with A lot of scams out there

Jr 08:01 23/07/2021

Where can I change dollar at 500 in Abuja pls

Vio 04:46 22/07/2021

I have $600 to sell rate #500 per $1 any interested buyer in Enugu state?

Citylight 15:33 25/07/2021

Am here in enugu

Cornel 21:12 22/07/2021

Ah! Am from Lagos, and wish to buy some😭😭😭😭

Manayo 17:09 22/07/2021

I'm interested, but I'm in Lagos.

Ada 15:23 20/07/2021

How can I fund my PayPal account

Citylight 15:34 25/07/2021

Just use your debit card 💳

Stan 11:29 25/07/2021

How much do you want to fund

Akin 14:09 20/07/2021

Where can I change $ to ₦ in Ondo town

Koladeb 08:00 20/07/2021

Am in Oyo town presently and I wanted to sell 1100 dollars,at rate of 500,any serious buyer rigth now?

Ryan 17:33 28/07/2021


Ryan 17:31 28/07/2021


Chelsea 10:11 23/07/2021

Bereu de change plenty market nah

Cornel 21:13 22/07/2021

Hi am in Lagos and would like to buy some please

Koladeb 07:57 20/07/2021

Am in Oyo town presently and I wanted to sell 1100 dollars,at rate of 500,any serious buyer rigth now?

Koladeb 07:56 20/07/2021

Please where could I sell dollars in ibadan

WAVEBOSSXCHANGE 14:52 23/07/2021

I’m currently in oyo and I can buy it 500/$

Zarkay 09:01 22/07/2021

Go to sabo in Ibadan aboki plenty der

Koladeb 07:53 20/07/2021

Please where could I sell dollars in ibadan

Laurel 19:04 19/07/2021

Hello, i have $17,000 and i want to change to naira. How do i go about it? I stay around Ikoyi

Eddy 06:39 22/07/2021

Go to Eko hotel, you will sell for 500

Bimmer 13:22 17/07/2021

I have 1000 Euro and want to change it in black market Naira. I’m staying in lekki.

Mon3y_m3n 10:32 17/07/2021

Where can one sell dollars in this black market?

Mon3y_m3n 10:27 17/07/2021

Yo I wanna sell my 2000 dollars anyone interested? It's 505 per dollar and am in lagos right now

Michael 15:23 19/07/2021

I would love to transact with you

Mia changii 09:08 15/07/2021

Just have 50$ to deposit that all

Starrison 16:23 14/07/2021

What does it need to open a domiciliary account in 9ja please

cimone 15:06 29/07/2021

very easy get in touch

Adaide 17:03 15/07/2021

Call First bank. They have Diaspora accounts that you can.

Lukie 11:13 14/07/2021

Please where can I change a dollar for 500.00?

Koladeb 11:54 20/07/2021

I also need in Oyo town,I have 1100 dollars

Din 23:53 16/07/2021

Which state u

dantrell 20:44 11/07/2021

Turkish in naira

Winny 16:00 11/07/2021

Good afternoon, I want to get into this business but I don't know how... Please can anyone put me through

Brown 13:19 17/07/2021

What kind of business do you want to get into

Dlux 04:25 11/07/2021

Why One dollar to 20 dollars are not sold the same rate as 50 and 100 dollars??? Some buys a 1 dollar for 400

Cal 01:18 11/07/2021

Can I sell my dollar here online

Citylight 05:57 17/07/2021

Yes nah I can buy

Jenny 08:30 14/07/2021

How many?

Diamond 15:35 13/07/2021

How many

Hybeekay 23:16 10/07/2021

Where can I exchange rmb to naira in Lagos ?

Hybeekay 23:08 10/07/2021

please where can I exchange RMB to naira in Lagos or osun state ??? Very urgent

Hybeekay 23:07 10/07/2021

Please who can exchange rmb to naira in Lagos or osun state , very urgent please

Tin 15:57 10/07/2021

where can get 1 usd for 480 naira post the reference address

kanu 16:23 12/07/2021

do you need really.

Odu. 12:23 10/07/2021

Do you buy Skrill $? if yes, sat what rate?

Glory 11:06 10/07/2021

Pls how much is 200,000naira in cfa franc

Nas 18:43 09/07/2021

Hi there. I sent my brother go change some money, I told him is $1 is 500 naira from what i saw on NGNRATES.COM and the mallam told my brother that NgnRates are wrong. The mallam told my brother USD is 480 to 490, can u guys recommend where to get it for 500 naira?

Citylight 05:58 17/07/2021

We're is your brother located

Diamond 15:37 13/07/2021

Come I change at 500 to one dollar

NAD "O" 22:41 09/07/2021

Is a lie USD is 500

Lovely 19:58 08/07/2021

Please how can I start this business

Manayo 14:27 08/07/2021

Please friends, is there annual charges on domiciliary account.. One Bank staff told me, when I want to inquire for domiciliary account??

Brume 23:56 06/07/2021

Can I received euro & pound's with my domiciliary account

cimone 15:09 29/07/2021

yes u can, just open differently euro to euro acct, pounds to pounds acct

Hanny 16:30 25/07/2021

Yes u can,I have a domiciliary account and I receive both currencies

Nuel 16:20 08/07/2021

I'm sorry you can't, only dollar can be received into Nigeria

Justice 08:57 07/07/2021

Yes you can, that's why it's called domiciliary account

C 11:38 06/07/2021

Please where can I buy dollars in ibadan

Aries08140051371 09:52 06/07/2021

Best rates on bitcoin, usdt, ethereum, Amazon cards, iTunes cards, green dot etc.send a message to me

Bina 08:02 06/07/2021

Please today's rate is a much euro to naira

Bina 08:01 06/07/2021

Please today's rate is a much

Queen ife 10:17 05/07/2021

Please where can I change dollar in Akure

Haydar 10:47 04/07/2021

How to start this business

JuliusAce 07:41 04/07/2021

Hello Abeg i wan sell current USA bank 1,000 dollars

Aries08140051371 09:52 06/07/2021

Which of the banks?

The best 12:33 03/07/2021

Very good

Kolade 00:17 03/07/2021

I want to sell pounds for Naira

Mia changii 09:11 15/07/2021

Am available

foodmed 12:33 02/07/2021

i have pounds and need naira

JASON 09:56 03/07/2021

How many

A.y 03:35 02/07/2021

I need any one with dollar ? Sm1 for dollar to naira

Eddybaba 09:39 02/07/2021

I have $590... Location is Ogbomosho

Amaka 12:19 01/07/2021

Please how can I send euro to naira

Fazza 02:33 01/07/2021

Sure dollar account active no ripping dm for any country aza with good rate

Samuel 17:00 30/06/2021

What is the black market exchange rate of naira to Tanzania shillings

Je 13:22 30/06/2021

Please how can i send naira to euro, very urgent

ArewaLegit FX 20:13 05/07/2021


Chidiebere 12:13 29/06/2021

Please, anyone has Naira for pounds exchange

@Ghost 17:25 30/06/2021

Hello what rate?

Vi 20:15 27/06/2021

Please suggestion for address where i can exchange and send money from uk to Nigeria please thank you

Sam 07:06 10/07/2021

Sendwave is cool

cliff 15:47 02/07/2021

worldrimit are very good

BONEX 00:41 29/06/2021

I'm happy to help you with the transaction. How much are you looking to exchange?

Emma 18:29 26/06/2021

Hi please how do i become a .member or agent to u to the BM black market

J boy 14:00 26/06/2021

500 dollars Apple store gift card for sale.also need to no buyers rates

08180041961 22:59 29/06/2021

Are you still selling your card J boy

08180041961 04:09 28/06/2021

Hi j boy I want to buy your gift card

Adamu 20:44 25/06/2021

$0.117294 How mush is this in naira

Flow20 14:14 25/06/2021

I want to sell my 50 euro cent, location Allen ikeja

Kc 09:25 25/06/2021

I need $1000, is there any body in lagos, Alimosho area

Baki dollar 19:39 30/06/2021

Am available

Starboy 15:39 24/06/2021

How much is$1624.86 in naira? And how can I withdraw the moneyfrom PayPal?

IanSunderland 15:05 07/07/2021

Hey kid. Go onto Payoneer. Sign up for an account, and request your USD local receiving account details. Once you have the details, add the account on your Paypal, and withdraw via ACH. Once you the funds are in your Payoneer, you can withdraw it to your Nigerian account (domiciliary or naira). Note that Payoneer's USD to naira rates are exorbitant, so you better be transferring to a domiciliary account. From Payoneer to Paypal to domiciliary account, you can expect to incur about 3% in fees, which is very competitive.

Kay 21:56 25/06/2021

Hello I have PayPal email you can send to I pay you in naira

Tony 17:00 23/06/2021

i have naira, need to exchange with dollar or Turkish lira

Ibb 03:37 14/07/2021

Can help you with it

Jennifer 16:26 23/06/2021

Please I see the amount here of change money to Nigeria is big than the one I am using before

Mike 08:39 30/06/2021

Ma just use western union or money gram

Jennifer 16:24 23/06/2021

Please I want to send money to Nigeria how can I do it please

foodmed 12:28 02/07/2021

HI Jenny have you done it?

MrsBristol 10:44 28/06/2021

If the person doesn't have dollar account, You can send it through azimo or worldremit and use the person's details, then the person will go to the bank, and confirm it

Uj 06:34 27/06/2021

It will be through someone that has dollar account in Nigeria, that how I do.

Danco 10:32 25/06/2021

Send to someone with dollar account

Nike#NY 00:45 23/06/2021

Silly thought Saidu!!!! You don't gloat over the fact that Naira is so devalued right now. It will affect everyone living in Nigeria, especially low income families, the unemployed... 😭

Umary 15:54 22/06/2021

pls how can i send Euro to Nigeria

Bond 18:26 23/06/2021

When next you visit Nigeria, open a dormiciliary bank account with your bank in Nigeria. You can then send the euro to your dormiciliary bank account.

Wilson 11:37 23/06/2021

Paypal will help you

Saiduadamu 05:35 22/06/2021

It's a very good thing for DOLLARS to keep rising hence Nigerians are refusing to patronize made in Nigeria goods

Desmond 21:26 26/06/2021

Even the local products in Nigeria are being sold according to dollar rise....which way Nigeria..???

Precious 16:43 21/06/2021

Where can i change dollar to naira at the of 500 in lagos

08180041961 22:48 29/06/2021

I want to buy let’s make deals together I’m in Lagos

Mikko 13:16 21/06/2021

Anybody want to exchange dollars in Jos, Plateau

Uc 01:58 20/06/2021

How can I send money from Nigeria to Singapore? Plz I need advise on different ways to do it

Wilson 11:36 23/06/2021

Paypal is easier and faster

Wilson 11:32 23/06/2021

Use your paypal

Pete 09:30 21/06/2021

Try western union, if it's available

FB 18:47 19/06/2021

I have Yuan, how can I change it to dollar

John. 11:34 19/06/2021

I need advise on the best way or medium to pay a Chinese supplier in RMB from Nigeria.Thanks.

Bond 18:28 23/06/2021

Try using PayPal account

Ofohwo 22:30 22/06/2021

Please if you get the solution let me know. Thanks.

Tin 00:24 18/06/2021

I have naira with me ,need to exchange as a dollar.

Alhaji_bb 05:36 19/07/2021


FX master 15:06 23/06/2021

What's the volume you want to change?

Toy 06:01 20/06/2021

@what rate? # 2 $???

Babandi marke 19:36 17/06/2021

When something high most soft.

Babandi marke 19:32 17/06/2021

That is good make dollar💲fall

izzyking 16:56 17/06/2021

am in nigeria and i wanted to exchange $3000 to naira

Alhaji_bb 05:36 19/07/2021

Search IG @ alhaji_bb

Yemi FX 13:59 18/06/2021

If you are on twitter, search and contact Yemi FX

Vikolo 15:07 17/06/2021

Please where can I buy Japanese yen win naira?

Princess 14:48 17/06/2021

Now that dollar is fall, will the high prices of materials fall also?

Author 01:28 17/06/2021

Would anyone give sincere forecast on the exchange rate, will it come down anytime soon?

Gwariman 09:44 17/06/2021

It is not a question of coming down my friend. It is a question of stablizing it. It will never come down. We would be lucky if it can be stablized even at this present rates

Ben 10:18 16/06/2021

I need advise on the best way or medium to pay a Chinese supplier in either US Dollar or RMB from Nigeria, without having to do bank transfer using domiciliary account. Thanks.

Emmy 13:13 19/06/2021

Hello Ben, please how do you fund your uba domiciliary account ??

Michael 02:46 17/06/2021

hi Ben, i'm from China, we can have some dicuss,

Tm 10:00 16/06/2021

Please who wants to sell dollar in owerri?

Atone 07:31 22/06/2021

Your rate pls?

Ben 08:46 16/06/2021

Pls can anyone advise me on the best way to pay RMB into a supplier's account in China? Thanks.

Fidelis 08:03 16/06/2021

I am not resident in Nigeria. I want to exchange €800 for naira. Can anyone help out ?

Flico 10:16 20/06/2021

Which country did you reside? I can

Ahmed 14:36 16/06/2021

Yes. In Abuja

Eno 21:37 15/06/2021

Who is in the UK and wants to exchange Naira for Pounds?

Olu 07:19 27/06/2021

What's your rate?

Lg 20:11 21/06/2021

At what rate??

Ihi 21:02 15/06/2021

Hey, how much is dollars exchange rate to Naira in Benin City?

Thrix 06:13 18/07/2021

Benin it's a stupid place don't even think of it... The last time I change I almost cry.

Dom 13:40 15/06/2021

I want to exchange naira to pound at good rate. Currently in Lagos.

ERNY 11:51 15/06/2021

I have some dollar to exchang for Nira, but an not in Nigeria. I need A trusted black marketer to transfer the Naira worth to my Nigeria account, while I send the dollar to him. Any interested person should reply me.

Per 08:49 16/06/2021

How much

KENNERA 11:38 15/06/2021

😴will Dollar ever come down

Mohammed 14:35 16/06/2021

Yeah it will it started dropping since yesterday evening

Daniel 06:54 15/06/2021

Any black market around alagbado

Muda 20:12 14/06/2021

I'm in lagos who can help me change $800

Victor 17:34 15/06/2021

Where in Lagos are you?

Neroh 12:10 14/06/2021

Abuja any mallam for dollar exchange

Kokefx 22:28 14/06/2021

Go to wuse 2

Neroh 12:09 14/06/2021

How can I get a mallam in maraba to exchange my dollar

Kokefx 22:29 14/06/2021

Oga go wuse 2 go swap your dollars

Solar 10:23 14/06/2021

Am. In Osogbo. How much can I get change dollar in Osogbo

Confidence 14:51 13/06/2021

Hello, please how can I receive money from South Africa and USA?

Gracy 13:59 13/06/2021

Please where can I buy rmb in Lagos?

ngou 15:57 12/06/2021

any black market around or in the murtala international airport?

Son of YHWH 19:30 21/06/2021

Yes, at the airport

Pat 10:02 12/06/2021

Hi, my name is Patricia, what’s d rate for naira to Rmb ?

FB 18:50 19/06/2021

You have to be careful when making the exchange, I made a mistake because I was desperate, it's about 50 Naira per Yuan, but they can fool you for a higher rate

James Eruse 16:34 11/06/2021

Hello, I am James Eruse, where can I change my Euro in Ajah-Lagos?

Confidence 14:51 13/06/2021


Nike#NY 20:48 11/06/2021

Go to U.B.A at Bristol in Lagos Island

Fqueen 11:27 11/06/2021

Please I want to change 60 USD to naira how much am I going to get

Nasmik 11:50 10/06/2021

Any dollar buyers here on skrill??

Sunny 10:30 10/06/2021

I want to be Notified when Naira Exchange for Dollar is below N490.00

Son of YHWH 19:33 21/06/2021

Dollar closed today at #500, meaning you selling is #495 but you buy at #500

Mohammed 14:37 16/06/2021

Unless if you are willing to buy but if you want to sell, it doesn't make sense

Brooklyn 18:16 09/06/2021

I have some euro up to 3000 , pls anybody is interested at high rate? From lagos or oyo state , precisely ogbomoso

Shokan by my name 07012395930 11:18 11/06/2021

How much

Brooklyn 18:09 09/06/2021

Any shop to convert from?

GMG Ltd 17:18 10/06/2021


jimmy 15:56 09/06/2021

I have 1400 dollars to change to naira, am in lagos State which black market can give me 498naira

Nike#NY 19:09 11/06/2021

Go to U.B.A @ Lagos Island, right inside the U.B.A, there are a lot of Black market dealers there buying foreign currencies. My kid brother sold $1 for N495 on Monday. I hope this helps. 👌

obyno 14:12 10/06/2021

come to apapa

Chidiebere 14:07 08/06/2021

Please, I need naira for pounds... Can anyone assist... I'm not resident in Nigeria

Singapor 13:30 07/06/2021

Where can i exchange my dollar in Anambra

Basten 20:22 07/06/2021

You can get it changed at 495, mainmarket onitsha, I operate there

dbm 15:21 07/06/2021

i can buy at 470ng,but you can move to eke awka or osha main market and sell ur usd,the last time I checked was early this month and their buying rate is at 480ng,but as the price is not stable it may have appreciate or depreciate in value,thank u.

Gabriel 10:53 07/06/2021

Pls can I get mallam,that can do this current exchange rate in Warri pls

Ebuka 20:59 05/06/2021

I want to buy 1000euro who will sell at good rate

Brooklyn 18:22 09/06/2021


Sholz 15:13 05/06/2021

I have $800 to change to naira anyone with a good rate here

Gammy 12:08 11/06/2021

490 good rate sir

Brooklyn 18:23 09/06/2021


JD 22:25 05/06/2021


Jerry 13:04 05/06/2021

I'm in Abuja I want to exchange dollars who can help me

JD 22:25 05/06/2021


Nega 11:32 05/06/2021

Hw much pls is 1 dollar to naira

Engr. Anthony 20:27 05/06/2021

currently $1 is #497

Patech 14:25 04/06/2021

I have been trying to buy dogecoin from Binance using my Nigeria master card (savings account) but failed. Can someone please help by directing me on how to buy dogecoin from Binance? Thanks

dbm 12:29 05/06/2021

you can't buy crypto using ur naira debit,but you can use a dollar debit or buy usdt from p2p platform then move it to your binance account and purchase doge,that is the best method using usdt to purchase crypto,thank u

Brich 23:43 03/06/2021

If u reside in USA and want to do dollar transaction to either Nigeria or China I have a relative over there that can give u the best rate. However it has to be a cash transfer @ the bank

Vivian 16:26 03/06/2021


Oma 07:04 03/06/2021

Hi, I need a trusted person I can exchange pounds with Naira I am in UK if you’re trustworthy I will constantly be doing business with you

Confidence 14:54 13/06/2021

You can get in touch with me

Asdan 21:50 09/06/2021

Am Sani by name, you can reach me for you currency exchange

Coollucky. 10:38 07/06/2021

Nice one. We talk. Just holla at me anytime any day.

Tom 16:29 06/06/2021

We can do rest assured on my trust.

Prince 21:44 02/06/2021

Please where can I buy Cuban Cuc here in Nigeria

Adeola 11:52 02/06/2021

Where can I change dollar in ikeja?

Shokan by my name 07012395930 13:31 11/06/2021

Come to airport hotel ikaje Lagos State and asked for shokan or come to my DM let do business

Akinfemi 11:20 02/06/2021

I need 1040 euro, who can be of help?

AB 11:03 02/06/2021

I am Victoria Island, and I want to buy dollars. what is the best rate ?

Tosin 2020 22:37 01/06/2021

Hello!! And again, how can send money directly with black market?

Tosin 2020 22:36 01/06/2021

Hello!! How can I buy dirham direct in abu dhabi

Owali aja 13:58 01/06/2021

If down naira rate in future.

Ezege jr 13:20 01/06/2021

I want to exchange cedis in badagry

09031515826 09:31 01/06/2021

Hello anyone to exchange with me but arnd the island only lagos

Godspillar 09:23 02/06/2021


DB91 20:20 31/05/2021

I want to Buy 5000$ against Naira. Any contact?

Ray 10:57 01/06/2021

Have you gone ahead cause i know of soneone who can help out

Home dollar 17:14 31/05/2021

I need dollar to buy at good price

Jerry 08:52 29/05/2021

Please I want to change $100 to Naira I'm in Jos

Ebere 10:02 31/05/2021

Jerry, you can do so at FCMB close to Challenge (in town) at a good rate. Ask for Abiola inside the bank. He is their FX trader.

OGC Bank 14:30 30/05/2021

Is the dollar is usdt?

Hillary 20:35 27/05/2021

I have 5000 Ghana CEDI's need to change it in naira anyone interested

Presh 11:05 30/05/2021

Am interested

Kings 21:02 26/05/2021

I have $640 in cash, I want to change it to Naira

Sydolad 19:50 31/05/2021

I can change it for you

G M Gleam 17:21 29/05/2021

I will buy for 485

Mk 04:48 29/05/2021

How much

OG best 13:34 27/05/2021


Bashman 18:01 26/05/2021

I get 2000 GBP.where I fit sell am in Abuja?

07034972571 18:42 07/06/2021

Come to my office at Wuse zone 4,

Godday 16:27 26/05/2021

Please which bank do you suggest will provide a good domiciliary account benefits

Hanny 16:44 25/07/2021

Zenith bank

Leo 08:20 24/06/2021

Access bank

Retr0 10:45 02/06/2021


Umar yunusa 10:00 26/05/2021

I have 50 EUR cash I Need to change to naira am in katsina State

Salim 08:34 30/05/2021

I will buy at 550

Salim 08:34 30/05/2021

I will buy at 550

Musbahu 18:53 29/05/2021

Is it still available?

Romeo 07:10 26/05/2021

Pls what is inflow rate now for USD

Chizzy 22:28 25/05/2021

Where can I change my Dollars in Port Harcourt

Chizzy 22:28 25/05/2021

Where can I change my Dollars in Port Harcourt

Ted 15:54 26/05/2021

Presidential junction

Tola 08:25 25/05/2021

Hello, please I need a trusted and reliable around Festac or Alagbado I need to change about 100,000 RMB or more at a very good rate

Catobuckbdc 09:00 24/05/2021

Yes sure just search for any bureau de change via ur Google

Habu 18:09 22/05/2021


Don zee 09:43 22/05/2021

I want to change 1,035dollars to naira any trusted person so I can be trading with you all the time

Is it 06:04 26/05/2021

Is it inflow ??

Presh 01:45 24/05/2021


martins 11:53 21/05/2021

i want to buy 300K CFA with naira..any trusted person?

U.J. 08:54 21/05/2021

I want to change $1000 to naira. I need a trusted contact in Calabar. Thanks!!

FICO 13:30 25/05/2021

Where are you now

Fame97 19:13 20/05/2021

Please who has a black market connect in Tokyo it's very urgent

Tradekey 11:07 20/05/2021

Where can I exchange naira to rmb in nigeria

awizz 16:46 28/05/2021

were do you live

Don zee 09:45 22/05/2021

Delta State Sapele

Aboki trader 13:49 20/05/2021

Where is your location

Jemmi 19:49 19/05/2021

Please I need aboki number trusted one, want to sell $1600 that I can call for good price and direction because am new at this town, live around kola alagbado

MJ 05:40 09/06/2021

I'm in Kola. Do you still have it?

Jemmi 08:40 29/05/2021


Sammy 23:03 25/05/2021

Pls can I buy from you... I need it for a sch payment as international student...pls

Abdul 16:44 21/05/2021

Is it cash or transfer you want to do

Callous 15:42 19/05/2021

Can someone assure me that this site has the most reliable black market rate that can be used for day to day business? If not kindly suggest another site for me pls. Thanks

Atone 10:43 19/05/2021

Where can I change dollars in Owerri?

FICO 13:15 25/05/2021

Go to amausa

Aby 13:34 18/05/2021

Please i need historical black market rates from 2010 to date.

Jemmi 21:28 16/05/2021

Please can I get aboki number, I stay in kola alagbado. Need trusted one please

Jemmi 18:13 19/05/2021

To change dollar 1600

Ohis 11:53 17/05/2021

What do you need?

Shadow 15:58 16/05/2021

I was to earn

Bobby 17:07 15/05/2021

$250 Google Play Gift Card in Naira

Mayorkun 16:03 15/05/2021

Pls guys how can I make money on this Naira to dollar exchange rate

Tina 14:27 15/05/2021

I want to send €100.00 from Italy. What's the Exchange rate on black market

Victor 11:54 13/05/2021

Can I change cent francs in warri 500 cent francs where is the location for black market

Victor 11:52 13/05/2021

Can I change cent francs in warri

D.t 09:53 13/05/2021

Please I need someone in Island with a good enough rate for dollar exchange

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