Russian rubles

samuel - 10:12 27/01/2022

hello my name is Samuel from Nigerian buy currently I live in Russia. please i need help how can i exchange my Russian rubles to get a higher value . i went to the Russian bank and i was told 5.4naira. but in black market guys here here are exchanging at 7.3naira i want to know do any 1 here know there come up with that rate please if you know this you can contact me here via whatsapp +79998410395 thanks


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Kavin Godwin 14:38 11/04/2022

I will buy it now, WhatsApp me now 7016196442

Oscar j 14:23 01/03/2022

Valueless not. N1= 0.23 Russian Rubles

FxCavalry 02:15 20/02/2022

Exchange your rub to USD, then change to naira, you'll see how the rate came out

mike 02:17 31/01/2022

buy bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency with it in usd...sell to nigerian buyer at your preferred rate

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