Sending Money from Nigeria to USA

Xchanger - 17:14 13/11/2021

Please how can I sent money to USA at a moderate exchange rate


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Crownjay Funds Venture 01:29 26/04/2022

We get you coved, send and receive @ a sexy rate. Chat me up: +2348121075233

Idris 12:08 13/04/2022

Chat me up 07059058725

Darain 06:41 25/11/2021

please how can I sent money to USA at a moderate exchange ratw

Biladan transfers 15:20 04/12/2021

Chat me up for legit offshore WhatsApp me now on 08138909802

SONEHC EXCHANGE 00:50 28/11/2021

We can do that for you at a good rate. Kindly whatsapp 07012872007 sir

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