Black Market (Lagos)

Black Market Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 480 / 4750.00%05/03/21
EUR₦ 582 / 5750.34%05/03/21
GBP₦ 675 / 6700.45%05/03/21
CAD₦ 398 / 3850.76%04/03/21
ZAR₦ 29 / 220.00%04/03/21
GHS₦ 90 / 750.00%05/03/21
RMB₦ 68 / 600.00%04/03/21
AUD₦ 300 / 2820.00%04/03/21
XOF₦ 0.9 / 0.870.00%05/03/21
XAF₦ 0.8 / 0.770.00%05/03/21
AED₦ 140 / 1150.00%04/03/21
  • Today on Black Market (Lagos)
    • Top rising exchange rate is Canadian Dollar to Naira having a ₦ 3 rise reaching ₦ 398.00 as of 04/03/2021. This corresponds to 0.76% rise compared to previous day.
  • This week on Black Market
    • Top rising exchange rate is Canadian Dollar to Naira having a ₦ 3 rise from ₦ 395.00 on 01/03/2021 to ₦ 398.00 as of 05/03/2021. This corresponds to 0.76% rise this week.
    • Top losing exchange rate is United Arab Emirates Dirham to Naira having a ₦ 3 fall from ₦ 143.00 on 01/03/2021 to ₦ 140.00 as of 05/03/2021. This corresponds to 2.10% fall this week.
  • This month on Black Market
    • Top losing exchange rate is United Arab Emirates Dirham to Naira having a ₦ 10 fall from ₦ 150.00 on 01/02/2021 to ₦ 140.00 as of 05/03/2021. This corresponds to 6.67% fall this month so far.

Comment on Naira Rates

Jemmi 23:38 04/03/2021

Please wher can I change dollar in a better rate, those aboki in sagamu are scam is 465 they want to buy it I need a sure and trusted aboki within ogun state. Thanks

Ab modibbo 19:18 04/03/2021

How can I know how much uba is selling cfa

Clever,S.O 20:14 03/03/2021

When are we start buying BTC abeg

Charles 19:58 03/03/2021

How much is AUD to naira black market as at today

SenseMan 17:30 05/03/2021

Better convert ur AUD to USD before changing it to Naira...

Abdulrazaq 12:39 03/03/2021

Pls is GT bank having problems for international trading i.e using it to pay?

Abdulrazaq 06:42 03/03/2021

Pls is GT bank having problems for international trading i.e using it to pay?

Owonikoko 20:52 28/02/2021

Please what is the naira rate to dollar as of today

Mikejordan 10:55 03/03/2021

When can I exchange pls dollar to naira

Iyke 14:12 02/03/2021


GboshLord 13:55 28/02/2021

Can I withdraw from skrill into my Domiciliary account. I need answers from only those who has done it before

P 22:53 02/03/2021

7 percent charge using visa

Anontist 20:32 01/03/2021


AareCash 08:36 28/02/2021

Please can anyone help with information on getting AUD?

Gt 06:38 28/02/2021

Where can I change dirham to naira black market rate 145

Gt 05:52 28/02/2021

Good morning guys where and how can I change dirham to naira at 145

DC 11:25 27/02/2021

Hi all I like to send pounds to Nigeria bank account. Help please

DC 15:03 28/02/2021

Thank you so much for your help. Greatly appreciated.

GboshLord 13:52 28/02/2021

The person needs a Gbp domiciliary account. So you can send it directly or via WU and the person will deposit in the domi account before withdrawal

AareCash 08:40 28/02/2021

It's easy through wire transfer as far as the Nigeria account you're sending to is a pounds account

DC 11:23 27/02/2021

Hi all I like to send pounds to Nigeria back account. Help please

Michael 10:38 27/02/2021

Where can I change naira to cfa

Cjay 17:44 26/02/2021

Where can I get bm in Abuja

Kelvin 00:53 26/02/2021

Please where can I change dollar to naira in Ajah

GboshLord 13:54 28/02/2021

Enter street ask for local aboki wey dey change money. But be wise make Dem no gba you

B.B. 15:26 25/02/2021

Where can I change dollars in law school

Kemi 15:12 25/02/2021

Please where can I get naira , l have Pounds ?

MD 18:11 26/02/2021

Memo I have naira if u have pounds how much do u have to change

Princedk 18:01 24/02/2021

can someone please recommend a trustable BDC for me please

cubana 09:45 24/02/2021

please help me guys, is it possible to buy dollar from the bank and sell in BM?

Nnamani 23:46 23/02/2021

Can transfer to account if i send to them ?

Admin 06:48 24/02/2021

Thank you for your question and interest. However is only an informative platform focused on data. We can not help with any sorts of transfer.

Rukky 17:24 23/02/2021

Pls where can I change Libya dinar to naira in ondo state

OSc 14:36 23/02/2021

I want to send money to naija. i have Euro, i need naira

KM 09:13 24/02/2021

Can I help you with arrangement? I have naira and I need dollars to my paypal

Ollypapa 08:44 24/02/2021

Try using send wave by access bank

Kc 05:24 23/02/2021

Where can one get the best dollar exchange rate in owerri, imo state?

Seyi 22:39 22/02/2021

Pls where can I change dollar to naira in Abeokuta,Ogun state Nigeria?

Anonymous 16:13 22/02/2021

Is there online black market?

Pascal 14:12 22/02/2021

I want to buy Euro in Nigeria please can someone help me out

Dre 09:09 21/02/2021

Pls can I change omani currency to naira in Lagos? I mean rials

Lizzy 12:37 23/02/2021

Go to allen ikeja

Grace 08:06 21/02/2021

I want to send euro to Nigeria

Olly 08:44 24/02/2021

Use send wave by access bank, they will pay here in dollae

Akande Adelou David 00:09 20/02/2021

I want to send euro to Nigeria

E U 11:10 20/02/2021

Tell me more

Jay 08:47 19/02/2021

Where can I change dollar in lekki phase 1 lagos

Chris 08:40 22/02/2021

At Daviva mall, before zenith Bank, after forte oil

Sunsaro 07:34 18/02/2021

Skrill withdrawal to bank successful now?

Lorddante 20:23 17/02/2021

Hello good evening please where can I change USD to Naira at 478

Chris 08:41 22/02/2021

No one will buy at that rate. The exchange guys have to make their own profit too

Ola 17:53 17/02/2021

Were can I change AED at 145 naira pls

Pedro 14:50 16/02/2021

Is there an online black market?

ceejay 10:06 17/02/2021


Gifty 22:38 15/02/2021

How can I buy rmb with this can rate please

Lyold 20:35 15/02/2021

How can I send money from korea to nija ,the app I use to use is now covered to usa instead of naira

Princedk 18:05 24/02/2021

so the person here can then convert it to naira through a crypto vendor on binance, the money will even have a better rate than converting it direcly to naira

Princedk 18:03 24/02/2021

make use of a stablecoin like Usdt or usdc

Kay 17:45 17/02/2021

Because the person will receive the money in US dollars. Try transferwise

NobleTrust 08:15 15/02/2021

@NobleTrust Exchange No need carry cash around get quick currency swap as well as crypto assets, at preferred payment options.

Kay 17:39 17/02/2021

How do I contact noble Trust exchange

Flying-Eagle 06:19 15/02/2021

It is a shameful thing, that touts, are controlling, the Naira rate, instead of, the central bank. Hence the black market is in charge of the Naira value, cost of goods, will continue to be high, and the economy, will remain unstable. Until Government, will look into it, and make a review.

✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿 15:31 16/02/2021


Money trouble 1 17:59 14/02/2021

Now I want to know the rates

Illinois Boy 21:43 13/02/2021

I want to send dollars from the US to a friend in Lagos. what is the best way for her to exhange dollars to naira?

Goto 20:45 13/02/2021

I want to send money to Nigeria in black market in France but i don't know any location where will i send the money or who will help me send money in black market. I leave in France i need help in Paris France or Lyon France. I need quick reply

Kola 00:13 17/02/2021

MoneyGram or Western Union

Kola 11:55 16/02/2021

You can use Western Union or MoneyGram

Italo 13:26 12/02/2021

How much is $34

Abdul 14:08 09/02/2021

Now I can no the rates

Wise Eagle 🦅 03:01 09/02/2021

How much is $20:000

Abdullahi 18:27 05/02/2021

Can someone direct me how to buy naira with GBP

Vikmarley 00:38 05/02/2021

Pls where can i exchange dollar to naira in akwa ibom state

Anonymous 11:33 04/02/2021

Canadian dollar exchange rate is just too high Please they need to cut it down

Shoaze 05:05 02/02/2021

Please where can I get AED?

Ndubuisi 23:59 03/02/2021

@shoaze What is the volume Aed you need?

Chris 23:05 01/02/2021

Please how can one get around this CBN spending limit of $100/month on bank cards? I really need help in this direction please.

Tobi 11:10 08/02/2021

Use Barter app to create a virtual USD card

mag 02:23 31/01/2021


Jay 11:11 01/02/2021

Open Euro Dom account with any top 3 Nigerian bank. Then do wire transfer from the Euro account to your Nigerian Dom account.

Yusuf timtim 00:18 31/01/2021


Ayomide 23:03 29/01/2021

Pls am in Lebanon how can i send it and exchange it

Machally 11:13 28/01/2021

Hi Guy's, please if I need pay CAD470 with my GTB card online, How much will I be charged in total? Please assist

Helper 05:39 31/01/2021

Gtbank limit is $100 so convert and know your limit.... That is if it works

de firimas 18:33 27/01/2021

can one buy crypto in naira on moonpay with zenith visa card if yes does the $100 limit apply?

yk 15:55 27/01/2021

Where i can get exchange

Solution30 07:12 28/01/2021

Where can i get exchange rate?

Bj 15:54 27/01/2021

I buy bitcoin in naira only

Steveltayo 07:40 27/01/2021


Ahmad dahiru 00:35 19/01/2021

@dumbest I need AED and how about the price

Ndubest 00:57 14/01/2021

Good day,please i have good volume for AED,which platform can I sell it to get Naira

AareCash 14:39 10/01/2021

@ Tayo What EAD volume do you have and what rate? Can you fund it to my Dubai account and get your naira ?

Didi😁 21:59 06/01/2021

How can I get to exchange pounds on the black market

Mendez 16:09 06/01/2021

When is best time of the year to get BEST rate for GBP Sterling into Nigeria Naira.

Franklin 14:08 06/01/2021

What's the rate in Ibadan

Manager 08:54 06/01/2021

Please were does GTB works

Muttakabunu 11:51 29/01/2021

GTBank work on ezipay

Chi NE Ye 18:47 05/01/2021

So banks "First Bank" lack in F.E.S.

joe 20:50 04/01/2021

hello Please i have GBP and i want to send to niara at Black market price what platform can i use for that?

Tayo 06:47 03/01/2021

I have good volume of AED to sell for NGN, can anyone advise me on the best selling platform for AED?

Frank4 10:43 02/01/2021

Who knows the best platform to exchange naira to cedis, and at a good rate? I want to send money to someone in Ghana from Nigeria

Lionking 13:05 18/02/2021

Use mobile money

Sanjo 16:04 01/01/2021

Hello,Pls where can one sell ghanian cedis in Ibadan.

Gamer 13:59 30/12/2020

Is this right for dollar 470 cause someone just told me 505 how com

Percila 19:55 29/12/2020

How can i buy american dollar? Dirham tp USD?

Abdurrahaman 07:55 24/12/2020

Hallo I am new here can anyone awere me every thing about exchange

Buny 07:36 23/12/2020

Good morning friends please can anyone help guide were I can possibly get a wallets can do bank transfer of Naira, were I can exchange Naira for dollar for cheaper prices?

Kc 20:13 20/12/2020

i want to convert dirham to naira is there anyone living in the UAE Abu dhabi who does it, if there is anyone please give me reply thanks

Ty 19:21 15/12/2020

What is the rate sending naria to US using western union? What is the limit of sending?

Flo 08:45 14/12/2020

What is the exchange rate of dollar to Naira today?

John 13:10 13/12/2020

I want to convert dirhams to naira. Currently in UAE Sharja specificaly

Bomber 13:03 13/12/2020

@favour yes

Favour 14:29 12/12/2020

Is there anyone in UAE that does genuine Dirham to naira exchange. No scam please

Tee 14:28 12/12/2020

Yes Success i am in Al Ain UAE

SenseMan 20:19 11/12/2020

The CBN should even plan a 3times GRADUAL intervention before 2020 lapses starting from 14.12.2020. 375# vs 1Usd. Later 20.12.2020 370# vs 1Usd and 26.12.2020 to 365# vs 1Usd. January 2021 360# vs 1Usd. If the continue with this strategy, By second Quarter of 2021 the Dollars will probably come to 350#VS 1Usd. and before the End of 2021 the Dollar will exchange at the of 1Usd vs #330. The Main objective would be to bring it to at least 300naira to 1Usd in longer term.

Lovebird 13:29 11/12/2020

Thank God dollar is coming down now and naira is gaining more strength. I am wondering if the government can sustain this? I doubt anyway.

Suzy 14:23 10/12/2020

Any1 in Alain

Success 05:26 10/12/2020

I want to start de dollar business online can someone lead me

Nmabeauty 11:36 09/12/2020

Please my people how much is one dollar to naira? And where is the best place to exchange dollar in Abuja

Fk 10:08 08/12/2020

Where can I buy dollar online and sell Pls help

Clement mendy 12:47 06/12/2020

Any location in Abu Dhabi pls

NairaCorp 15:31 05/12/2020

Are these limits placed on Domiciliary Accs too?

King victr 06:16 04/12/2020

Hopefully I need Naira to come down so my country currency gets appreciated.

Emmanuel Shagaya 21:45 03/12/2020

Where can I change dollar in Nasarawa state??

Alibultumi 16:07 02/12/2020

Hw do were go for here in Nigeria the dollar is high

Ibrahim Aliyu 14:47 02/12/2020

How much 100$ now in nigeria?

Ibrahim Aliyu 14:46 02/12/2020

I need to be exchanging dollars

Sampios 14:30 02/12/2020

Can you please include the information on the amount of dollars approved for spending on monthly basis from the Naira cards by each bank. This will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Azed 10:23 02/12/2020

Please I.want to.send zar to someone in South Africa how do I go about it

Fork the Queen 13:20 01/12/2020

Cheap dollars in Abuja resettlement market. Look for Jean.

Fidelix 10:06 01/12/2020

how do we go from here

Josh 17:26 30/11/2020

How much is Libya dinar to Naira

JOE 12:56 30/11/2020

Ways like Western Union , money gram n bitcoin wallet can be used to pay n transfer even buy or sell ur diff currencies n exchange rates.On up dates always check online for current rates of Currency even dollar conversion.or Message me to help out .am also a trader like you guys with lil knowlegde

Ohisbaba 08:28 07/02/2021

Good morning, I want to start dollar business online trade can you be of help on the platform or sites

Diiiiith 10:01 30/11/2020

I have 100 USD to sell...let ne chill till it hits 50K

Target 22:54 25/02/2021

Look at ur self

Mack 06:32 29/11/2020

@Sam i believe they just post rates only. No other info asides that. Regards

Witty 23:19 28/11/2020

How can I send yuan to china from Nigeria

Eazydan 19:09 28/11/2020

Where can I change diram at this rate from Dubai

Bellaman 21:50 26/11/2020

Please where can I exchange Dirhams to naira in Dubai ?

Tity 13:01 24/11/2020

Please where can I buy rmb at this rate quoted in this article here in Nigeria

Sam 18:22 23/11/2020

Can you please help with where we can exchange money here in Abu Dhabi, you just keep updating and never reply people comments.

Queen 21:16 21/11/2020

Please I want to be receiving update on USD to naira

Receiving 10:01 19/11/2020

How much is receiving from Nigeria to use

Trendy 21:54 18/11/2020

Please I want to be receiving update on USD to naira

HOPE 07:34 18/11/2020

Where can i do exchange here in abu Dhabi to my Naira bank

Can 10:14 16/11/2020

Can someone Pls put me through on how I can convert dhs to naira by myself

Lookfar 20:36 13/11/2020

Pls I wanna sell off dollars using this rate. How do I go about it?

Chris 18:00 13/11/2020

Where can I get usd 465

Steve 05:20 12/11/2020

Please I want to be receiving update rates on Ghana cedis to naira. And how do I change my cedis to naira

Anthony 21:05 10/11/2020

Where in Lagos can I change 9000 chana cides to naira

Joe 15:47 04/11/2020

I want to buy naira with ghana cedis how do I buy and who to buy from

EphraimsGroup 17:16 02/11/2020

I want to be receiving updates in all currency exchange to naira

Raimdex 08:53 31/10/2020

How can I change Turkish liras to naira in Lagos

Chucks 10:22 11/10/2020

I want to change naira to Ghana cedis How will I do that

Kalu 07:43 09/10/2020

Bdc wait supply from cbn next

Kalu 07:40 09/10/2020

Dollor will go down on 420 then stop forever

Tonel 00:07 03/10/2020

How can I buy dollars in Lagos

Joseph 13:26 30/09/2020

Thanks for this platform, please direction on how to send RMB to China

Ebosco 13:24 29/09/2020

I'm Ebosco, Please I want daily updates on the current market price posted directly to my email, ---@--- I really love what I'm seeing in this platform 👍👍👍 to

Clara 10:28 29/09/2020

I want to be receiving emails on dollar rate

Bless 06:21 29/09/2020

How do I get updates on the price of dollar exchange in black market

G 06:20 29/09/2020

How do I get updates on exchange of dollar price in black market

Ej 14:45 28/09/2020

Which banks can I buy West African CFA in Nigeria?

Chuks 13:53 26/09/2020

How can I buy dollar

Chuks 13:53 26/09/2020

How do I buy dollarIn a shipper price

Princek 06:05 25/09/2020

I need to buy ghs Cedis where and how can I get

Mirachris 22:59 23/09/2020

I want to transfer naira to usa... how do I go about it..

Bosco morning 11:00 23/09/2020

Taiwan dollar to naira how much

BESTERS 02:11 22/09/2020

Need a guide on how to trade between Dirham and Naira. I am in United Arab Emirates.Can someone be of help, please?

Mr ZION 09:42 21/09/2020

What is the current exchange rate for rmb (naira to rmb)

Dave 09:11 21/09/2020

I want to buy RMB... how do I go about it

Dollarman 08:15 21/09/2020

You can change your money from me anywhere in the world and any currency

Solution 22:01 17/09/2020

Naira to rmb rate currently

A.V 18:52 17/09/2020

Can you recommend someone who can receive dollar transfer from me at the above selling rate and pay me in naira, please?

Cabir 04:23 17/02/2021

Please am also looking for such ooo, I don't know if aboki can receive dollar transfer from me and pay me in naira somebody should pls help oo

Aminu baba tete 15:46 15/09/2020

When CBN atert selling dallar to business people?

PLeaseReply 09:07 04/09/2020

Please will the dollar to naira exchange rate still increase?

Zaid 20:36 30/08/2020

I have 2,000000 naira,what is my exchange in uganda?

Real magnet 03:47 18/08/2020

I want to be receiving update on USD and RMB rate

Nfao 15:30 10/08/2020

Wish the best

Busybee 13:31 10/08/2020

Can you recommend anyone for the Dollars exchange?

Bonesman 13:19 10/08/2020

What is the current rate today of the Naira to the US$

Johnson 13:13 10/08/2020

How can i get update everyday

debby 11:20 10/08/2020

where can i exchange currency physically for these rates in nigeria or lagos?

K 14:49 28/07/2020

Naira - USD....28/7/2020 is N465

Obinna 09:59 20/07/2020

I want to be receiving update everyday

Mr Jackson 05:10 18/07/2020

Good morning , Please we need update for to day 18/07/20.

EGR 09:47 02/07/2020

I want to transfer naira to China how much will it cost me.

Kay 16:24 01/07/2020

Please help.. I want to change my swiss franc to niara.where do I go?

First king 22:10 30/06/2020

I want to transfer Euro to Nigeria how can i do that

iyk don nwaneze 15:44 24/06/2020

hw can I contact black market

iyk don nwaneze 15:40 24/06/2020

i want change USD to Nigeria how am I gonna do that

Adeyemi 17:03 21/06/2020

I want to transfer naira to China! How does it goes?

Eddy 11:24 17/06/2020

Mister Moshood you can go to Diera

Moshood 14:22 09/06/2020

Please someone should help me how I can be able to sell my dirham to naira in black market from Dubai to Nigeria

Mega 03:42 02/06/2020

How much is pounds exchange rate today please?

Esq 09:16 17/05/2020

How will I contact black market?

Adenolu 10:55 08/05/2020

How do I buy Naira with British Pounds?

Jones 18:20 15/04/2020

I need rmb about 88000 RMB

Jay 17:56 06/04/2020

Please how and where or who can I buy Chinese RMB from?

Adam 16:48 27/03/2020

How do I buy Naira with Canadian Dollar?

Lyphe chainger 12:16 09/01/2020

Dis is a better way 4 life

NgnRates 20:20 28/07/2018

@KK, thank you for your question. For transfer exchange rates you can check NgnRates Moneygram and Western Union pages. You can also check Moneygram Nigeria and Western Union Nigeria web sites for transfer fees added to transfer exchange rates. NgnRates only show data for Nigeria money markets, we do not provide money transfer service.

KK 01:25 27/07/2018

Please I need transfer the equivalent of $750 CDN to received in Naira in Nigeria . How much will they receive and will I be paying any transfer charges ? If so ; how much do your office charge for transfer

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