Cedi to Naira Exchange Rates

FX Market₦ 66.470.83%05/12/23
Black Market₦ ---
  • Cedi to Naira exchange rate is ₦ 66.47 in FX Market, an
  • Ghanaian Cedi to Naira rate recently moves upwards 0.83% in FX Market
  • Cedi to Naira exchange rate has the lowest value of ₦ 66.47 at FX Market as of 05/12/2023 among the rates listed in the summary table

Ghanaian Cedi to Naira Rate Charts

Ghanaian Cedi to Naira Overview

  • Name: Ghanaian Cedi
  • Country: Ghana
  • Currency Code: GHS
  • Symbol: GH¢
  • Other names: Cedi
  • Minor: 1 GHS equals 100 Ghana Pesewa.

Comments on Ghanaian Cedi to Naira Rates

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jay 08:53 07/11/2023

what is the rate for cedi today

Stonesz 09:41 04/09/2023

Who's trading cedis to naira???

Awina 08:06 07/03/2023

What is the price of cedis to naira

Barryk 07:50 29/05/2023

It's fourty point nine four ngn as at the time of writing this comment.

Mecus 10:14 18/03/2023

Please who can sell cedis for naira. And what is your rate as for today

Minister 10:58 05/03/2023

Please how much is the 1GHs cedis rate to naira buy and sell?

Kay 17:07 22/12/2022

Please i need agent that can change cedi to naria for me in ghana

Egr TJ EXCHANGE 22:39 08/07/2022

Welcome to HONEST Bureau De Change. BDC.. Our rates are: Dollar Exchange 600/$.. Euro - 630/€.. Pounds - 750/£.. CAD 460/$..Cedis 70.. E,t,c.. ENaira PayPal 430/$ Skrill money 450/$ Net money 425/$ Ethereum 530/$ i sell Payooner 430/$ I also exchange with USDT 590.. Address: NO 77 OPP NNPC HOTORO, KANO STATE, NIGERIA. Phone Number: +2348106787244 . We proudly provide our customers with the best forex services and experience: +2348106787244

Austin 10:23 21/12/2022

How much is 200 cedis to naira

Logicray 09:19 03/05/2022

I sell naira at for cedi at GH1 TO NGN60

Blessed 17:40 03/11/2022

Who has cedis and at what rate do you sell?

Spice 12:58 03/11/2022

What is your rate naira to cedis

Obidex 00:02 01/09/2022

50 naira

Jah 19:48 28/06/2022

How much is your cedi today

Juli 00:33 01/09/2022

Please who is in Accra that will be my agent, is a face to face business

Fodio 21:04 09/09/2022

Mr. Juli pls can we tlk plss

Wale 16:32 09/08/2022

Anyone please does Naira ATM card work on ATM in Ghana

Queenoski 09:26 27/07/2022

Please which app can I use to do mobile money transfer from Nigeria to gana at cheap rate

Frank 01:29 28/07/2022

No app can give you cheap rate my brother.

Banky money 23:35 14/07/2022

Please let all be aware of this number he's a scammer +23320 2522467 he have been scamming people a lot of money

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