Bank Rates for PayPal

DannyJr - 02:03 05/10/2021

What bank has the best rate for PayPal please? I currently use UBA and it's $408 per dollar


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Angeline 21:06 15/12/2023

Hi, Do you mean you were able to add Nigeria dollar card on binance? Also, I added my GTB account on binance BUT when I tried to sell my coin, it's only showing first Bank of Nigeria as the only Nigeria bank Please I need someone to put me through. Thank you

Yandoma 11:38 16/02/2023

Please Which bank has the best us dollars rate?

ChinaBoy 12:54 16/02/2022

*** We do help fund PayPal Accounts directly from our FC (Foreign Currency) Personal/Business Accounts using Credit Cards. This is absolutely Clean Money, and a Service Charge applies! Please do note that if you mistakenly buy fraud-linked PayPal Funds (since you may never know) from an unknown Source, you might end up with a Frozen PayPal Account. (WhatsApp: +8615005908420; Serious Enquiries Only Pls!)

Paschalmarie 13:57 18/10/2022

where do you you reside? what is your rate?

Cj 22:57 19/09/2022

I need PayPal funds 58 dollars if you have contact me on WhatsApp +2347083424665

Sputnik_vee 12:16 11/09/2022

What are the limits set on PayPal for international paements?

Ernest25 16:47 04/08/2022

Am Ernest from Rivers State, I buy PayPal funds at #500 per dollar. WhatsApp no: 08100600745

Okodav 18:58 09/07/2022

I'm Okorie Chinedu David from Abia state. I buy PayPal funds at a rate of 500/$ it depends on how many PayPal funds you want to sell

Kingchido 10:37 12/07/2022

Message me on WhatsApp @ 2348084636011

Lawrence 22:53 30/10/2021

It depends on the bank, I think UBA is the best. I make use of uba

I with to sall Bitcoin voucher 01:20 06/07/2022

I with to sall my Bitcoin

EKPA CURRENCY 04:32 30/06/2022

Hello thanks for your patronage everyone. Today’s CURRENCY RATES:- USD 590, EUR 640, GBP 740, SAR 160, CAD 460, JPY 3.5, AED 160, CFA 945, EGP 30, GHS 70, TRY 30, XAF 900, CHF 500, ZAR 30, AUD 460… We send money home and abroad and buy any currency around the world, inflow and cashflow we open 24/7. Address:-Kudir Block, Sokoto Contact:- +2348165370395 WhatsApp:- +2347043622811

Kalu 15:41 30/04/2022

I have naira an need someone who can send me PayPal fund while i pay in naira

I have $16.54 PayPal fund to sell contact me. 06:16 24/06/2022

Drop your number or call 09155714622

I have $16.54 PayPal fund to sell contact me. 09155714622 06:09 24/06/2022

I have $16.54 PayPal fund to sell contact me.

Cletz 10:53 03/06/2022

Gud day everyone I have 550 PayPal to sell, contact me +2347067076134

Prince 09:12 25/05/2022

I buy PayPal funds 480 per$ and payoneer 510 per $ call, WhatsApp 07069764239

checkapos 01:28 18/05/2022

If you want to convert your paypal or payoneer fund to naira contact me for negotiation. The current price for paypal is ₦480 → $1 Price for payoneer is ₦500 → $1 The best you can get now. Kindly contact me via whatsapp +2347050683036 for update on the current price.

EazyXchange 00:30 12/05/2022

We Buy PayPal, Payoneer,Skrill, Payeer Funds @497/$. We also buy Cryptocurrencies at good rates. Our Location is in Abuja. Call/what app on +2348187365591 .We also mentor on digital Account creation at affordable prices.

Victor 23:55 06/05/2022

I want to buy PayPal funds (09046578182)

DaS 14:57 02/05/2022

I want to buy 50 dollars PayPal fund for 430, my no 07034942069 call me if you have the 50 dollar PayPal for sell

Jessy 12:50 25/04/2022

I need PayPal fund to pay supplier if you are genuine contact 08064632438. Abuja preferably

blao 12:56 22/04/2022

i have paypal funds for sale, who wants to buy?

Emma 12:52 07/04/2022

Hello guys I'd like to know if someone can make transaction to Europe with PayPal

impact 23:03 02/04/2022

i need paypal fund of 50usd , who has it

Larrydavis 21:51 25/03/2022

What to buy a PayPal fund 500# per dollar 08087461554

WorldBank 16:36 22/03/2022

I need PayPal funds $200 - $5000 if you have call me . +2348132156981 Abuja residents Only : Location bank Rate 470 /$

Elkhudzy 19:22 21/03/2022

Withdrawal to NIGERIA local bank is not pocket friendly,you can always withdraw your PayPal funds at #495/$ don't need to wait for 48-72 hours any more....reach me here to get your own credit card 07043670024

Moses 01:24 20/03/2022

I will create a virified paypal that can send and receive money any were. with the help of Community Federal Bank account . whatsapp me on +2348134534595

Prodigy 00:12 10/03/2022

I buy Paypal Funds @ N460 per $ Send a whatsapp message to +2347050600082

michael 16:13 18/03/2022

i want to sell paypal fund of 24$ how much is it ?

Prinxy 22:59 15/10/2021

Where can I buy cryptocurrency with PayPal

Jhorsh concept 00:19 11/03/2022

You will need a U.S PayPal account. I created full verified and approved PayPal account you can contact me at+2348133984428

ChinaBoy 14:21 20/11/2021

As @ akspage below has advised you, you can buy Cryptos on Paxful. But buying Cryptos with PayPal is not a good idea. For example, Paying $30 with PayPal might just fetch you $18 worth of USDT. PayPal is best for Online Payments, not for Cryptos Purchases (We fund PayPal Accounts. You also can buy any amount of RMB from us, even as small as 1 RMB; China Bank Accounts and Alipay Wallets Only; WhatsApp: +8615005908420).

Nicky 01:08 19/11/2021

Contact me on whatsapp I'll tell you 08160481194

Nicky 01:07 19/11/2021

Contact me on whatsapp I'll tell you 08160481194

Lawrence 22:54 30/10/2021

Can buy your PayPal and pay in btc. Whatsapp me 07016540350

Lawrence 22:53 30/10/2021

Can buy your PayPal and pay in btc

akspage 03:06 22/10/2021


SaedFX 20:18 19/12/2021

PayPal Funds 💰 Needed urgently in Abuja , whatapp or call me 08132156981

Jhorsh concept 00:18 11/03/2022

I fund dollar and withdraw at a cool rate #600-$1 Withdraw #440-$1

Jhorsh concept 00:15 11/03/2022

You can use a debit card #510 per dollar. I can help you create the card. You can contact me +2348133984428

Sosa 21:02 29/01/2022

What rate is used in shopping with PayPal please? Naira to USD

GrangePay 09:26 28/01/2022

Exchange your paypal fund for Naira at the best rate INSTANTLY. Able to accept $,£ or Euro. Send email to for enquiry.

Abdulbaasit 03:56 27/01/2022

Hello sir/ma Using banks rate for PayPal dollar exchange is highly reaping I can help you create a personal withdrawal card that gives you a rate of 495/$ on withdrawal at the comfort of your room and instant withdrawal not like bank delay alerts. You can reach me here on WhatsApp 07082731923

Sheriff 17:36 26/12/2021

I exchange paypal funds to naira at rate 450 Call 07051061840 Thank you

Srj 14:58 25/12/2021

Payeer fund needed urgently. Whatsapp or call. 2349017959591

fast exchange 20:03 22/12/2021

Im buy PayPal funds at the rate of 400# upward 09152638410

Hamza 14:56 30/11/2021

What about Access bank I heard it , 470/$

YamBunz 00:12 13/11/2021

This can't be so sir, UBA is #466 via PayPal, in as much as PayPal has their own rate, in the end bank rate is used

Ben 15:05 25/10/2021

Please who sells XAF currency?????

Wireman 01:14 14/10/2021

Please what’s your monthly limit on PayPal?

Enny 05:17 13/10/2021

Did you mean #408 per dollar

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