I need Naira in exchange for £

J5 - 01:12 07/10/2021

Please can anyone point me in the right direction as I need Naira in exchange for pounds. Also please tell me the process to take on how we can do it. Can I go to a money shop and buy Naira in the UK?


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Madu 08:06 21/11/2021

I have Naira in Nigerian bank account and need pounds to be sent to my uk bank account what is the rate for please

Hi 01:34 07/11/2021

You can contact me if you need to buy naira in the UK. We can meet up if you are in the Norty West, just send me your post code via what's app @ +2348055529995.

Hi 01:29 07/11/2021

You can contact me if you need to buy naira in the UK. You can send mesage via what's app @ +2348055529995.

P4N 21:47 03/11/2021

Pounds available for exchange with Naira. Bank transfers preferable.

Emma 08:35 05/11/2021

Hi How much is GBP to naira today

Alesius 18:23 31/10/2021

Contact us for trusted funds pickups at friendly rates payment in Naira and Btc 💶💵💴 Paypal✅ SKrill✅ Neteller✅ Moneygram✅ Western Union✅ M-pesa✅ Whatsapp me at https://wa.link/bd5if6 Telegram https://t.me/paypalguru001 Available for 24/7🕰

De Don 20:48 22/10/2021

If you have naira account I can exchange for you WhatsApp me +2349036500131 Call me with the number

Philipo 01:29 22/10/2021

Please what is the exchange rate for dollar as at today. I need dollar to my domiciliary account. Whats the process

SONEHC EXCHANGE 00:54 28/11/2021

You can WhatsApp us on 07012872007 to fund you @ sexy rate

Snus 18:17 29/10/2021

@philipo Dm me on my whatsApp _ 08061477212 On how to get your dollar into your DOM Acct...

De Don 08:38 25/10/2021

N573 exactly I sell WhatsApp me +2349036500131

Donshetty 03:22 25/10/2021

Between N550 and N580

De Don 20:49 22/10/2021


InvestorSk 20:43 20/10/2021

Contact me for your naira

Kbshow 14:33 13/10/2021

Pls how much is the rate of cfa to naira in the black market and how can I exchange my cfa to dollar and then exchange it back to naira am ready to pay anyone who can guide me on this chat me up +237674290254

De Don 20:52 22/10/2021

Chat me up on WhatsApp +2349036500131

Peteimax 07:29 13/10/2021

If you live in the UK, we have partners in the UK, you will pay them in pounds we fund your Naira account in Nigeria. Chat with me @ 08036471632

ade 10:29 11/10/2021

i can buy your pounds and transfer naira asap.. 08137090699

ade 03:32 04/11/2021

i got few msgs on whatsapp already of people willing to sell at black market rates. pls do not dm if u are willing to sell @ black market rates. If u have a reasonable rate to sell, dm me.

Mr Pulse 07:22 10/10/2021

Chat me up, I have a UK GBP & USD Acc, I Buy All Foreign Currencies For Naira. 08131837924

Expensive boi 12:18 24/10/2021

I can give you naira for USD and cad dollar 07061349045

Enny 05:20 13/10/2021

I can give you naira for your pounds or dollars. +12813561119

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