TransferWise Deposit Card

The Guy - 11:11 26/12/2021

Please, which card does Wise ( Transferwise) accept right now for USD deposit? They keep rejecting my UBA Africard.


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GodchaserFx 10:02 08/05/2022

Plumper virtual dollar card

Mr empire 13:50 11/04/2022

Please if you have paxusdt account and wants to buy USDT, inbox me your details on I have over 30,000usdt

FxCavalry 02:29 20/02/2022

You cannot fund wise with a Nigerian card presently, if you're just signing up you'll need a virtual card pay the 20usd and get your account details, if you already have your account details use skrill international transfer to fund your wise account with your UBA card

Kemi 08:52 23/03/2022

Hello, do you mean that Skrill accepts UBA africard? Which of the africards does Skrill accept please? Is it the dollar or naira?

Golden 07:45 08/03/2022

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