Indian Rupee to Naira Exchange Rates

FX Market₦ 17.870.28%21/06/24
Moneygram₦ 0.000.00%14/10/19
  • Indian Rupee to Naira exchange rate is ₦ 17.87 in FX Market, and ₦ 0.00 in Moneygram
  • Indian Rupee to Naira rate recently moves upwards 0.28% in FX Market
  • Indian Rupee to Naira exchange rate has the lowest value of ₦ 0.00 at Moneygram as of 14/10/2019 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Indian Rupee to Naira exchange rate has the highest value of ₦ 17.87 at FX Market as of 21/06/2024 among the rates listed in the summary table

Indian Rupee to Naira Rate Charts

Indian Rupee to Naira Overview

  • Name: Indian Rupee
  • Country: India
  • Currency Code: INR
  • Symbol:
  • Other names: Rupee, Taaka,Rupayya, Athanni
  • Minor: 1 INR equals 100 paisa.

Comments on Indian Rupee to Naira Rates

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Ken 05:42 25/04/2024

Hello, please how do I check how much is used to send 100k to Nigeria from India?

abdul_lahi0001 13:19 26/04/2023

Please I want to send money to India 🇮🇳 I need some assistance please 🙏

Steven 02:35 05/02/2024

How much do you want to send?

Precious 17:31 11/03/2023

Please I want to change rupees to naira

Nasty-Gentle 06:50 10/07/2023

How much?

Mathew 11:42 27/06/2022

100,000 rupee available in Lagos for exchange asap

Smg 05:31 25/05/2023


musisa 19:58 04/11/2022

what's the rate?

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