Rand to Naira FX Market Rate

Updated on 10:15 02/02/2023
ZAR NGNGet Updates: Off26.9597 1.28%Naira to Rand Exchange Rate₦ 1 = R 0.03709
Previous Day Comparison
+₦ 0.3407
% Change
Last 30 Days High/Low
₦ 26.959715 on 02/02/2023
₦ 26.13139 on 06/01/2023
Last 365 Days High/Low
₦ 26.959715 on 02/02/2023
₦ 26.13139 on 06/01/2023

Rand to Naira Foreign Exchange Market Rate Chart

Daily Rand to Naira Foreign Exchange Market Review

South African Rand rate is ₦26.9597 against Naira in foreign exchange markets (FX markets) today, February 03, 2023. Initial South African Rand rate was noted as ₦26.5319 at the beginning of this week on Monday, January 30, 2023. This equals to a 1.61% rise for Rand to Naira exchange rate in FX markets for this week so far.

When we look at the rates monthly, ZAR to Naira exchange rate was noted as ₦26.2893 on Monday, January 02, 2023 at the start of last month. As of today with Rand being traded at ₦26.9597, we see a 2.55% rise for South African Rand to Naira exchange rates in FX markets since the begining of last January.

Comment on South African Rand to Naira FX Market Rates

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Haykins 13:02 25/08/2020

Thank you for this rate update. But pls where can I exchange my NGN to ZAR at the rate of 25NGN to 1 ZAR (at most).I am having a doubt if bank will allow that to happen easily due to lot of process one might go through :)

Convert Rand to Naira in FX Market

1 Rand to Naira₦ 26.9597
5 Rands to Naira₦ 134.7985
10 Rands to Naira₦ 269.597
20 Rands to Naira₦ 539.194
50 Rands to Naira₦ 1,347.985
100 Rands to Naira₦ 2,695.97
200 Rands to Naira₦ 5,391.94
500 Rands to Naira₦ 13,479.85
1000 Rands to Naira₦ 26,959.7
2000 Rands to Naira₦ 53,919.4
5000 Rands to Naira₦ 134,798.5

Naira Currency Converter

Naira to Rand FX Market Rate

  • Value:₦ 1 = R 0.03709
  • Previous Day Comparison
    • Change: R -0.000475
    • % Change: -1.26%

Convert Naira to Rand in FX Market

1 Naira to RandR 0.0371
5 Nairas to RandR 0.1855
10 Nairas to RandR 0.3709
20 Nairas to RandR 0.7418
50 Nairas to RandR 1.8545
100 Nairas to RandR 3.709
200 Nairas to RandR 7.418
500 Nairas to RandR 18.545
1000 Nairas to RandR 37.09
5000 Nairas to RandR 185.45

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