Bank Rates for PayPal

DannyJr - 02:03 05/10/2021

What bank has the best rate for PayPal please? I currently use UBA and it's $408 per dollar


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Hamza 14:56 30/11/2021

What about Access bank I heard it , 470/$

YamBunz 00:12 13/11/2021

This can't be so sir, UBA is #466 via PayPal, in as much as PayPal has their own rate, in the end bank rate is used

Lawrence 22:53 30/10/2021

It depends on the bank, I think UBA is the best. I make use of uba

Ben 15:05 25/10/2021

Please who sells XAF currency?????

Prinxy 22:59 15/10/2021

Where can I buy cryptocurrency with PayPal

ChinaBoy 14:21 20/11/2021

As @ akspage below has advised you, you can buy Cryptos on Paxful. But buying Cryptos with PayPal is not a good idea. For example, Paying $30 with PayPal might just fetch you $18 worth of USDT. PayPal is best for Online Payments, not for Cryptos Purchases (We fund PayPal Accounts. You also can buy any amount of RMB from us, even as small as 1 RMB; China Bank Accounts and Alipay Wallets Only; WhatsApp: +8615005908420).

Nicky 01:08 19/11/2021

Contact me on whatsapp I'll tell you 08160481194

Nicky 01:07 19/11/2021

Contact me on whatsapp I'll tell you 08160481194

Lawrence 22:54 30/10/2021

Can buy your PayPal and pay in btc. Whatsapp me 07016540350

Lawrence 22:53 30/10/2021

Can buy your PayPal and pay in btc

akspage 03:06 22/10/2021


Wireman 01:14 14/10/2021

Please what’s your monthly limit on PayPal?

Enny 05:17 13/10/2021

Did you mean #408 per dollar

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