Black Market (Lagos)

Black Market Exchange Rates

CurrencySell / Buy RateChangeDate
USD₦ 483 / 4790.00%12/05/21
EUR₦ 581 / 5760.00%12/05/21
GBP₦ 673 / 6650.00%12/05/21
CAD₦ 400 / 3900.00%12/05/21
ZAR₦ 29 / 220.00%12/05/21
GHS₦ 90 / 800.00%12/05/21
RMB₦ 69 / 620.00%12/05/21
AUD₦ 320 / 2920.00%12/05/21
XOF₦ 0.89 / 0.860.00%12/05/21
XAF₦ 0.8 / 0.770.00%12/05/21
AED₦ 140 / 1100.00%12/05/21
  • This week on Black Market
    • Top rising exchange rate is Euro to Naira having a ₦ 1 rise from ₦ 580.00 on 10/05/2021 to ₦ 581.00 as of 12/05/2021. This corresponds to 0.17% rise this week.
  • This month on Black Market
    • Top losing exchange rate is Rand to Naira having a ₦ 4 fall from ₦ 33.00 on 03/05/2021 to ₦ 29.00 as of 12/05/2021. This corresponds to 12.12% fall this month so far.

Comment on Naira Rates

Addy 09:26 12/05/2021

Where can I do black market exchange in Umma Al quain

Ctman 15:30 11/05/2021

Preferably UBA

Ctman 15:28 11/05/2021

VI or Lekki 1 in Lagos

Ctman 15:28 11/05/2021

Need to buy USD…. Ready to meet at a bank to transact

Josmaviu 21:01 09/05/2021

Did you have a relation abroad who want to fund you here in Nigeria with USD or RMB ?

Nasir 22:42 08/05/2021

I have 5000 euro to sell pls. Who can obtain it here ?

Lawrence 18:24 09/05/2021

Where’s your location.

Jj 20:35 08/05/2021

Pls how can I get black market to send money from UAE to nigeria

Joseph 11:14 07/05/2021

Please where can I change my dollar in normal rate in abia state

Akupue 07:38 07/05/2021

How can I exchange dirhams on naira

Dido 10:23 04/05/2021

How do I exchange my pounds to naira please

Ibrahim 16:12 03/05/2021

Please is it possibe to do the exchange rate of black market and transfer it to my bank account

07063374531 12:24 08/05/2021

I can do it

estybillionaire 14:57 03/05/2021

does black market have a app.

T for tj 07:12 03/05/2021

Aboki are really Milking people oh,imagine the distance #410 bank rate to #480 them go even chop pass u wey huzzle money,CBN should give other tribe the right to do this bizness na let there be competition, their rate is just too high

Bashir 01:34 03/05/2021


King 02:27 30/04/2021


Olaan 10:59 29/04/2021

Did anyone have aboki contact in ikotun for exchange

Picolo 00:45 29/04/2021

How much is 1000 West African CFA FRANCS to Naira

Confidence 08:58 11/05/2021

Hello, did you finally find out? I do naira to fcfa exchange

Onye 20:08 28/04/2021

What if we want the rates for any previous year, like black market rates that prevailed in 2013, what do we do to get such rates?

IanSunderland 07:10 10/05/2021

This is crucial data this site unfortunately does not have.

Yemine 11:23 28/04/2021

Where in iyana ipaja can I change 1dollar to 486

Reubby 00:20 28/04/2021

How do I create Western Union account

Mayor 11:59 05/05/2021

Thier app is not working in Nigeria

Kc 03:45 29/04/2021

Download their app?

Jemmi 21:15 26/04/2021

Where can i change dollar to niara at kola alagbado

Jemmi 13:44 11/05/2021

Please am new here where is justrite abukegba

Abokifx 13:00 28/04/2021

Come to justrite abukegba for good rate.

Lordmozyx 09:23 26/04/2021

How can I use my Visa Gold dollar card to withdraw dollar cash?

IanSunderland 15:21 09/05/2021

You can't. There are no ATMs paying dollars in Nigeria.

Lordmozyx 09:23 26/04/2021

How can I use my Visa Gold dollar card to withdraw dollar cash?

Sonugupta 19:20 25/04/2021

500naira converte to us dollar

Me 01:02 24/04/2021

How much is 100 dollar 💰 to Nigerian Naira

Chuks 20:20 23/04/2021

Can I use my domiciliary account master card to buy Bitcoin online?

Nana 16:31 23/04/2021

Please is wallet Africa reliable???

Sami 12:57 23/04/2021

Whats the cheapest way to send fund to TURKEY ISTANBUL?

Sami 12:53 23/04/2021

Where can i buy USD at low cost in Abuja ???

TRY 12:26 23/04/2021

Turkish lira

Samuel 10:21 23/04/2021

What is the rate of Tanzanian shilling to Naira

Hamzy 20:01 20/04/2021

I got Oman currency at hand please can anyone direct me to we're I can change it to naira

Vvvv 10:16 21/04/2021

You can only covert it to dollar before you can change that

BLK arrow 06:34 19/04/2021

Please, can some one put me through how to buy cryptos online?

Jay 23:34 18/04/2021

Please I need dollar and please can someone help me with a way of getting a dollar card easily

Babatee4u4me 19:25 19/04/2021

Consult your bank, open dom account and request for your dollar card

BLK arrow 07:20 18/04/2021

I am in Benin, I have Rand to change should any Bereaue interested just chat me up and I would connect for the transactions

08184785791 00:57 19/04/2021

Why not use the rand to by Cryptos , I'll buy the Cryptos from u It's faster, easier and higher than what bureau will give you

BLK arrow 16:50 17/04/2021

I am in Benin, I have Rand to change should any Bereaue interested just chat me up and I would connect for the transactions

Mizjoy 15:21 19/04/2021

Do you have dollar to change?

Havilahfinger 07:48 16/04/2021

I buy PayPal in Nigeria and can pay you in naira as I can withdraw it from my international account. if you have PayPal to sell, contact me pls. Thanks

Brown 02:40 24/04/2021

How much do will you pay for the account? I will also remove my card from the PayPal account

Hkb 15:24 23/04/2021

Please contact me have a PayPal carrying $580 for sell.

Eazi bwoy 09:48 20/04/2021

My much do you buy ur paypal

Maamaa 17:28 15/04/2021

Why is the dollar rate dropping

Jerry 08:29 14/04/2021

How much is a pound to naira

Comf 18:53 13/04/2021

where can i sell my dollar at Lagos?

MJ 06:46 26/04/2021

How much dollar u get

Adamu Catobuckbdc 10:37 21/04/2021

At any nearest bureau de change near you

Mizjoy 15:22 19/04/2021

Am in Edo state am interested

buyer and seller 11:54 13/04/2021

good rates for dollars anybody

K 16:40 12/04/2021

What of Canadian dollar to naira

Abdosh 10:33 13/04/2021

Recieve money from Canada with Lemonade Finance. No transaction fee.

I have $2,300.00. I need naira for exchange 14:45 12/04/2021

I need naira for u s $2,300.00 in Lagos today

MJ 06:48 26/04/2021

Do you still have it.. at what rate?

Sir P 12:02 19/04/2021

Hi, is your dollar still available...I want to buy

Uju 22:45 13/04/2021

I sell at auto parts lagos

07034972571 15:31 13/04/2021

My location is Abuja

Bakky 13:18 12/04/2021

How much is a Turkish lira to the naira

Dugo77 20:31 12/04/2021

₺1 X =N=60 =

Amy 11:30 10/04/2021

How do I buy yuan alipay account pls. Very urgent

07034972571 15:31 13/04/2021

76naira per yuan Have told you

Kris 14:11 12/04/2021

Do you have a working Alipay account? We can transfer to your Alipay at N79 for 1 Yuan

Amy 10:09 11/04/2021

What's the rate??

Bikers 08060741301 15:59 09/04/2021

I have good Rate for BTC without delay.

Isi 12:03 09/04/2021

How much you can dollar today?

Manuela 10:22 09/04/2021

Where can I sell my dollar in Abuja?

07034972571 15:34 13/04/2021

I will buy it am in wuse zone 4

Jim 09:54 13/04/2021

next to the Sheriton hotel or there is a good exchange in the Hilton

Mustapha 13:58 09/04/2021

How much?

Mustapha 13:57 09/04/2021

I want to buy

Princeo 03:47 09/04/2021

I want to buy euros with my naira, how much?

07034972571 08:47 09/04/2021

Where is your location?

Dugo77 22:41 08/04/2021

Where can i buy dollar cash in Abuja or Lagos in good rate ?

Jennifer 20:55 11/04/2021

How can I buy pounds to naira, how much? 13:50 07/04/2021

450 na one dollar

Brown 02:45 24/04/2021

You are a thief 1 dollar is 480

Kelvin T.i 10:54 07/04/2021

Nice rate

Dugo77 20:45 06/04/2021

I want bring £10,000 from London can know the easiest way ?

07034972571 09:53 07/04/2021

Wire transfer or Western union, I can hook you up with my brother in London

08124643261 19:54 05/04/2021

The naira will keep falling

son of Allah(SWT) 11:06 07/04/2021

The naira keep falling to the dollar at all levels even on the forex market, well, it's not strange to me since we refuse to strengthen the naira quo to it's ability to make dollar transactions via naira credit and/or debit cards. I know better days are ahead for the naira(Nigeria economy).

Latifa 11:39 04/04/2021

I want to change CAD to Naira

Olalekan 08:44 08/04/2021

Please I need the cad, what rate

Obi247 06:28 04/04/2021

Pls I want to know today's rate of dollar to naira?

Papadon44 22:29 02/04/2021

How do I exchange my crypto currency to naira

jaga 11:21 02/04/2021

wich aboki can give me the today pound rate agege

Alfredo 11:16 02/04/2021

What is normal bank?

Mo 20:24 01/04/2021

If I where to use you to put money in my account can you do that too at the rates of 480

Amor 18:50 01/04/2021

Pls I need rmb suppliers so urgently

07034972571 23:12 08/04/2021

The RMB you need cash or transfer to your bank account or wallet?

07034972571 09:42 07/04/2021

ATUNA BDC Location : constantine street wuse Zone 4 Abuja and Kaduna Exchange Dollars, pounds, euros, RMB and Naira at sweet rate

Moyin 08:39 01/04/2021

Please how nuch is pounds at black Market rate... Bank transfer access bank

Jennifer 02:21 10/04/2021

How much is pounds to naira?

best4foto 12:49 31/03/2021

how naira a be good in the world

Jennifer 20:51 11/04/2021

Please how ti buy naira to pounds.

Lionhrt 09:52 31/03/2021

Nice app their calculations is accurate and the rate are ok

Adamu Catobuck 05:35 31/03/2021

Look for any registered bdc around u

Henry 00:55 31/03/2021

How much is 40 us dollars in Nigeria currency now?

Zainny 20:21 29/03/2021

How can I buy rmb in lagos

07034972571 23:13 08/04/2021

Cash or transfer to your Alipay or wechat wallet?

Betzyreal 15:07 24/03/2021

I want to sell pounds please.

07034972571 09:44 07/04/2021

Your location ?

Tabithatemi 12:14 26/03/2021

@what rate did u want to sell

Precious 13:34 24/03/2021

How much is 500euro to naira

Hellen4real 07:27 24/03/2021

How much is Dollar rate from oman to nigeria through western union

Solid 14:34 23/03/2021

Where can I buy #500,000 worth of USD in Akure and at what value of exchange?

Magic 10:39 23/03/2021

Pls what is the exchange rate of Naira to Turkish Lira

M.k 12:57 31/03/2021


Nsika 06:18 22/03/2021

Want change dollar for 480

Tyga 09:13 31/03/2021

How much dollar?

kenney 21:07 20/03/2021

please how can I use this site to send money to Nigeria

Master 12:29 24/03/2021

Send To Nomal Bank Acc He Will Use Master Card To Weldraw It

Jet 01:54 23/03/2021

You can use bitcoin to send or send to via RIA money transfer or western union. Cash pick up at bank

admin 10:54 21/03/2021

Thank you for your comment and interest. This site is only focused on being informative about financial data.

Omaa 13:20 20/03/2021

I need to change canadian dollar to naira

malikjay 11:59 20/03/2021


Sam bless24 10:31 18/03/2021

Pls can I get buyer on here on my dollar to naira

07034972571 09:45 07/04/2021

Am here for you my location is abuja and kaduna

any86 23:27 22/03/2021

go to any bdc and sell to them

Mut 10:14 17/03/2021

Where can i get rmb for #68

D.t 09:37 17/03/2021

Can I get someone to exchange at the rate of 483 in festac?

D.t 11:52 26/03/2021


08096333663 02:01 22/03/2021

Depends on if it’s cash or inflow..

YERE 12:21 16/03/2021

Where can I change dollar to naira in ikorodu and at what rate

Anthony 22:19 03/04/2021

How much is 35$ dollars in nira right now

Dlux 07:17 16/03/2021

Where is the nearest dollar black market around okoko need to change 450dollars

Engr chigo 17:46 19/03/2021


Kc 00:30 16/03/2021

Pls, what is dollar blackmarkets exchange rate in owerri?

TOPMAN 14:05 15/03/2021

Does this app send money straight to Nigeria bank account ?

Jet 01:56 23/03/2021

No way. Except u send via RIA money transfer or western. Cash pick up in bank

Kc 22:57 15/03/2021


Mimi 09:32 15/03/2021

What is exchange rate Rmb to naira

M.k 05:56 15/03/2021

@Nuhu İ want to change the AED to Naira.

Autodidact 20:41 13/03/2021

I wanna exchange $1500 @485, any aboki around Surulere?

Bosco 19:04 28/03/2021

I am interested in buying but not at that rate because is very high

Autodidact 02:57 17/03/2021

What rate can you do? Its business

Nuhu 03:29 15/03/2021

Your rate is to high I can not my brother

BDC 09:57 14/03/2021

Thief... Who will exchange at that rate?

Orange 17:18 13/03/2021

Please how much is the exchange of 1000 francs to Naira in black market?

Nuhu 03:46 15/03/2021

Where you dey now my confirm

Fizzy 19:35 12/03/2021

Sending 600€ to Nigeria which is going to be dollars 705$ western_union (rate). How much will the money be in naira. I'm sending it to bank account ( uba) (first_bank)... just went to know how much will I get in naira

Easyarchi 21:03 14/03/2021

why not use crypto options that'll give high rates like 480 then withdraw to bank

M.k 17:53 12/03/2021

Pls what is the rate for AED (Dubai Dirham). I want buy and Sell price at black market rate. Thank you.

ElsM 07:31 06/04/2021

AED is currently 138...when I paid for my Perfumes...

Nuhu 03:48 15/03/2021

You dey change or you want change your money

Ali 00:46 11/03/2021

You can change all currency.... let me know when you are ready

Seade 07:53 15/03/2021

How much is the exchange rate of dollar today?

Bobo 21:40 10/03/2021

Please how can I use black market rate to send money to Nigeria

DC 01:29 17/03/2021

Use Sendwave to send $$. After pick up exchange at black market. Western Union fees high

Lesti 21:56 12/03/2021

Send through western union, money gram or other possible ways, the person will collect the dollar at the bank and change at black market

Mrlegit 17:56 10/03/2021

Please where can I use my Alat card?

Joebest 16:51 10/03/2021

Hello do banks really give dollars for collection?

Umar 07:19 09/03/2021

Nawa kuke sayar da cfa Niger zuwa nera

Nuhu 03:36 15/03/2021

Kana cfa ko kana naira

Helikz 11:00 07/03/2021

I want to send money to my Nephew in Ukraine, i have naira what medium do i use please ?

SenseMan 17:39 09/03/2021

I think W.Union or Moneyrgam are more reliable.

Joe man 11:02 06/03/2021

What iss the exchange rate for INFLOW DOLLAR to naira today

08096333663 02:03 22/03/2021

N494/1 usd

Jemmi 23:38 04/03/2021

Please wher can I change dollar in a better rate, those aboki in sagamu are scam is 465 they want to buy it I need a sure and trusted aboki within ogun state. Thanks

Jemmi 00:47 09/03/2021


Fred 22:32 06/03/2021

How much do you want to change

Ab modibbo 19:18 04/03/2021

How can I know how much uba is selling cfa

Clever,S.O 20:14 03/03/2021

When are we start buying BTC abeg

Charles 19:58 03/03/2021

How much is AUD to naira black market as at today

SenseMan 17:30 05/03/2021

Better convert ur AUD to USD before changing it to Naira...

Abdulrazaq 12:39 03/03/2021

Pls is GT bank having problems for international trading i.e using it to pay?

Abdulrazaq 06:42 03/03/2021

Pls is GT bank having problems for international trading i.e using it to pay?

Owonikoko 20:52 28/02/2021

Please what is the naira rate to dollar as of today

Mikejordan 10:55 03/03/2021

When can I exchange pls dollar to naira

Iyke 14:12 02/03/2021


GboshLord 13:55 28/02/2021

Can I withdraw from skrill into my Domiciliary account. I need answers from only those who has done it before

P 22:53 02/03/2021

7 percent charge using visa

Anontist 20:32 01/03/2021


AareCash 08:36 28/02/2021

Please can anyone help with information on getting AUD?

Gt 06:38 28/02/2021

Where can I change dirham to naira black market rate 145

Gt 05:52 28/02/2021

Good morning guys where and how can I change dirham to naira at 145

DC 11:25 27/02/2021

Hi all I like to send pounds to Nigeria bank account. Help please

DC 15:03 28/02/2021

Thank you so much for your help. Greatly appreciated.

GboshLord 13:52 28/02/2021

The person needs a Gbp domiciliary account. So you can send it directly or via WU and the person will deposit in the domi account before withdrawal

AareCash 08:40 28/02/2021

It's easy through wire transfer as far as the Nigeria account you're sending to is a pounds account

DC 11:23 27/02/2021

Hi all I like to send pounds to Nigeria back account. Help please

Michael 10:38 27/02/2021

Where can I change naira to cfa

Cjay 17:44 26/02/2021

Where can I get bm in Abuja

Kelvin 00:53 26/02/2021

Please where can I change dollar to naira in Ajah

GboshLord 13:54 28/02/2021

Enter street ask for local aboki wey dey change money. But be wise make Dem no gba you

B.B. 15:26 25/02/2021

Where can I change dollars in law school

Yomi 14:05 23/03/2021

Go to Eko Hotel & Suites

Kemi 15:12 25/02/2021

Please where can I get naira , l have Pounds ?

MD 18:11 26/02/2021

Memo I have naira if u have pounds how much do u have to change

Princedk 18:01 24/02/2021

can someone please recommend a trustable BDC for me please

cubana 09:45 24/02/2021

please help me guys, is it possible to buy dollar from the bank and sell in BM?

Nnamani 23:46 23/02/2021

Can transfer to account if i send to them ?

Admin 06:48 24/02/2021

Thank you for your question and interest. However is only an informative platform focused on data. We can not help with any sorts of transfer.

Rukky 17:24 23/02/2021

Pls where can I change Libya dinar to naira in ondo state

OSc 14:36 23/02/2021

I want to send money to naija. i have Euro, i need naira

KM 09:13 24/02/2021

Can I help you with arrangement? I have naira and I need dollars to my paypal

Ollypapa 08:44 24/02/2021

Try using send wave by access bank

Kc 05:24 23/02/2021

Where can one get the best dollar exchange rate in owerri, imo state?

Seyi 22:39 22/02/2021

Pls where can I change dollar to naira in Abeokuta,Ogun state Nigeria?

Anonymous 16:13 22/02/2021

Is there online black market?

Pascal 14:12 22/02/2021

I want to buy Euro in Nigeria please can someone help me out

Dre 09:09 21/02/2021

Pls can I change omani currency to naira in Lagos? I mean rials

Lizzy 12:37 23/02/2021

Go to allen ikeja

Grace 08:06 21/02/2021

I want to send euro to Nigeria

Olly 08:44 24/02/2021

Use send wave by access bank, they will pay here in dollae

Akande Adelou David 00:09 20/02/2021

I want to send euro to Nigeria

E U 11:10 20/02/2021

Tell me more

Jay 08:47 19/02/2021

Where can I change dollar in lekki phase 1 lagos

Chris 08:40 22/02/2021

At Daviva mall, before zenith Bank, after forte oil

Sunsaro 07:34 18/02/2021

Skrill withdrawal to bank successful now?

Lorddante 20:23 17/02/2021

Hello good evening please where can I change USD to Naira at 478

Chris 08:41 22/02/2021

No one will buy at that rate. The exchange guys have to make their own profit too

Ola 17:53 17/02/2021

Were can I change AED at 145 naira pls

Pedro 14:50 16/02/2021

Is there an online black market?

ceejay 10:06 17/02/2021


Gifty 22:38 15/02/2021

How can I buy rmb with this can rate please

Lyold 20:35 15/02/2021

How can I send money from korea to nija ,the app I use to use is now covered to usa instead of naira

Princedk 18:05 24/02/2021

so the person here can then convert it to naira through a crypto vendor on binance, the money will even have a better rate than converting it direcly to naira

Princedk 18:03 24/02/2021

make use of a stablecoin like Usdt or usdc

Kay 17:45 17/02/2021

Because the person will receive the money in US dollars. Try transferwise

NobleTrust 08:15 15/02/2021

@NobleTrust Exchange No need carry cash around get quick currency swap as well as crypto assets, at preferred payment options.

Kay 17:39 17/02/2021

How do I contact noble Trust exchange

Flying-Eagle 06:19 15/02/2021

It is a shameful thing, that touts, are controlling, the Naira rate, instead of, the central bank. Hence the black market is in charge of the Naira value, cost of goods, will continue to be high, and the economy, will remain unstable. Until Government, will look into it, and make a review.

✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿 15:31 16/02/2021


Money trouble 1 17:59 14/02/2021

Now I want to know the rates

Illinois Boy 21:43 13/02/2021

I want to send dollars from the US to a friend in Lagos. what is the best way for her to exhange dollars to naira?

Goto 20:45 13/02/2021

I want to send money to Nigeria in black market in France but i don't know any location where will i send the money or who will help me send money in black market. I leave in France i need help in Paris France or Lyon France. I need quick reply

Kola 00:13 17/02/2021

MoneyGram or Western Union

Kola 11:55 16/02/2021

You can use Western Union or MoneyGram

Italo 13:26 12/02/2021

How much is $34

Abdul 14:08 09/02/2021

Now I can no the rates

Wise Eagle 🦅 03:01 09/02/2021

How much is $20:000

Abdullahi 18:27 05/02/2021

Can someone direct me how to buy naira with GBP

Vikmarley 00:38 05/02/2021

Pls where can i exchange dollar to naira in akwa ibom state

Anonymous 11:33 04/02/2021

Canadian dollar exchange rate is just too high Please they need to cut it down

Shoaze 05:05 02/02/2021

Please where can I get AED?

Ndubuisi 23:59 03/02/2021

@shoaze What is the volume Aed you need?

Chris 23:05 01/02/2021

Please how can one get around this CBN spending limit of $100/month on bank cards? I really need help in this direction please.

Tobi 11:10 08/02/2021

Use Barter app to create a virtual USD card

mag 02:23 31/01/2021


Jay 11:11 01/02/2021

Open Euro Dom account with any top 3 Nigerian bank. Then do wire transfer from the Euro account to your Nigerian Dom account.

Yusuf timtim 00:18 31/01/2021


Ayomide 23:03 29/01/2021

Pls am in Lebanon how can i send it and exchange it

Machally 11:13 28/01/2021

Hi Guy's, please if I need pay CAD470 with my GTB card online, How much will I be charged in total? Please assist

Helper 05:39 31/01/2021

Gtbank limit is $100 so convert and know your limit.... That is if it works

de firimas 18:33 27/01/2021

can one buy crypto in naira on moonpay with zenith visa card if yes does the $100 limit apply?

yk 15:55 27/01/2021

Where i can get exchange

Solution30 07:12 28/01/2021

Where can i get exchange rate?

Bj 15:54 27/01/2021

I buy bitcoin in naira only

Steveltayo 07:40 27/01/2021


Ahmad dahiru 00:35 19/01/2021

@dumbest I need AED and how about the price

Ndubest 00:57 14/01/2021

Good day,please i have good volume for AED,which platform can I sell it to get Naira

AareCash 14:39 10/01/2021

@ Tayo What EAD volume do you have and what rate? Can you fund it to my Dubai account and get your naira ?

Didi😁 21:59 06/01/2021

How can I get to exchange pounds on the black market

Mendez 16:09 06/01/2021

When is best time of the year to get BEST rate for GBP Sterling into Nigeria Naira.

Franklin 14:08 06/01/2021

What's the rate in Ibadan

Manager 08:54 06/01/2021

Please were does GTB works

Muttakabunu 11:51 29/01/2021

GTBank work on ezipay

Chi NE Ye 18:47 05/01/2021

So banks "First Bank" lack in F.E.S.

joe 20:50 04/01/2021

hello Please i have GBP and i want to send to niara at Black market price what platform can i use for that?

Tayo 06:47 03/01/2021

I have good volume of AED to sell for NGN, can anyone advise me on the best selling platform for AED?

Frank4 10:43 02/01/2021

Who knows the best platform to exchange naira to cedis, and at a good rate? I want to send money to someone in Ghana from Nigeria

Lionking 13:05 18/02/2021

Use mobile money

Sanjo 16:04 01/01/2021

Hello,Pls where can one sell ghanian cedis in Ibadan.

Gamer 13:59 30/12/2020

Is this right for dollar 470 cause someone just told me 505 how com

Percila 19:55 29/12/2020

How can i buy american dollar? Dirham tp USD?

Abdurrahaman 07:55 24/12/2020

Hallo I am new here can anyone awere me every thing about exchange

Buny 07:36 23/12/2020

Good morning friends please can anyone help guide were I can possibly get a wallets can do bank transfer of Naira, were I can exchange Naira for dollar for cheaper prices?

Kc 20:13 20/12/2020

i want to convert dirham to naira is there anyone living in the UAE Abu dhabi who does it, if there is anyone please give me reply thanks

Ty 19:21 15/12/2020

What is the rate sending naria to US using western union? What is the limit of sending?

Flo 08:45 14/12/2020

What is the exchange rate of dollar to Naira today?

John 13:10 13/12/2020

I want to convert dirhams to naira. Currently in UAE Sharja specificaly

Bomber 13:03 13/12/2020

@favour yes

Favour 14:29 12/12/2020

Is there anyone in UAE that does genuine Dirham to naira exchange. No scam please

Tee 14:28 12/12/2020

Yes Success i am in Al Ain UAE

SenseMan 20:19 11/12/2020

The CBN should even plan a 3times GRADUAL intervention before 2020 lapses starting from 14.12.2020. 375# vs 1Usd. Later 20.12.2020 370# vs 1Usd and 26.12.2020 to 365# vs 1Usd. January 2021 360# vs 1Usd. If the continue with this strategy, By second Quarter of 2021 the Dollars will probably come to 350#VS 1Usd. and before the End of 2021 the Dollar will exchange at the of 1Usd vs #330. The Main objective would be to bring it to at least 300naira to 1Usd in longer term.

Lovebird 13:29 11/12/2020

Thank God dollar is coming down now and naira is gaining more strength. I am wondering if the government can sustain this? I doubt anyway.

Suzy 14:23 10/12/2020

Any1 in Alain

Success 05:26 10/12/2020

I want to start de dollar business online can someone lead me

Nmabeauty 11:36 09/12/2020

Please my people how much is one dollar to naira? And where is the best place to exchange dollar in Abuja

Fk 10:08 08/12/2020

Where can I buy dollar online and sell Pls help

Clement mendy 12:47 06/12/2020

Any location in Abu Dhabi pls

NairaCorp 15:31 05/12/2020

Are these limits placed on Domiciliary Accs too?

King victr 06:16 04/12/2020

Hopefully I need Naira to come down so my country currency gets appreciated.

Emmanuel Shagaya 21:45 03/12/2020

Where can I change dollar in Nasarawa state??

Alibultumi 16:07 02/12/2020

Hw do were go for here in Nigeria the dollar is high

Ibrahim Aliyu 14:47 02/12/2020

How much 100$ now in nigeria?

Ibrahim Aliyu 14:46 02/12/2020

I need to be exchanging dollars

Sampios 14:30 02/12/2020

Can you please include the information on the amount of dollars approved for spending on monthly basis from the Naira cards by each bank. This will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Azed 10:23 02/12/2020

Please I.want to.send zar to someone in South Africa how do I go about it

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