How to Send Money to Naira Account with UK Credit Card

Lummy - 21:31 24/12/2021

How can a credit card user in the UK send money to Naira account


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dawn 01:32 06/11/2022

i have 2000 dollars to sell who is ready to buy it at rate of 820

Livingking 18:19 23/03/2022

Use sendwave, wise, ria. Etc etc

Olu 06:25 25/01/2022

you can use any of the IMTO, e.g Sendwave, remitly, worldremit, you may incur a charge from creditcard company. so read their terms or call to ask before using the card

AntoineCrypto 18:23 08/01/2022

Contact me on WhatsApp 07037434925... video call is allowed

Global 05:49 27/12/2021

PayPal or Western Union or through crypto but PayPal is d best for more info chat me on telegram @coinoia

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