Dollar to Naira FX Market Rate

Updated on 10:15 05/10/2022
USD NGNGet Updates: Off427.613 -1.09%Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate₦ 1 = $ 0.00234
Previous Day Comparison
-₦ 4.7011
% Change
Last 30 Days High/Low
₦ 432.314141 on 04/10/2022
₦ 424.180888 on 06/09/2022
Last 365 Days High/Low
₦ 432.314141 on 04/10/2022
₦ 410.62729 on 03/01/2022

Dollar to Naira Foreign Exchange Market Rate Chart

Daily Dollar to Naira Foreign Exchange Market Review

US Dollar rate is ₦427.613 against Naira in foreign exchange markets (FX markets) today, October 06, 2022. Initial US Dollar rate was noted as ₦431.8611 at the beginning of this week on Monday, October 03, 2022. This equals to a 0.98% fall for USD to Naira exchange rate in FX markets for this week so far.

To have a monthly quick review, we see that Dollar to Naira exchange rate was ₦421.8802 on Thursday, September 01, 2022 at the beginning of September. With US Dollar being traded at ₦427.613 now, we see a 1.36% rise for Dollar to Naira exchange rates in FX markets since the begining of last September.

Comment on US Dollar to Naira FX Market Rates

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Why is dollars falling?

Convert Dollar to Naira in FX Market

1 Dollar to Naira₦ 427.613
5 Dollars to Naira₦ 2,138.065
10 Dollars to Naira₦ 4,276.13
20 Dollars to Naira₦ 8,552.26
50 Dollars to Naira₦ 21,380.65
100 Dollars to Naira₦ 42,761.3
200 Dollars to Naira₦ 85,522.6
500 Dollars to Naira₦ 213,806.5
1000 Dollars to Naira₦ 427,613
2000 Dollars to Naira₦ 855,226
5000 Dollars to Naira₦ 2,138,065

Naira Currency Converter

Naira to Dollar FX Market Rate

  • Value:₦ 1 = $ 0.00234
  • Previous Day Comparison
    • Change: $ + 0.000025
    • % Change: + 1.10%

Convert Naira to Dollar in FX Market

1 Naira to Dollar$ 0.0023
5 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.0117
10 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.0234
20 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.0468
50 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.117
100 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.234
200 Nairas to Dollar$ 0.468
500 Nairas to Dollar$ 1.17
1000 Nairas to Dollar$ 2.34
5000 Nairas to Dollar$ 11.7

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