Where can I buy btc with naira?

Sabect - 10:00 12/10/2021

Can anyone assist how to buy btc with naira card


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Oyindamola 01:44 05/09/2022

Can anyone assist how to BTC to naria

Billionaire xchange 07:18 07/08/2023

How many dollar Bitcoin do you want

ckash 01:29 05/05/2022

Paypal dollar funds needed by our clients in exchange for Naira from time to time at a reasonable rates. DM WhatsApp +2348060941567.

Chibuike 16:27 20/01/2022

Please where can I use my union elite card, paybis working?

Best 12:25 05/03/2022

DM me

Eva 10:23 02/03/2022

I'm selling

Tknla 11:56 19/12/2021

Binance accept visa $ prepaid card.. that is what am using to buy till now.. you can WhatsApp me on 08078794309

Anyico 04:14 25/01/2022

Buying with visa card is it banned in nigeria?

Rae 19:54 25/10/2021

Use binance if you have a mastercard or visa card there’s an option to buy with debit card there

Debesh 12:06 22/01/2022

They r not allowing more NGN to buy

Ziggy 11:29 11/11/2021

binance doesn't accept Nigerian bank cards. I have tried fidelity visa card, gtbank naira mastercard, non worked, only pyypl buh i can't fund de pyypl either cus it keeps rejecting it

Drickzy 06:12 03/12/2021

You can buy on roqqu. You can download their app on your play store or apple store. It's a Nigerian-owned app. However, I wouldn't advise you buy from them because of some technical issues and another. I would still prefer the P2P on binance and oh yes, I think roqqu has p2p functions as well. If they don't have then your best option is binance and you can't use a naira card for it. You will have to deal with their p2p. Or you can just buy from me. 2349131568291

Debesh 12:05 22/01/2022

What is your price for ! USDT?

Baddest 16:40 19/01/2022

Use binance peer to peer

Jandol 12:29 08/01/2022

I can sell to you 07032797518

Otuoye 01:55 11/01/2022

How are you going to sell one

ayoola 01:55 24/10/2021

Write your response

Ice Carter jnr 23:43 08/12/2021

Well I can show u ways to use card

Ice Carter jnr 23:42 08/12/2021

If you're the owner of the cards let's trade

PCharles 15:56 20/11/2021

WhatsApp me on +2349027416996 I will teach you how to buy yourself You don't need to send me the cash

ben-jo bliss 10:34 07/12/2021

my whatspp nom 07067801491

Kholo 05:32 06/12/2021

Since they placed a ban on crypo has anyone used their card to buy btc ?

Chucks4real 23:55 19/11/2021

WhatsApp me 07062431842

Chucks4real 21:20 19/11/2021

I can sell for you.whatsapp me 07062431842

Michael 08:15 19/11/2021

Sure all what you have to do is to have paxful account, with dis I assure you 💯 very easy to buy😘

Peteimax 17:09 13/10/2021

Contact me 08036471632

Chi 23:47 12/11/2021


Don 14:07 07/11/2021

I can btc for u, but if u have a binance app, u can chat me up 07067852214

Prinxy 22:56 15/10/2021

Go to buycoin African I think they accept Maria but they price is a bit higher

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